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RP: NSS Inquiry [NSS Inquiry] Pre-Mission One: With a Blast


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NSS Inquiry
Captain's Office

Ally Gally sat working on her datapad for several minutes after Cadence Newborn had entered her office. She had raised a finger to the platoon leader and continued work until, finally, she set down the pad and looked up to the Second Lieutenant.

"Yes, Lieutenant?" Ally Gally said sharply after the platoon leader had saluted and clicked her heels together.

"Permission to ask you to interview a new recruit, Gally?" Cadence said, looking straight ahead and not making eye contact with the ship's captain.

"Permission granted," Gally said. "Send him in."

Cadence propped the door of the office open with her foot and made an ushering motion with her hand to the man that had been standing outside of it.

"Come on in," Cadence whispered.

Glynn straightened himself when he saw the door before him open up and walked forward in accordance with the command of a superior officer. As he walked by Cadence, he stopped to whisper with a line of his own, "Thank you very much" and with that he strided into the office and stood before the ships captain with a formal salute as he was trained to perform.

"At ease, Private," Gally said, waving her hand as if to ask him to sit, but said nothing of the sort. Instead, she raised her datapad back up in her hand and keyed in a few commands before scanning it.

Glynn separated his legs a tiny bit and placed his hands behind his back. Perhaps it was too obvious that he didn't look at ease as he stared at Ally Gally with a furrowed brow, a borderline angry expression.

"Sit, sit," Gally said as she looked over her datapad. "I am reviewing your file right now. It tells me a lot, but not enough. Specifically, it tells me how you did in basic but not how you will do in the future. How will you do in the future, Private Shields?"

In response to the Captain's first two words Glynn sat down, this was the point that would determine his future Glynn realized. If he were to succeed he would have to be very careful of the words he uses due to the fact that this Captain would be very analytical about her crew. He spoke dully like he always had, "Ma'am, there should be no worry about how I shall accomplish any task you assign me. If there is anything you order me to do I will perform to the letter and without delay. Though my scores in basic training may be average I can assure you of my skill within the field of explosives and the art of demolition. You need not worry about me cracking under pressure within any scenario, I can guarantee that."

"Then I am pleased to have you on this ship, Private. I would like to know that everyone here is going to help the Imperium and not hurt it in any way. You are a patriotic man, yes?" Gally asked.

That was a surprising question to Glynn, he may have not been on many DION planets but Glynn assumed that everyone was a true patriot like his mother, or at the minimum were like his grandfather who merely respected the government. Those thoughts were irrelevant, and Glynn spoke again, louder than before

"There is no other Organization nor collective of sentient species that is greater than the Imperium, those who oppose it will surely regret every insult thrown at us and I would die to preserve the roots and existence of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia or to inspire others to sacrifice themselves in the name of good and progress. ".

That was a long sentence Glynn realized, and took a deep breath as he had ran out of air in his lungs. That would not look good in front of the Captain he thought.

"Mhmm," Gally mused. She simply stated, "Your mother served."

This had worked in Glynn's favor, perhaps this would be the last thing his mother would ever do for him, to make him look good. "Yes, Elsa Shields served in the local navy in Damasica."

"I know," the captain said tersely. "I would like to thank her for her service, if I could. The next best thing is thanking you. Now, on to business. Second Lieutenant?" Gally said as she looked up at Cadence, then to Glynn Shields said, "Call me Gally, by the way. Or just 'Captain'. I prefer Gally, though. Ranks are fleeting, surnames are forever."

"Yes, Gally?" Cadence asked, not looking at all comfortable. Instead she stood rigid and unmoving and looked straight ahead.

"Show Private Shields to his quarters," Gally said.

"Right away!" Cadence said before saluting, then exiting the office. She held the door open for Glynn.

"That is all, Private," Gally said to Glynn.

Odd, most superior officers Glynn has met would prefer their rank above anything else. He made sure to take note of the Captain's preference of being called by her surname as he stood up and saluted once more.

"Thank you for your time Gally, it was a pleasure to meet you.", he had been rigid and firm as Cadence had been, though still stuck with the same focused expression he had always had since meeting the Capt- no, Gally. Dismissed, Glynn followed the Second Lieutenant out of the office and towards his quarters.

Once outside of the Captain's office, Cadence Newborn seemed to act as if a weight was lifted off of her shoulders.

"Let's get to it!" Cadence said ecstatically. "So, explosions are your thing, huh?"

The change of persona sparked Glynn's attention, but he could empathize with that as the hardest part was now over. He fixed his pace in order to be slightly behind to her right.

"Explosions are indeed very much "my thing", it would be hard to imagine my life without them."

"Good to hear, we could use a little pyrotechnics to keep things interesting. You've been through a lot, Private. Your file only touches the surface, I can tell. I'm not the best at reading people, but I'd say it's an aspect of my job I'm good at. So I trust my judgement when it tells me you've seen more than I can read on a datapad. I respect that about you. Never think I don't respect you for what you've been though, Private." Cadence had been walking with measured but long steps as she spoke and was looking down the hall the entire time, except fot the last sentence, which she looked at Glynn's brown eyes to say.

Glynn had paused when she had made eye contact with him, he had not expected her to do that. What did she mean when she said she respected him? That said, Glynn wondered about the condition of her eyes. There was something about them that he couldn't point out, they just seemed.. . unnatural somehow. He glanced to his right in order to avoid staring and tried to change the subject.

"Thank you for your concern Lieutenant, however you must have gone through much as well in order to reach the position your are in now. Know that you can count of me to make explosions bright enough to light the sky."

Cadence nodded and smiled as she said, "I look forward to just such a thing!" Then, she turned on her heel in front of a crew cabin and said, "Your quarters, Private!"

Glynn stood in front of his quarters, they were much larger than he was used to in his time with his grandfather, he would have to review what kind of chemical compounds would be allowed in his quarters later, he thought.

"Thank you so much Lieutenant, I look forward to working under your command if the situation every arises" he said with a forced smile while extending his right hand.

"As I look forward to leading you," Cadence Newborn said before saluting and turning away from him, walking down the hall to her own quarters.
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