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New Years Resolutions


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FM of Yamatai
Game Master
Retired Staff
Curious, What are the New Years Resolutions of those in the community for 2020?

It can be SARP related or not. Do you believe in making New Years Resolutions?

My New Years Resolutions this year were fairly simple, it is also my first year making resolutions.

  • To return to SARP after recovery ✔
  • To fundraise for Light the Night 2020 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and raise over $1000 personally with a Team Goal of $10,000.
  • I want to be well enough to travel by summer so I can join my family in Alberta in their yearly camping and summer events. I was unable to go this past year due to medical stuff.
  • Of course! To stay healthy and not relapse! No Leukemia Dammit!


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FM of Yamatai
STO Fleet Member
For SARP, my resolutions are to:
  • Make more posts on the forum in general
  • Get back into RP after the post-baby slump I've been in so my characters can get more screentime and development
  • Make more SARP content for the wiki, including artwork, articles with rich descriptions and history, and music
Basically I want to be as creative as I can.


Site Supporter
Hrmm for Sarp, my resolutions are to:
  • More posts and hopefully get more JP dones.
  • Get more art work for my characters.
  • Update history based on rp.
  • Work on at least one equipment article.
For the rest of life, my resolutions are to:
  • Back to working out more.
  • Finish my latest warhammer army
  • Save money for a family trip in 2021
  • Hit up a few events with some old friends.
  • More hobby writing .
So for me trying to be more creative and have some fun this year.


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Game Master
Character Forum Mod
My sarp resolution
  • Keep the GM stories going and rocking house.
  • Looking and supporting SARP in more ways if Possible
My personally
  • Learn chinees
  • Succeed in my exams
  • Be part of another successful year of Roman reenactment
  • And focus on another writing projects


Game Master
Manager of Origin Industries
Retired Staff
For SARP My resolutions are to:
Keep The Karakoram going
Start a 5th fleet plot to participate in the Kuvexian War
Make more new things for Origin; replace older designs and focus more on civilian stuff.

For outside life:
Make Staff Sergeant (E5)
Ride my bikes as much as possible
Upgrade my bikes (Parts are either in waiting or on the way!)
Fix my truck more
Move into my new house when it's finished being built!


Active Member
SARP : Nothing just try to find stuff to read and make time to read and keep up

Actual Life: Learn new skills, make new connections, Continue work on my own works, Smile more, Find things to be happier about more. and just not be a recluse in general :)


SAINT Director
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FM of the Kudhacari
SARP: Continue to write the best RPs. Write more of them.

Real life: Get some new armor and swords. Maybe remodel my home or get a new one. Stay healthy.

Doshii Jun

Perpetual player
Retired Staff
I like goals. They have finality, while trailing into the next goal (if I craft them right).

SARP goals: Continue writing on Miharu.

Otherwise: Get W ready for kindergarten. Be ready for Memorial Day Murph. Take a family vacation.