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My LGBT fantasy novel is out!


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I booked!!

My LGBT fantasy novel "The Light in Front of Me" is now available!! WLW romance, trans representation too! Swords, magic, and dragons as well! There's a fox (my profile pic) so Neshaten might like that :D

Amazon (Physical):
Amazon (ebook):
itch (ebook):

I wanted to give a special thanks to SARP for being a great place to practice writing with many different people over the years, without that I don't think I'd have been able to do this. Thank you! ❤

(I should be able to post faster now that this is wrapped up :p)

Princess Valerie, a strong-willed 19-year-old with curious magic powers, finally gets to see her best-friend-turned-fiance Eliot again. However, a mystifying sorceress kidnaps Eliot and pleads her to forget about him for the good of everyone. As the only suspect in his disappearance, Valerie must abandon the safety of her royal life to rescue him herself. Her friend and bodyguard Luce joins her as the only person who believes her. The two women set out to uncover the dark secrets behind Eliot's disappearance and end up on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

"The Light in Front of Me" is an LGBT fantasy about being true to yourself and overcoming odds together. It's an adventure full of intense swordfights, heart-felt confessions, dragons, and an adorable fox who doesn't quite get humans.