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Neshaten Information Network National Lockdown

"As of 3pm today, the Royal Family has decreed a state of nation-wide lockdown in response to new information being brought to light by the Kingdom's own Division 5 organisation in conjunction with the Shukara Volunteer Navy. No explicit details have yet been released however Division 5 founder Vaughn Li'Veero had this to say to the public."

The display cuts to Vaughn standing at a podium in a conferance room.

"Citizens of the Kingdom, this threat is not one to be taken lightly, due to the tireless effort of our operators we have discovered that outsiders were involved and have obtained high ranking positions within an organised and skilled terrorist cell, the exact numbers are not yet known to us but we're estimating in the thousands. For this reason we are taking temporary control of the Kingdom alongside the Royal Family untill the threat has been resolved, the general public is urged not to panic as there have not been any attempts on civilian lives made in the last known year of their operation. Due to the discovery of high ranking outsiders we are cutting off all trade and communication with other nations and closing the boarders indefinitely, it should be known that we have two members of our own species under consideration for treason, Nora Shi'Non'Ha, Sharlett Von Killian and Pietov Depolanskaya, their families have been placed into protective custody and are being questioned as we speak."

Vaughn steps off of the podium followed by reporters as the feed cuts off and switches back to the news anchor.

"Just as a general reminder to the public, if you see anyone engaging in clearly suspicious behavious please call this crime info hotline, the number is only for real information and it should be noted that prank calls during this time of lockdown may be detained on suspicion of attempting to interfere with official matters. We have also been instructed to inform you all that if you see Division 5 operators in uniform that you do not communicate with them unless you have useful information, they have authority to arrest if need be. Thats all for tonight everyone, so stay safe out there and keep your screens on for our regularly scheduled news each night as we bring you updates."

The feed cuts off and is replaced with the news logo before switching back to the previous shows on each channel.

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