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Reviewer Assigned [NDC] Flora and Fauna


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  1. NDC
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  1. I agree
Alright, next on my list to submit is the Flora and Fauna page. This page includes a creature, as well as flora that Madi had mentioned to me once, as well as the Caerbannog that Whisper created. Mainly those that were naturally found on the worlds as well as those imported to the NDC or perhaps cloned. I also created a drink after one of the fruit, and a special flower. I thought that both should be added to the submission.

Alex Hart

Site Supporter
As an NDC FM I've got some readability concerns that I would like to see addressed before I give an approval, Charaa has said that they're willing to work on that to one degree or another, so I'm going to wait on that. Don't let that hold up the actual review though.


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Submissions Reviewer
This is a 'cultural' article, so the review is almost entirely about readability in the first place. So I would prefer you guys give it a once over and get it formatted and worded the way you want, and then I'll review that so that we can minimize and streamline the corrections.


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Hey guys this has been sitting for a while, what is going on with it? @Charaa


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I'm still waiting on people, unfortunately, with limited access to a computer, it has been taking a lot longer.