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Approved Character Nicol "Nick" Sanger

Nicol Sanger is a player character played by HelaxusPhase (helaxus).

Species & Gender: Senti Male
Year of Birth: YE 02
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Flight Engineer aboard Aliset's Ginga
Rank: Santô Hei

Physical Description
Standing at 6 feet tall and weighing at around 450lbs. His bronze eyes attributed to the trauma that will be covered in his history, his hair he usually keeps fairly short, no longer than his ears. His eyes bear a light hearted curiosity of everything that exists. His face a tad effeminate with a narrow jawline and high cheekbones.

Soft spoken and observant. He seems the sort that takes into consideration of another beings feelings and attitude before speaking, this will conflict at times when his hungering curiosity will get the better of him. When his curiosity gets it's talons on him, he will be as giddy as a human toddler who had just discovered bubbles. He is level headed and chooses to deal with his anger and distaste towards another being by ignoring their existence as much as logically possible. When he speaks, his voice tends to bear an air of patience, hinting at a mischievous nature. Low, calm and all around disarming in his speech patterns, he has made a point to master vocally articulated lexicon.

He is acquainted with Aliset Soren through familial connections of his Foster Parents.

Nicol was born in YE 02 on the ship Sanger. Growing up on the Sanger Research and Science Ship, Nicol or Nick, was born to Linn Sanger (Mother) and Collin Sanger (Father). He had been raised to feed his curiosity for the Universe, practically instilling some level of ADHD in his mind, which when it came to him testing out into adulthood later on, became a problem. He failed the test the first time and was sent to the ship Soren where he made acquaintance with Aliset Soren. While away from his home, he learned from his Foster parents that his ship had come across an anomaly in space. A Neutron star that was cloaked behind a miniature class black hole had discharged a solar flare, the resulting radioactive blast completely wiped out his home ship. Without any method of propulsion active, the ship then slowly drifted into the Event Horizon of the black hole, beyond any recovery point. The tragedy had given him his bronze eyes. His Foster parents offered to give him their name, but grief stricken, he refused. After a few years he passed into adulthood and he then followed his friend, Aliset, into the Star Army of Yamatai on the same ship and witnessed her make history by becoming the first Yamataian citizen and the first Senti in the Star Army. Months later he followed her lead and did the same, becoming the second Senti, and the first Senti Engineer.

Social Connections
Nicol Sanger is connected to:

  • Linn Sanger (Mother) (Deceased)
  • Collin Sanger (Father) (Deceased)
  • Aliset Soren (Friend/Acquaintance)

Inventory & Finance
CHARACTER NAME has the following:

Nicol Sanger currently has 3000 KS.

Character Will
In the case I become inactive (gone for more than a month):

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I'm gone for a year or more? YES
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Unfortunately, I don't have an engineering position open (There is no plot in the engineering section of the Tokyo. There is the Command/Administrative Plot, and then the 17th Dragons) However, if you're willing to have this character be a pilot or a technician that repairs bombers in the hangar there is a possibility there. I leave this up to @RaWolfe and @Wolf626 as that they are GMs of the 17th Dragons.


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Mostly fine, I'd suggest changing the skills area formatting to the standard. There should be a guide on the wiki for it.
Just pondered the idea of him being a Pilot/Technician. Running the idea by @HarperMadi to have Nick be Aliset's Ginga maintainer, and possibly her right seat co-pilot in training. Or something of that nature. I updated the wiki page, will continue with it being a living document until it is satisfactory.


And with him being Senti, he's culturally adapted to confined quarters and breakdowns. Don't get me wrong, Senti tech is built to last, but flying a several century old ship is... Well, stuff happens.