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Abandoned Submission Octogat Mk.2


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It was brought to my attention by Alex Hart that the original Octogat Rotary Pulse Laser Battery had some damage rating issues and as I've learned more about DRv3 and how to use it I could only agree that there is conflicting text. However, since then there have been major improvements and additions to the FMS production line and it only seemed appropriate for an update. In preparation for the... short sword, or rapier, or baby broadsword... No-name corvette! This is being submitted first so that it can simply plug-and-play as a T7-T10 starship weapon emplacement.


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Before I start on this, I want to know if you're aware, that you can update the old Octogat, to not only have the proper values, but also make notes about improved production and such. (Which I suggest, because if you just make a new gun the old gun still exist in setting)


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Is @Rizzo Present to answer @Syaoran . No post-activity since December 15th on his account?


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The above idea sounds like a really good one. It might be worth doing that. I have been extremely busy lately and have not had time to look into this. I’ll probably take care of it when I have time to come back