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RP Musically Inclined


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RP Date
YE 40
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Osmond University Campus
The clipping of her hooves echoing faintly off the sidewalk, the tall grey anthro mare’s electric blue eyes took in the view in front of her. Osmond University, named for the one the NDC had left behind to come to Sirris IV. Similar in scope to its former home, while called a university, the buildings that made up the facility served as Obsidian cities’s primary educational center, from children just starting their education to the aforementioned university itself with its advanced degree offerings. Not just for civilians, Section 6’s military academy was also housed here, most of that was located on a separate part of the campus, though there were a few facilities shared by the two.

Kolorsha was to shortly be one of those educators, her reason for being at the university today was for an interview with the dean, though it still would be about a week or so until she officially started. At least, she hoped so anyway. The interview was supposedly just a formality, but you never knew. She had shown up early, it being a school day classes were in session and from what Kolorsha could see, there were no shortage of students of all ages. She watched them swarm about the main building, a large, multi story building a fountain outside the front of it, at the foot of the stairs, the water flowing out underneath a platfom where three statues stood, they looked familliar, but before she could think more on it, he eyes noticed a figure standing near the fountain, drawn to the dual colored nature of the figure's hair. He eyes wandered across the rest of the male's form, a slow smile formed across her lips. <Mmm....nice...> Kolorsha thought, approaching the human male. "Excuse me sir, I was wondering if you could help me"

Talos had been standing about, waiting for the new teacher, almost inclined to sit and read after a while. But that proved un-needed as Kolorsha arrived, the major's vision tracking around to look at normal height for a person, only to get a field of view filled entirely by a massive bust. Embarrassed he had clearly just looked right at a woman's chest by accident, he looked up quickly to her face. "Oh uh, h-hi, I'm T-talos Pine. I'm the d-dean here." he said trying to recover from the incident.

"Ah, well then you've helped me already!" Kolorsha grinned, a quick toss of her head flipping her long mane to one side. "I was needing to find the dean, and here you are. Kolorsha Tasvanni, pleasure to meet you" she replied, feeling the man's slight embarrassment, though she was long used to such reactions at this, especially when someone first meets her.

"Ah yes, um sorry for my behavior, but yes welcome to the university. I was actually expecting you. As I am to make sure your settling down- I mean settling in here is smooth and easy." Talos offered with a nervous grin as he fumbled with his words at one point. He offered a hand to shake up to the very large woman.

"Well, with help from someone like you, I expect it will be smooth, yes..." Kolorsha replied, smiling down at Talos. She took his offered hand, noting the strength in his handshake. That and looking over the rest of him told the large horse that Talos was more than just the dean of the university. "I imagine I may need a little help finding my way around. From what i've read, this is a rather large campus."

"It is fairly large, and can be easy to get lost in. I'll upload you a map to make things easier this week later when you don't have me. I'm here as much as I can be, but as a major in the armed forces, I have to be called away at times. Not to mention for diplomatic reasons as a royal, albeit not because I like to." he offered as he shook her hand, then gestured to follow as he lead her towards the building. He was calming down now, letting the switch in topic steel his nerves.

“It certainly seems the case, this is a large campus indeed.” Kolorsha replied, as she followed alongside Talos. “Major, hmm? I had guessed you were more than just the Dean, you looked a lot more physically active than a career educator, after all. And a royal? Didn’t connect the names for a moment there. Sounds like you’ve got a story or two, Mr. Pine” the anthro mare grinned. “Or is that your majesty?”

"I'll leave the title to my brothers, i'm just not the lordly type. I prefer being active and on the frontline....this is honestly kind of a punishment for a screw up not too long ago. Though I'm starting to regret that less now." he said with a small smile, before realizing how that sounded and adding quickly, "Because I get to meet such wonderful new people like yourself!" They were just passing through the front door now, with Talos leading her towards the elevator.

“Really?” Kolorsha replied, cocking her head and fixing Talos with one blue eye. She just let that hang in the air for a moment, seeing Talos blush. “Well, we all have stories, don’t we? They’re part of what makes us what we are, so meeting someone new hopefully means you’ll be able to learn a bit of theirs.”

"Indeed, and that's just how life works. We form new connections with those we meet all the time, and soon our life becomes one of a large interconnected web. But the question that is always the first, is what kind of connection will that be? So Miss. Tasvanni, tell me,
what do you teach? What is it you seek to pass on to our students here?" he asked as he held in his nervousness now, finding her a rather kind and nice woman with a wonderful view on things. She also smelled oddly of cinnamon.

“The first, and deepest of all, as that is the question that defines the others” Kolorsha replied, as the pair crested the steps. “As for what I teach, the simple answer is music. Not just how to play, but more importantly, the theory behind why it exists in the first place.” She glanced at the man beside her and smiled. “Oh sure, on the surface, it hardly seems as important as say, Medicine or Interfaction diplomacy, but you’d be suprised at the insights you can make of a culture by listening to their music, or even an individual as well. World shattering it may not be, but at very least, I hope it’ll cause my students to at least open their minds to different ways of thinking. Also, there’s no need to be formal with me, Major. Just Kolorsha will work fine.”

He gave her a nervous smile, but thankful for the casual openness. "May I be so bold, as to ask to call you Kolo for short? My sisters call me Tal, if you wish to do the same I mean. I've never been one for being formal, or business like. My form of work isn't behind a desk, but living on the edge behing a gun. So live like it's the last I say." he offered as they passed through the entrance, and he directed towards the stairs, so they could progress up to the top floor, and thus to his office.

“Well, from that point of view, it is a good way to live, certainly being involved in the military, but to an extent, the same could be said about living. No one knows when their end will come, so best make good on the time we have, indeed” Kolorsha nodded her head as the pair started up the stairs. “Funny you’d ask that, Talos. My...well, Katja’s not exactly my sister, at least not by blood, but in all the ways that matter...anyway, she calls me the same way. I don’t mind if you do.” She turned her head toward him, her long tail flowing out behind her while her hoofalls echoed from the stairs. “So. Sisters, huh? You make it sound like you have a few, Talos...”

"50 actually, and 51 brothers. I'm the second eldest of the family, though it's also not quite normal with us either. We're all clones of the oldest out of us. Despite being genetically the same person, we all have developed unique and different. I'd like to say we're an odd bunch, but I love em all the same." Talos replied with a chuckle as they went, his boots likewise making faint echoed taps as they landed on each step.

“Wait, your one of 100? Wow, that’s....a lot.” Kolorsha started, scratching the back of her head. “Family gatherings must be a hell of a thing. That’s an oddly specific number though, isn’t it?”

"As I said, we're clones. We were made for war by a company called PsychoPomp. Expendable soldiers for the highest bidder. We were all going to be purged, but the first of us Jack, rescued us during a surprise raid on the facility we were stored at. Most still are under the programming and conditioning, acting more like drones then people. I was the first to awaken, and the first to break free of those obstacles they left in our heads. So yeah....always a hell of a party I guess." Talos explained as he rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.

“Ah. Judging by what they were planning to do, I’d guess this PsychoPomp isn’t much concerned about ethical dilemmas, are they?” Kolorsha replied, then gave Talos a good looking over. “Well, at least they didn’t dip shallowly into the good looking part of the gene pool!” She joked, a sly grin splitting her muzzle.

"Oh uh well, thank you. That's very kind of you to say. You are a rather beautiful woman yourself Kolorsha." Talos answered with a bit of a reddening to his cheeks. She was indeed very beautiful, her size only adding to the allure.

Kolorsha smiled. “Well, thank you, Talos!” She gave a slight shake of her head, running her hand through her mane, as the pair approached Talos’s office. “Maybe we can find out how much so later?” She said, slyly.

He reddened instanty, having a clear idea towards what she meant. "Oh, and how so? What exactly did you have in find that out?" Talos asked trying to keep his cool as he reached for the control panel of his office door.

"Well, judging by your reaction, I think you know exacly what I mean..." Kolorsha replied, still playing coy. "Let's just say I like making other kinds of music as well, provided there's another.....interested party?" She leaned down a bit, her blue eyes focused on his, flashing him another smile.

"W-well I didn't say no...just...why me? We just met, and...I-I-I've never done that...before." Talos said in surprise as she so blatantly confirmed his speculation. Holy shit she was forward, and it caused a tightness in his pants. For once he was feeling his actual age, unused to having this kind of thing happen.

“Why not?” Kolorsha replied, noticing Talos’s reaction. “You’re a good looking, intelligent guy, and seem like pleasant company, so again, why not?” the giantess of a mare finished, walking into the clone’s office, hiding a small grin at the thought of Talos being a virgin as well..

'well I'm very flattered, though I must admit my n-nervousnes is due to not having had such an offer made before." He admitted as he stepped in and closed the door, before trying to walk to his chair behind the desk after offering her a chair first. All the while still trying to hide the aroused bulge in his pants from the topic.

“I’m rather surprised no one’s given you the chance, frankly” Kolorsha replied, taking the offered seat. “I don’t mean for you to feel pressured into anything Talos, if you’re not interested I won’t take offense, you say as much.”

"No, no, I am really!...just surprised is all. I would be honored to, with you, I really would." He quickly clarified as he sat down, the original topic of her place in the university all, but forgotten.

“And polite as well...” Kolorsha mused, flashing Talos a sly smile. “...a real white knight, hmm?” She teased, taking one of the chairs in front of Talos’s desk. “Perhaps we can make those plans later, for now, buisnes

"Oh uh right, yes.....I believed I asked most of the questions I had on the way over. I really only have one left, after that it's just hand you your schedule, papers, and ID card." Talos answered quickly, thankful to have business to focus himself too, even as his cheeks were flushed. "How do you feel about the conclave as a whole, and do you plan to live here long term?"

“Well...” Kolorsha started, taking a moment to think over her answer. “...I can certainly say the New Dusk Conclave seems to be much more tolerant of others species, I would assume that’s in part due to the leadership itself, but even given that, it appears to be the norm, rather than the exception.” Kolorsha spread her arms, shrugging slightly, as well as showing off. “Of course, my experience is a bit limited as I’ve only been planetside for a few days, however, it is a promising start! As for the long term, Equus only knows, though I’ve liked what I’ve seen so far. That goes a long way...” The mare finished, the slight grin on her face indicating the subtle flirting was very much intended.

"Oh uh, well again I'm flattered. I wouldn't mind to see you stay, you've been very kind so far, and very nice to talk to. Who knows where things might lead around here, might find what you never knew you needed." he offered with a small chuckle, growing a bit red at her flirtations. He pulled the stack of pre-mentioned items out of his desk before handing them over. "Hmm, that concludes everything, though I wouldn't mind talking more. Maybe we can meet up after hours later, and get together for a while?"

"I'd like that, Talos." Kolorsha started. "I'm not starting for a few more days, and while I do have a gig at a local club, that also isn't until the weekend, so i'm currently free anytime you'd like to get togther." she finished.

"I'd like that as well, maybe tomorrow, 8pm over dinner?" He offered, oblivious to how much he just made it sound like a date, and that he was basically asking her out. "There's this nice restaurant in the city if that's to your liking, or their's more casual places like kikyo pizza. Just which ever your more comfortable with I guess, either is good to me." he added.

"I'll take you up on that date then, Talos" Kolorsha replied, flashing him a smile. "I'd like to find out what this city has to offer, being newly arrived myself. The resturant sounds nice, but is there a waiting list for it?"

"Consider the size of the current population, no unlike most other places you'd find in other territories. Guess a perk of being a young nation means there is no crowding yet, or populace congestion. Should make for a peaceful night for us." Talos answered with a wry chuckle.

“Upscale it is then!” Kolorsha replied, then flashed Talos a coy grin and a wink of her blue eye. “I’d rather enjoy a pleasant evening...”