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SACN: Orders New Species: Hostile


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To: Yamataian Operational Military Intelligence
From: Taisa Catehrine Ross of the First Expeditionary Fleet, Sixth Squadron Leader

Thank you for taking this message. As you are inevitably aware, our squadron has run into a new, hostile, species.

At 1300 hours, today, the 17th of the first month of YE 39, we picked up activity. It turned out to be a shuttle of unknown, unmarked design. From that shuttle came twenty power armor. Our forces were dispatched and from that encounter, we were able to pick up several audio, visual, and analytic samples from which I am confident you can ascertain more information from.

The shuttle self-destructed after the pilot was killed by an NMX Neko that is now in our custody.

All the best,
Taisa Catherine Ross


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To: [CONFIDENTIAL] Taisa Catherine Ross, Commander, 6th Squadron 1XF
Subject: Re: "New Species: Hostile"

Your unit has performed an invaluable service for the Empire. Upon review of the attached materials, our analysis has revealed that the species you encountered call themselves "L'Kor" and use communication protocols consistent with those employed by the Kuvexian Empire. Proceed with caution: they appear to have a passing awareness of Yamataian military equipment and procedures. A fleet-wide advisory regarding the L'Kor will be available shortly based on intelligence gathered during the Sixth Squadron's sortie.

Authorized by: SHOSA TAKAHARA JOJI, analytics support team
1月25日YE39, 1532 Yamatai Time
Yamataian Operational Military Intelligence, SAINT