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FM of Nepleslia
Alrighty. So I figured it was about time that something like this was created for Nepleslia. We have something similar and have used the General Discussion for this before, but the creation of this thread is so that any Nepleslian FM from here onward will have a thread dedicated to announcing and providing new information on Nepleslia. How and what this pertains to will always be subject to the discretion of the FM at the time, which means that in some possible future if/when I get replaced that the person will use this thread in their own formatted way.

Under my usage, this thread will consist of normally monthly updates for the faction.

This will normally include WIP content or announcement/event compilations. This won't replace our usage of the news board, but it will ensure that there's a go-to thread to see what's being worked on and what you can look forward to.

First Official FM Update - February 12th, 2018
  • We have stabilized and provided hand-off methods for every Nepleslian plot. Every plot should have no activity hiccup via loss of GM thanks to this transitioning period. If anyone out there is interested in a Nepleslia plot of their own, they are welcome to contact me and I'll work to see if we can open the faction up again and start expanding a bit more than we have been before the most recent problems.
  • I am wrapping up my work on the new Delsauria article. At the time of posting this, it will not be updated. The features will hopefully highlight a special new friend and (if my tools hold up) a basic map of the surface to promote further RP with the age-old Delsaurians. I know @Wes also was looking into new artwork from Weremole, so it's possible that all of this will be packaged into a really remarkable event pack for Nepleslian plots.
  • There is a small council of trusted players/seasoned GMs currently created to act as my creative rebound and as a think-tank. MOST IF NOT ALL OF THIS WAS POSSIBLE BECAUSE OF THAT CIRCLE COMING TOGETHER IN AN EMERGENCY. This think-tank will hopefully expand with those who are interested in creating content as well as RP for the faction, as well as continue to be useful to assisting me in checking my ideas.
  • One final thing is a teaser of what's to come. I intend to continue working with @Soresu and pushing some of my Zen / Black Syndicate content to provide us a staple and lower-end antagonist unit while also growing a valuable section of Nepleslia further. There are also other elements being prepared, such as the Bernese Red Rebellion into a pseudo new-form of Red-inspired enemies. And while there are other things in the talks aside from these, I think this teaser is worth showing to give veteran members and those who want more interesting tools some hype for what we're looking at.
See you guys next month!


FM of Nepleslia
It's a bit late, but still 'bout a month. So here goes an update on everything.

Second Official FM Update
  • The NYRDS Love Blood event trilogy has started. The first sequence was rolled out here, with the return of the teased Vordachibean. The 309th will likely feature one of the early incidents of this outbreak shortly, as the plot progresses, both in space and on the surface. This has opened up the Vorda as a plot tool for ANY NEPLESLIAN PLOT. If someone would like these to appear outside of Nepleslia, please contact me as the amount of pods in the "outbreak" are low to specifically offer factions (such as Yamatai, if @Wes would like) to harness these guys if they want. This is, essentially, their "update", but unlike the Delsaurians they are simply being brought out of retirement. Some things to know? Vordachibeans are renowned for slap-jobbing technology and essentially have been barred from it. There are some that are smarter than your average kill-ball and these are essentially the most dangerous as they can steal and figure technology out and use it. Further spreading of the Vordachibean will not be allowed barring further discussion, however, so as to ensure that we don't turn these into some pest that pollutes every planet and warrants outright extermination!
  • The plot Aegis Squad will be undergoing a brief shutdown, as the player count has dropped and my kiddo has been born. However, I am planning to relaunch the plot under either someone else's lead or, if it grew large enough, my own. If you are interested in being a member of the IPG and working to restore the most feared special operations group in the setting to their peak and proper image, let me know! The only pre-requisite to making a member of the IPG during this time will be a brief discussion so as to ensure those players understand the image of what an IPG agent should be, so as to avoid contaminating or outright ruining their image and acts as has happened in the past. It's unlikely to believe anyone would be rejected the ability to make a character, but those who would even want to make a plot are expected to represent the Black and Red accurately.
  • The Delsaurian articles for the update have been released. This is a combination of three articles: Pillows, the Sandtrouncer, and a slight revamp and clean-up of the Delsauria page. An event tree will be following shortly, which will further explain and expand the changes to the planet as well as a unique first: a Delsaurian Senate member. Consider this a public advertisement. If you would like to make a Delsaurian and be on the senate floor (which will become an IC part of my tool set in the near future), contact me and we will discuss if you're up for the job! Any applicants should be prepared to potentially run a plot, as I would love to also bring out a plot on Delsauria in the near future!
  • Above, I mentioned NYRDS. I have spoke about this on Discord, but this is the time I'll be officially speaking on it. NYRDS stands for New Yellow Relief and Developmental Society. This group is based off site history, specifically on one of the now-defunct groups, the Yellows. Just like Yellow helps make Green, this group is essentially going to become a civilian and military section of Nepleslia. Medics and aspiring doctors will go through NYRDS in the future to train, where they will either end up employed by NYRDS as proper relief forces or, if they're medics, assigned to either the NSN or the NSMC. Along with the creation of their article and fleshing them out via the event trilogy, an additional part of the Nepleslian military will be getting formed: the SAW Corps, otherwise known as Support, Aid, and Warden Corps. You might notice that these don't only apply to medics. More below.
  • So here you go. The SAW will be the reformation of a few things. The IPG military police are getting removed. It never made sense to me, as the IPG utilize 2/3rds of their jobs to special ops. Military Police will now be part of SAW as the Jiyuuian Wardens. Peacekeepers as well as current IPG military police will be provided an option to either become part of their military end (Peacekeepers can join the NSN/NSMC, IPG can become proper operatives/personnel) or to join the SAW as Wardens. Support and Aid, the S and A, depict Logistics and Medical Personnel. The Central Corps was kinda the place for pen pushers and high command, so I've decided to make the men and women who ACTUALLY handle transporting goods and running Nepleslian military and government convoys a member of this group. But the man reason for all of this is so that the SAW Corps can act situationally realistic to what a military needs. This allows Logistic Officers to act in the interest of preserving their cargo ship or supplies by holding it from overzealous commanders (which is unlikely, but can happen even in Nepleslia, someone can come up with a crazy enough idea that no one wants it!), Medics to overrule their squad leaders to ensure the survival of the squad (cybernetics can only fix so much), and for Wardens to act outside of the command structure to some degree, so that they can arrest other members whilst being held accountable via SAW Corps regulation. Basically, all of this MAKES THESE PATHS BETTER CUT AND VIABLE FOR PLAYERS.
This was a pretty lengthy one, but I hope everyone reads it! I've been fairly busy the last week-ish now with my daughter, but my intent is to continue rolling out updates and providing more interesting articles and occupations within Nepleslia's military. Yamatai has had tons of jobs that are better clear-cut and, as a result, has had tons of characters and NPCs all over the map. Nepleslia will not become Yamatai, but we can benefit from the logical IC structuring and still maintain Nepleslia's immense love for fighting. I will be considering new uniforms for the SAW Corps and NYRDS, but currently Do Not Plan To Create New Uniforms. If this becomes my decision, I will create a discussion as I have in the past when figuring out what we need. The reason for this is the Nepleslian Clothing update has some things still in wait that I'd love to tackle soon (such as potentially a sash) and provide more content for the men in green and blue.

Until next month, hope everyone keeps getting excited for Nepleslia =3=/ I know I sure am. We'll also be seeing the return of a few members soon, which will greatly bolster the asset creation power in Nepleslia. I am also hoping to speak and bring in some new blood, as what happened with myself, so that Nepleslia's recovery and bolstering continues going well.

Oh, but I found something before I finished typing this that I wanted to share. Did you guys know that our Devastator at one time wasn't a heavy combat suit, but rather ACTUAL Powered Armor? You learn more and more every day as you prowl the wiki and discover ancient secrets. Maybe we'll see it return as something awesome and new, to give the killer artwork some usage!



FM of Nepleslia
Hey doods, it's been a while. Step on into my OFFICE.

Third Official FM Update
  • NYRDS and SAW are officially launched. You can click here for the thread. They're the first articles, but they are in. They've also been packaged with a new Nepleslian lore element via the addition of the NO-CBL, the Nepleslian Organized-Circuit Boxing League. More on this later, but in the meantime: I'll hopefully be getting some balls rolling for an update/revamp to the medical professions and IPG military police. This will be a slow rollout, so I won't update on them until they're finished.

  • The addition of the NO-CBL means I'd like to find another person out there who'd be willing to run a boxing plot, as a large part of the organization is the creation of boxing (fighting) for the setting as an organized sport. There's a new anime that captures the spirit of the NO-CBL very well called MegaloBox, but the idea is that anyone and everyone can step into a ring wearing a punchrig (a fighting harness) or not and be of any species. It's a way to make some really cool boxing elements and promote a new and official combat sport for SARP. If you like writing really cool fight scenes, get in touch with me!

  • Central Corps will see some attention in the near future. As promised, changes have been made to streamline/outline the first true "pen pusher" path within Nepleslia. This is boring stuff for the most part, but Central Corps getting a revamp is definitely on the table now that there's more jobs that involve it. Members of SAW are attached to the other Corps, but are effectively members of Central Corps. So you might understand why this is now the case. Expect an update on this soon.

  • @club24 will be launching a plot utilizing the Delsaurian tools and revamp I put into place in the past. If you're a new member to SARP or want to get involved with Nepleslia, I highly recommend his upcoming plot. I've worked closely with him to fine-tune the idea and get it into a good groove and have the utmost faith that it will be a success. It will not be a government plot. This means no military or government official characters, but rather Nepleslian citizens and people coming to Nepleslia. You can be an ex-soldier, obviously, but the point is that it's a good way for Independent players who are curious about Nepleslian culture to get their first taste. I plan to work and monitor the plot's success to continue helping and suggesting ideas to Club, as well as encourage any of the players on the path to creating new content related to the setting elements used in the plot.

  • I've spoken with @Ethereal about supporting/assisting a subfaction via the addition of a species he has been working on. I won't spoil or hype anyone up yet (as there's still things to work out), but if anyone out there would like to help Ethereal via a plot and temporarily take on Nepleslian guidance, I would appreciate it. While I believe the subfaction so far is very compatible and a good influx of new material to the Nepleslian player's toolkit, I do think and see that it will need a plot in the future to focus on the relations and introduction of this cool stuff. If anyone out there is looking to do some new stuff, let me know! I'll keep you informed/in the loop as things evolve going forward.

  • The return of @Kai as head of Origin and in general to the site has given me some reinvigorated hope that some Origin-backed/operated goals will be achievable with some teamwork between the two of us. This will likely involve some Nepleslian assistance to the faction via asset creation/aid, but will also hopefully see asset dumps for things and ideas he supported quite heavily in the past. In particular, an airbike one that @Ametheliana had briefly spoke of doing at one time, was rediscovered. This plot idea was a Nepleslian airbike racing idea that I'd like to pursue in the future and hope to speak with any hopeful GM out there and involve Kai to get something really cool and awesome up for both Nepleslia and Origin.

Now, all that said: this update took a while, but I think things are going very well for Nepleslia (despite what might be said by the minority of site members out there). The official addition of @SirSPT and Crimefest was a really good start, but we've also had some really awesome new members join recently. With club preparing to launch his plot and the addition of so many cool new elements/tools both done and in the future, I have great hope for what Nepleslia will continue to rise and achieve. If you'd like to know more about our new boxing stuff, check the spoiler below.

Until next time, errybody =3=/

Oh, and the next update is going to feature the Colonial Expanse. Figured I'd shoehorn this in at the end. Fortuna (as well as other worlds) will be seeing a facelift and the repercussions of the Vordachibean event from the last update.

Edit: THERE WAS NO SPOILER. Got 'eeeeeeeeeeem.
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FM of Nepleslia
Fourth Official FM Update - September 9th, 2018
So, before we get started, let's quickly knock the old post's relevant topics out of the way.
  • Nepleslia has a raceway now; the Kennewes-located racetrack will hopefully be getting some touch-ups and maybe some reference track material in the future. I'm still hoping to annoy @Kai into finishing the NARC stuff and maybe getting a plot running (or an event series-type thing, IDK) but hope to get more info for those of you looking for the racing stuff. @Ethereal has been relatively busy so his subfaction is still in a bit of a limbo; hopefully that will get underway soon. @club24 finally launched that plot; you can find it in the general Nepleslian board. People have been quite pleased with it from what I hear and I recommend always checking out the superior plots of Nepleslia. It's also going to be one of the few places you can truly meet and experience Delsauria; I highly recommend checking it out.
Now onto the beef; a proper update on things as well as what we're doing.
  • Some of the footwork for the Nepleslian police overhaul has already been done/started by @Charmaylarg Dufrain - in the coming future, we will very like see a new plot based around this stuff and the revamp the NPF has been undergoing. From new equipment to better organization, this is effectively a whole new layer of depth that will/has already made it far easier for people to play as the law enforcement of Nepleslia. I'm hoping to get in touch with Soresu in the coming months to try and get the criminal underbelly of Nepleslia in a similar state.

  • The Central Corps update is being pushed back; this is because of the priority that has come from trying to facilitate other updates and work efforts. The update will still happen, of course, but we simply have bigger things to worry about that NEED doing. In particular, it involves the update I briefly mentioned last time and why I saved it until now.

  • An update is going to be taking place across all of the Colonial Expanse in coordination with an IC event known as "The Reinvigorated Rush" - an organized attempt made by countless planetary governors to provide incentives to people to move out to the colonies. Some of the colonies have been progressing for nearly 10 IC years, with the younger colonies growing for about 4; this means that there's plenty of large colonies that cut into the various worlds as well as smaller ones. Various planets are intended to see full facelifts and one is even intended to be the focus point for a plot that has been getting tossed around idea-wise.

  • While the plot itself is still in planning stage, I'm very hopeful and would like to let people know that there's going to be a type of Horror-like survival plot coming. It might end up changing but this plot was intended to feature usage of the Vordachibeans that were brought back in a prior update. This does not write out other uses of them (for those who might still want to do something with them) but I do encourage you to contact @Biesecker for more details.
And that's the update.

Short, right? Believe it or not, there's very little to really update people on because of how large our efforts are and how well things have been going; Nepleslia has been in a really good spot despite my own busy schedule and its playerbase has (IMO) been doing really well. If any players feel like their plot could be doing better, contact me or the GM of the plot. All of you guys who have been helping things go smoothly within Nepleslia have been doing a great job. I'm always looking for new creators and GMs, too - if you would like to help with any updates or run a plot in Nepleslia, I recommend you reach out to me =3=b

Anyhow; see everyone at the next update. Not leaving a teaser this time but I'm sure that's fine with errybody. Sometimes it's a better idea to just make something entirely a surprise, amirite?


Everything Is Magical
FM of Neshaten
Game Master
Id also like to point out Im still very new to this whole gm business so, don't expect any top tier rp xD but i have been told people liked it ^^


FM of Nepleslia
Fifth Official FM Update - Late 2019
So it has been a very long time (an entire year) coming - particularly with how life has been going for me - but I think it's about time to bring things around with a long-awaited FM Update for the undeniably best faction. Nepleslia has been lumbering slowly, dealing with a lot of holes and issues, that I think are now quite well behind us as we begin to focus back on what we had been doing before. But first, an update on everything...
  • Char released his NPF content and has a plot running.​
  • A few plots came and went, but we have a new one (run by @Firebrand) for our players as well as Yamataian players. Additionally, I am finally running the smaller version of what I had intended for the NO-CBL. Both are open and recruiting, with Firebrand's being a traditional-styled plot and mine being very 1-on-1 and JP oriented. I encourage you to look into both!​
  • The Reinvigorated Rush project will be getting picked back up, but sidelined a tad. While I am 100% hopeful to flesh out our colonies, this project is more favorable for Nepleslian-based independents and non-military plots, which fits better with plots we are not currently running. If you are interested in an opportunity to do something around this content (exploration, colonization, etc), please contact me here or via Discord as per usual.​
  • The horror plot was pitched this year for the Halloween event but it might be that Wes doesn't pick it. Regardless. I may run an October-long mini-plot that will be very freeformed with a few volunteers, allowing anyone to join in on some potentially non-canon RP. It could be a good way to play around with character death so new and old characters will be welcome to the festivities. More details will drop closer to the end of September/start of October.​
Now then, onto the big reason for the update.

In the next coming days, weeks, and even months we will finally be progressing into the first true faction plotline. Tentatively, I am dubbing it the Triple-Front Contestion War. This has been a talk that originally started with Nepleslia's own interests in joining (rather than barely participating) in the Kuvexian War. We have spent a long time pitching and brainstorming ideas between each other as well as @Wes, but both @Charmaylarg Dufrain and @Ametheliana have done a good job working as a median and organizers to bring all the people necessary to make something great happen. I'm not going to spoil anything too soon, as there are going to be many news articles dropping soon and eligible Nepleslian (and potentially Independent & other faction) GMs will be getting involved in offered hooks.

I'm sorry that there's not a whole ton of info going public yet but to all of you who are players, I assure you it's only so you can enjoy the stories your GMs spin. If you're a GM or hoping to become one for Nepleslia or (when they're revealed) the additional factions that will be involved, contact me if you have not already. But I will give a hint as to which factions/groups have already been notified and will be working closely with us going forward. I'd like to give thanks to both @SageShooter and @Primitive Polygon for their help so far, as well as (obviously) @Wes for being patient as we worked to get an idea that at least was agreeable.

I hope all of you are looking forward to what's to come at the tail end of 2019, as we push toward 2020 and finally get to show what this patience has awarded to its playerbase!

Oh, and obligatory @SirSPT ping. His plot, Crimefest, has been doing well and I encourage everyone to give it a read. The plot's health has been pretty steady despite the majority of our old guard's lives ruining our availability and I think too few people really appreciate the work he puts in to make a great outing for SARP members.


Edit: Oh, and before I forget, there's also some Lorath stuff coming in the near future. I hope everyone will give it a try, as they're still operating as a sub-faction/protectorate of Nepleslia. I want all parts of Nepleslia, even the ones we're simply safeguarding for the site & ICly, to be healthy!