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[Nepleslia] Tactical Kilts


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I've been thinking about writing up an article for kilts for the NSMC as an optional replacement for the cargo pants, and I want to check for interest. It's pleated, it's got big-ass cargo pockets, and it's perfect for hot weather. Some IRL examples below:



So what do you say, @Gunhand4171? Is a kilt option a go?

Other Nepleslian players: Are you ready to feel the breeze between the knees?


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I don't think it feels particularly Nepleslian unless one of the continents on Planet Nepleslia were to be fleshed out to include some tradition that included wearing kilts.


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I have to agree with Raz on this one, I'm not sure what makes this Nepleslian. Is it the fact that we're taking "X" and making it "Tactical X"?

I understand that kilts are associated with old school scots, and they're pretty manly in mainstream media (drinkin' and fightin'), which is at the heart of Nepleslia. However, isn't Nepleslia a big huge sprawling metropolis full of gangs and and buildings? And Scotland a lot of open land? Seems a bit of a culture clash to have clothing that is traditionally worn outdoors for comfort in a setting that is all about style.

When I think "Nepleslia" I think old school cyberpunk: Shadowrun, Bladerunner, Transmetropolitan, Ghost in the Shell, even the trailer for Cyberpunk 2077. Kilts don't really fit in that setting, so it's a little confusing why it would become an optional standard for those in the NSMC.

Doshii Jun

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I wager it comes from the ultra-masculinity of some European nations and their love of kilts. Nepleslia might be MegAmerica, but it still has Euroflavor too, so maybe Neplandians want to flash off some very nice gams?


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This is what I got out of that.

I don't have much opinion, but I guess I can see a problem with Nepleslia being defined by its manliness, some cultures express manliness in ways that are the opposite of what's considered manly in other cultures.


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If they don't care, it could get out of control, with them daring each other to wear tutus and dress up as fairies to prove how manly they are. If they do care, then... well, Nepleslia is already known for gang warfare. I suppose having different ideas of what manliness means is a good reason to get into gang fights. Like, the guys who wear pink vs. the guys who wax their legs to wear bicycle shorts, and so on.

Nepleslia as a whole doesn't need to be defined one way, but unless every unit in its military has its own independent policies, there's probably got to be some consensus on what manliness means, at least to the point where they can give options like kilts or no kilts without someone asking if they can wear chaps, too.


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It's not the fact whether it's manly or not, it's whether it's Nepleslian or not. Look at the pictures of Funky City where all members of the NSMC get trained "right outside of", Nepleslia has been pulled right out of the '80's idea of cyberpunk. It really seems odd to me to clash two entirely opposite cultures together (old-school Scots, and retro-future cyberpunk).

Raz had a good point that something needs to be written if this is to happen. Nepleslian Ethnic Groups could use it if there's such a driving need. Otherwise, making it a wide-spread option for all NSMCs makes it too obvious that this was an OOC decision with no IC facts to support it.


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Dumont's Kilt Facts:

The short kilt was invented some time around the 1720's (by an englishman no less), and was popularised by workers in iron foundries and lumberjacks because it was less cumbersome and less likely to catch on fire/get caught in bigass saws. It's not comfort wear, it's straight up workwear from the early industrial revolution.


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As a man of Scottish descent and an owner of a kilt, I approve of this idea. I will also note that the Ersetu have kilts as well :D


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I.... don't see this happening tbh unless its a very small subgroup, Nepleslia is more culturally American then anything else. Additionally you have the impracticality of the entire concept since a kilt kinda messes with your ability to operate in body armor or power armor on top of conflicting with pressure suits.


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This idea is really fun, but I feel that this doesn't fit in Nepleslia - it's a Scottish thing. Nepleslia was born out of 1980's Ultra Violence America. Stuff like Robo Cop, Escape from New York, Blade Runner, Full Metal Jacket and Platoon, Top Gun, Mad Max, Die Hard and maybe just enough Star Wars to balance out the lead poisoning.

Just a little bit.