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OHI Super Spartan Upgrade Package

Alex Hart

This is an upgrade package for the Spartan General Combat Mecha. Because of this, many sections are similar or the same to the original, un-upgraded version. I could have done something similar to the Hostile's upgrade package page, but I decided to do a full vehicle page for it instead.

Charmaylarg Dufrain

FM of Nepleslia
Game Master
I will be taking this submission as its been in the NTSE for this long and unclaimed. I will get to the first review on thursday.

Charmaylarg Dufrain

FM of Nepleslia
Game Master
i really like the model!

Here are my first set of requests:

"new thruster types, as well as box missile launchers." in the About section should be linked to these sub-articles you have submitted with this article.

I know the spartan got approval but like ame said you will need FM approval to sell these in yamatai considering yamatai isnt big on "Civilian contractors" or people buying/owning military grade equipment like tanks, armor, mecha, etc. Except the reds as an exception. Axis mechworks is a public company and doesnt require permission or a tag from the nepleslian FM as they sell to everywhere. So wes/toshi/andrew is the only tag you'll need.

Being that the plasma thrusts are less "power hungry" do they limit or drain the power of the super-spartan at all when in use or is that what you meant under the lessened time when in combat under the power section of the mecha?

Address these few minor things @Alex Hart and ill bring up the checklist as soon as i can if its not today~

Alex Hart

As far as FM approval goes, I believe that Ame tagged the appropriate FMs for this. I have linked the sub articles in the about section, though they were already linked elsewhere in the article, and as for the power section, you were right and I forgot to change the fuel times to account for the new thrusters being more efficient, so the fuel times have been increased a bit.

Charmaylarg Dufrain

FM of Nepleslia
Game Master
Okie Dokie! (Artichokie)

This checklist will cover the super spartan and its sub-articles.

[ ✅ ] 1. The destination URL should be a page in the appropriate namespace and titled lower_case_with_underscores
[ ✅ ] 2. The article is in the appropriate format and article template
[ ✅ ] 3. The article follows our wiki style guidelines, including: No forced line breaks, text after each section header, etc.
[ ✅ ] 4. The article is easily read and free of errors in spelling and grammar
[ ✅ ] 5. Links to other wiki articles are present as appropriate and are not broken
[ ✅ ] 6. The article fits into the Star Army universe's space opera theme and technology levels
[ ✅ ] 7. Images in the article are hosted on Star Army's wiki and sourced responsibly (contact Wes privately if there's a concern)
[ ✅ ] 8. The article is original and doesn't contain copy-pasted content from other articles.
[ ✅ ] 9. The article complies with Star Army's rules in terms of damage ratings, speed limits, etc.
[ ✅ ] 10. The Faction Manager(s), if applicable, have posted approval for this article in this thread.

And finally Please dont forget to move the articles to their permenant homes (Like corp pages, Equipment pages for factions, Tech encyclopedias, Power armor lists, Etc.) and keep them backlinked so they dont end up as orphaned articles~

[ ✅ ] 1. State clearly that the article is approved in the submission thread
[ ✅ ] 2. Move the wiki article to its permanent (destination) location on the wiki
[ ✅ ] 3. Move the submission thread to the Approved Submissions subforum or get a moderator to
[ ✅ ] 4. Edit the article to add a link to the approval thread in the OOC Notes section
[ ✅ ] 5. Remind the submitter to link to the newly-approved page wherever it makes sense to do so.