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Nanu Nanu


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RP Date
RP Location
Frontier Manufacturing Service station
Frontier Manufacturing Service! Probably not a great idea to come here, honestly. Egwene might have had a decent windfall from the sale of the Ursarus, but it wasn't really something that would be sustained until the Ursarus was in market proper and hit a certain quota. If it sold like shit, she'd get nothing more than she already got. But, still, what was the point of life if you had to be boring as fuck while living it.

Taking public transport with a massive metallic bear was an interesting thing, though she pulled out without much of a problem and waved to the receptionist.
"Hello! I'm Egwene, I've come to buy some guns~" she exclaimed. It was immediately clear that she had never bought any weaponry before in her life.


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Howard Station
Marketplace 09

The receptionist was an older, heavyset woman with long red hair and a contagious smile. Her thick Osman farmgirl accent drawled like a warm blanket as she greeted, “well hello there miss, this is the main level where we showcase automotive products, so y’all just need to take the elevator down. Sub-level one is personnel, two is power armor, and three is mecha. They’ll need you to fill out a registration form, let me get you one!”

As the woman woman stood up Egwene would clearly see an old model HHG on her belt, noticing a trend on Howard Station. Most of its residents were openly carrying weapons, an armed society.

“Here you go, hon! Please fill the form honestly,” she said, handing Egwene a clipboard with three sheets of paper and pen, “we don’t share this information and don’t enforce foreign laws. Once registered we’ll get you an ID card. Some items require a safety certification for us to sell but those courses take ten minutes so don’t worry about it.”


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Well, it was nice to see that nobody was really bothered about the giant metal bear she rode in on. People could be weird at times when it came to giant things. Though, also weird was the paperwork she had to fill out, on actual paper. They claimed they didn't share this information, but it would be right there, forever. Unless they burned it or something in which case made it very strange for her to have to do it in the first place.

But still, she filled it out and handed it back, not saying a word because any word she would sy would be rude and derogatory and she wasn't in the mood to deal with the repercussions of that.


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"Why thank you, Ma'am," the receptionist drawled graciously as she accepted the clipboard, "Your card will be ready tonight but you'll have no trouble shopping today.. so long as you're not one of those terrorists. Remember to keep an eye out for suspicious behavior, dear. We all have to do our part keeping our sector of the station safe!"

Sub-level 2
PA Market

The scenery of the power armor market clashed heavily from the clean and polished floors of the auto market. Black footprints marked the same marbled white and gray floors clearly showing the paths of chronic PA foot traffic. While seeing civilian PA walking about the station wasn't an uncommon sight it was certainly a norm here, as nearly half of the rooms occupants donned everything from light powersuits to heavy combat armor. It was clear that the majority of the people frequenting this room were of a more violent profession as Egwene's eyes would be drawn to a boisterous gaggle of men wearing battle-scarred suits of unknown makes and models gathered outside of a modest cluster of workstations beneath a sign titled 'Big Stomp Customs'. While technicians muddled about their tasks within the workspace a blond haired boy no older than 17 certain man caught Egwene's gaze. "Hey there," he called, "what is that thing?"


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Well that was a strange thing to just throw in there....But still, she'd shrug and go down to the power armour market, hoping to find herself something interesting to install auxiliary weaponry into her baby with. Her HUD pinged several mercenaries well known enough to have a file, and gave her readouts on what they have been up to recently, also designating structural strengths and weaknesses in the powersuits and combat armour. Computer Brain was usually super active.

And then a interesting kid came up and asked her what her new toy was, which was nice. So Egwene reached out and patted the mechanical bear-drone.
"This, is the Ursarus Heavy Support Drone. Recently sold the design to Black Wing Enterprises, you'll potentially see it on the field later on if it does well. I'm here to peruse some laser weaponry"