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Approved Submission [NDC] Biohazard Rapid Response Force (BRRF)


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Okay so the first section is supposed to be a summary, but you more have a history of it's founding, that should be in a 'history' section. The first sentence of structure is the kinda thing you should have in the summary up top. Pretty much the summary section at top is supposed to have enough information to give someone a general idea of what the article is about and if it's what they're looking for or if they should move on.

Jack Pine

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I'll work on shifting some it around to the appropriate places, terribly sorry that I've been away again. I've had to cope with a few things of late, the death of someone very close among them. I'm back for the most part now and working my way back into things, so I'll get working on the edits this week. Thank you for your patience with me.