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RP [Open RP] Sood Zadra


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Yohgiro looked down his nose at the dragon-thing, his scarred face and pronounced teeth making him seem rather predatory. Until he smiled a bit.

At that point, it was better or worse, depending on how you felt about seeing even more teeth. Given the drake-thing's own awkward smile, he hoped that he gave the right impression.

He made a sound like distant thunder in answer, then motioned to the bartender to serve the newcomer a drink. It wasn't his money, so he didn't have much reason to be frugal with it. If a few coins spent on drinks was enough to cost him the job, then it probably wasn't one he wanted.

When the requested drink arrived, he clinked his own newly-filled glass to the drake's. He downed the glass like it was a shot. A claw slid it towards the bartender in the universal motion of "keep'em coming".

The kodian returned his attention to the grey lizard next to him. He tapped a roughly-stitched name tag on his jacket that read "Yohgiro", then motioned to the drake with a curious expression.


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Landing Array Four

The OIF Inquest touched down on the pad and the ramp lowered with a portentous hiss. From inside, the lights of the Big Cat hovercar were first visible through the steamy, vaporous fog of the balmy atmosphere inside the ship suddenly meeting the crisper air of UX-3 III. It's air that wasn't there before Quallox Vaibal began to terraform and introduce multicellular life to enrich the cold planet's thin atmosphere. This terraforming, of course, is why the Inquest was there.

Inside the green, Origin-liveried vehicle, the Inquest's Science Officer, Mimi Merkur, turned to her assistant. "Chance, we're here to check on the state of the Kuveians' terraforming technology, and to analyze the out-of-sector life they've introduced." The autopilot took the hovercar down the ramp and out into the street, deftly avoiding the sargasso of ramshackle hoversleds piled up outside.

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The Laughing Nonapus

Soon Bardoon did note the presence of the slithering serpentine servitor, even though her attention was primarily fixed on the green-haired beauty, her blushing cheeks, carefully-choreographed manners, and, of course the contents of her case. "Vasutara," she remarked, using the Kuvexian word for their own, very-closely-related material, "We have much from salvage." It was true they had a lot of the substance, lying about, even taking steps to collect all they could find, but many of the factories and mills able to transmute and work it were casualties of war when the Yamataians and their allies had attacked the Kuvexian industrial base. She clicked her tongue as she thought of the waste of revenue generating assets. Without those factories, the more crude method of lathing pieces down to smaller ones with plasma was the only real option. Along with her blatantly appraising, borderline leering stare, the Baroness smiled widely, suggestively, even, at Remy, clearly enjoying her display whether or not she actually bought it. This was a human whose genes would be lovely to include, fused with her own, in a future Hybrid servant-child. "How many?" This was her first question, not "how much," but at what scale such a useful device could be provided.

Meanwhile, the twins, who'd introduced themselves as Koloon and Sodoon Bardoon, led Alastair and his delegation down into the spiraling, inverted-cylindrical-ziggurat that was under the domed surface building of the Laughing Nonapus. Each level was smaller, more dimly lit, and more richly appointed and sparsely populated than the last, and the patrons wealthier, more influential, and more amoral in their tastes than those above. Six levels deep, to the smallest, deepest level, where, at the bottom of the city, the Baroness held court among the uppermost rungs at the top of Sood Zadran society. Past where the draconic and ursine aliens sat at the bar, past the gold-armored guards who, parting to the side at the twins' passing, didn't even bother to question those in their retinue– or even bother to check their weapons. Honored guests were to be trusted, if one expected the same treatment in return, paying the listed price for reciprocation. After all, in Kuvexian society, profit is the only motive for treachery, and what profit was there in provoking one's richest and most powerful neighbor. And such rich and powerful nations don't send lone assassins and their support crew to waltz brazenly through the open front door of their enemies' businesses to be welcomed as guests. Trust engendered by mutual profit is perhaps the strongest form of it in the Kuvexian mind and their society.

"Announcing, from the Yamatai delegation," began Koloon, the male twin.

Sodoon finished, "Taisa Alastair Belmont."


Outside the Landing Array Six Transport Station

"TIRE FLAT? LARRY! CHECK THAT DREK OUT, MANE," the hoversled didn't have tires, and was high enough off the ground it was shoulder level to the mantid.

Looking underneath, the one apparently named "Larry" bent down to check beneath the underside of the hoversled. "YO WE DON'T HAVE TI–"

The bug's speech is cut off by a sucking "whomp" followed by a sickeningly wet, slurping, grinding sound. Shortly thereafter, the hoversled rattles so hard the Rixxikor have to brace themselves onto the nearest gunwale for support, and the sled's exhaust belches forth a foul-smelling, green-black smoke that evokes burnt hair and rotten apples.


The Laughing Nonapus

The ride, memorable for the occasional glitches in the heater, the foul scent of the Rixxikor operators' putrid spray, as nauseatingly noxious as their language was colorfully vulgar, and the possibly-intentional ramming of a food truck dealing in fried-bivalve-and-mushroom wraps which the Rixx gleefuly proclaimed "FREE FOOD," eventually came to an end at the brightly-lit dome of the Laughing Nonapus. Obsequeously bowing and scraping to the full-blooded Kuvexians in signature gold armor standing at the entrance, they wheedled for their finder's fee for bringing potential contractors to the Baroness. After their credits were transferred, the fled the kicks and stun-wands of the guards shooing them away, back to the (relative) safety of their sled. They sped away, fishtailing with the uneven weight distribution of their improvised vehicle, sending some mailboxes and garbage bins flying as they performed rude gestures with their many appendages.

The guards present Lenna and Niki's data-displays with some paperwork, the same as the Kodian had given the Baroness. They admit the pair into the Nonapus and the doors shut behind them quickly to keep the cold out and the humid warmth inside.

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The Laughing Nonapus (Bar)

The lumbering reptilian seemed to freeze under the auspices of Soon Bardoon's gaze, not sure what to do, or how to act. Fortunately the attention passed, and then were allowed to go back to sampling that drink.

"Lucky!" Was the sound it made, though it wasn't too sure why this beverage made them feel so dizzy. It tasted fresh? Maybe it was poison? They should have eaten something else today.

Attention breaking, and allowing itself to focus on her fur-clad benefactor again, they seemed maybe a little too dense to be afraid, neck lowering and eyes narrowing so she could read what was he was pointing at.

"Yo...he...gee...rooo" Rapid blinking, deep thought. Like they were reading some lost ancient texts or something. "...Oh, you is name Yohegeero! I am very nice meet you! Lu-cky!"

Was this alien important? The bear didn't talk much. They looked tough. They could afford to buy lots of drinks, and probably food too.

"This call... this call..." She pointed to herself, like it was complicated. "...Kotema Skulodde Goldon Kuraqazu... is Silanbar! Of Skoramekch!"

Okay, it was a little complicated.

"What is... Yohegeero's... job? Why he... here?"
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Outside the Landing Array Six Transport Station

Seeing that her prank was working Lenna grabs Nikicon and starts to get inside, Then hearing the WHOOOOMP she blinks looking around, and then as the hover sled starts to make noises she frowns " er um whoops" Nikicon's ears go up and she tilts her head some " er what was that ??" Then at the smell and the green smoke Lenna and Nikicon look to each other and says " er whoops " Then jump in glad that they did not go around the back of the craft and then sit down. Nikicon whimpers and moves to cover her nose, Lenna leans in and whispers " sorry Niki." Nikicon sighs and huffs some.

With each glitch of the heater, Nikicon would whine that she was getting cold, and Lenna would laugh at the antics of the Rixx even going as far as grabbing some of the "Free Food" that fell into the hover seld from the ram and leans back nomming on it. Nikicon however was whining that it was too fast and was hiding so she did not see the outside. Her nose covered as ducking down like she was brought her closer to the Rixx discharge and that almost made her gag each time the wind let up and it hit her full force.

The Laughing Nonapus

As the hover sled stopped at The Laughing Nonapus, it was hard to know who go out first The Rixx or Nikicon as she gasp and says " Fresh warm air!" then blinks blushing looking for Lenna as she was still climbing out laughing at her friend's antics and the Rixx as they pointed at them and talked to the guards. Then fled them back to the hover sled after they got paid. Walking up to the guards and then inside they look to the data-pads and start to enter in their required information as they asked where they needed to wait to get to talk to the Baroness.


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The Laughing Nonapus - Her Highness' Courtroom

Remy wasn't oblivious to her patron's rather obvious leering and oogling, though decided to play dumb on that matter for the time being, offering a polite and innocent-enough looking little grin at Soon's words. Even as the chipsets in her brain-box began gently poking at the bar's networking equipment, nothing too malicious, but if any back-doors were left open then rest assured Remy would try to slip her boot in.

"How many? well of course this is just a small sample, I could have another three hundred prepared by the end of this Yamataian month..." Remy explained, hands crossed over her generously portioned lap as those gorgeous emerald eyes flitted towards the door briefly. Remy managed to maintain her facade of innocence... for the most part, as Alastair entered her gaze the woman's fair features briefly scrunched into a frown of concern before she looked back across to the blue-skinned woman.

"If you like the sound of this we could always upscale the production line a little to meet your needs," the entrepreneurial greenette offered before turning slowly to face the oncoming officer, modest chest rising and falling in a solemn little sigh.

"Oh, brother? I wasn't expecting to see you here. How are you?"

Remy was smiling a polite little grin, but her eyes spoke of a slight grimace at the sight of the tall, monochrome-haired man in his crisp uniform. Why did her family always want to get involved at the worst possible time?


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The Laughing Nonapus

Alastair stepped forward, chest lifted high as the introduction was made. He reached to his waist and pulled cloth that had been tucked into his belt. The purple cape unfolded he released his grasp of it. The cape opened fully to show a large dragon emblem across the back, the coat of arms for the Belmont family. For those familiar with Yamatai protocol this would come across as very strange. Even more so coming from Alastair who is one to always follow protocol without question. However given the nature of this event it was thought best to put on a duel face for the formal introduction. One must be smart how the opening hand is played as it sets the stage for all future draws.

Alastair outreached his arms in front of his body, wide a smile across his face. This long hair blowing in the wind coming from the fan being held by one of his crew. "Thank you, what a wonderful introduction. But please, we are all friends here so Mr Belmont is more than enough." The smile widening as he took in the view around him. His one hand giving a wave and a mumble under his breath for them to turn off the fan. While he respects the dramatic effect this has, he'd really wished his crew wouldn't do things like this. Then again it wouldn't do any good to scold them, they'd just come up with something else even more crazy.

He looked out before him and locked eyes on who he presumed to be Soon Bardoon. He had heard rumors about her beauty and was happy they were true and then some. He was far to use to looking at the ugly mugs of male kuvvies who to him lacked any sense of class or beauty. Though his eyes wondered off her and onto another who was near by. He blinked a few times as his brain connected the dots. Oh no, how did she get herself mixed up in this. He took a step forward. "Baroness Soon Bardoon I presume." As he gave a slight bow. "I see we are joined by another and if my memory serves me right, we have worked together before." He looked towards the woman near Soon. "Good to see you Remy, it has been awhile." Giving her the what are you doing here eyes.

Remy and Alastair use to spend time together as young kids and into their later years. Alastair knew he did not have the same relationship as her and Miko had but found his own way to show he cared. Being the strong willed free spirt type he knew it was best to let Remy roam free. Though he would step in should things start to get out of hand. Though he hoped that would not be needed here. This was already complicated enough to add family into the mix.


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As the kodiak listened to the drake, doing his best to follow, he finally hit a point where he simply couldn't.

His face scrunched into the universal yeah, I'm not gonna remember all that look as the drake - Kotema - rattled off its full name. He liked its enthusiasm just fine; it was the unfamiliar words that he knew wouldn't stick with just one repetition.

With one claw, he delicately tapped the top of the drake's head - assuming it went along with it - and repeated in a slow, growly way, "Ko- temmm- maah".

It was as much declaration as it was confirmation. Yogiro was letting the drake know that he wasn't going to try to keep up with the whole thing. He could try later, but for now? Just the basics, and even that much was more challenging to say than he cared to admit.

As for the job? Well.

He shrugged. He wasn't really sure where this gig would land him, assuming he landed it, but he had some hopes. Yoghiro tapped some of the tools on his vest.

"Fix," his snarl implied, in a friendly way. "Build," his growl said, if not so much in words as intention. A casual onlooker might think he was about to maul the poor lizard due to the sounds he was making, but Yoghiro trusted that Kotema knew better than that by now.

Point made, he motioned to Kotema and arched a brow inquisitively.

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The Bar

Kotema slowly avoided his paw at first, until it was obvious by the bear's body language that he wasn't doing anything weird. They were fine with the shortened name. But internally did find this hair-clad creature rather frightening... That's exactly why she was trying to make friends with him. Make best buddies with the biggest, nastiest guy around, right? That was the best way to survive?... It would take a bit more of a careful approach towards the language barrier, though.

A bit more of a serious look of concentration followed the other paw, as it crossed Yogiro's tools, ending with the befangled thing projecting a short nod of understanding.

Now, explaining what the dragon did...

Looked at him. Very serious. Two claws to her eyes- then to the bar counter.

A coaster. Two used lemon skin halves, from somebody else's finished drink.

Looked at him, then back at the 'Kuvexian Troop Transport'.

-Immediately, batted the little mock-up into bits again- they flew all over the bar.

Picked up one of the lemon bits off of the floor- showed him it, pointed to herself- ate it.

Looked at him, third time. Highly proficient, premium demonstration...

Then just kind of kept staring, not even blinking.


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The Laughing Nonapus, Bottom Level

Soon Bardoon, who was fixated on the lovely Remy with whom she was pursuing a business deal, jerks her head in that strange, Kuvexian manner of motion over towards the arriving Yamataian delegation. She was a little put off that everything just so happened to stack on top of each other. She’d much rather deal with these handsome Yamataians one at a time, when she could relax and take her time with them. Especially since the newcomer was almost, almost as good of a gene donor for her clone hybrids as the woman. And now he was flourishing some sort of… cloth? That symbol wasn't in any official Yamataian intelligence dossier she’d seen.

Then, she paled, then purpled a bit, as it seemed the two knew each other. Wait… siblings? The Baroness was not pleased by this unforeseen development, one that, in her treachery-oriented mind could not be a coincidence. She pressed her suckered fingertips against her forehead. Even so vexed, it was still apparent her reputation for loveliness was well deserved. She had been quite lovely indeed, by Kuvexian standards, even before the extensive gene therapy she’d undergone to more fully acclimate to the frigid planet. The changes were quite extensive, to the point she was often mistaken for a hybrid– those changes making her less uncannily alien to human eyes, and thus extending that loveliness to them further than her prior appearance may have. “I see where this is going. Well played, you two. Just… I need you to expedite production at scale to get these lathes to my salvage recycling station as soon as possible, assuming that isn’t a farce, hmm?” She was tapping her foot under the table, and sighed. “I’m going to sign the next qualified captain that comes in for the delivery. Then they’re your problem, before it becomes my problem.” The twins looked at one another, nervously.

Immediately after, one of the assistants leaned in to whisper to Soon, and the Baroness pulled up a volumetric report. “And here they are.” Paperwork finished, Lenna and Nikicon arrived just as the Baroness looked up. “You’re hired.” She then turned to the Kodian at the bar. “Their ship’s a bit rusty, the report says. They’ll need more engineering crew than usual. You’re with them. And…”. She peered around Yoghiro to look at the little Silanbar slithering around him excitedly. “You’ve found one of those… things. Take it with you, they’re quite handy. You. Garbage-drake. Their ship.” She didn't bother to get Kotema’s paperwork. Apparently they weren't regarded as needing it. “The two of you, I know a good junkyard. Take the Captain there.” The blip appeared on both their communicators' wayfinding map. Then, not allowing any response between her orders, she turned crisply to Lenna. “Captain Lenna? Pleasure. If you need a line of credit to get everything in order, I’m sure I can arrange something for you~” Kuvexians offering credit always sound so happy. “And take the twins. Sodoon, Koloon. Keep an eye on things and help out, dears.

In the background, an Elefirn took the stage, her hooves clacking on the exotic hardwood. Her antlers where bedecked with jewels hanging from their spurs, and she was lovely, but sad-seeming, clearly having expended far too much of her pheromones too early in her young life. The music began, and she started to sing.
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The Laughing Nonapus, Bottom Level

Lenna, and Nikicon move into the room as they look around and then as they spot the one that was looking over some paperwork and then look up at them and says that they are hired Lenna and Nikicon look toward each other and blink Nikicon says softly " well that was easy." Lenna nods some and then says "Sometimes the easy ones are the hardest ones to complete, you remember that one run we did in the freighter before we had turrets right. " Nikicon blinks and then nods, " yes but now we are in a much stronger ship so it would be much easier. " Lenna sighs again and then says " yea but what if they have a bigger ship Nikicon there are always bigger ships out there!" Nikicon frowns and then says " oh right. " Hearing that the one that hired them is calling the Sobek rusty she protests. "H.. h... hey it is not THAT rusty I make sure to remove all the rust I can find, it is just well old! " She frowns some as Lenna bumps her aside as she was addressed and nods some " Um, not sure if that is needed I hope, but I do hope that someone knows what a Meson reactor system is and/or can fix them easily." Lenna and Nikicon had moved closer to where the baroness sits, and they both bow in a hybrid curtsy bowing motion and then at the same time say " It is a pleasure to meet you Baroness Bardoon, we presume? " Then blink looking at each other in surprise at their unison and giggle softly.

Lenna looks over toward the twins and then nods some as she looks toward the bear, the dragonthing, and back to the twins wondering what each of them does on a starship. She knows where Nikicon is best at and where she can make it by. Lenna is worried that the main reactor system will go out on her more than getting her inoperative 3rd turret layer working as she can get by without a protective turret system, but not a main reactor system. Then says Looking over at Sodoon and Koloon, and smiles softly, " Well shall we get going I am sure we will need to get supplies for the new crew as with getting Sobek some more ammo, and supplies as with maybe getting some priority work done before we leave planetside." A pause and then asks "So um, what's the mission, and cargo if any?"
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Laughing Nonapus

Taharial Chasan had offered herself up to help the Kuvexian make her own independent rule, she knew this would be a learning experience for her as a medic and also a way to boost the relationship between these groups. She had came on a later shuttle to the meeting, more so to make sure her wings were niced dyed the red she was more known for, and that she could be more prepared for what she was going to see while here. She also wasn't sure what she should be dressed at for this interview, so she did the best idea she could come up with, which was a black dress she had had for a while, some boots, and then her Star army hat, which was placed at the table. She saw people filling into the little cafe and was happier that she seemed to not be the only person from the star army, but she came here moreover as a medic than a soldier.

She soon made her way to the lower levels, where she was told that the group was meeting. When she stepped in and saw them all standing around and chanting, obviously seeming to be more in a winding down of things, she took a small bow and smiled kindly, waiting for silence before speaking "Hello, Taharial Chasan, I am sorry I am a little late to the party, but I was offered as a medical officer for you in an act of goodwill, I have been researching the Kuvexian, to make sure I was well versed in the group I will be working with, but it seems I am going to have a more intense time with this crew, that is if you are happy to have me work with you." She bowed again, knowing that she was late, unlike the others but tried to be polite and well mannered towards the woman and group in front of her.