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SANDRA Ninth Fleet Scheduled to Disband, Others to Follow

Kyoto, Yamatai -- Ketsurui Yui today announced that, now that the Kuvexian War is over, the Star Army plans to resume the plans it announced in YE 38 to consolidate the Star Army into few fleets. The first of the fleets planned is the highest-numbered remaining fleet, the Ninth Fleet, currently led by Taisho Suigetsu Kyōku and consisting of 264 starships:
These ships will be transferred to other fleets and some may be placed in reserve status. The move comes at the same time as the Star Army's major downsizing of its fighting forces, which is seeing thousands of soldiers moved to the newly Star Army Reserve, which is now under command of veteran Taisho Hisae Emiko. This is not the first fleet to be consolidated into a larger fleet; in YE 36, the Star Army merged Twelfth Fleet into the Second Fleet. The concept is to have larger fleets, each with a flexible array of task forces that can be formed on the fly.


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Kyoto, Yamatai -- The Star Army announced today that the disbanding of the Ninth Fleet is now completed. The starships have been temporarily moved to the Fleet Depot at Nataria pending new assignments. The Star Army expects to disband the Eighth Fleet next, although no timeline was provided at press time.