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NAM Savtech - JANE


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Savtech JANE

While there are robotically argumented humans, there are hardly any human argumented robots. Since in Nepleslia machines are to work hand in hand with humans should either one wish to remain a factor in an ultracompetitive universe, NAM has created a device that promises to solve many of our society's social ills and improve the harmony of man and machine.

Enter the Savtech - JANE Personal Computer Companion. Its main component is just about the size of a matchbox with only a single outlet to wire it. For it to be truely effective it has to be connected to an input output device, like another more well equipped terminal or preferably an Emrys Industries Uno Sunglasses. But within this tiny compartment is the magic of this device, a souped up microcomputer connected to actual living neuron cells.

While pure computers simulate personality, JANE has a real personality regulated by its few neuron cells, as it does not require more living matter for other mental functions like calculating and memory storage ( It is the microcomputer's job ). These cells are cloned from actual Nepleslian females ( Which is why it is called JANE ). Its attitude is not entirely based on the person it is cloned from, but rather also the way it is treated
by it's user. Much like raising a child.

So with the correct exposure and data the ( Sub-Artificial? ) intelligence of JANE can learn or be trained to assist its user in a multitude of tasks. For example for soldiers it could process various complex battle data and real time reports into simplified narration for a Power Armor pilot so that he can keep his eyes on where it matters ( The crossairs ), or perform simple human tasks that require a certain bit of heart ( Counselling, Nursing ) or tasks that require some second guessing ( Like identifying ship class by looking a blurry image ). Further down the road include some human to JANE bonding and even kids.

Yep you heard right, Kids. Should the ( Statistically speaking, Male ) user and JANE ( Or what he choses to name it ) actually have some kind of chemistry and he is prepared, genetic data can be gathered from both parties and a baby be artificially produced, hence solving many of our society's problems namely:

1. The gender imbalance by having an equal 50-50 chance of each gender.
2. A new generation with actual genetic variation ( Bring back natural selection! ).
3. A rising sustainable population rate ( If Neplesia ever wants to colonize )
4. New dads, new responsiblities, new levels of Nepleslian maturity.

The Savtech-JANE runs on a glucose source the size of a normal pill, nanobots that clean and mantain this device break down this chemical energy into electricity for the microprocessor and pure sugar is fed to the neurons. The lifespan of this device is equal to the lifespan of the neuron cells, although through regular mantainence new stem cells can be injected to replace the dead ones. Battery life lasts two weeks before the pill needs to be replaced, but this can be extended to a month if plugged into an external electric source so that the electronic components
need not depend on the pill.

NAM is now working on newer upgrades to keep the microprocessor up to date along with other addons, like larger pills, wireless connectablity, and a prototype to allow JANE to attach to an android body. Also not rulling out a SAVTECH - JOHN version.

Price: 10,000 KS.

Miscellaneous Information

Inventor: Melchoir Vel Steyr
Working Prototype: SAVTECH - ELSA1 / ELSA2
Functionally similar to the mass produced JANE, but due to the extra love and care in hand-crafting this pioneer, it has a high performance custom processor and uses base neuron cells from Melchoir's younger five year old sister instead of the pool of mature women that JANE uses, which is more condusive to learning and adapting.

Price to Melchoir : Priceless.

Update: Cleaned the place. Jacked the price.
The name 'Eve' is already held by a rather proemminent villain in the SARP (currently known as 'Naraku'). You may want to avoid any reference to her in products if possible.

Maybe use 'Lillith'?
Gaspar is cooler. But I digress.

I always figured Nepleslian men -- a percentage of them, at least -- just had sex changes so the species could not be utterly stagnant. But I have no clue.
Fian Quote:
And also assuming it is 1% .... Every Nepleslian female has to bear 99 kids just to MANTAIN the Nepleslian population, and the new plotship is supposed to look for new colonisable world... I mean, where are the colonists going to come from?

Wes Quote
There's a lot of mass cloning done by various organizations. The earlier Nepleslian empires left left some automated facilities that regularly churn out lots of guys (but next to zero women).

This is taken from the messages in my biography.
Right, I remember that. But I mean -- they have to get off somehow. Not purely with androids and such. This isn't Saber Marionette J.
I'd have to agree with you Doshii.

If the Nelpeslian race can't even keep it's population viable even via artificial means, I'm amazed they've managed to survive to this point in time, since they're all "Super Y" carriers. (Really, when that was discovered, it should have been purged from the gene samples). Not to mention extensive cloning does more damage to genetics then even that stupid chromosome.
I agree that if the Nepleslians would start eperiencing the said problem, Super-Y chromosome or not, they'd try to fix it. Racial propagation is important and clones can only go so far.

That doesn't mean Nepleslian females would be highly available as player characters though. If the Nepleslians start forcefully breeding females, they are going to be important for birthing children and it's very likely they'd be tucked away from the populace for breeding purposes (eugenics program?).
Perhaps during the genetic material combination stage, we could take this oppurtunity to fix this super Y comosome problem so that the kids that come out of it would not bear 90% males as usual.

I also theorized somewhere that if females are really that rare they would be treated like luxury goods, not as humans. Every vagoo would be a gold mine lol~!
It's 4chanese, man. Vagoo and Penier.

Anyway. The damage to the Nelpeslian genetic structure it probably too far gone for them to try and save the race by now. They've been cloning for generations and the material's probably to degraded for proper usage.

Though that brings up a further question. Since everyone knows that extensive cloning both dilutes and harms the genepool. Why are every Nep different looking and all in perfect health? Genetic science can't be advanced to the point where they can just wholey make entirely new DNA and genomes. That'd take a level of technology I doubt even the SARP has yet.
Um, they did try to fix the Super-Y chromosome problem. The solutions were the Geshrins/Yamataians and the Nekos. Things were looking great until the Yamataians and Nekos declared independence.

But I guess, in the end, it was either too expensive or too logistically infeasible to create enough Yamataian females to turn the Nepleslian gene pool around. And the Nepleslians would rather die than see their planet taken over by the Nekos.

And I seriously ask our male players here, if someone told you that you could have a great new body, be disease-resistant and obesity-immune, be more atheletic, be smarter, and everything, but there's one catch: You'll be turned into a girl, and be expected to get married (to a man) and raise a family. Would you do it? Would you think less of someone if he refused the offer?

Massive cloning is used because it's cheaper, and no one objects to having more copies of themselves running around. Cybernetics, genetic reconstruction, and other advanced medical techs are used to deal with the undesirable side effects.

More information here:

Oh, and this tech looks cool. :)
In the end, the Yamataian females and the Nekos on Nepleslia did at least somewhat alleviate the "we have to get off somehow" problem, but there really should be fembots running around.

And if there isn't, then there should be. Yes sir. :)
If a crisis of population were to happen, the only logical thing for Nepleslians to do would be to populate with something like this.

They're already "intimately connected" with machines. :)

The way I imagined thing to be, most Nepleslian males are sexually-starved, so they turn to three means of "getting off": Masturbation, gay-sexual intercourse, or illegal neko slaves snuck into Nepleslia via black market imports.

I enjoy the idea of this technology as well. (There'd be plenty of volunteers for the eugenics program!) :)
Tom said:
They're already "intimately connected" with machines. :)

Hehe. That reminds me of something I've read in a webcomic. To paraphrase:

"Princess! Your boyfriend's relationship with his motorcycle is more than platonic!"

Could we make it more expensive? I mean, it's a new, relatively complex piece technology. It shouldn't have the same price as an used car. (1 KS has roughly the same purchasing power as 1 US dollar today.)

And NAM, being a defense contractor, should feel free to jack up the price. :D