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Niche mind worms to infect others with

Sunny D

🌟 Site Supporter
The jingle in your head when you see a particular thing. I have some specific to you guys.

Whenever @Yuuki posts

Whenever @Ametheliana posts
which leads too:

Now you know
Welcome to my hell
I made the Ame Ame Ame a gif and used it as my profile pic here when gifs were allowed! lol, they made a really nice song out if it.

I don't really think of songs when I think of things. I think of the kool-aid man "Oh yeah" busting through a wall when I first read your name, because they're both drinks rip my goofy brain

Your songs do lead me to a song I've written to for countless hours (along with two others from the channel) but it does't necessarily sample anything or remind me so I'm sorry. It's just the same vibe and good for writing imo!

Sunny D actually comes from the term Sundowner. Its an old Aussie term for a Jakaroo (cowboy) that would rock up to the home stead at sundown, offer to work the fields, get a feed and a spot in the barn and dip out before day break.

I had too issues with that name. One, turns out Sundowner is also used to describe the elderly with Alzheimers in other nations, or I got associated with this guy:
Was horrible! Jet Steam Sam is way cooler!

Here is one of my favorites.

For you space cowboys.

and for the ones who like to rock out to metal songs whose lyrics that don't make any kind of sense😆😆😆