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OOC Nep plot ship (Why should Yam have all the fun)


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I'm giving some thought as to starting a Nep plot ship. I've got the NSS Surprise with Cap'n Lucky Jack that I had in the Soon plot, but as that is wrapping up I think I'd like to give it a go as a Nep plot ship.

A few ideas I've got are for the ship to be a response ship. Someone reports a pirate presence and the Surprise is despatched. Or if the Nep Admiralty has need of a ship, for whatever reason, they call for the Surprise.

I also think, at least maybe to start with, we'd do quicker, fast moving plots so as not to become to stagnant, but we shall see what pace people want.

Anyway, who might be interested in joining Captain Jacob Canterbury?


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Wow, I was half expecting this thread to get lost and hardly anyone see it, but this response is great. Ok, I'll start working on plot detail and update the wiki page I've got for the Surprise. I hope to get more time over the Christmas break to set everything up but most likely we'll launch at the start of the year. That will give you guys plenty of time to make/update your characters.

If Nep soldiers can go to Yam, why not the reverse? I'll take whoever you've got Demi. The rest of you, I'll take any position you guys want to fill. The more PC there are the less positions I've got to figure stuff out for.


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Stella Glass from the NSS Inquiry is a great example of a Yamataian exchange officer going to Nepleslia! ^-^

Have a boatload of fun, Cowboy! Hard not to with what you're setting sail to do!