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Nov 9, 2007
Sorry if i'm overstepping a bit here; just trying to take initiative ^_^;...

Almost all of the PCs from the Celia and at least one PC from Fort Ready have recently been given temporary assignments at Pisces Station. The International Relations Conference is about to start, so we will probably want to figure out what the characters are doing while it's going on.

All of the PCs transferred are either Technical Sentries or Infantry, and this conference is going to be attended by a huge number of important people from all of the local nations, so ICly, the PCs were probably transferred as part of a push to beef up security for the conference. Do we want to organize a thread along those lines?


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Jan 27, 2003
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Yes, that sounds perfect.

- Some people (like Hanako and Rufus) could use bodyguards
- There's a lot of rif raf on the station that the Star Army usually doesn't mind but we need to make sure there's no terrorists and stuff.
- Since the black market is booming, PCs can find cool Nepleslian guns and things (shopping).
- Maybe someone can handle escorting diplomats
- Installation of security devices in the conference area
- Keeping the greens off of the reds
- Keeping the Yamataians from offing the Mishhu


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Mar 27, 2007
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I think Kumiko could handle the scanners and stuff for bombs, as well as the installation of the security devices, though almost certainly she would have to have a higher ranking soldier with her.
Nov 9, 2007
Unless i'm mistaken, Gamer has gotten Kumiko and the folks from the Celia a ride: viewtopic.php?f=54&t=1218

Counting the number of boobs and taking an educated guess, it appears that we may be the six faceless redshirts in flak jackets ^_^;...

So our current assignment is probably escorting the senators from Yamatai to the station. After that... <shrug> we'll likely get a brakedown of what needs to be done from our superior officer and then split up into teams. I think the most interesting (if least fun) assignment might be chaperoning the Misshu- talk about earning yourself a bad rep -_-;...
Nov 9, 2007
Conference is starting. Until there are formal assignments, those who have been assigned here and want something to do can assume the roles of faceless security personnel as they appear. There should be quite a lot of them around the station at the moment.

Or, you can make some 'off duty' time to explore the station, do some shopping and get into trouble. Pisces station is a black market hub, so you should be able to find lots of questionably legal goodies around, such as Nepleslian weapons. There's also a Lorath merchant vessel parked on one of the civillian concourses.


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Oct 4, 2007
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Wow! I miss a week and the 3XF crumbles. I'm really going to miss Yangfan, but I'm glad that he's doing a least a little better healthwise. So, since I've been dumped off of Celia, I'll read through all the posts and slip in somewhere next week.

The first couple weeks of school were more time consuming than I thought they were going to be, but I'm back! (not quite sure if that's a good thing yet)
Nov 9, 2007
A note: the "Moments In Between" thread isn't just for the refugees from the Celia. It would be perfectly feasible for Kumiko to have met one or more of them, as they're all working in security on the station, and anyone else that is around and feels like showing up is welcome to.
Mar 23, 2007
Psh, Nonsense. Yui already has one.

We only need you to bring the boombox and the Mortal Kombat CD.

I kid, of course.

You need to bring popcorn, too. :lol:
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