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SYNC NET Requests Board: Opportunity Awaits


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RP Date
6 月 YE 43
Greetings to the adventurers and entreprenurs of the Kikyo Sector and beyond!

This board has been created as the central location for all NET requests issued by Yamataian governments across the Empire.

If you're looking for work, opportunity or specific rewards, this is the place!

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The NET Requests Board is hosted and brought to you by the System Government of Virginia, distributed by SYNC and IIS-NET.


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NETs issued by the System Government of Virginia:
The Bounty of the Murderer 'Yunami Megami' - 2000 KS.
Clerical Assistant (Contract) - 200 KS/Day
Private Security (Courthouse) - Negotiable KS, Housing Guaranteed.
Militia Auxilliary (Reserve) - Negotiable KS (Experience Depending), Citizenship Guaranteed.
Settlers (Primary Industries) -
Citizenship Guaranteed, Housing Guaranteed.

Further information available on request.