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Interest Check NSS Wrath of Nepleslia [Mission1] Shadows of a Gilded Age

The KrimsonWulf

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Shadow of the Gilded age follows the discovery of a deeper and darker history to the Senti people, starting in the wreckage of Turassiel, several ancient Senti fighters and mass driver based weapons are found, alongside what appear to be FTL kinetic torpedoes weighing in at several kilotons and being dated as approximately 500,000 years old. This, naturally raises a few eyebrows internationally, as the Senti have gone on record repeatedly claiming they have no military or weapons to speak of. Several pieces of Turassiel are still active, sending a distress signal in what is later identified as Homeworld (Ancient)Senti. Another signal in the same language is found, not just from the pirate flotilla known as Katamura, but also leading to a refuelling station deep within the unstable space surrounding the Great Blue Rift. This information being relayed to Nepleslian central command. Relaying their findings to the Commander of the Carnivore class heavy cruiser.the NSS "Wrath of Nepleslia".her replacement crew fresh and new to the ship. From all walks of life. Filling Gaps after she was damaged in the battle of Nataria.

There is found a heavy cruiser named “Aukso Skydai Rūstybė,” translated as “Golden Shield of Wrath”. Assumed to be the last of the Skydasi fleet, or the fleet of warships in Senti myth. This vessel may take some time to identify, being several hundred thousand years old, and likely buried in debris from being dormant for so long.

This ship is captained, such as that may be, by a woman named Rūstybė, whose name came to mean wrath, due to the way she fought. Rūstybė is found in stasis aboard, presented as in her mid-fifties, with the Skydasir ethnic changes still modifying her body. One eye is red, rusted with trauma, and the other, a bronze-blue iridescent.

It is revealed, in talking with her, that the term “Senti” is derived from “Followers of Sentisura,” who is regarded by Rūstybė as a traitor, though she admits that Sentisura was originally a trusted figure, beloved and absolute, though refuses to go into detail on the matter. Also, that each of the “original” Flotillas was once a part of Skydas, a heavy assault carrier named for their original captain. Turassiel, Shurista, and Katamura, were all people known by Rūstybė, and she regards Shurista and Turassiel as traitors, and Katamura as desperate degenerates, the closest to her people’s pride and the farthest from it, going from a proud military history to filthy pirates.

In the traditions of Senti culture, Rustybe was, in fact, married to both Shurista and Sentisura. Many of the surviving Gilded Shield believe that Sentisura violated Listia’s Oath, (The Senti belief that the Universe destroys to make room for a new truth, and that Mistruth self corrects) in order to imprison Rustybe and begin the mutiny that led to the Senti people’s modern peaceful nomadic culture. The actual reason for this mutiny was a shared belief solidified by Rustybe’s husband that “We have far exceeded the war of survival we built this warship for, and even beyond ensuring that our enemy will never attack us again. At this point, we are on the same crusade that we rose up against. How long until the cycle repeats?”

Rūstybė, after clearing the language barrier, is proven to be cold, methodical, ruthless and otherwise quick to utilize violence of action. To her, there is only the target, their enemy. Whatever the Captain herself deems a threat. Her personality was forged, first, through surviving the destruction of the Senti homeworld, as a prisoner on board an enemy ship. Forced to watch its destruction, and the mass execution of Senti prisoners following the planet cracking. She personally led the Senti soldiers who rose up, and took command of what would be renamed Skydas prime. Earning her the right, and experience to lead the senti in their war of retaliation and extermination.

This will likely culminate with the attempt to find Skydas prime so that Rūstybė may continue her war or bring it to the Kuvexians. Skydas Prime will be found derelict and destroyed, unable to ever rise and fight again.
The Crew of the NSS Wrath of Nepleslia, would follow close ensuring that a watchful eye is kept on this capitan and her crew.

In the course of the investigation, Skydasi cults are discovered aboard most major flotillas, and are revealed to be mostly, if not entirely responsible for the destruction of Turassiel, with mercenary vessels either disguised as or being outright stolen Kuvexian warships.

Skydasi cults originate in the deepest, oldest parts of Original Flotillas, learning of the war and pre-war Senti history, following a need or responsibility to resurrect Skydas, finish the old war, and/or get involved in modern wars using ancient Senti military technologies that were buried, forgotten, or outright banned. As such, they utilize clandestine tactics, terrorism, and otherwise underhanded tactics to force senti combat, convince politicians of a need for a military caste, and attempt to drive weapons technology back from iron-age kinetics used to destroy asteroids. They often also have a nationalist sense to "Restore lost greatness."

It has been established that they are becoming more brash, with the assault of Turassiel. Coming from out of the shadows, attempting to board and attack several Nepleslian transport craft. They are deemed a threat by Nepleslian central command, where the immediate ship to respond is now The Wrath of Nepleslia and her crew, leading to political pressure and tension that must be resolved.

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