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SANDRA Next Wave of Kuvexian Invasions Appears Imminent


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Yamatai System - The commander of the Star Army of Yamatai, Taisho Ketsurui Yui, announced today at a press conference on her flagship that scouts and remote sensor outposts located in the coreward frontier regions have detected a mass of starships closing on the Kikyo Sector that appear to be Kuvexian and Kuvexian-allied. The exact number of ships is not known but is estimated in the "low 6-digit range" according to the unidentified SAINT analyst that spoke as part of the announcement. They are expected to arrive in the coming days. Also, it appears that the ships vary widely in size and design, and are probably not all military ships but rather a combination of Kuvexian Navy ships, mercenaries ships from several species, and opportunistic pirate craft--which make up the bulk of the invasion force.

"Maintaining the safety, security, and sovereignty of the Yamatai Star Empire and her people is the Star Army's focus," Taisho Yui said. "We ask that the public stay strong and provide whatever assistance is possible during this challenging time. We may ask certain planets to evacuate in order to avoid overextending the Star Army's resources so please heed your local officials and don't try to fight the enemy force alone."