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RP [Open RP] Banzai!: Training House (Prelude)


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Yayoi turned her head as she spotted the two Nito Heisho’s arrivals. Yayoi’s face remained still as she listened, and then she turned to wave to Akira. “I’ll see you when this is over, ma’am,” she said confidently that she’ll pass. She smirked at Sanda and nodded ”indeed, Lightning, let's get this done! ” She replied as she followed her fellow Ranger. She was careful in reading what she needed to, but it didn’t stop her from signing up.

A part of her felt like she was finally going to one up her siblings. Finally there would be a Giretsu trained Ranger there. Kiyo may have been a Samurai trained infantry, but Yayoi will be getting something new. She noted the lack of seating, but didn’t make a complaint. She recalled how some prisoners the Resistance on Hanako mentioned they dint get beds, or anything, and thought if they could survive that she could.

Come do your worst. I can handle this she thought to no one at all.


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Disappointed that the announcement for departure ruined her chance to ask the commander questions about her section, Tachiko nonetheless bowed respectfully and let Akira address her troops. She hung back just a bit so that most were on before getting in line, then walked up to receive her waiver, taking a mental picture of it to store in her digital mind before applying her signature.


Her Yamataigo name characters were on the electronic paper and she bowed her head shallowly to the tall, dark Giretsu, offering it to him with both hands in flawless Yamataian etiquette. She wasted no more of his time and proceeded into the waiting transport. Upon entry, where most were already in place, Tachiko became the Chui she is, and floated up a couple hands-breadths into the air and projected her usually small voice up and over everyone with her command tone, in Yamataigo and simultaneously wirelessly broadcast to everyone in range.

"NEKOS! MINKAN! Activate your inertial systems now! Form up around any personnel who do not have inertial systems and keep close to them. NAILS to TAILS NEKOS, the closer you pack in the easier this will go. Set the gravity HIGH until you're stuck in place. MOVE!"


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Fort Ingestrie Receiving Station, Transport Bay 8

Cheilith Unknifto pulled into the parking lot in her Type 30 shelter-truck painted crimson with a mural of fighting Mindys on the sides and a huge Bellflower on the hood. It was quite possibly the most patriotic looking truck on Yamatai. It certainly stood out in a parking lot where most of the vehicles were owned by the Star Army. She got out, and grabbed her bag from the back. She patted the truck, "See you in eight weeks." There was a lump of fear inside her, it could be much sooner if she washed out. She didn't know if she had it in her. She had signed up on a whim, because it was what everyone else was doing. Now, now, she had her doubts. "Eight weeks, and not a moment sooner."

"Any questions?" A tall Giretsu asked her as she entered.

Cheilith took a moment to ponder the question. She questioned herself, her ability to do, her ability to think with the speed and precision needed. She could back out now, and there wouldn't be a strike on her record. She could apply again, when she was ready. She looked around the small room, and saw her fellow crew members from the ship. She couldn't quit here, she couldn't stand being the one who broke before the class even began. "No." She replied.

She didn't really read the contract, she already knew what she was getting into. Knew it from an academic perspective at the least. The contract spelled out in vivid language exactly how she could fail. She could fail in fitness requirements, in not passing a test, in not accomplishing a training objective, and even if one of the trainers thought she didn't have the 'right stuff'. A thousand ways to fail, and only one way to graduate.

She floated into the sardine can and picked a Separa'Shan to float next to and for the first time couldn't see any of her fellow crewmates. Her breath quickened a little as she realized she might not be placed with the rest of her crew. She determined that regardless, she would do them proud.


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Akira could sense the disappointment on Tachiko's face. She simply sent her contact information to the neko mentally as she watched her flock of soldiers begin their journey of pain and growth. She glanced over towards the green cattle trailer. The dark skinned heisho, instantly recognized Akira from their time at the school. He simply nodded his head once her gaze made its way towards the trailer. She merely smirked and returned the nod.

The difference in experience was very noticeable among the the selected trainees. The majority of the trainees were fresh from basic training, having selected a G option with their contract. While they were not exactly running around like a headless chicken, they were trying their hardest not to make mistakes and looked like they could be easily startled. A majority of the veterans, on the other hand, seemed to be taking their time getting to the forming line. The Resurgence crewmembers were the first ones to finsish and did not get to endure the craziness afterwards.

"Snake that line! 20 soldiers long!" the female heisho barked out telepathically, forcing the Neko and Minkans to figure out who is not one of them and relay the instructions to the Nepeslians among them. Which none of them did, which caused quite a bit of screaming from the two heishos. Neither left their assigned positions, but the two yelling just slightly after each other was unnerving to some.

Tachiko's commands did little to calm down the nerves of the fresh Minkan recruits as they rigidly followed the orders of the clearly superior ranked Neko. The dark skinned deisho just laughed an approval as he shoved the last person still partially sticking out of the doorway to allow it to close.

"All trainees accounted for and loaded!" the dark skinned man yelled to his colleague.

"Roger, transferring control of the trailer to Ryoko." replied back as she mentally alerted the fragment of Fort's AI, Ryoko. There was a chime that is heard from within before the plasma engines come to life. Lifting upwards for a moment, the vehicle took off forwards over the bay separating the receiving station and the island the school was located on.


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Frank looked around as they were packed into the transport. "So is most of the resurgence here or am I imagining things?" Frank said with a small smirk, as he began missing his height hed gotten used to having. If I would have remembered I originally was 5'11" I probably wouldnt have opted for the body swap. Frank thought to himself with a short sigh as he started to metally prepare himself to getting teased for being short alongside Sanda.

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Seeing that there were no seats, or limited to higher ups he grabbed a section of the rail and kept to himself as he heard the voice speak up and he soon saw Frank and as they began to float he adjusted his breathing and maneuvered as carefully and quickly as he could. "Good to see you here Frank, thanks for those models, I think they are still alright and on the ship. I was able to put them together before we set out here...now...I wonder how all this is about to go down." He said as he looked to the windows of the transport can and was just examining all he could see in a quick manner.