• 📅 January 2022 is YE 43.7 in the RP.

OOC Open RP Ideas


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There have been a few comments about the lack of active plots for individuals to participate in. Which is indeed an issue, but I have seen a large number of plots barely make it past the first "episode" due to of player participation. Yuuki is starting a plot based on an Open RP she had started, which got me thinking: what if more plots started as Open RP.

There are three plot ideas I have rolling in my head, most corporate in nature.
- Exploration of the periphery of the Kikyo Sector as an explorer team, starting with the Mitsuya System.
- Working and developing in the Tange System as a civilian.
- Possible Rikugun plot, but no war means boring soldier stuff no one really cares about

But those are just my ideas. So for those wanting to participate more in RP, what topics/areas are you interested in diving into?


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I think it would be cool to have a series of small pirate attacks that need fast responses from whoever is available. Since the end of the war, I think people are eager for combat opportunities for their military characters.