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SYNC Official Request for Proposal-OHI-NGFP


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TO: Leo Gerrick -Osman Heavy Industries
CC: Maya Rowe
FROM: Pierre Ruike Chui- Next Generation Fighter Program Working Group

Good Morning,

In recognition of your firms prowess in designing fighters, especially small craft sub systems and weapons, we would like to formally invite Osman Heavy Industries to submit a proposal to the upcoming Next Generation Fighter Program trials. The program needs are outlined in this attached document. If you believe your firm can produce a viable entry, please let me know.

Ganbatte yo!
Pierre Ruike Chui
NGFP Working Group


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TO: Pierre Ruike Chui- Next Generation Fighter Program Working Group
CC: Leo Gerrick -Osman Heavy Industries
FROM: Maya Rowe - Osman Heavy Industries

Thank you for your interest in Osman Heavy Industries. We believe that our flagship fighter platform, the Type-41 Variable Frame, or Sparrowhawk, will fit your needs very well due to its versatility. Our Sparrowhawk program team has learned greatly in the nearly four years since the Sparrowhawk was first rolled off the line and adopted by the New Dusk Conclave. Its redesign in YE 43 brought improvements in transformation efficiency and internal volume usage, allowing us to fit more systems to meet our customers' unique needs.

The Sparrowhawk brings a unique set of capabilities to the table with its ability to shift between three unique forms. In fighter form, it provides a balance between speed and maneuverability with its cruise and combat configurations. In intermediate form, it offers unparalleled CAS capabilities, with its two arms acting as turrets and vectored thrust engines providing multi-directional thrust without the need for CFS or gravitic systems being active. Finally, in Frame form it provides the level of agility normally only afforded to normal Frames or Powered Armors, and the flexibility to match.

In all modes, the Sparrowhawk benefits from its low-profile thrust systems, which provide a similar level of thermal stealth to cold-gas thrusters. Its powerplants produce minimal heat due to the use of cold fusion, and its range is limited only by pilot endurance thanks to our fuel taps allowing the craft to "refuel" on long missions.

It meets the NGFP's requirements for heavy payload capability, with 80 internally stowed kills against grade 7 targets, 12 internally stowed kills against grade 8 targets, and two grade 7 plasma repeaters, suitable for use in air-to-air applications or in strafing runs against starships or ground targets. It mounts three grade 3 lasers, suitable for defense against Powered Armor, missiles, or personnel, and one grade 6 laser for use against tougher sub-vehicle targets. Finally, the Sparrowhawk has affordances for two large and two small external payload racks. The larger ones are closest to the wing root, and are suitable for a range of heavy ordinance, though we've designed them for 5 grade 9 missiles each. The smaller ones are rated for three of the same missiles, though they should be adaptable to most other ordinance of suitable size and weight.

Additionally, the Sparrowhawk frame is modular and adaptable enough to be modified to utilize Star Army standardized sensors systems, power conduits, and the like to ease the burden of logistics for providing spare parts, though it is equipped with basic auto-repair systems, as are standard on all OHI frames. Additionally, while we do expect you to request standardized systems, we at the Sparrowhawk program team have prepared a prototype of our new unified sensors system for your consideration. The system includes all standard detection measures and can operate as a supplementary EWAR system.

To conclude, we thank you for your consideration of the Sparrowhawk for your needs. Should you request any further customization or demonstrations, we would be more than happy to oblige.

[Included are several images of a Sparrowhawk painted in Yamataian colors]VF-41-IIY Fighter.PNGVF-41-IIY Mecha.PNG
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