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RP: Galactic Horizon New Sister Same Sibling


Game Master
RP Date
ye 41
RP Location
Galactic Horizon HQ
Donvan was an odd creature sometimes, being twins is didn't come as a surprise that both the Black children shared more than a few traits but there was always that one occasional thing that made the siblings question whether they were at all alike - Kryss with her colder style of conducting business and Donvan with his warmer approach, hell as odd as it may be their differences were what made the two so alike.

This was why Kryss had chosen to take matters into her own hands, during a recent audit in the past few days something had popped up on her radar, nothing out of the ordinary until the company's princess of ice took another look over the information laid out before her... it wasn't making sense. The dates lined up with times that Donvan had his personal chariot out and about, and the transactions were from his personal account but any citations or scrawlings in the margins of documents described a woman... nothing out of the ordinary for her brother to be wandering around with some new plaything but what was odd was that a lot of these descriptions lined up with her own appearance - short blonde hair, blue eyes and of course, human - somewhat of a rarity these days at that but with an old-colony accent noted down too then it was too good to be a coincidence.

If she wanted answers of course the best place to go would be straight to the source that was anything but, her brother currently occupied one of the vehicle bays and could be seen with his arm recessed into the cavity of what one could assume was an arm - skusten cables pulling and pushing in tandem to flex mechanical muscles to test out the joints as her playboy of a brother looked up from his work with a warm grin.

"Dearest Kryssy - how may I, your humble brother, be of assistance," he mused happily but quickly realized the look on her face was anything but playful, quickly retracting his arm from the suspended limb and brushing both hands off as Donvan's own expression shifted into something a little more serious - even in simple tracksuit pants and a white t-shirt somehow the wilder of the two twins maintained some hidden level of elegance about himself, tanned jaw covered in a light dusting of stubble as Donvan ran a hand through his quiff to tidy it up a bit, hand brushing past the hints of a freshly blackened eye.

"Well you look like someone shit in your cereal, missy, what's up?"

“Yeah, that someone happens to be you, mind explaining some of these transactions under your name that apparently I was there for? I’m ever so eager to hear the explanation for this one.” Kryss said rather coldly, impersonating people with their kind of business status was a potentially catastrophic move though at least he hadn’t pretended to be someone from outside the company.

Donvan blinked a few times and stepped down off the raised platform before taking a step or two closer to the shorter twin, clearly racking his brain before the man ended up just shaking his head with something to say, "Kryss~ I'd never imitate you without expressly given permission from you... I would hope you at least believe that if nothing else, I promise I haven't been running around impersonating you," Donvan finished but somewhere in his expression it became apparent something had jogged the blonde man's memory.

“Well then, you should have no trouble explaining then hmm?” The sister pushed on, having noticed the expression change. “Because I’d rather not be associated with quite a few of these purchases and places, places that matched up with your little trips.”

He thought for a moment longer before chuckling slightly and shaking his head, eyes locking with those belonging to Kryss once more as Donvan spoke, "Well I suppose this is one way for you to find out then, look I do still promise you it is nothing malicious or what have you but it is a little odd, especially by your standards," the blonde guy smiled at his sister before moving over to where his backpack was located, rummaging around for a moment.

Kryss crossed her arms and waited. “This better be good or I’m disowning you.” The ice queen said bluntly, expecting either a mask or his last nights pair of undergarments to appear from the bag. If she was thinking odd then she supposed maybe some of his actual work material might appear.

Donvan could be seen popping something into his mouth and presumably washing it down with a gulp out of a water bottle before he turned back around to face his sister with a faint smirk, "You've threatened that before, Kryss, but I'm still here - well where do I begin, you already know about my extremely inclusive sexuality so... hm," Donvan spoke with a small frown, tapping his chin for a moment before continuing.

"I suppose a good place to start is asking what your opinion on one of our newest members is? mousey little half elf that signed up as a botanist."

“I don’t appreciate the change of subject Donvan, so this better not be a trick. As far as the newbie goes I haven’t had a chance to meet them yet, I think a skilled botanist will be valuable given the next to nothing we know of this place. Why do you ask?” Kryss replied, watching him carefully, still unsure of where he was going with this.

"It's no trick, it's actually pivotal that I get an understanding of where you sit on their... how do I put this," Donvan mused as he pulled out a datapad and drew a circle on something before handing it across to Kryss, a blue outline for the section where one lists their gender. "Non-standard identification I guess, how does that bit make you feel?"

Kryss read over the info, androgynous, nothing too out of the ordinary there. “Well honestly? This term means they have a physical gender, which would be preferred on an official document from a business standpoint. Personally as long as they do their job and don’t harass anyone about it I don’t really care what they want to look like.” Kryss was still concerned about what he’d eaten earlier, she knew he’d been given things during her abducution but she didn’t think he was on anything now.

"Well that's what I felt the answer would be ,more or less, good to get it from the source though," Donvan shot back with a voice that had slowly crept up a few octaves in pitch, there was something else about her twin that seemed different but Kryss couldn't quite put her finger on it. Donvan was a confident guy by nature, built like some Yamataian adult entertainment character definitely helped in that regard but his tanned features showed something hardly ever expressed by Donvan, a little hint of nervousness.

"Tell you what Kryssy, go get yourself a coffee from the machine in the hallway and I'll be blunt with you, yeah?"

The voice, the expression, something was definitely changing about Donvan right before her eyes, the blonde crossed her arms. “I had coffee before I got here, what exactly did you eat earlier because its seems like it was concentrated fear from the way you just spoke.”

"Hm, could never easily pull the wool over your eyes could I? it's why I told you I liked guys too before Mum and Dad knew," Donvan smirked a little before sighing defeatedly, putting the datapad aside and crossing both arms under his chest, "It was kaserine, ever heard of the stuff?"

“Rumours and folklore, I thought it was like steroids for women so what does it really do.” Kryss answered, sensing she was close to unraveling the mystery but weary of the direction it was going.

"Steriods for women..." he chuckled a little as Donvan's facial hair began to slowly fade away, his pectorals and hips pressing out a little more against the slightly baggy clothing. "Not quite, it's a body modification drug, temporary but fast acting and potent... fuck it I'll just say it, I like being a girl sometimes, Kryss."

Kryss watched as the changes became more apparent topped off with his final words, a hint of a smile cracked her lips, mystery solved. “So, you haven’t been impersonating me for business dealings but rather I need to be careful that a bunch of strange men don’t come up to me expecting a fun night, wonderful.” The sister said, shaking her head before sitting down on a work bench. “While it is weird looking into a mirror, albeit one that seems to want to capitalise on apparently my attractive body, you could have told me.” The blonde looked Donvan over, she knew a few people thought she looked good despite not caring about her appearance or putting any effort in, but it was clear he’d decided to exaggerate some.

"That's hardly fair Kryss, I may be damn good at it but there's more to me than a warm bed or couch," Donvan mused with a faux pout as they moved over to sit next to Kryss, appearance currently midway between either gender with a chest already rivalling Kryss' own despite the transformation still clearly having a bit to go - muscles maintaining a lot of their tone but losing some of the beef that helped Donvan usually fill his clothes.

"Didn't really see it as anything you needed to concern yourself with I guess, I've never pretended to be you and there are enough differences where anybody who might know you would think I'm just some distant relation - sorry for making you stress a bit though, sis," Donvan apologised, elbowing their twin in the side gently.

“Hmf, I dunno about you being damn good at anything, but in future at least give me some indication of what’s going on. If someone else had done the auditing I could’ve gotten in big trouble, or if they found out it was you...” The blonde twin shook her head and slumped over, resting her head in her hands as she sighed.

Another thought nagged at her, one of his personal expenses had been much higher than usual. “Donvan, what was that gigantic purchase you made, a couple months ago.”

You could almost hear the cogs turning in Donvan's head as he thought, tongue clicking a few times before a clearly female voice spoke up from next to Kryss, "Ah, I think I know what that might've been - back before I got here, right?" she queried.

“It looks more like one of your long trips, but you are gone so often I’ve no idea only that it was a couple months ago. Big transfer not a direct purchase too.” Kryss mused, avoiding looking at her now twin sister so as not to accidentally make herself jealous for no reason.

"Ah that one, quite a story actually, and surprisingly relevant to the whole big surprise I told you that I trust you won't tell Mum or Dad yet," Donvan mused as she moved a little closer to wrap an arm around her smaller sister, a flash of a toned and tanned midriff out the corner of Kryss's gaze with the generous sensation of soft flesh pillowing against her arm slightly while Donvan continued speaking.

"Pretty little neko wanted out of the army and we parted ways the next day as buds, haven't spoken to Saki in a little while though," the taller and barely older Black sibling mused, running a hand down her own features to feel that the bruised eye had indeed faded as Donvan should have known it would.

"Before you ask the obvious, yes, we screwed each other silly."

“I wasn’t going to ask, I can guess that happened. But did you expect she would keep in touch after getting free? Think you may have gotten scammed there bro.” Kryss replied with a smirk, the casual speech indicating she wasn’t mad anymore. “In one way I’m flattered I get so much attention, well you dressed as me, in another way I wish you didn’t, just proves Anaska right.” The blonde muttered the last part with a chuckle.

"Ehhh you win some you lose some, I wouldn't quite call it a scam - she'd free and that's enough for me," Donvan admitted with a similar smirk as she thought back to the night and next morning in Kyoto, good memories...

"What's this about you and little Ana though hm? what have you two lovely ladies been talking about behind my back? if it's you two finally hooking up then I want to know how the hell that snuck past me, sis," the taller blonde chuckled a little but was still nonetheless curious what Kryss was on about.

“No we didn’t hook up, Anaska just believes I’m some beautiful angel and that surely I’d have partners lining up every night, the fact that you’ve looked like me and gone out and done that proves her right.” The blonde said, a little concerned that everyone seemed to think she and the little Daur were moments away from hooking up.

"I'm just teasing you don't worry, but I don't blame our favourite Daur for thinking that though - you are kind of a badass in your own right you know, whoever you eventually deem worthy of your time is going to be one lucky person," Donvan reciprocated, prodding her sister's side gently again before letting a sigh roll out her large chest.

"If you'd look at me for a second though then you'd realize we look different enough, kinda making me nervous here Kryss," the taller twin admitted with a somewhat sheepish chuckle as she hopped off the bench.

“Well at this point no one will be worthy of my time unless they can keep up with my work schedule. I appreciate the compliment but we both know I don’t put effort into looking attractive, you’re all just drawn to my amazing leadership skills.” Kryss chuckled, finally looking up at her brother, he may have changed his body but she couldn’t ever see him as anything but.

"Well maybe that's because you don't need to put any effort in hm? but I get it, I'll stop complimenting my sis on how awesome she it," Donvan mused with another click of her tongue before relaxing a little as Kryss's gaze finally drifted over to look her twin up and down.

It was still definitely Donvan alright, tanned skin and with a blonde quiff and icy blue eyes on a pretty face framed by a strong yet not unattractively so jawline before leading into Donvan's womanly body - decent bit of muscle definition on her exposed arms and the thin abdomen that was only revealed due to the way Donvan's now rather hefty chest pulled her shirt up a little bit, wide hips and the curve of a nicer version of Donvan's already nice rear could be seen even with the baggy sweatpants still being worn - it was pretty obvious that even though Donvan's figure had been changed drastically that this form of him Kryss was seeing for the first time still maintained the same overall energy her brother carried.

"Tadaaa I guess, heh, I'm still your brother but sometimes I'm also this... thoughts?" Donvan asked with a warm smirk, as cheeky as ever.

“Not bad, but I’m afraid to say anything incase you call me gay again.” The younger twin smirked back, she could definitely see the difference between the two of them. “I’m just glad you didn’t use my name or people might think I look like I stepped out of Yamatai by night. Then I really would have people lining up for me.”

"Now why would I go using your name hm? seriously, you keep bringing it up like it's something you genuinely think I'd do," Donvan asked with a small shake of her head and a light chuckle, wondering if that was really the kind of reputation Kryss gave her twin.

“I don’t know, you do a lot of things I can’t predict. So, how often do you actually change, just when you’re away I suppose.” Kryss asked, pulling out her pad to confirm the expenses she came here to confirm in the first place.

"Pretty much spot on, and with all the stuff going on lately I haven't gotten to stretch my legs like this for a while without fear of one of you guys finding out," Donvan mused before stretching her arms out a bit, causing the ill-fitting shirt to hitch up her abdomen slightly before settling again. "Sometimes if its just me and I'm not expecting visitors I might chill like this at my place... oh, there's also the odd occasion where I'm something in-between my usual self and this form but I won't go into details on that," Donvan winked teasingly.

All manner of horrors manifested in the mind of Kryss as Donvan hinted at his less than standard actions. “Right, that would be appreciated, and save your winks for the pretty little things you meet on your business trips, try not to bust them all out of the army though yeah? We only have so much money here.”

There was a brief pause before she continued, “You’re going to be like this more often now aren’t you.”

"No, probably not," was what Donvan started her answer with, crossing the lightly muscled arms under her more than ample chest before continuing with a more serious expression than most around the older twin were used to, "Don't be surprised if you never see me like this again, still not something I wish to go around advertising for obvious reasons - one of them being getting another black eye heh... but no, business as usual as far as you need to be concerned, sis," she gave as an answer, offering Kryss a warm little smile before adding one final thing.

"Cheers for being cool about it though, I really shouldn't have worried about it but if you know how some people can get about this kind of thing sometimes," Donvan shuddered slightly as a tingle ran up from the small scar at the base of her spine, pushing that memory back where it belonged.

“When did you get a black eye?”

"You didn't see it when you walked in? well, I'll just say somebody didn't take too kindly to a certain guy trying to be too kind," Donvan shrugged back at Kryss, having moved on from the whole odreal already.

“No, I was a little preoccupied. I’ve told you before you need to be more careful, we may be able to afford these fancy pills you have and amazing medical care but we’re only human. I don’t want you getting beat up, it probably doesn’t show but every time you come back with bruises and cuts it hurts me too, Donvan.” Her eyes were not sad, they only showed a fierce resolve, she loved her brother and had taken many a fall for him in the past and would gladly do it again. Kryss knew she was the younger one, the sister, meant to be weaker but she couldn’t help herself.

"You know I don't exactly go looking for this kind of thing outside the ring, but I guess I subconsciously wanted to take a few hits for myself rather than for you for a change - it's fine Kryss, just a shiner that'll fade with time as all things do~" Donvan tried to reassure her younger twin sister, one hand moving to ruffle the other blonde's hair lovingly with a little smirk.

"The whole 'only Human' thing is a bit of bull shite if you ask me, colonies, plagues and all that yet we're still here~"

"That's not the point!" Kryss half yelled at her brother, shoving the hand away and standing up to face her. "I don't give a damn about what our species has done in the past, we die easier than every other person out there and you know it." The blonde sister said with a scowl, turning her back once more with her shoulders heaving. "And now you're telling me you've been taking hits for me as well?" Kryss didn't often lose her temper but in this moment she was just upset and confused and was struggling to handle it along with all the stress of business she still had to think about.

Donvan's expression wasn't mad at her for yelling, it was only sympathetic for the shorter blonde woman after seeing the small outburst - she wanted to put a hand on Kryss' shoulder but you don't touch an angry cat, so she let out a heavy breath instead and spoke, "Sure, humans die easier than some war machine posing as flesh and blood or a naturally armoured cyber demon or what have you and I know this - but a life lived cowering in fear is no life I'd want to live, we both know we've had each other's backs since birth... you seem to forget that we shared a womb for nine months so of course it is a two way streak sis," the taller of the two women began, expression as serious as stone as she looked into Kryss' eyes.

"We both know I'm far from being dumb but yes I take risks sometimes, you're not some emotionless machine but you pretend to be to make sure things get done - we cover each other's weak areas, that's just how it is, that's how it has been and probably how it will be for the foreseeable future... I'll get on your nerves and you'll similarly infuriate me but at the end of it all we hardly do it out of spite of each other now do we?" Donvan finished, an expectant look on her sunkissed features.

Kryss just stood there listening, breathing, her arms wrapped around her figure with nothing else to do. The younger twin knew he was right but she couldn’t help but worry. “...Fucking hell, when did people like us end up running billion dollar businesses. Have you got any drinks down here?” She asked, almost dejectedly unlike her usual interest in having some quality alcohol. Kryss was tired and annoyed, annoyed at everything that just seemed to go wrong or block her path. She sat back down and looked over at her twin with an apologetic expression, “Sorry, for the yelling that is. This stupid internal audit has been keeping me up.”

"I know we're... what's the term, only human?" Donvan asked to try and pick the mood back up as she moved around behind Kryss, resting strong hands on the other girl's shoulders and slowly rubbing them to work the tension out. "And no, drinking is your vice... but seriously, people can only stress so much before they pop so yelling at me is preferable to having you go and do something you'd regret... just ask for help next time if you need it okay Kryssy?" Donvan offered, continuing to masterfully work away at her sister's pressure points and melt away some of that worry.

"Only thing I could do that I'd regret now would be following in your footsteps and having a one night stand somewhere, heh." Kryss shot back, trying to liven up a little too. Initially she resisted the hands but quickly she leaned well into their motions and hummed happily. "And I'll have you know that drinking is not a vice, I'm no alcoholic I just enjoy it from time to time. I agree to ask for help, if you agree to not get into fights when you don't need to." Kryss replied, her business instincts kicking in once more. "And if you teach someone how to massage me like you are now, I could get used to this."

"Hrmmm~" Donvan vocalized her thoughts, grip on Kryss' shoulders becoming noticeably firmer yer not painfully slow as the younger girl's offer was weighed, a defeated little huff before answering, "Alright fine, I'll keep it in the gym if you hold up your end of the deal hm? But it takes more experience than teaching to learn how to work your hands like this, how about I go show little Ana? I bet she'd love being able to repay all those times you've tousled her ears~" Donvan teased a little more.

"Little Ana, she's too good for this company but still acts like she owes us everything, I think you're right about that she'd definitely want to repay me. Shall we shake on it then?" Kryss asked, holding one hand behind her head. She was glad they'd finally sorted it all out but she still felt exhausted and a little bummed out from their chat but at least they'd managed to talk it out, she was always grateful they could.

"At this point I'm convinced the whole company is some elaborate ruse to keep us from having to give her back, adorable thing she is, but yes - we shall shake on it," Donvan returned, twisting her arm to an awkward angle before gripping and shaking Kryss' hand - a small sound of contentment that both twins seemed to be on the same page again, this was good.

"Well I'm pretty sure dad and Ana have spoken with the Kingdom and she decided she wanted to stay with us, and given we're now in their territory it shouldn't be an issue." Kryss thought aloud, still enjoying her massage. "Well thanks for for the shoulder work, I should let you get back to your work without me bothering you. You coming to dinner on the weekend?"

"I know we've been given the go ahead for the continued blessing of Ana's presence, no worries though sis, any time," Donvan mused, patting one hand against Kryss' shoulders before letting the other girl go, small smirk across Donvan's own features. "Of course I'll be there, haven't missed one since getting back now have I? speaking of getting back though I should probably get back in my old skin before somebody notices, eh?" the taller of the two continued, moving around the front of the bench before planting a kiss on Kryss' forehead.

"Yeah probably, though I can't deny you aren't half bad looking as a woman I still think you make for a better brother as a brother." Kryss chuckled, standing up and giving him a hug in return. "Give little Anaska my regards when you next see her and let her know she can see me whenever she wants to practice." The blonde said, waving her hand about as she headed for the door.

"Cheers and will do, until next time, sis," Donvan waved back with a warm look across her features, waiting for the other twin to leave the room before slowly wandering back over to the work in progress object that still needed its fair share of bugs to be ironed out - she pushed it aside for a moment and picked the small bottle of pills back up, downing a few blue ones with a mouthful of water before noticing her own reflection in a shiny bank of machinery... indeed Donvan didn't look half bad as a woman, and she smiled at the projection of herself before moving back to the mechanical arm, there was work to be done.