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  • Current IC Month: 7月 YE 42 (through October 11, 2020)

RP NSS Wrath of Nepleslia [Mission 1] Shadow of a Gilded Age

The KrimsonWulf

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RP Date
5 YE42
RP Location
Rok'Veru, NSS Wrath of Nepleslia

Nepleslian Naval Space port
docking bay 2
Local time: 1300hrs
Planet: Rok'Veru

Year:YE 42
~Exchange personnel~

The original colony City of Gainestown had a dry, savannah climate, and a populace made up of rough and tumble folks. The city was by no means the metropolis of funky town or Roger Wilco. Its streets were lined with many different shops, corporate buildings and mining company headquarters. It's most notable features however, were the large number of cybernetics shops clustered in one location. The Steel Row, as it was known, was not far from the civilian spaceport. There, the buildings began to look older in appearance the farther out from the center of the city one would travel.

Many of the buildings and streets bore the ancient scars of battle, with ruined buildings and long destroyed vehicles dotted about the city. Here and there, long empty fighting positions and trenches were being slowly reclaimed by the native flora; while mangled and rust-covered equipment lay where it was discarded. Everywhere stood a stark reminder of what it took to reclaim the city, and later the planet.

In contrast the military drydock and repair station looms over the city, its modern architecture and updated technologies casting streets below into shadow. On its open sections, swarms of engineers, mechanics, and labourers are visible at all hours, working tirelessly to prepare to take in or launch another ship, as the situation demands. Inside, long tall corridors meant to comfortably fit any manner of personnel and materiel are traversed by seemingly endless pallets moving between supply stations, and by a myriad of men and officers hurrying about their business. Over it all could be heard dozens of officers and NCO’s barking orders and orchestrating the flow through the hallways, accompanied by the hiss and grind of numerous bay doors lining the hallways opening and closing. With the return of an Escort Cruiser near at hand, the facility was in an even greater state of controlled chaos.

Communications would be relayed to all incoming personnel stating:
Attention all exchange and replacement personnel. Welcome to your new temporary station. Once you have arrived, report to your assigned Liaison in docking bay 2 for proper equipment to be issued. Stand by for further reports. Ship assignments will be provided once uniforms and equipment have been issued.In the event you were on leave or not on station at this time. Report immediately to your chain of command, and return to base for uniform inspection and proper deployment list.

CPT. Ivan Goff
MJR.Emil Beian
NCC personnel exchange Command
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Nepleslian Naval Space port

Dressed in her best Yamataian uniform, Itto Hei Kamiya Misakura steps off of a shuttle. After looking around at the complete change of scenery, she hefts her dufflebag and begins her search for a public terminal to look at th map of the facility to locate this liaison. "How did I let her father talk me into this?" she muttered to herself as she went.


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Nepleslian Naval Space port

Ramona stretched as she carried her bag to docking bay 2. She had to drag her sister with her to the Liaison and groans "Come on sis, if we are late because of you I am not sharing the punishment."

The other twin looked at her sister with a sigh "Yea yea I know sis, but you woke me up to get here and didn't give me anything to eat so I just wanna be slow." She stuck out her tongue out, in a teasing way.

Ramona sighed and looks at her sister as she flicked the girl in the forehead "No, we need to act our best for our new ship, no acting up while we are getting our stuff, we can relax and have a laugh when we are on the ship and in downtime."

Cynder nods as she rubs her forehead "fine, I understand, I will be the model grunt, then when we are on the ship, I will clean my weapons and not interfere in your friend making,"

Ramona sighed at her sister "We will make friends sis, just think about it, you could be elbow deep in alien guts with someone else as I am patching up the team."

They both laugh as they as then started to properly look for the Liaison.


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Nepleslian Naval Space Port
5 YE 42
Vayshirin (E-1) Fayaad el-Othman Shahad

Vayshirin Shahad strides through the corridors of the station towards Docking Bay 2, careful to keep at least a foot or two of space between him and the surrounding crowd. He wears the standard turquoise duty uniform of the Astral Vanguard, and he carries in one hand a large duffel bag slung over his shoulder, and in the other a small rod projecting a smallish screen that he reads as he walks. As he walks his red eyes flick from the screen to the navigational signs on the walls and back.
His uniform and the graceful horns growing from his head in place of ears make him stand out rather noticeably amongst the green and navy suited Nepleslians moving through the station around him, though he doesn’t notice.


Nepleslian Naval Space Port

Flight Santo Juni and Shuristan Councilwoman Aliset Eš Karo Laivo Tokyo-Barna Eš Yamatai neé Vadasir Indas Krovinini Paštu Sören Eš Shurista waltzed off the shuttle, noting that her husband was not present. Technically, neither of them were. She had already recieved a Nepleslian Navy uniform on the flight. Naturally, it didn't bear full name and title, and fit her as awkwardly as could be expected when the uniform was ordered for "160 kg senti."

A bit of searching found herself a tailor, and some more found herself something far more fun.

She smiled to the stylist as she walked in, speaking in heavily accented trade. "Hello! Sorry to bother you?"

Several of the women turned, one looking confusedly at Aliset before she spoke. "Senti? We haven't seen you in these parts before. What can we do for you?

Aliset laughed slightly at her confusion, perusing the selection of cosmetic products. "My husband is one of my flight, I was recently transferred from Yamatai... Alas... He wasn't there to pick me up... And I'd like to play a small trick."

Several hours later, a small Nepleslian looking woman, perhaps only 167 cm of red hair and brown eyes strode from the port, her Navy uniform showing WO1 Barna, as she stepped into an aircar to take the flight out to her new home.