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OOC OIF Karakoram- Mecha anime!


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Plot page is found here: OIF Karakoram Plot Page

Hello, and welcome to the Wide world of Mecha (Harem) Anime styled Plot! while most chatting is done in Discord, look to this thread for updates, announcements, and general yelling at each other for good reasons, not fighting, fighting is bad. The plot has gotten off to a good start and hopefully will continue to do so! Despite only being a filthy casual when it comes to watching MEcha Anime, Origin's Mecha Anime plots have been my most successful, so let's keep this thing going, and go four for four on successful Mecha anime plots!

Also, the OIF Karakoram takes the recipe from the Atuan and adds in Harem flavor- We have two handsome young men for the women to get to know, and potentially fall in love with or at least fawn over! What sort of Hijinks will arise when the guys find out that they're outnumbered at least 60 to 1?

Stay tuned!


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Awright peoples! There IS a GM post waiting for you all. I'm just doing a quick run-through of the ship to get all the players acquainted with it as well as get some social time in, and then we'll be heading into some stuff. so Hold onto your butts!


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Sorry for the lack of anything from me lately, guys. Working night shift seems to be draining a lot of my energy and my wife is taking a lot of my free time since we both work night shift now. Also we've been planning and preparing for a trip to California to visit family for Christmas. I'll try to get a post in by the end of the weekend, as I should have some proper free time on saturday, but I can't guarantee I won't play Destiny 2 instead. In fact, if @Alex Hart sees me on there on saturday and I haven't posted yet he should feel free to pester me until I post. @SirSkully probably can too, lol.

Alex Hart

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Hey guys, quick heads up, Kai and I have been talking and we've come up with a uniform way to represent time elapsing in combat posts. Each posting round (ideally everyone posts once, except for maybe talking, between GM posts) round lasts only about 10 seconds unless otherwise stated and we should all be trying to keep our individual/specific actions for that round to half that time or less.


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Okay so Officially now; I've been speaking with several of you for the past few days on Discord, but I'm going to declare my intentions here on the Forums.

I am going to do a soft-reboot of the OIF Karakoram. The first chapter will be retconned to preserve continuity as there's been a little bit of character shuffling, as well as some of you guys as players being unable to re-join, which is perfectly fine. The plot will proceed in a simplified manner- the number of tech articles and side JP's last time burnt me out too quick which caused the plot to go under, so, I'm planning on keeping to the main story line and trying to keep it simple so that I don't suffer the same fate as last time.

Anywho, could I get a headcount here in this OOC thread so I know who all intends to re-join the plot?


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FM of Elysia
o .o

I'm still around, though I'm currently unsure on whether I'd use Arabella again or not


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Okay! Since pretty much everyone has at least gotten back to me about stuff; I have posted a capstone to sort of finish off the unfinished chapter 1 and sort of broadly explain any cast changes that will be happening. for those of you who are on the fence about re-joining and/or don't have a character available to rejoin, no worries, I can work you guys in whenever you decide/finish a character.

As for everyone else, I'm going to try and make a Chapter 1.1 so we can hop right on to roleplaying. I'll try to get back into action a bit quicker this time so we'll see how things go!