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[Monarchy of Dovania] Full planetary TV Broadcast |Including being sent to Section 6|


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RP Date
YE 40, 24 hours After NDC and Dovanian Negotiations.
Center stage. Camera's and lights on him in the Royal Council Hall.

Kyro stood in his Osman Uniform standing with his Dovanian Royal Guards next to him. The Dovanian and Section 6 (New Dusk Conclave) Banners behind him. As he began his speech.

“There is no such force of Good and Evil. Only Right and Wrong. Even then, it’s on a spectrum. Not everyone sees eye to eye. However,” He grew a face of confidence as he started to pick up tempo.

“These beast, these, ANIMALS. They do not deserve to boss us. Who do they think to RULE US?! THEY DON’T! We are OUR own path forger. No Man, Woman, or Empire can stand in our way. Dovania is strong. We have our laws and rules that you must abide by. However we offer an opportunity to others they could only IMAGINE. I forged this Kingdom from steel and blood. No way, No how. Will I allow it to fall or subjugate to an Empire of PUSSIES. No Beast can Rule Man!” The power in his voice being real, and his punctuation on point.

“There are those whom are not human among us. However, they swear allegiance to Dovania. Our ally, Not entirely made of man, but a noble one. They honor their deals and have our morals in mind. We respect them We don’t oppress our allies or our neighbors and brothers. If they fly our banner. They Fly with us. Fight for us. As we do for them. This is about us, and the people who work with us. Dovania First, Allies first priority.” He finished with a powerful finish

“None will stand in the way of Dovania. I promise you Dovania, we will be the rulers of western space. A haven from those who seek to corrupt the nebula of its corruption. I will lead my men personally if need be. We support the New Dusk Conclave. Our Official ally. GLORY TO DOVANIA!"

Followed by the thousands of representatives in the Royal Council shouting, "GLORY TO KING AND COUNTRY!!!"