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SYNC Next Generation Fighter Program


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From: Pierre Ruike Chui Rikugun Test and Evaluations Batallion

Open proposal to discuss Star Army Fighter needs before requesting permission to open official contract bids and trials.

The Rikugun Test and Eval Battalion has identified a need for a dedicated Rikugun strike fighter geared towards close air support, limited tactical bombing, and reconnaissance. Currently Rikugun forces are too reliant on Fleet assets for fire support. Therefore, I am requesting permission to open studies into a fighter that fills this role. Talks with some of my opposite numbers in the Fleet have revealed interest in new fighters. They operate a wide variety of fighters with specialized parts and designs increasing the training burden on air crews and maintainers as well as an increased logistical burden. Additionally, most of these craft are beyond their 5 year review. The Ke-V10 “Mamushi” program was intended to alleviate these issues, but the program was sadly cut short. The YSS Azalea II will be flying a small number of Mamushi’s. We should keep an eye on their performance.

Recommendations: (Listed from simplest to most complex)

  1. Revive the Ke-V10 “Mamushi” program with an order of the 1B two seater variants slotted for Rikugun acquisition.
  2. Open research into a transatmospheric successor the Ke-V10 “Mamushi” taking advantage of advances in stealth and computing technology. I would suggest three variants on a single craft.
    1. A dedicated airspace superiority fighter
    2. A true multi role 2 seater as the new fleet workhorse
    3. A Rikugun strike craft that fits the above listed needs.
  3. Open the review process to a wider range of options. The idea of adopting a variable frame has been brought up.

Again, this is intended to be a forum for open discussion that can hopefully be turned into a traditional proposal. I invite open discussion from a wide range of disciplines.

Respectfully, Pierre Ruike Chui Rikugun
Acquisitions and Review Officer
Test and Eval Battalion

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