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SYNC OP Fireplace IIS Assistance


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RP Date
YE 44.6
TO: Taisho Ketsuri Yui
FROM: Iemochi Innovations & Sales


We've heard of the sudden refugee crisis and wish to extend a hand from the civilian economic sector.

We've assisted the people of what was once 188604 (USO/OSO) in a similar emergency and are willing to do the same here.

I'd like to make an identical donation of fresh vegetables and other foods from our 65,983.247km of worked farmland, as we've done in the past.

I know you have enough ration pills, but I'm sure this will help keep up the morale of the refugees.

We will also be sending a large amount of seeds from this year's harvest to any refugee settlements.

Apparently the refugees have particular requirements for body temperature, and we'd like to offer our cooling Peltier Bodysuits at-cost to help with the comfort of these individuals.

If you consent, we'd also be happy to send a large portion of our Mercian fabrication fleet to create any materials required at-cost for resupply, rebuilding or repair of refugee vessels by Star Army forces.

IIS Health and Psych will also be at your disposal if required, and given the recent buyout of our contract with the SAOY for psychological care, we have plenty of spare capacity for these refugees if yourself or the civilian government wish to negotiate a long term health plan for them.

Best of luck,
Iemochi Chiyo



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---- Attached P.S. ----

We can also loan several hundred thousand "Last Resort" SCSAs for O2/CO2 regulation, which do not require a face mask to be applied and are relatively lightweight. We can make as many as you'd like for both rescue workers and refugees.