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RP NSS Wrath of Nepleslia [Mission 1] Shadow of a Gilded Age

The KrimsonWulf

🦾 FM of Nepleslia
🎖️ Game Master
RP Date
5 YE42
RP Location
Rok'Veru, NSS Wrath of Nepleslia

Nepleslian Naval Space port
docking bay 2
Local time: 1300hrs
Planet: Rok'Veru

Year:YE 42
~Exchange personnel~

The original colony City of Gainestown had a dry, savannah climate, and a populace made up of rough and tumble folks. The city was by no means the metropolis of funky town or Roger Wilco. Its streets were lined with many different shops, corporate buildings and mining company headquarters. It's most notable features however, were the large number of cybernetics shops clustered in one location. The Steel Row, as it was known, was not far from the civilian spaceport. There, the buildings began to look older in appearance the farther out from the center of the city one would travel.

Many of the buildings and streets bore the ancient scars of battle, with ruined buildings and long destroyed vehicles dotted about the city. Here and there, long empty fighting positions and trenches were being slowly reclaimed by the native flora; while mangled and rust-covered equipment lay where it was discarded. Everywhere stood a stark reminder of what it took to reclaim the city, and later the planet.

In contrast the military drydock and repair station looms over the city, its modern architecture and updated technologies casting streets below into shadow. On its open sections, swarms of engineers, mechanics, and labourers are visible at all hours, working tirelessly to prepare to take in or launch another ship, as the situation demands. Inside, long tall corridors meant to comfortably fit any manner of personnel and materiel are traversed by seemingly endless pallets moving between supply stations, and by a myriad of men and officers hurrying about their business. Over it all could be heard dozens of officers and NCO’s barking orders and orchestrating the flow through the hallways, accompanied by the hiss and grind of numerous bay doors lining the hallways opening and closing. With the return of an Escort Cruiser near at hand, the facility was in an even greater state of controlled chaos.

Communications would be relayed to all incoming personnel stating:
Attention all exchange and replacement personnel. Welcome to your new temporary station. Once you have arrived, report to your assigned Liaison in docking bay 2 for proper equipment to be issued. Stand by for further reports. Ship assignments will be provided once uniforms and equipment have been issued.In the event you were on leave or not on station at this time. Report immediately to your chain of command, and return to base for uniform inspection and proper deployment list.

CPT. Ivan Goff
MJR.Emil Beian
NCC personnel exchange Command
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Nepleslian Naval Space port

Dressed in her best Yamataian uniform, Itto Hei Kamiya Misakura steps off of a shuttle. After looking around at the complete change of scenery, she hefts her dufflebag and begins her search for a public terminal to look at th map of the facility to locate this liaison. "How did I let her father talk me into this?" she muttered to herself as she went.


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Nepleslian Naval Space port

Ramona stretched as she carried her bag to docking bay 2. She had to drag her sister with her to the Liaison and groans "Come on sis, if we are late because of you I am not sharing the punishment."

The other twin looked at her sister with a sigh "Yea yea I know sis, but you woke me up to get here and didn't give me anything to eat so I just wanna be slow." She stuck out her tongue out, in a teasing way.

Ramona sighed and looks at her sister as she flicked the girl in the forehead "No, we need to act our best for our new ship, no acting up while we are getting our stuff, we can relax and have a laugh when we are on the ship and in downtime."

Cynder nods as she rubs her forehead "fine, I understand, I will be the model grunt, then when we are on the ship, I will clean my weapons and not interfere in your friend making,"

Ramona sighed at her sister "We will make friends sis, just think about it, you could be elbow deep in alien guts with someone else as I am patching up the team."

They both laugh as they as then started to properly look for the Liaison.


Nepleslian Naval Space Port
5 YE 42
Vayshirin (E-1) Fayaad el-Othman Shahad

Vayshirin Shahad strides through the corridors of the station towards Docking Bay 2, careful to keep at least a foot or two of space between him and the surrounding crowd. He wears the standard turquoise duty uniform of the Astral Vanguard, and he carries in one hand a large duffel bag slung over his shoulder, and in the other a small rod projecting a smallish screen that he reads as he walks. As he walks his red eyes flick from the screen to the navigational signs on the walls and back.
His uniform and the graceful horns growing from his head in place of ears make him stand out rather noticeably amongst the green and navy suited Nepleslians moving through the station around him, though he doesn’t notice.


Nepleslian Naval Space Port

Flight Santo Juni and Shuristan Councilwoman Aliset Eš Karo Laivo Tokyo-Barna Eš Yamatai neé Vadasir Indas Krovinini Paštu Sören Eš Shurista waltzed off the shuttle, noting that her husband was not present. Technically, neither of them were. She had already recieved a Nepleslian Navy uniform on the flight. Naturally, it didn't bear full name and title, and fit her as awkwardly as could be expected when the uniform was ordered for "160 kg senti."

A bit of searching found herself a tailor, and some more found herself something far more fun.

She smiled to the stylist as she walked in, speaking in heavily accented trade. "Hello! Sorry to bother you?"

Several of the women turned, one looking confusedly at Aliset before she spoke. "Senti? We haven't seen you in these parts before. What can we do for you?

Aliset laughed slightly at her confusion, perusing the selection of cosmetic products. "My husband is one of my flight, I was recently transferred from Yamatai... Alas... He wasn't there to pick me up... And I'd like to play a small trick."

Several hours later, a small Nepleslian looking woman, perhaps only 167 cm of red hair and brown eyes strode from the port, her Navy uniform showing WO1 Barna, as she stepped into an aircar to take the flight out to her new home.

The KrimsonWulf

🦾 FM of Nepleslia
🎖️ Game Master
Location Gainestown
Betty Arturius.

The day was almost done, the sun beginning to fall over the horizon. Showing the bright lights of the town. Coming up the steps quickly, Leventé's excitement attempting to be contained he had been gone for almost the entire day, spending a long day dealing with officers of the Central command. Their questions droning on and on. Paperwork never was his strong suit. Tapping on the door to their bedroom. Leventé hid the orders behind his back. " Betty, are you in our room? I have some news for you."

Betty had been turning in early, Levente having tired her out the nights following their third date. The dark Iroma’s hair was a bit of a mess, strands of raven black hair falling this way and that. For her, even a bed head was attractive somehow, just maybe not the slight annoyance in her voice as she answered. “Lev, where wer yah all day? Ov curse I’m in our rum, it’s almost bedtime.”

Leventé couldn't help but chuckle, opening the door, wearing his uniform once again. Closing the door behind him he sat at the edge of the bed again his smile and excitement were hard to contain. “I have some news about my new duty station. You might want to sit up for this my dear." Pulling the orders from behind his back, he rested the papers next to Betty anticipating her reaction was worth all of the bureaucracy."there is a set of papers I'd like you to read as well. I'm sure you received a message from Central Command at some point today, yes?"

Something about that seemed to have awoken her mostly, and a sinking feeling was setting in that she was not going to like what these papers said. Picking them up, she said nothing at first as she intently read them, a slight eyebrow twitch starting as she read more and more.That twitch became more prominent as she set them down, and looked at him with a smile, that still seemed to have a very serious energy behind it.

“Levente Barna, remember when we met that I said I was on tour my dear? Also I don’t remember suddenly becoming enlisted, or having this run by me for consent beforehand. And no I haven’t, I had my phone set to private while I was making tour arrangements.” The smile persisted, yet the annoyed edge to how she spoke could not be missed. Levente had very much successfully annoyed his new girlfriend, in perhaps not the smartest of moves.

"I am guy aware you were on tour, you are not a member of our military. To clarify. I did this to offer you a chance to cut through central space, and make more of a Name for yourself. Yes I may have...jumped the gun. But I assure you this was not meant to detail any plans you had. We have a quick, refitting and repair. Then the rumor is we are headed through Nepleslian space out towards a non combat zone. My superiors informed me, that there is supposed to be a Trade agreement made with a Senti Flotilla. So a chance for you to sing for a couple billion roughly. Just to throw an idea of how many are on those flotillas. I mean it varies from what I've been told. But think of it as a taxi."

Leventé rubbed the back of his head, unsure of how to handle what he had perceived as a well thought out plan. Now successful or not the man wasn't sure how he was going to handle his current situation."I..can tell, clearly you are upset. I think I realize now, this as a surprise may not have been the best idea… but there are also Shuttles aboard you may use to fly into any of the areas we pass. You'd still be able to do your tours. Through a lot of Nepleslian Space and possibly others. Plus I think you'd look cute in a S.A.W uniform. Think of the recognition you would get throughout our colonies and central world's. I promise there is a silver lining here my dear." He attempted to diffuse the situation slowly realizing the probability of it actually helping was slim to none.

She stared at him with an annoyed intensity, “You owe me big for this one Lev. It’s too late for me to refuse this, and it won’t look great to do so either, especially as a foreigner. Cute, or not, the next time something like this comes up, I want to be asked first. I’m done letting people decide my life for me…” Betty was clearly not soothed by his attempts to diffuse her understandable annoyance, and it made her fully awake and aware now like a fear had kicked in. The dark skinned woman looked over at the clock on the side table next to their bed, her expression relaxing slightly. “When do we leave, and what am I wearing? I assume that we’ll be on the same ship yes?”

"That...wasn't my intent...but I understand your anger. You won't have to worry, I Certainly don't plan to make a habit out of it. As for the Ship we will be on. It is a Carnivore class cruiser, we are headed. As far as I know, to make contact with one of my wife's sister flotillas. So we will be passing through the Majority of Nepleslian space. It lands tomorrow or is scheduled to. And will be in for repairs and replacements. She barely made it out of the Battle of Nataria...our Captain… Someone I haven't seen since I left the Rock for the first time.." Leventé took a heavy sigh."my sister Irene is the defacto Captain since she was the XO. The Former Captain was killed in action during the battle, from what I've read. As for clothes. Your personal clothes of course you may bring. You will also be issued a uniform. Though we will and can work out leave requests for you fairly easily, since it is a temporary status."

Resting his hand on hers, Leventé looked to Betty, a spark of concern at the realization of how the situation came across."I wasn't intending to make this a similar situation to what you had prior. With you coming to the crash site, and coming here. Living here. I wanted to do something to help elevate your own goals. I suppose I went about completely backwards… though hindsight is 20/20 no?" He smiled softly, still treading the line, attempting to not upset his Dark skinned guest, more than he had.

As his hands met her’s, Levente would feel her annoyance, her fear that stemmed from it, but something greater even past it. A warmth unlike that of any heat, but a welcoming one that could be described as that fuzzy feeling one got when one person was overjoyed. Her hands gripped his wrists, and for once, was the one to pull him closer. Wrapping her arms around him, Betty held Lev close, that feeling radiating into him from wherever they touched.
She leaned in close, resting her horned head on his uniform adorned shoulder, “As long as we’re together, I can get over it, please just…..communicate with me more. This feeling I am sharing with you now, is the feeling of love I have for you. Let us make our decisions, and future together. I will gladly follow, of my own choice if you ask me.”

This feeling was almost overwhelming, one he had never felt in such a way. Caught by surprise by the sudden tug, Leventé chuckled softly, his arms wrapping around her back and waist." Then lets see where this adventure goes. I didn't just want you close, if something happens to me. Both you and Ali would be upset. So will you join me not only as a partner, but also as someone I can rely on? I'm not perfect, but I'll fight harder than any empire to come home for you. That I promise."

Betty seemed to relax with that, the sensation of annoyance, fading from her touch. Instead it was replaced by a deep draw, as if her being tugged on his own to be even closer. Her embraced tightened as she squeezed him close into her chest, "I can be ready as soon as we need to leave."

"There is not a time that I see on these orders but it does state to immediately report to chain of command. Seeing as I am the closest officer. I would say that packing up and heading out soon would be best. I know it's been a week. Here. But I will escort you to the docking bay, then to the quartermaster." Leventé continued to hold her close. Enjoying the moments. His mind racing. Taking in every feeling that was amplified. Holding his girl tighter. Their embrace felt as though it had lasted for hours.Leventé stood adjusting his uniform once more. Before standing in the door way."Bring only what you want or need. Especially ones to make you comfortable. My items should be arriving soon. So I'm not too worried."

"Oh I was just getting comfortable sleeping in our bed. Now it's going to be military bunks…..ugh.", Betty quietly groaned as she thought on this more. Most of her things were already packed. In her focus on their new relationship, she hadn't even bothered to unpack. At least that left her little to do as she slipped out from under the covers she knew she was going to miss.

For the next half hour she shoved what little was left into her suitcase, then got dressed and ready. "I'm ready when you are dear, but only have to say the word. I'm sure I'll have chance to sleep later when aboard."

Leventé sighed looking to the soft massive bed. He never thought hard on the idea of sleeping in it for extended periods."you know the bunks aren't so bad, it beats the Yamataian bunks for sure I don't know how the cats do it." He chuckled helping with her bags."well, this bed is always here for you when we get back. I think after this deployment. I might look into retiring. But for now. Let's not make the liaison wait any longer. We will get you all taken care of and we can get you your clearance." He began moving the bags to his rover, with the practiced speed of one experienced with moving often. Coming back up the steps to their room, Leventé smiled with an almost somber look."let's get going yeah?" Was all he could muster before pulling Betty close once more.

The KrimsonWulf

🦾 FM of Nepleslia
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year: YE42
location: Nepleslian star port docking bay 2

the docking bay was full of personnel, three officers in dress uniforms, their ribbons and medals pinned to their chests awaited the group as they began to trickle into the bay, a makeshift office seemed to be set up, still under construction and the final touches were being placed. One of the officers stepped forward, adjusting his jacket as he began to clear his throat. the tall officer’s Gaunt features shadowed most of his face, and his cybernetic arms could become a bit more prevalent in the light.“the arrival of your new duty station will be within the hour. once everyone arrives, if you are a soldier on exchange, give us your name, paperwork and rank and we will provide uniforms accordingly. if you are current Nepleslian navy or marines. file to my left, and we will begin your paperwork. once completed. new uniforms will be issued, if any of you have questions or concerns. feel free to ask now. your new home will be a Carnivore class cruiser, the NSS.’wrath of Nepleslia.’ your captain is Commander Irene Barna. any further details will be provided and sent to your data jockies. now...any questions?”

his tone was loud and clear, extremely matter of fact. the name across his chest read Rayovic. the tall officer stood back into the duo, behind them to their left was a small makeshift quartermasters station. crates of uniforms, armors and supplies could been seen, as the quartermaster and lower enlisted did inventory of supplies. paying no mind to the rapidly growing group of soldiers and sailors.
Location: Wrath Of Nepleslia bridge.

the crew was busily working their way around damaged systems and jerry riged communications. some terminals still sparking slightly as the tired crew were finally almost home. irene sat at the helm of the ship as a transmission came through. her comms sergeant looking back immediately.” wrath of nepleslia this is Rok’Veru station we read your FTL signature in the current AO. provide verification and clearance to dock.”

Irene sighed pinching the bridge of her nose waving to the comms sergeant. the gesture becoming far too common to her crew.” Rok’Veru station this is Commander Irene Barna of the NSS Wrath Of Nepleslia, clearance code is 03-Romeo-Tango-Foxtrot-Alfa-Yankee. how copy?”

the communications were quiet before the static crackled again as the male voice came over the intercom.”Commander Barna this is Rok’Veru Station. Clearance confirmed, welcome home.docking bay 2 is open and clear for entry.”

the communication fell silent as the bridge began to roar to life, as technicians,engineers and the helmsman began all communicating to their respective channels, the long ship slowly began to enter the docking bay, the Nepleslian naval crest emblazoned on the portside of the ship. followed by two blue stripes and the name’Wrath Of Nepleslia can be made out the the aether burns that pocked the outer hull. with a loud hiss the ship can be seen docking as massive mechanical arms clamped down on all sides securing the ship in place. as the airlock connected, the gangway extended out towards the group, as the ship loomed over the entrance like a weather worn statue of a warriors past glory. additional connections opened access to the ships cargo bays, as an army of engineers, and maintainance crews flooded the ship, beginning the repairs for the next deployment.


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Nepleslian Star Port Docking Bay 2

Misakura resisted the urge to raise her eyebrow at the mention of uniforms. Normally she would mouth off about something, but she was a representative of the Yamatai Empire now. She was sure of her self that the Nepleslian officer was just looking for a reason to send her back home packing in disgrace. So she just dug into that willpower SAIC developed into her and put on the most professional face she could come up with. When it was her turn to present to the officer, she held out her exchange paperwork.

"Itto Hei Kamiya Misakura reporting." she said in accented Trade. Her blue duffel bag hanged from her side. "Who do I talk to about the transfer my Keiko armor to the ship?"


"Good morning, sir!" The very Nepleslian looking Aliset bounced up the exchange line, her uniform well tailored and pristine. "Exchange soldier, yes?"

The officer, looked confused for a second. Nodding. The second officer was a small woman. Not large in stature, her angled features and petite frame. It was hard to believe, her chest full of ribbons and medals." You are correct. Please provide any transfer data, or information from your home country. Then step near me, and we will get you into a new uniform."

"Of course." A Yamataian data chit found its way from a uniform pocket as Aliset handed it off, smiling gently before she stepped to the small woman, before rattling off her full name and title in rapid fire. "Šurista tarybos narys and flight Santo Juni Aliset Barná eš karo laivo Tokyo eš Yamatai neé Vadasir indas krovininis paštu Soren eš Šurista, reporting, ma'am."

The bewildered lieutenant looked down at the data chit to confirm. Before nodding. Still seemingly at a loss of words for her lengthy title. "A flight warrant 3 I believe. Alright. Keep to my right and the Sergeant here will assist you. Welcome to Nepleslia, Warrant officer Tokyo-Barná." The lieutenant nodded once more just taking in the odd site of her credentials. "Tell me, we have recently received soldiers, training…..they seem to be similar to you." Her voice was beginning to show more signs of concern.

"Oh?" Ali stepped to the lieutenant's right, as instructed, idly ensuring her makeup had not smudged. Her contacts were still in. Aside a metal detector and the weight of her step, there wasn't any indication visually that she wasn't Nepleslian. She supposed her title had outed her, or the data chit's image of her in full regalia and in her Star Army dress uniform, both showing her with red eyes and silver skin. "How so? My kind is so common."

The Lieutenant raised an eyebrow looking back to the Data chit. "It says here you are….Senti? I have had a brief cultural briefing on your people. But do you normally look so similar? That wasn't covered in the brief."

"Not normally, this is a trick I am playing on my sister in law and husband. He did not collect me at the spaceport!" Her voice cracked as she fluttered a hand over her heart, feigning hurt, before she gave a fanged grin, reaching up to take one of her contacts out and showing her blue-green irridescent eye, still healing from the last rusting. "So we play my tricks."

The officers eyes narrowed before she broke out in laughter. "I think you'll fit in just fine warrant officer…." Her words trailed off looking back to the Data chit and back up to the young Precentennial Senti woman before her. "What last name should we use for your name tape? Forgive me if it's rude. But I don't speak the language at all."

Aliset smiled, taking her data chit back as she smiled brightly, replacing her contact. "Thank you, Lieutennant. My species typically considers all who call their ship home to be family, and we are named for that ship. I was born on Soren. I married on Tokyo. What would you call me?"

the young officer stopped, brushing her chin with her hand.” you said you were married, and your husbands last name is...Barna correct?" her question hung in the air for a brief moment before a confirmational nod was had. ”We will go ahead and put his last name onto your nameplate, if that works for you?”

A small, xenopolitician's correct smile escaped Aliset's lips as she nodded. "For now, that will do. Wrath-Barná sounds so aggressive! Like my husband should keep me on a tighter leash."


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Nepleslian Naval Space port

After hearing the call for NSS wrath of Nepleslia, Ramona smiled and looked at her sister "There you see, we can get our stuff and go straight into getting you breakfast okay?" She didn't wait for a response as she walked off towards the group gathering, going to the left so she could get her new uniform as she stretched and kicked out her fake leg. With a smile she looked at the officer and gave a small salute "Private Ramona Trobella, Saw operative jumping onto wrath of Nepleslia."

As Ramona walks off, Cynder laughed at the fact of promised food on the ship "I am going to hold you to that Sis." She sighed and ran her fake arm through her hair and then joins her sister as she listens to her sister talk about rank and that "Yea same rank, Cynder Trobella, Marine so I just hit things for you guys."

They both wait to get their uniform, once they take them and make sure that their paperwork was done, Cynder ran onto the ship with a shout back to her sister "See you later, I am going to get that breakfast you promised, before you drag me away to do other things!" Ramona looks shocked and sighs "Okay sis, take care, I'll find us a cabin to stay in." She groans "that girl is going to get me in trouble before we even get a cabin..."


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Nepleslian Naval Space port

Arriving to the Spaceport on a shuttle, a tallish dark brunette in a SAoY body suit arrives. She notices a number of workers and Nepleslian naval crew members shooting some odd looks her direction. If she was a normal Neko, she might have said something to them to get on with their lives. But this particular one preferred to avoid conflict and quickly made her way to the liaison officer once she heard the announcement.

She joined the line with other members waiting to get their issue of equipment for the NSS Wrath of Nepleslia. Second thoughts of accepting this exchange position filled her mind as she looked around. She thought she saw a familiar face, but it couldn't have been the person she knew.

When she arrived to the front of the line, she presented her paperwork, her projection of her voice helping to compensate her soft speaking voice. "Nito Hei Mizumitsu Hiroshiko reporting."


Nepleslian Naval Space Port Docking Bay

Fayaad stepped up to the table across from his assigned Liaison officer with a salute and a respectful bow.
“Vayshirin Shahad reporting for exchange duty.” He lilts in a heavily accented Trade, his es rolling gracefully and his words coming from his throat. The lieutenant looks him over briefly, taking in the strange uniform and horns.
“Do you have a copy of your orders?” He asks tentatively.
“Of course, zey are right here.” Shahad responds, bringing up the relevant information on his data rod, and turning the display so that the officer can read and copy it into his own files.
“You are from the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth, rank Vayshirin, and you’re an engineer, correct?” The officer asks as he finalizes sorting his new copies.
“Corect, I underrstand that I am to be assigned to zis ships engineering department.”
“Yes, that is correct. Pass me to the right and speak to that man over there to get you gear switched. Your rank will equate to Junior Crewman and you’ll be sent further orders shortly. Is there anything you need assistance with otherwise?”
“No sirrah, Zank you.”
Fayaad hefts his bag and continues after another salute. As he approaches the sergeant he makes a mental note that he will have to get used to these chatty foreigners.

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Nepleslian docking bay 2/ mess deck of the NSS W.O.N


Docking Bay 2

The lines seemed to run smoothly, each marine and sailor being issued their new uniforms, as well as a new, Blue service cap showing the insignia of the ship they were on. the blue type 33 field cap a bonus addition to each sandard uniform set.
the Officer responding to the group cleared his throat once more, before stopping to Salute. The only words from his lips"officer on deck!"

As soon as the order went out, every marine, and sailor in the vicinity stopped and stood at attention. As they did so, a small statured young woman, in officers uniform with a group of medical personnel in tow. Her Comms Sergeant rested on the litter behind. Trying to still sit up to do her duties." Enough, go get looked at and return before we leave. At ease! It seems I came at a good time. Lieutenant, are these the replacements?" Before the gaunt officer could respond Leventé stepped from the throng of sailors and marines."good to see you ma''s been far too long. Congratulations on your station Commander. Though I wish under better circumstances." Irene stopped. And waived the medical crew away before stepping closer. Now being almost towered over by her elder brother. She laughed."still just barely an officer I see? Some things never change. As for the rest of you crew. Head to the mess hall to meet. We will all be properly introduced their. I will be a bit late as I have to meet with yet another foreign Liaison as well as Officers from Central command. Any questions can be relayed to Ensign Barná, as I have been in contact with him. He will be considered one of the Exchange Liaisons. Since his return from a deployment with those cats. No offense you two. As for standards. You may be a Ragtag group of foreigners and nationals. But now you're under my command. And I expect you'll not disappoint. Anything else for me will be addressed at the...well party if you will. Plenty to eat drink and relax. I'd like to celebrate a few things our victory being one." As she finished speaking. The small officer quickly disappeared into the throng.Leventé sighed grabbing his new duffle watching as Lieutenant Rayovic looked over the new personnel."As the commander stated. I will be assisting you all. In getting comfortable. This ship has 30 decks and several quarters. So I can show you each to your quarters then. To the mess hall. The uniform will be a dress attire. Since most of you are on exchange this will be the one time a foreign uniform will be accepted. As the Commander has strict policies on uniformity. If you'd rather your bags and uniforms. We can head inside."


Location: Mess deck

~All personnel-
After a long tour of the crew quarters, each member has been briefly explained their position and sleeping quarters. Officers will have their own whilst enlisted have general quarters. The private rooms are able to be detailed, tailored to each officer. Where as the senior enlisted have curtains across their section of the sleeping quarters. Many bunks still have the caps and medal racks of fallen sailors. The Marine Barracks are similar, but closer to the Armoury. Infinitely more rowdy. Several makeshift tables line the dented of their barracks. Cards drinks and the occasional fist fight occur,true to the brash nature of their profession.

The mess deck was large, a massive cafeteria set up in Typical military fashion. A line of sailors and marines alike, stepping through, a buffet style setting. Though lights had been placed festively about the room. And a large corner was sectioned off with temporary walls. Their food in many forms lay fresh out on one of the long dining tables. Accompanied by another with rows of Alcohol from all over the system. Cooks and enlisted worked quickly to continue to set up, preparing for the celebration.

Lieutenant Rayovic looked at his data jockey as it flashed a confirmation. That his message had been sent to all new personnel.

"Attention all replacement personnel. By 1635 the mess hall will be open for introductions. And the start of the victory party will begin. This is also a good place to get to know each other. Since this exchange will be for a year to two. Our mission is set and you all will be briefed on specifics by the commander herself. If any of you needed a reminder. Our CO. Is Commander Irene Barná, the woman you saw as you all received your uniforms. I hope you all get settled in and enjoy your bunks.



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Docking Bay 2

If Kamiya had cat ears like older Nekovalkyja, they would be twitching after the cat comment. But she knew she fucked up signing up and planned on making the most of it until her tour was over.

Mizumitsu on the other hand, wasn't a die-hard Yamataian. So she didn't mind it so much.

Mess Deck of the NSS W.O.N

Being the only Yamataians in this ensemble of exchange soldiers, Kamiya and Mizumitsu opted to stick together. It helped that the pair had worked together to murder Kuvexians months ago, but for the moment it was largely due to just not knowing where they were going to be assigned. As they entered the Mess Deck, Kamiya couldn't help stop staring at Mizumitsu's Red Tessen ribbon highlighting the red panel of her Type 35 Class A uniform. She remembered the brunette talking about the Battle of Himiko once, but she could only imagine what kind of situation would get this soft spoken technician fired up enough to be courageous.

While Kamiya was gawking at her chest, Mizumitsu looked at the rather clear division between the sailors and marines as they moved about. She knew things were different in Nepleslia, but she didn't realize it was that different. She just kind of stood there after she got out of the way of the door they entered. Kamiya looked up finally and looked at what she was looking at.

"You know the Rikugun is a thing. You Uchuugun just choose to ignore us most of the time." Kamiya said to her in her street rat accented Yamataian. Her cornflower blue planels of her own Type 35 Class A uniform clearly showed she was infantry. What was abnormal was her triple Sakura blossom patch on her left arm.

"We totally do not ignore the Rikugun!!" Mizumitsu replied back in far more proper Yamataian. Kamiya just rolled her eyes at that.
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Aliset grinned on the mess deck, approaching the two Yamataians as she adjusted the collar of her crisp Nepleslian Navy uniform, hiding her Shuristan Civil Service uniform underneath.

"So I have heard many times, Nito Hei." Her accented Yamataian rolled off her lips with Shuristan tonal accents as she breezed by, popping a contact out with a smirk. "Warrant Officer Wrath-Barná neé Tokyo, at your service."

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The Irene woman sent a chill down the Iroma woman's spine, having stuck close to Levente the entire time. This was all very new, having always lived on her own with no rules, or set frame to her life. It left her clinging to him nervously, unsure of where to go, or what to do. Surely it wouldn't be too bad with him showing her how this was meant to be done, but it was definitely a very reversed situation she'd have to get used to.

As they all were lead through out the ship, she was grateful when finally ended up at their shared room. With a quick kiss on the cheek, Betty quickly began slip into the room and get changed into provided uniform. She hadn't even let the door close before getting to it honestly, having just wanted to feel less naked in appropriate attire. Once done, she was back in the hall, dressed in the crisp uniform how he had explained before, and retook her place on his arm. "This is so upside down in everyway Lev, are you sure it's okay for someone like me to be here?", Betty asked as they continued towards the mess hall.

Maybe it was just nervousness, but she had her doubts, she was just such a different breed of person then what was here it felt like. The mess hall would provide some small comfort though, having been to enough parties to find the scene familiar despite where it was being held.


Nepleslian Naval Space port

With bags under her eyes that felt as black as Sora's uniform. The plan according to her posting papers were going to give her just shy of 11 days of shore leave before meeting up with her new ship on planet. The reality had been something different.

When she got her papers she had been pleasantly surprised to find out that she'd be traveling first class. As it turned out she was travelling with a military subcontractor by the name of First Class. The entire ship smelt of something bitter that would have the periodic sour notes that none of the crew seemed to be able to smell. Eventually she did get to the planet only to find that her shore leave had been cut down to seven hours, and her feet standing on nearly the other side of the planet.

Now she was finally on the right side of the planet after having to spend her own money to get here before she was set to depart. She was already dreading all the paper work she'd have to do to get her money back from the military, and how they would insist that there was a cheaper transport she could have taken, it wouldn't leave until three days too late, but time for bean counters was something that was less important than a few chips from a defunct casino.

Still though, she was here, half buried under the pack on her back. ready to report for duty.


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Mess Deck of the NSS W.O.N

Cynder smiled as she got into the mess deck and giggles a little as she saw the others in this area, she went straight for the food as she was hungry and didn't really want to chat with the others here. She went straight to the food as she smiled "ahh now this is perfect, just what I want this morning."

Ramona walked into the mess deck after she found a room for her and her sister "now where did my little sister get to." She saw Cynder sat away from everyone stuffing her face with food "oh no." She walked over and sat down "Really sis, why not talk to the crew and get to know them?"

Cynder smiled "I told you I was hungry, I would rather eat than have to deal with anyone here, you know that."

Ramona sighed again and got up "fine, enjoy your meal, I am going to see what the others are talking about." She stood up and left her sister to eat as she walked up to the Yamatai soldiers and smiled to them "Hey there, I am Ramona, it is good to meet you." She saluted to them as she chuckled "I hope I don't need to patch you up as much as my sister."


Mess Deck of the NSS W.O.N

Fayaad hovers around the buffet table, carefully keeping out of the way of other personnel as he Surveys the food on offer. He wears his Vanguard uniform, freshly cleaned before it’s put in storage for his stay, with the addition of his dress shako nestled between his upswept horns. Rhe Food on the tables looks well enough, he supposed to himself, but he’s still not well versed enough in foreign cuisine to know what to go after.
After a few indecisive minutes, and several unpleasant mouthfuls of samples, he gives up. Instead he looks around and catches sight of the group of other exchanges gathering in the room, where he can perhaps take some refuge in the shared experience of being out of place.
He walks over, his hands folded politely behind his back, and stands nearby while he waits for a chance to introduce himself.

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Location: mess hall/corridors


Keeping Betty close, Leventé chuckled watching her nervous reaction."don't fret too much, it is a change in lifestyle. But a direct change. I will say, it's nice to be home." His words rolled, off of his tongue. Relaxed more than ever before as he led Betty into the large Mess hall. Looking over the crowd. One woman stood out from the rest, her frame similar to one he knew well. Leading Betty behind him, Leventé moved quickly towards the seemingly Nepleslian woman, now in front of the only two Yamataian personnel he'd seen since the Tokyo." Aliset Eš Barná? Did you think dressing up. Would hide your frame from your Husband? Teasing the Cats again?" A smirk jumped across his face, as he took in the new look of his lover."i must say, that uniform looks fantastic on you. Despite your utility suit Showing." Looking once again to the two Yamatians next to him, Leventé smiled once more."i apologize I haven't seen my wife in a month or so. I am Ensign Leventé Barná, this is Sergeant Betty Arturius and my wife, warrant officer Aliset Barná Eš Tokyo." Motioning the small group to follow he found an empty table, sitting down next to two similar looking Nepleslians." Do you mind if we sit here? Or are these seats being held private?" Looking over the table, seeing another Iroma near the food. Testing away carefully at the varying dishes.


Staff Sergeant Vörös

Location: Nepleslian docking bay 2

Stepping down, from the all black transport Shuttle. Looking over his data jockey impatiently, seeing the young woman in a matching IPG uniform. He tapped his foot quickly." Private, do you understand you are late? I do not hope you plan to make a Habit out of this? Your equipment is already aboard. I will be your handler. Sergeant Vörös. Stow your gear, then report to the Mess hall, to see your intended targets faces." His demeanor was rough, a cold look a cross his face as he pulled a cigarette from his pocket. Placing it in his mouth, with a small flame from his right index finger, as he exhaled nodding for the sound private to follow.



Barná Irene

Quartermasters station/Mess hall (WON)

Irene paced just outside the Quartermaster s office, a notification coming through her data jockey. Pulling from her pocket, the attached letter. Was forwarded. From her current Aide.

Dear CMDR Barná,

"Central command has provided an official report, inside is the information you had requested. This is big News. Your uniform was already being modified, it shall be ready, including your dress uniform and Sabre. Congratulations, Grand Admiral."

Reading over the Message, Irene had to re read several times. Completely lost for words. Her back pressed against the bulkhead, with a sigh. Stepping back i to the quartermasters Office, she wondered if Horus had found his way towards the Mess hall with ease. Stepping back into the temporary Quartermasters station, the Sergeant snapped to attention with a smile." Officer on deck!" With the order carried out the group of privates and the Sergeant relaxed, as they continued their duty."welcome Ma'am, we have a large order from Central command. Detailing your name, and that it is a uniform?" Irene's surprise again, took the best of her. As she replied with a nod. Picking the case up, before returning to her quarters aboard her ship. Faces passed by though little noise washers. Her expression barely changing. Still in Shock over the message she had received. Stepping into one of the lifts, her destination was soon to arrive. Entering the corridor. Her feet began to move quickly, as she passed both technicians and bridge personnel. Almost ignoring any response before opening the door to her quarters. Taking a breath, before setting the case on her desk.

Unlocking the latch, the most prominent item she noticed, was one of two status symbols of the rank of Grand Admiral. An elaborate yet functional Sabre, laid against the pressed, packed and organized new uniform. Showing the old style officers blazer, cap and trousers. Including boots. A new holster lay in between the blade and uniform attached to a belt system to accommodate both the pistol on the right thigh and Sabre on the left hip. As well as space for ammunition.

Without any delay, Irene began to undress, slipping out of her work uniform, she slipped into the Head, utilizing a quick shower. Before stepping out, drying off and slipping into the brand new pressed uniform. The feeling was still unreal. Attaching her HHG to the new holster, as well as ammunition, and her new Sabre. Irene donned the gloves, and custom fur lined over jacket, she had ordered, for her dress uniform. The long drawstring like ties made use, by her tieing the Dulman jacket over her right side, to allow the jacket to drape over her right shoulder. The suit matched in color. Though additional insignia would need to be added. She finally had a chance to wear it. Exiting her quarters, most personnel were surprised to see their former Commander. Now Admiral. Showing her rank for all to see. As she made her way to the mess hall.

Entering the mess hall, the order fell from several marines near the door that stopped all personnel in their tracks. Like watching a level of organized chaos that can usually only be found on the battlefield."Officer on deck!!" The order rang out. Every sailor and Marine would Stop what they were doing before snapping to attention to Salute, like a well oiled machine. Irene waved a hand with a smirk," as you were! All of you, welcome! For the new faces, replacements and exchange personnel. I am...comm….no Grand Admiral Irene Barná. Admiral of the 3rd Nepleslian Assault fleet, captain of this fine ship, and your new commanding officer. You will all be apart of history for our great nation. I expect you all to carry out your terms with pride for your own countries. For your comrades and for eachother. Now with that out of the way, this party is to celebrate the lives lost at Nataria, for our comrades, and for their hard fought win!" With a quick snatch at the table, she picked up a marines glass of beer Holding it as high as her frame would allow."NEPLESLIA FOREVER!!"

The response was met with a massive roar from the crowd, as they began to return to enjoying food, drink and a chance to relax, however brief it may be.