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SYNC One Soldier's Gratitude


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2月 15日 YE 43
To: Taisho Muru Parasparta (@Wes)
From: Ketsurui Aiko


The exploits of your soldiers involved in defeating the Kuvexian menace at Glimmergold were an invaluable part of the Star Army of Yamatai's victory, and made a tremendous contribution to the continued primacy of our Yamatai Star Empire in the galaxy. Although it is certain Taisho Yui and Empress Himiko have extended their gratitude to you, I nonetheless felt compelled to thank you and those brave Nekovalkyrja who serve under you at the behest of the honored Emperor Ketsurui Uesu. While I have met neither you nor the former Emperor, having been born into this galaxy after his unfortunate departure alongside the valiant Ketsurui loyalists who stood courageously by him, there is no doubt that the heroism with which your fleet fought surpasses every account told in the histories of our immortal Star Army.

Without the presence of your fleets at the battle, I myself — as well as a great multitude of our Nekovalkyrja sisters — would surely remain fighting on the Kuvexian warfront today and be kept from the joys permitted within Yamataian territories. I owe you my thanks for ending this war, as does the entire Yamatai Star Empire. Even if you do not receive the same accolades and public praise as the rest of us, know that your efforts mean the entire universe to every Yamataian citizen. It is my sincerest hope that you and yours in Emperor Useu's service feel welcomed back within the Empire and know you are recognized for your essential part in our continued freedom.

Furthermore, I long for the day in which the Star Army and your soldiers can fight together against Yamatai's foes in glorious combat once again. There is no greater comfort than to know that the great Parasparta-taisho and her warriors still stand against Yamatai's enemies to this day. Thank you for not forgetting Himiko's empire even though you have forged a path elsewhere in the galaxy. Please extend my sentiment to Emperor Useu if you are able to.

Ketsurui Aiko
Taii, YSS Kaiyō II