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New Laptop!


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After putting it off for a while, I've finally got myself a new laptop that's pretty nice. My old one had been in service for nearly 7 years and was starting to show its age, and I got a bonus from work so I finally made the move and bought one refurbished from Dell's factory outlet. It just arrived today and I'm setting it up now. It's an Alienware m15 R6 with an RTX 3080 and 32GB RAM (and "Tron lights" on the back). Those of you who RP with me will be glad to know it has a working W key on the keyboard, which should make posting and JPing easier.


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Very happy for you.
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If I knew you were looking for a laptop, I would have suggested one of Clevo's laptops that let you put in a desktop CPU for more power. Got one of them (I am happy with my RTX 2060) and I love it. Need to seriously upgrade the 16 GB to 32. Not enough my PC Master Race activities. lol