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Nepleslian Orders Nepleslian Central command, to Motoyoshi Naoko.

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'Encryption Successful'
'Message as follows'

Current year:YE43

Central command automated casualty report is as follows.

Attempts to reach Shōi kōhōusei Motoyoshi Naoko have failed. Due to confirmed deployment.

REPORT FORWARDED TO: Taisa(retired)Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko

On behalf of CENTRAL COMMAND of the Star military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, we wish to inform you as of 08-YE42. Corporal Ötto Leupold Reiter, of the 309th Marine Armored Infantry."Ruthless Riders." Has been reported missing In Action, during a combat mission in the[REDACTED] SYSTEM. No further information has been found at this time.
CENTRAL COMMAND gives their condolences to the grieving party. For any additional questions, report to Central command liaison for further information.

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Katsuko received the letter from Nepleslian Central Command as she was in transit back to Jiyuu III for her first round of meetings, "This is not going to end well, watashi no musumé," Katsuko sighed to herself. She looked out the viewport of the ship for a few moments as she considered the next course of action, at first she had considered just withholding the information until Naoko returned from deployment, then she cursed to herself, "Ah...damn it. Yes, we fucking want more information." There was only one way to get Nepleslia's attention, if she used her civilian signature should receive information back sometime next century.

To: Central Command Liason
From: Former Empress of the Yamatai Star Empire, Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko
CC: Star Army Command, Attn: Taisho Yui; 1XFCOMM Motoyoshi-Yamada, Ayano Taisho
BCC: (Blind Copy - Encrypted): Her Majesty Empress Ketsurui Himiko I (Copying due to possible diplomatic implications/opportunities)

Regarding the letter above that was forwarded to me, to the care of my daughter. We would like more information and I would like to actually conference someone who can provide us with that information.

At your earliest convenience,
Ketsurui Motoyoshi Katsuko
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