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  • Current IC Month: 8月 YE 42 (through November 21, 2020)

Life Events Oficially Leaving SARP


Everything Is Magical
Now before anyone looks at this this thread and assumes i'm writing this to badmouth everyone and storm out which has happened with these in the past lay all concerns to rest, this is simply the easiest way I can put all the info out there I need too before leaving without having to tell several people several times what's going on, its all here in one place everyone can see.

To start with im leaving because of of IRL commitments and just general lack of time and energy for the site, i'd rather deal the damage short and hard by leaving than staying for another year and being barely active not helping anyone achieve anything. And i do feel bad for those in my plots and for those running plots I was in, if i thought i could keep it going i wouldn't be writing this.

Now the important stuff, my stuff and the Neshaten Faction

My stuff: Galactic Horizon and all the articles i've ever written for it are left to skully as he is still the second in command of that corp, what he does with it is up to him, my characters as per my will and instruction here are not to be given to anyone else to use without my permission, i am very particular about people using my stuff i work hard on and I will never hand a character over to someone without talking to them about it beforehand and getting to know them. There is two exceptions to this purely because of the positions these characters hold, @SirSkully is given control of Riccard Black, the CEO and founder of Galactic Horizon along with Vaughn Li'veero the Founder and acting leader of Neshaten Division 5

Neshaten Faction: Now as both myself and Rawolfe my acting CoFM are leaving I have chosen two to replace us, SirSkully again will be taking on the role as Faction Manager as the next person with the most experience with the faction and to replace the position of CO FM @Raycaster who expressed interest in taking on the postion when presented with this opportunity, all the best to these two, this is part is why i left my two most important characters to skully and the neshaten faction in general, both of them are in important positions and it simply wouldn't make sense for them to be replaced as of this very moment

My plots will all be ceased immediately and all active threads officially ended, i have already informed my players prior to this, that being said if anyone, not just FM's wanted to take on my plots themsevles in the future you are more than welcome to and their pages are all linked on my user page in the wiki which i hope won't be removed as it provides a quick access guide for people who want to find something i made or worked on.

But yeah, that's pretty much it, hope everyone keeps enjoying the site and maybe i'll see some of you in future


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I'll be sad to see you go, I enjoyed our threads, and jps together. Though I'd like to ask what should be done for Argus? I hope you stay safe out there club and thank you for the wonderful fun we had together.


Everything Is Magical
Given his relationship with one of your characters if you would like to take his as your own you are welcome to,


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Sad to see you go, but prioritizing commitments are important. I changed over FM status/badge to SirSkully.


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I understand but still sorry to see you go. Thanks for saying goodbye instead of just poofing. Maybe one day you'll be able to make a comeback when things are less busy for you. Best wishes and fair skies, Club24.