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Interest Check [NSMC] Die screaming or die trying!

Charmaylarg Dufrain

Submissions Reviewer
FM of Nepleslia
Game Master
"Gosh, You really couldn't ask for a more beautiful day to die screaming."

-Last recorded transmission.

Kuvexia has flooded the kikyo sector with fresh troops and mercenaries seemingly as soon as the imperium declares itself in a state of war and prepares to deploy the might of the assault fleets to clean up this threat once and for all, But now finds itself outnumbered and out gunned against a numerically superior enemy.

Nothing new there, Leave it to the navy!

While the might of the first and second assault fleets pick their teeth with the bones of the kuvexian fleets; The third assault fleet is left leaderless and without direction with the vacant spot of its grand admiral. While a new Grand admiral is chosen among the infighting admirals of the third assault fleet one of them refuses to delay.

Lysander Calloway. Formerly of the first assault fleet now transferred to the third as an admiral refuses to delay while others vie for rank or power. Not while the imperium is threatened.

Collecting all the ships and marines he can en route to the now ended New Bernese conflict, Calloway sets off with a daring and brittle plan to halt the kuvexians in their tracks from invading the imperiums fragile colonial expanse. But he needs time! And the minds at NAM and the Nepleslian Space Marine Corps are the ones who will buy it with blood

With every precious life they can spare...


Follow the death story of 50 odd marines who drew the short straw and volunteered to become one of many groups of hail marys sent ahead of Calloways fleet to secure strategic resources and fortifications in a new and hazardous set of worlds that the kuvexians must travel past and whose resources and..." inhabitants " could prove key to kuvexia securing a foothold over not only nepleslia, But the entire kikyo sector at large!

The plot will revolve around these marines holding the line by any means necessary, to the last man if need be! With little more than a new and untested gunship with minimal Power armor and a single tank they (and other units like them) must bleed the kuvexians deep for every chance they can get.

But the kuvexians this time around are here for keeps. The Noble elite shocktroopers of kuvexia, Well paid and equipped mercenaries, Entire hords of graxx and rixikor. Such threats may very well overwhelm our desperate defenders before reinforcements can arrive.

Thats my pitch. I'm not so good at writing those out~

Pretty much this will be a (hopefully) fast-paced grim and gritty marine plot where there are no captain piccards. No mary sues or impossible feats that go beyond belief in their impossible actions. And worst of all:

Theres no plot armor.

Joining this plot will see the characters injured and wounded, Nobody will come out unscathed (So get your scars and cybernetics preferences ready!). But not dead if you dont want them to (Unless they have a brain spider and ye ok with it. Or if its a throwaway~) and sent back out to fight wounded if they have to or else everyone might die.

Im perfectly OK with soft-rolled characters meant as throwaways that can and will die. And even characters you already have who you want to get that good fight against all odds that might haunt them the rest of their career to have survived.

Every character in the plot will be NSMC marines. They can be cooks, snipers, latrine cleaners or hard chargers but there are a few roles im openly looking for and are first come first serve:

1-2 Power Armor pilots. (One light armor like a raider or hostile. One heavy like a VOID or aggressor. Dam i wanna bring a warbear! Wound be nice if i could find a reason~)
1 Sniper.
1. Demolitions specialist.
1-2 Medics/doctors.
1 NCO (corporal or sergeant.)
1. Heavy weapons specialist. (PMOPE, SPAID, Grenade launcher, Even a flamethrower if its still on the wiki~. Something heavy and that soldiers fear coming into the line of sight.)
1. Drone operator (Na-j3 couriers, Surplus "Jimmies", and if i can find them some other drones will be present to fluff the numbers. Dont expect to hide in the ship though! You'll be eating dirt with the rest of them!)

Characters being made for the plot are allowed an extra 1,000 DA (for a total of 7,000 DA) towards gear and equipment, They're gunna need it. Existing characters will be allowed +2,000 DA if their serivce from the last time they where played adds up to less than 2,000DA. Otherwise they can use the funds from however many years you havent used em~

Characters can be any nepleslian species (or any species that would be believable to be in the NSMC like a neko or minkin or geshrin) like nepleslians, ID-SOL, mutants, Delesurians. And even kuznyetski if ye just wanna be a gun toting space russian playing the gunpipes while the world burns around you!

The plot will be a [3] for violence. [3] for bad words. and a [1] for sexuality. If you wanna hot-bunk with another character you can do it in JP. Pacing, im hoping to keep to posting at least once a week and will skip anyone who doesnt post (Degenerates). Continued not-posting will likely see your character dead wounded and confined to the ship.

@Soresu @SchererSoban @Firebrand For showing interest on the discord.

@Gunhand4171 cause you need to be in more nep plots.

@SirSkully cause you still have jesper and he IS in the 309th which will be the marine unit for this plot.

@club24 you a nep player now, Buddy. Time to make a future corpse~

@ everyone else cause you all want to play in a plot where you do more than just lewd and go to the beach, DON'T YOU?


Charmaylarg Dufrain

Submissions Reviewer
FM of Nepleslia
Game Master
Aye very well ye can, Friend Soban.

If ye have questions about lore, equipments, nep stuff in general fell free to DM me on the discord or here.

Charmaylarg Dufrain

Submissions Reviewer
FM of Nepleslia
Game Master
Ive gotten a good deal of interest for the plot. Enough here and over the discord that i feel comfortable with the amount of players (Tho ill still accept more if anyone finds it interesting~)

Im hoping to start the plot this coming sunday or monday with a prologue single post or casual JP until i start the plot proper later in the week. This leaves players hopefully plenty of time to finish characters. And even if it doesn't they need to have their chars done on the very first day the plot rolls out~

So far we have @Alex Hart as our drone operator.
@Soresu filling up one of our medic slots.
@paladinrpg as either our marksman or another medic.
@Gunhand4171 as somebody (one told me the world was gunna roll me)
@SchererSoban as our resident BoomBoom man.
And @me for filling all the other roles people dont take and bringing one of my fav characters in to earn some new wounds~

Still plenty of room for anyone interested. And anyone whose already joining feel free to comment here or on the discord in the nep channel or my DMs in regards to anything ye dont know like equipment, Lore, ranks, races, etc~