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OOC NO-CBL All-Contender League, 2-3rd Year


FM of Nepleslia
Hey gang. I was talking recently and realized that it's been a while since I got to do more than help out faction-wise. So now, after a long time, I'm hoping to get myself some RP now that my schedule is finally materializing from parenthood.

Basically, I'm hoping to find folks who want to participate in a JP-only plot around the NO-CBL, or Nepleslian Organized-Circuit Boxing League (click the NO-CBL bit for the wiki link.)

This plot idea is technically PvP but the goal is to create a group of people who want to do boxing. I've tried to organize the plot in the past but I recently did a small Nep interest check and it sounds like the idea might be more open. Now, allow me to simply explain how the plot works.
  1. Players make their fighters and/or bring them; they can be from Nepleslia or even from outside of it. I offered to @Ametheliana before to hold an exhibition match for Yamatai & Nepleslia, but it never materialized. Instead, I'm going to simply be more clear that the NO-CBL will allow any fighter from foreign powers. This can be a good way for folks to show off their smaller factions and build an IC relationship with Nepleslia to some degree/reinforce it for those who already have been around it.
  2. Every Saturday, I'd hand out the match-ups. These can be done randomly or people could request someone, but the goal is to overall make it so everyone and anyone can do a fight.
  3. During that week, the players who get picked will make a JP, run their fight, and finally turn it over to me (unless I was involved in the fight) so I can make sure it fits the setting & plot basics.
  4. Once it's read over, it gets posted.
This is going to start as an Open RP Plot but the goal is to make it official. I encourage people from different factions and corporations to consider giving it a try. I'm hoping to use this as a nice and simple way to lean myself back into the site, while also forwarding my goal of more Nep & plot types. If there's any disagreements are arguments in the PvP, I maintain the right to simply decide. I have to maintain this right as PvP, even with folks who are all friends, can turn messy if arguments don't get resolved fast.

If this sounds cool and you want to give it a try, make a character and tag/message me on Discord. Or drop a reply here. Characters from any background (even criminal) are welcome and military members can show up if you have shore-leave windows ICly.
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FM of Nepleslia
Oh, and before I forget - if we have an odd number of people, the player who isn't picked can choose to do a "Bye" week/skip or fight one of the established NPCs (there are currently 2). In that scenario, I'd be running them as GMPCs. Hopefully that ensures folks who are the odd-one-out aren't left without any hope.


Everything Is Magical
FM of Neshaten
Game Master
i'd be interested in doing a couple JP's with ya legix, don't think we've ever done any rp together yet though i dont have any character in mind yet specifically


FM of Nepleslia
Very nice; now we just need some other people. Like maybe some other FMs. Who want to try and dance with Nepleslia. Haha but who actually can beat Nepleslia.
I'm looking to be proven wrong but ain't nobody in here ready to punch up with a giant in the ring.

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FM of Nepleslia
Alright, so currently I only have 2 confirmed players but that's fine; first match-ups for the NO-CBL are going to be the following:
  • Club's fighter (still undecided, AFAIK) vs. an undecided/new NPC card.
  • Donvan Black vs. Frauss Kolbstein (NPC)
I heard from @Ametheliana that she was interested - as well as some others - but until people commit/say they're in or want a fight, I have to go off what we got. I'll be trying to get both of you, @SirSkully and @club24, your JPs sometime this week. Once they're all completed, they'll be dropped together as part of a "Fight Night"-styled Card match.

@SageShooter also owes me a Lorath boxer tho. And hopefully, as these JPs drop, there'll be some interest drummed up to get more fighters.