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Interest Check NSN Galgus - Commando Plot


FM of Nepleslia
This is that time - the time I promised before I had the worst of my parenthood break. As part of the new Nepleslian war, I'm hoping to launch the Galgus as an HPT and HVT hunter ship.

I'm talking about the IPG Hellions.

This is a plot that I have discussed and wanted to run for a very long time. The Hellions are one of the very few pieces of Nepleslian lore that haven't had any serious RP. The goal of the Galgus is to showcase the most deadly warriors in Nepleslia - so deadly that even the IPG isn't told about them. So dangerous that the only man allowed to even divulge their existence is Sanders. The Galgus is going to be an IPG-operated ship that ferrets members of the Hellions (each team kept in isolation from the others and their own members while between missions) in the opening blows of Nepleslia against the Kuvexians. These are going to be short, quickfire threads used to open up plot hooks for other plots and as such is something someone should join only if they're willing to understand these characters aren't going to be doing anything else for a while.

@ me here, reply, or DM me if you're interested. I'm hoping to get at least four players. This plot is going to be available for anyone but some threads may not be friendly/palatable for everyone. As long as you understand that, I hope to hear from you.


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FM of Neshaten
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I am interested, but I just swore myself not to make another character seeing I created already a few xD So I am tempted and considering it :p


FM of Nepleslia
So that's 1.

I need two more people willing to be more OP than those Yamataian kitties.

Edit: Four players are what I'd prefer but I can run an NPC there as necessary. So please, if you're interested in a plot about power-trips and high-octane spec-ops stuff lemme know.


FM of Nepleslia
Since I hit the bare minimum I'd need, the plot'll be probably starting up in the next few days to next week. Anyone else interested, please let me know. The only thing I'm thinking of "max" on is 4 players. Those interested, please tap me with links to your characters or tag me if you decide to post them. The Galgus'll be starting in Open Roleplaying as per the traditional plot structure, so it's not required for you to make a page/character now. But please be ready with at least a core concept that can be approved for use.


FM of Nepleslia
Galgus will likely get its first thread either later today or tomorrow. When the thread is made, there will be a link to it posted here. Everyone with an IPG character or at least their concept will be allowed to join. If anyone has questions or needs info, you can @ me on Discord and I will try to answer anytime after 4 PM EST today and anytime tomorrow after 10 AM EST.