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RP Date
YE 44.7
RP Location
2 LY from Xylar, Fringe of Rosenthal Nebula
Bridging from: Operation Fireplace, Trans-universal Reunions, and Espiritu Del Aire
Related Communications: [All SAoY] Operation Fireplace, First Expeditionary Army Activation, Shurista Civilian Response
Ostarae os malos - Translation from Nira'las means "Yamatai our Savior"
Location: 2 LY from Xylar, Fringe of Rosenthal Nebula

C'thae Auliagot - Survivor Fleet Composition and Information
3 x Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark - Population 100,000,000 each, estimated (Its likely other than the machine moons, characters wouldn't of seen anything this big before, they are plot devices.)
3 x MERN (Former Minatu Empire Imperial Navy) Kibothamila Ithaca-Class War Titan Leviathan
Lead ship: MERN Aiathogu

MERN Aiathogu

"Alright, good morning. I know putting on your uniforms and getting here was probably not the easiest thing, but we have news - Help is coming, " Voli Uaeso Caeyara said as he squeezed the contents of a water ration into his mouth, it wouldn't be a good show of leadership if he had been dehydrated with his father or the Yamataians arrived. The slender, black-haired honey-eyed Norian stated as he took his place at the Operations Table, "Eidosar Aphelion, our primary chore in all this will be to help whatever soldiers navigate the non-linear internals of the Arks, they're probably bigger than any vessel they have ever encountered, and our mindhives are for the most part dead on those ships or in stasis-mode. The surviving military should be spread out between the Arks, with skeleton requirements on our three Ithaca-Class," he explained to the Admiral.

Aphelion gazed at the volumetric projections of the overlays from their scans of the Arks that had come in over the past day cycle, "They're probably going to need an explanation that our ships are also living and that they are citizens and in need of assistance too. " she let out a low sigh as she leaned in, her blue-hair framed her face and the lighting seemed to enhance the view of her freckles, "I'd feel more comfortable if they remained off the Aiathogu, with IDE storage and the sarcophaguses of members of the Imperial Bloc being kept on a string within our guts, I just don't want to risk a misunderstanding," she offered.

Uaeso shook his head, "No Admiral, we will not begin this with mistrust, the Yamataians will be given complete access, and explaining what they don't understand is the responsibility of you and your officers. The only areas we should be sensitive about them entering are those devoted to the church, and weapons - the time I'm sure will come when those doors are open, but in terms of the rest we must humble ourselves," he crossed his arms over his chest, "I want all refugee parties to be given communication equipment, they need to be kept track of for when we get our act together when there is a homeworld for them." he said, then met her gaze. "Ostarae air os malos, eil si shor shi saeraer eir mes. Shi baer saes eil shi baer aes oraes." ("Yamatai is our savior, and they will be treated as such. We need them and we need each other") he added, his empathy, and vision trickled through their vesper link.

"Tia Voli, eir o shor," ("My Prince, as you wish,") Aphelion replied, "I take it you plan to tell them the truth about the small population of Lorath among us? You should probably talk to Pandora," she suggested. "I will be relieved when I see you father when I know for sure that this mighty Star Army is not like the Craethel or Quel," she said in a slightly detracted voice.

"The truth, Aphelion, we tell them the truth. Plus I'm sure some of them will want to visit their home. I will talk to Pandora," he replied. "Let's get ready, we're already in the shit - so lets at least make it shit that is easy to navigate," he said in conclusion, "I expect updates by the minute, I'm looking forward to seeing these people - it's not often something from an academy textbook from the glory days of Ayenee colonialism leaps up out of the pages. Have normal rations distributed and put in the word - help is coming." he slipped past her with a momentary meet of the eyes, then headed towards the lift off the starboard side of the bridge.
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171st Combat Rescue Squadron Experimental Special Operations Support Transport - YSS Second Chance

When the “all hands” alarm went off, Furball initially assumed it was another drill. They’d been putting the Second Chance through its paces over the last few months. Apparently it was the real deal, and then some. The experimental light assault carrier’s halls were quite crammed. Even with her small frame, she’d been forced to dodge and weave, pushing against the flow of bodies as her fellow Rescue Jumpers and ship’s crew rushed to ready stations. They’d be folding soon and only Bungie and the bridge crew knew where too.

“Ninety seconds till fold,” a calm bridge officer’s voice came over the intercom.

Finally reaching the briefing room, she slid into a seat and pulled on a safety harness. Bungie sat strapped into a seat near the podium tapping his foot. The burly Taisa wore a t-shirt that read “Mishu Mile: Fort Ingestrie YE 43” and a pair of RIKUPAT pants. He wasn’t out of the ordinary, of the gathering NCOs and officers, the occasional Neko bodysuit was the closest thing to a standard Star Army uniform.

“Forty five seconds,” came the bridge bunny’s voice over the intercom.

Volumetric projections from the other ships in their tiny flotilla began to pop into existence at the corners of the room. Hot excitement rose in Furball’s gut. This was big.

The countdown till fold began. On one, there was a crackling thump, and the volumetric projections flickered momentarily.

“We will be arriving in the Xylar system within thirty minutes. No, we will not be bringing around in-flight refreshments,” the bridge officer said in a cheerful voice.

The clicks of safety harnesses being released filled the small space as the RJs made themselves comfortable. Bungie was already on his feet. “Scramble order says we’ve got probably the biggest space based rescue op of our lives. Six absolutely massive ships with upwards of 300 million crew on board. Before you say it, I know we can’t fit them all on the Second Chance. But we should be among the first on station. Our mission is simple. Make contact, do some recon, and start triage ops. I’m forwarding you the initial orders from Star Army Command herself. The situation is evolving and you will need to keep yourselves and your troops abreast and pass anything up to me, no matter how minor.”

The briefing went on with Bungie and the squadron intel officer, High Note, filling them in. She wished Bonesaw and Malpractice were here, they’d be so jealous. Bonesaw was off at some special hand to hand combat thing, and Mal’d left to become a boring Chief Medical Officer.

Thirty minutes of flight time meant that Furball had time to grab some coffee and a snack and get Alpha Flight briefed on their part of the mission. They all stood on the upper small craft launch bay, kitted up in power armor with packs bulging with first aid and relief supplies.. They’d be the point team. Landing and making contact before Bungie and the command team touched down. She tried to judge expressions from behind their but from the way they efficiently double checked each other’s gear, they felt the same blend of professional calm and hot anticipation

She tuned into the command freq just in time to hear Bungie hailing the “Ark ships” as the intel report called them. “--is Maynard Hu Taisa of the Star Army of Yamatai, do I have the pleasure of speaking to Aestaesys Airwin Caeyara? We’re the first trickle of help, but have hope, soon it’ll be a right downpour.”
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YSS Battle of Elysia

Sparkling aether blue could be seen shimmering in the space a few light years from system. Unlike the arrival of FTL ships, though, the Izanagi-class dreadnought that loomed into the system was not popping in on out of a pocket universe. Instead, its behind was lit with the many sublight engines necessary to propel a ship of its large stature. With a patient grace, its twin noses gently pushed through space, plowing through a safe lane with the maneuverings of a behemoth vessel whose route had been pre-ordained long ago. Gently wading in with cool aplomb, the Izanagi's berth was as big as its captain was small. Keiu Anrui's bloody tears marked her grey skin in long rows down her cheeks, a genetic marking to symbolize those of the clan she had pledged her life to.

"To the MERN Aiathogu: this is the YSS Battle of Elysia, ready to discuss any necessities you may need. Our life support systems have been altered within reason to provide any passengers with proper atmospheric conditions. Agricultural ships donated by the Yugumo Colonization Initiative to supplement any dietary needs that may need addressing are en route as well. Further, the Shuristan Fleet sent by the Senti people may provide assistance in towing. Only you know your own vessels, though, so opening those lines of communication amongst yourselves and the Senti fleet to decide what will work is my recommendation." Keiu paused, knowing to give the recipients of aid a moment to breathe and process the help coming in.
MERN Aiathogu

"Incoming Yamataian Forces, this is Admiral Aphelion. We're happy to see you, I speak on behalf of Prince Uaeso and Aestaesys Airwin, I'd welcome you to the party but you're the ones bringing refreshments and we are more than grateful, we would like to make this go as smoothly as we can so we've identified some priority evacuation objectives and I am transmitting them to you now," the Admiral stated as she watched the Yamataian ships appear on sensors, one look at the Izanagi-Class and she could not help but smile. There was a lot of information, the first group seemed like a Search and Rescue Sortie, while the other obviously represented their fleets. Reference to databases showed the Taisho Shogans ran the show, and that was what she went with. There was even another fleet that seemed to represent another nation inbound, so many questions, and yet there was a feeling of relief across the bridge.

She transmitted data on the three Arks to the lead ship, the YSS Battle of Elysia the Taisho could obviously distribute orders as needed, "Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark Alpha is the top priority, their Mindhives have entered stasis mode and their primary hospital bunker is offline. Critical patients and all personnel except the MERN soldiers need immediate evacuation from that Ark. the MERN soldiers on that Ark can help direct your resume personnel through the ship, I warn you without Mindhive access it can be like a maze inside of these vessels, " she relayed. "The Arks can likely dock with your ships, providing the husk around the airlocks is still alive to adapt," she sent further data on the structure of the vessels that were the size of small moons.

She then continued, "Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark Beta has some mindhives functional, so it will be a little easier, all but our soldiers will need evacuation. We caution you that these ships are all alive again, however, there will be some areas where internal compartmentalization has been compromised and you may need to cut through flesh. Just it may seem strange, but announce yourselves and what you need to do. The Leviathans will try to help, they're just as scared as those who occupy them," she then brought up the final Ark ship and transmitted as much of its internal data as she could, "Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark Gamma is mostly intact, so it will just be about evacuation. That Ark has managed to adapt its environment so you will not have to make any adjustments. Once you have more resources arrive and the majority of civilian survivors rescued I will help coordinate with you for our military Titans, though if food and water are available I would appreciate it if you could send some to our military Titans, we've been waiting longer than everyone else for food and drink," the Admiral transmitted.

Aphelion muted the channel, streams of tears wet her cheeks as she let out a deep breath, "Praise Unya, praise you builder for these people are but envoys of your grace, thank you, thank you above all words," she said to herself, watching as these brilliant spills of blue aether flared across space. It was in their hands now, and she would help as much as she could with whatever they would ask next. Soothing whale-like calls would sound across hyperspace channels as the Leviathan mindhives mournfully communicated with each other in a unified sense of relief that soon they wouldn't have supported those who they had protected now for longer than they expected. She nearly had forgotten about the mention of the ships themselves, "Approaching Senti, For now, no towing is required, we would like to all stay put until civilians are offloaded - however if you have the capability, towing some asteroids and breaking them up from nearby fields, along with energy transfers through a confirmed beam would be very helpful to our Military Titans," she looked at her projection screens and waited, all the channels still open. Towing would be required later, depending on where the Star Army decided their spacey assets would go.
YSS Eucharis

Taisho Hanako looked at the Norian fleet as her ship arrived on scene. She hailed the Norians, and explained the plan: "Hello everyone, and hello Norian allies, I am Taisho Ketsurui-Shinjuku Hanako of the Star Army Personnel Command. I am responsible for people resources and staffing in the Star Army, as well as tracking and recovering missing people. Yui has sent me because I am the foremost expert in making sure your people are all accounted for, kept with your families, and not lost in the shuffle. I have devised a tracking and registration system to allow all Norian survivors to keep in touch."

After a brief pause, Hanako continued. "Transports from our warships will will begin ferrying your people to the nearby Pisces International Station where my Star Army Personnel clerks are going to get their names and other identifying information. Think of it as a big airport. From Pisces, they will be transported to one of three star systems--Yamatai, Akina, or Virginia, starting with Virginia since it is the best prepared. Together those systems have already-built refugee housing for 460 million people. These are simple camp towns that will give everyone a place to stay until a new homeworld is selected and developed. There may also be direct flights to the refugee centers by Star Army units and other friendly forces. In this case all refugees must register with the ships' local clerk personnel. Norians may bring 2 duffel bags or foot lockers of possessions plus a carrying bag such as a backpack and up to one weapon no longer than a typical pistol, if desired. Some passengers may be subject to security searches. Star Army Logistics passenger ships will leave Pisces every 15 minutes on a rotating basis. If you have any questions, I have set up a hotline channel, which I am sending now..."
YSS Densetsu

The YSS Densetsu wasn't the first ship from the seventh fleet to arrive, nor was it the largest. What it brought to the table was that it was designed for the purpose of managing large operations like this. On the Flag bridge was Taisho Fletcher, an older looking man with white hair and dark skin. "All right, we're here to support the Tsenlan refugees. Make them and the Captains aware of our presence, we're here to support them. Find out who is in charge of the Yamatai side of things. Clear four of our docking bays for medical transfers. Senator Volontany has already old me that Essia is happy to take in as many refugees as needed. However, we'll be sending them to Virginia, Akina, or Yamatai first as they already have the capacity to handle this many refugees."

"Sir, the YSS Eucharis with Taisho Hanako is taking command." One of the communications officers reported.

He nodded, "She's better equipped to handle this than us, so we'll be deferring to her or whoever she designates. I'll be available for her to speak to if need be. Offer the Densetsu as a command center, our communications and coordination capability will be something she can put to use. Now on prioritization ..."

YSS Ranger

Sacre and a team of medics sat in the hold of the Fuji class. The medics around her were mostly strangers who had been thrown together. "This is Shoi Sacre Sanssinia, requesting destination and teleport clearance for my medic team." She transmitted up the chain.
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CSAR Flotilla

It wasnt long after the 171st arrived that their fellow Rescue Jumpers began to join them. It was part of the job description to get to places quickly, and this was an all-hands call to provide medical aid and whatever else might be necessary. Each ship that entered checked in with the Second Chance, sending ready signals over the comms as they made docking requests to the distressed vessels.


In a similar fashion, what seemed to be Star Army Military Police ships began to come into the system in spurts from the various worlds that they were registered to. No doubt these were the BATON teams who would be helping to keep things orderly in case of unrest. If nothing else, they would help ensure everyone knew things like not to mess with the ships without their consent. No doubt someone wouldn't get the memo they were alive. That, and someone needed to run all the security checks that would be required. Special Investigators in tactical gear were able the best you could ask for when it came to ensuring nobody did anything questionable. They sent ready signals to Second Chance but seemed to be waiting for the Eucharis.

4th Fleet Task Force

The Fourth Fleet taskforce was late to the party, amongst the last to arrive on scene. It had been a challenge gathering them up from disparate parts of the galaxy. While the Bard Cluster was the official home of 4th, in practice that was just what was on the books. Still, it was a relatively sizeable Task Force, comprised of logistical, medical and support ships rather than any warfighting vessels. They would signal the Eucharis that they were ready for orders, sidling up their vessels towards her Fleet.

Late night post so apologies if poor quality
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MERN Aiathogu

"My doubts are gone, Tia Aest," Aphelion said as Voli Uaeso Caeyara joined her on the bridge, "These people, appear as you said they would be, a refreshing change from what we've experienced," she told him still with tears in her eyes.

Uaeso took a deep breath of the stale air, "Thank them in person later, let's get everyone on the same page." He searched through the log of communications and closed his eyes as his vesper reached out to soothe Aiathogu, letting her eyes and the entwined sensor systems flood his mind with information.

The Admiral reopened the channel, and this time she addressed the newly arrived Taisho who obviously outranked the other one, she re-transmitted the information she had sent to the YSS Battle of Elysia to the YSS Eucharis, "Greetings Taisho Ketsurui-Shinjuku Hanako, I am Admiral Aphelion Caeyara one of the few surviving members of our military. I will transmit your requirements for transfer to our survivors. A compliment of MERN personnel will remain with me, our Sylphs, and the ships after the survivors are evacuated. I thank you for your commitment to ensuring that our people are well cared for and kept track of, only MERN personnel will be armed and they will be limited to QPP (Quintessence Pulse Pistols) which I will send you specs for so there is no confusion. All other weapons and arms are to remain in designated armories," she replied in part, still in contemplation of all that Hanako had transmitted, "In terms of security searches, I will advise - please refrain from using any equipment with high heat or lighting output," she cautioned. "I don't know where any of those places are, or what they are like but you have the Aestaesys' trust and therefore you have mine. If you have any command-level staff who wish to come here, to meet in person, let me know. I will keep the channel open," she said as she sent updates to her soldiers. She trusted that these Taisho would wrangle the forces beneath them and coordinate them to where they were needed.

The Prince meanwhile watched the fleets and units of the Star Army that had arrived, "Please let Taisho Ketsurui-Shinjuku Hanako know in your next transmission that I will accompany the survivors to this space station," he said, reaching out briefly to Gothuau to who was in partial stasis-state, telling her to let her kin know if any of the Star Army came onboard the military Titans, that they were friends and not there to hurt them.

Across the fleets the few MERN soldiers remaining welcomed the Yamataians who docked with the Arks, ready to assist with their evacuations.
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Like a ripple, something deep within space bubbled, like a warning. Where Yamatai there was one, then two, like hyperspace boiling as the place between FTL and realspace was seemingly torn apart by thousands, no, tens of thousands, more than that in jump signatures alone, comms picking up wordless songs, or with words, like billions of voices calling out in unison to mark their place between the stars.

Then, the relativistic zit burst with the force of a small star, the lunar massed megastructure tearing an ugly, gaping hole in reality as it slid into the universe in a flash of light and radiation to sit, civilians still singing their chorus beacon as parts of it fell off, like shedding sand, each flitting away in a tiny blue flash as it jumped to FTL and back again, literally using the local hill sphere as a brake.

"MERN forces, we have recieved your transmission. Part of the salvage fleet has broken off to supply your living ships with the asteroids they need. We have several hundred scrap cruisers and tugboats approaching at FTL to supply power and manpower. Our vessels are built of older hulls. Please allow our vessels to scan yours, if the outer shell cannot adapt to our docking matrices, we will build a docking matrix for you. We have prepared food and medical supplies for carbon based life forms of humanoid form. Please inform us if there is any reason to believe these would be hazardous. We share the life of our vessels. Yours will come to no harm, and we will do everything we can to heal them." The transmission rang out clear as day on any unsecure channel, relying on Yamatai to be utilizing their secured comms to avoid Shurista's presence from accidentally causing interference.

But as each of the sand grains started dropping out of FTL, like a wave of golden hulls and wamth, it became very apparent that Senti vessels were big. And the fact that Shurista could be seen gently rotating in the background so far away, what had at first seemed to be too close for comfort was now a comfortable braking distance and an uncomfortable mass. One vessel looked like it had been built from the remains of a Yamataian Capital class ship, easily cruising at a fast clip and rivalling the sheer tonnage of the Izagis she slid alongside, though the angry silver white of her engine plumes told a different story than her blue sparkled sisters. The Senti would call this a light tug cruiser and fast courier. Even the smallest cargo ships with crews of less than twenty more than doubled Plumeria size, or even tripled their mass. But these weren't combat vessels. Far from it. Scans revealed hodegepdge repairs, as though these ships had been in constant service. Some of the hulls read as half a million years old, or even older, constantly repaired with metals matching the crew biochemistry. Built of cremated remains, these vessels were the living avatars of ancestry and history for the Senti.

"If you are recieving, please use this channel to send us plans. We are utilizing the full might of Shurista's salvage and search and rescue capabilities to support Yamataian operations in this area. But we need to know where to hook up power connectors,, and we need specs on those connectors and default air lock matrices for early fabrication. Crews are already equipping for EVA."
Fujiko System, Port Orchid
Ryu-Mizumitsu Clan Estate Level

2 hours earlier

It was the start of another routine day for Ryu-Mizumitsu Yuki and her staff. She woke up alone in her bed after a decent level of sleep. Despite the advice of the clan's chief medical officer to get 8 hours of sleep, she always stayed up late analyzing what her son was up to with the Ryu Keiretsu or any number of other political related events she needed to keep on top of. It was really a ruse so she would she have the time to play First Fantasy 14 under the handle "Yu4ever". There was something about interacting with the masses in a way she normally couldn't that made it interesting.

After bathing and putting on the clothing laid out by her executive assistant, it was time for the morning breakfast meeting with her retainers or their volumetric image if they were assigned somewhere else. She expected the meeting to be just as boring as ever, but today that would not be the case.

"Something big is going on with the Star Army of Yamatai. I have been activated for something called Operation Fireplace." a volumetric image of a red haired woman said.

"It is the entire Star Army Reserves, the Keiretsu Human Resources Division is overwhelmed processing the notifications from the Star Army regarding activation of their employees." another volumetric image spoke, this time of a more elderly looking Lianjia Mutari burly man. His business suit looks like it can barely contain his muscular body.

"Very well, contact Taisho Mizumitsu and" Yuki said, wishing to know more information about the situation.

"They are moving towards Xylar." a grizzled man with a thick white beard spoke. Wearing a red and grey uniform, it was clear who he was representing. Being invited to his meeting as it related to the local population initially, he was still not used to speaking "properly".

"Who is, Captain Richards?" Yuki said to the man raising an eyebrow.

"The Star Army I mean, Mistress Daimyo." the man corrected himself with a nod of the head, knowing he screwed up a bit. "I just received a report from the Red Hills NRMS Yujing of a large movement of Star Army transponders as it was leaving Pisces Station earlier in the day. Where the Star Army flows to, trouble can be found."

Ignoring the last part of the Red's comments, Yuki looked over towards her executive assistant. "Contact Taisho Mizumitsu and our contacts in the Yugumo Corporation. If there is a way we can render help to this operation, I want to know what exactly we can do to help."

Xylar System

The blue shimmering of hyperspace exits joined in a corner of the system away from the main exiting points the Star Army was using. Small blips of energy could be heard streamed in as a number of Red and Blue painted small starships, some being Red Hills with passenger hold modules fitted on, some being newer Red Mountain ships with similar passenger transport modules.

A handful of larger Nuwa Frigates, Mogami Cruisers, and much larger Ashizuri Mining Command Vessels came next before 2 massive hyperspace exits could be detected of the RyuK's Port Dongfeng (redirected from the Tange System) and the Ryu-Mizumitsu's Port Orchid Hibiscus Mobile Stations in their closed petal position. Both maneuvered away from each other and began opening to their "open flower" configuration that they are known for.

"Star Army of Yamatai, this is Ryu-Mizumtisu Yuki of the Ryu-Mizumitsu Clan. We got wind of a humanitarian effort and are here to render what aid we can. Our ships are have been configured to transport as many individuals as possible to locations of your designation and have medical volunteers from Biixi Clincs and Star Army veterans willing to serve again. Even the Reds of Fujiko have decided to chip in to his effort."
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Song of Harmony​

The communication of the Shurista combined with the arrival of the Star Army of Yamatai now would get a secondary response. The response of the mighty Leviathans themselves. Their eternal song left the private hyperspace channels of their Norian inhabitants that were in such dire need of rescue. The heavy burden of sickness and malnourished mindhives was unloaded as the deepest of emotions, a sweet melody emerged across the channels of hyperspace. It would sound like the song of whales, with an oscillating frequency of intelligent music that struck to chords of a grateful tune. A form of music joined the whale-like calls, like that of a pipe organ combined with an entire symphony of flutes. The Leviathans shared their gratefulness. Shimmers of spectral light would be visible upon the exteriors of their hulls as if the moons had suddenly been illuminated.

"Yamataian and Shurista ships, I am Aiathogu Zamothos Zschurhi-marh. I speak for the Elden ones who bring this band of souls within. Our access points are open, and our inner walls attune to your beings. We welcome you. We are thankful to you. Thank you Yamatai for the aid for those we can no longer support, we have given ourselves completely to their saving and you have accomplished where we have failed. Shurista we welcome the rocks from your salvage parties, we have starved in the name of keeping quiet behind these new twilight banners, and are grateful for it. You may scan us, give us the energy to assist our healing, and feed us the space rocks to repair our bodies. The Alpha Ark is dying and this shall be its requiem, it will be used and revived one day to make great cities. We tell the first of Akelost to hold on, rest is coming. Thank you," the deep, and obviously translated voice would come across their channels.

MERN Aiathogu​


"Admiral Aphelion to Taisho Ketsurui-Shinjuku Hanako, Our Prince has expressed he would like transit to Pieces Station with survivors, can you provide transit?" the Admiral enquired over communications once the ship had finished its own transmission.

Many officers of the MERN watched in amazement as these many working hands came together to assist them.
"Aiathogu Zamothos Zschurhi-marh, We hear you, and we thank you for the information." The voice seemed to chop, jammed and distorted by Shurista mirroring the song of the elden mindhives, the voices of the Leviathans. As Shurista's millions of transcievers, folded and focused on that single channel, feeling the voice, responding, and mirroring with organ tones of its own to offer comfort and kindness, asking for joy and calm, another subspace ripple came, the hyperspace cracking under the growing strain.

Before the moment was out, space split as several tugs started their hyperspace exit deep within the growing mass of cruisers, their docking webs glowing blinding white and reflecting off the golden honey steel of their hulls. The drives started to desynchronize, power signatures surging and flaring, each tug a simple cargo ship refitted with the most massive of reactors, a single FTL drive capable of reaching kilometers away from itself, and enough fuel to run it all with minimal crew. These dragged what at first appeared to be a small moon or protoplanet with them, their harmonized drives pulling the mass as a team before they started breaking off, letting the organics and ore rich rock break up in the strain.

More docking webs from the cruisers turned the rocks from potential missiles into a grinding stream of orbiting debris, adding water from their own reserves, casually grinding it down to a more palatable size as the tugs began their maneuvers. Each took a position near the dorsal section of a leviathan, EVA crews carrying cables down to run across the surface and hook up power wherever they could. The cruisers would approach the nose of each Leviathan, its orbiting stream of debris ready to be hauled inside to be digested and processed by the living ships.

"Yamatai Fleets, Shurista reporting, tug crews are in position. The bioships are being fed and offered water. We're taking scans, now, and will soon begin with the hatch operations. Whenever you are ready, please take positions. We'll be here to make your job easy. We will send scan data to you directly as it is processed. If you have any expertise in these classes, please inform us. Archivists are going through the Grand Library for anything we have, but it could take some time."
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The Rescue Jumpers of Alpha Flight stood packed into the Second Chance’s Raccoon shuttle. The low on ship temperatures and request to avoid equipment with high heat and light output had apparently caused Bungie to second guess his decision to send them out in power armor. Instead Furball and her team were clad in Type 41 Hard Suits prepared for a much “colder” insertion. The last minute change had been a pain, but she agreed with Bungie’s reasoning. It was usually a good idea not to fry people or their equipment while trying to rescue them.

“Beginning turn’n’burn. Hold tight, I’m killing the artificial gravity,” the pilot’s voice crackled to life in their helmet comms and a red light filled the cabin.

The soldier next to Furball hadn’t grabbed a handhold when her feet left the ground. Furball reached out and took Shoi Weber’s hand and guided it to a hand hold. //“You’ve got this,"// she thought telepathically towards her “new” CO. The woman gave a helmeted nod and relaxed as the shuttle rotated around them, drifting aft first towards their target on momentum alone.

“Feet towards the door, girls and boys,” called a jumpmaster towards the rear of the bay. “Last chance to check your seals.”

Doing as instructed, Furball checked both her suit’s diagnostics and performed an eyes and hands inspection on the helmet, glove, and boot seals. Just as tight as the’d been when she’d boarded.

“Bay door is opening, hold on to something!” he called again. The door opened to reveal the distant yet rapidly approaching bulk of Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark Alpha.

A familiar pre jump thrill boiled in Furball's stomach as the pilot began counting down to break.

“Let go, and…” The cabin light turned green, “Go! Go! Go!” the jumpmaster yelled as the pilot performed the burn portion of a turn’n’burn to stop the shuttle.

Furball and her fellow Rescue Jumpers didn’t necessarily jump from the back of the shuttle. More accurately, they were flung from the shuttle as their angular momentum continued at a similar clip. Alpha Flight hurtled through the black of space towards a pre-selected access point.

“I’m marking our LZ, Alpha Flight, try not to drop anything important,” Furball said over their unit comms. They began firing bursts of compressed helium from their zero-g maneuver packs to adjust their trajectory and approach velocity.

As they approached the hull they let off a final few puffs of helium to bring themselves in contact with a series gentle thumps. Furball activated her mag boots, and to her great relief they stuck. The roughly platoon sized unit of Rescue Jumpers clomped along the surface of the massive ship. They had made landfall a clean twenty meters away from the access port, and within moments they were pulling themselves into the Ark Ship’s artificial gravity. Furball took a small team through the airlock first to secure the area. They were met by a small contingent of armored soldiers with side arms holstered.

A man stepped forward and waved, addressing her in heavily accented Trade, “Welcome, to Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark Alpha, too bad we couldn’t meet under better circumstances. I’m Ensign Alowyn, by the way.”

Furball could hear a tinge of exhaustion beneath his levity. She signaled an all clear to the rest of Alpha Flight before responding, “Take heart, Ensign, I’m Ittô Heisho Sakai, we’re bringing in about a platoon of medics, we can start triage and begin tracking procedures for the refugees. Is there somewhere safe to bring our shuttles? We were warned against intense heat and light sources, and don’t want to fry your equipment or people. We aren’t too familiar with your people’s biology.”

“No, no that’s not it,” the ensign said, leading them deeper into the ship. “Being directly exposed to intense heat can cause injuries, but as long as you are careful, we should be fine.”

“Ah, that’s good, It’ll save the other Rescue Jumpers from making such a dramatic entry,” Weber said, rushing to catch up with them.”

“Shoi Weber, this is Ensign Alowyn, our guide it seems,” Furball said, falling into step.


Working quickly with Alowyn and his men, the Rescue Jumpers turned the rooms and corridors near their airlock into a processing center they dubbed Port Hope. While Weber and Alowyn did their best to coordinate between the ships crew and the steadily growing number of Rescue Jumpers, Furball, took one of the Norian soldiers to go address the growing crowd of refugees.

“Thank you for your patients, everybody,” she said through her amplified helmet speakers.

People began shouting questions too quickly for the Petty Officer to translate.

Locking eyes with scared and exhausted refugees, from behind her Kabuto’s expressionless visor. Furball sighed and took off her helmet. She’d survive the thin oxygen long enough to do what she needed to do. They needed to see her, just a Nekovalkyrja with helmet hair. Flesh and blood just like them. She spoke again, slow enough for the Petty Officer to translate, “You’ve all been asked to do so much recently, but you’re almost to the other side. We’re going to begin handing out wristbands. In order to keep track of you and your loved ones, we ask you not to take these off. We will also be taking your picture and fingerprints. When you and your family unit have been given wristbands make sure to register as a family. We will do our best to transport you as a group. Long term unmarried partners and non blood related dependent minors count as part of your family unit. As evacuations begin, the seriously wounded and those with pressing medical conditions will be taken first. Please make sure your paperwork is filled out properly, and don’t lose those wrist bands. You will scan them before you board or leave a ship or holding facility so that Personnel Command can properly palace you and ensure that you are reunited with your loved ones.”

Cold air nipped at Furball’s cheeks as she began fielding questions.
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Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark Alpha​

@ Rescue Jumpers of Alpha Flight

“You’ve all been asked to do so much recently, but you’re almost to the other side. We’re going to begin handing out wristbands. In order to keep track of you and your loved ones, we ask you not to take these off. We will also be taking your picture and fingerprints. When you and your family unit have been given wristbands make sure to register as a family. We will do our best to transport you as a group. Long term unmarried partners and non blood related dependent minors count as part of your family unit. As evacuations begin, the seriously wounded and those with pressing medical conditions will be taken first. Please make sure your paperwork is filled out properly, and don’t lose those wrist bands. You will scan them before you board or leave a ship or holding facility so that Personnel Command can properly palace you and ensure that you are reunited with your loved ones.”

Among one of the groups of soldiers, a thorned flower bloomed with the strangest feminine grace. Everything about her beseeched darkness, a pang of projected presence that was almost predatory with the slight sway of her hips. Unlike the MERN soldiers, her bodysuit was heavily armored, was jet black etched within columns, and had designs of gold-like material. Interlocking plates scaled her neck, up over her face, and scaled up and over her slender pointed ears right to the tip. The soft hues of sapphire glistened beneath the translucent shields that covered the eye regions as she locked her gaze upon Ittô Heisho Sakai. The movement of the scale-like formations of metal slid back and then disappeared into the collar of her bodysuit as she took a step away from the circle of soldiers who surrounded her. Now in full view, as metal and shadow peeled away to reveal much more defined features under illumination. A regal lilly-beauty, unmistakable in the pendulum-like movements of her frame with teal threads that fell to the curvature of her lower back, and an unmistakable glimmer of cut sapphire within her eyes, was but an Athena of Norian beauty. Though with all beautiful blossoms, the wrist-mounted cannons were deactivated yet defined within the formation of her gauntlets, and a holstered assembly blade at her right thigh she was riddled with thorns all of her own. Why was this obviously noble figure among the worst of the refugees? A gold guilded symbol of hope perhaps? Or something else, a slow exhale of air left her lungs as she stared at the Nekovalkyrja.

Ensign Alowyn reacted to the presence of this other woman as she lowered her head she whispered quietly, "Tal'Cel Rin Caeyara." The translator still functionally struggled with the meaning but the word Queen along with her name was at least clear. She lowered her head, placed her right hand across her chest and closed her fist against her shoulder briefly before she released it.

"Hello...savior," Rin said in a quiet tone to the one identified as Ittô Heisho Sakai, "May I help you hand out these bands?" she questioned, it was a shame that trade flowed with such lack of eloquence. She struggled with it, she struggled with the dying whispers of the Ark. She had been a member of the Imperial Bloc assigned to it since they departed New Noria. She tilted her head softly to the right, and then straightened it as she continued to explore the facial features of those who came from Yamatai. "Most in the hospital have already perished, I have their IDE's within my possession. Tell them what is this place you wish to take us to like?" she asked, paused, and then continued, "I'm sorry I tried to increase the atmosphere, but the mindhives on this Ark have nearly expired, I admire that you took your helmet off to address us, but put it back on - I'd hate for you to catch something," her words were almost musical in their nature, alluring, and only complementary to the assets that were exposed just slightly as more of the armor frame relaxed back into a more docile mode.

"There are containment cells in the depths of this Ark, you must not open them. I will handle what lurks beneath. Alright savior?" she questioned with a smile. The Nekovalkyrja surely had their own questions, they must have had a hunger for knowledge and debate just like they did - how else did they gain their technological expression? Rin questioned, she took a deep breath of stale air. She had been there with the suffering, the starving, and she couldn't help; but make a quiet plea to the one she had chosen to call savior, "Water? Please."
Location: 2 LY from Xylar, Fringe of Rosenthal Nebula

In one of the open spots of space the Star Army was using as a vector into the evacuation area, a takumi-class cruiser glinted into existence, followed by a shimmering sea of hundreds of vessels arrayed in a tight formation by group, but all together in a larger formation, pierced the void hailing the arrival of the First Expeditionary Fleet.

The craft were a mix of warships of every size, though the combat air patrol that launched as soon as they arrived was minimized to not appear aggressive while still maintaining appropriate standard operating procedures in the non-standard situation.

With a red in some manner of primary color, a long-haired Nekovalkyrja opened a channel to Aphelion after straightening her uniform and removing her hands from the tactical display where she stood.

"Salutations, I am Taisho Shimizu-Motoyoshi Akina, you are most welcome. The First Expeditionary Fleet is here to render what succor it can. I have a hospital task group with internal environmentals already tuned, and you are welcome to send medical professionals there to assist in triage and treatment. They are Task Force 48. The rest of my ships are prepared to ferry as many of your citizens as they can handle to Pisces.", She paused, and her smile softened, "There are further vessels to take survivors to Akina from there, from the small Shimizu clan holdings, as well as my personal vessel." It could only hold 200 people packed to the gills, but it was something and easy to operate with the one person tasked to it, a chusa that had volunteered.

An information packet was modified and sent to be received to give the MERN the exact amount of survivors each ship in the fleet could support, though some were just there to offer their expertise, resources, and personnel to maintain and repair responding ships.

A short, lithe Neko with a stubby lynx-like tail and brown hair with spots announced, "Task Force 48 is vectoring into their assigned deployment and maintaining position."

The hospital task force included what Akina felt like was not enough Minori-class hospital ships, something she was planning to redress in the long-term. They did not have enough patient capacity for large-scale incidents like the one they were facing.

Aboard the YSS Eyra, one of the Minori vessels closest to the massive living vessels, Shimizu-Motoyoshi Ayano, the doctor in charge of the hospital on board for the duration, went over the environmental adjustments and took a final check that everything was prepared to receive any injured as much as to get help from Norian physicians to fill in the blanks and demonstrate anything they could to their compliment.

"Right, bring the lights down...now." As the lights from the shuttle bay all the way into the hospital decks dimmed, launching was already underway from all the responding vessels of the task force. They included the larger Tenba transports, small evacuation shuttles, and the very capable assortment of thirty medevac shuttles.
The First Fleet began to arrive on scene, with its huge Izanagi Dreadnaughts such as the YSS Battle of Yamatai taking up positions near Pisces. These behemoth ships were essentially highly-mobile star fortresses and were larger than Pisces Station. As such, they had a lot of room onboard and were able to serve as alternate registration and processing stations to expand Pisces' capacity. The crew of the Battle of Yamatai was already setting up her aerial football stadium with thousands of cots for Norians to sleep on if the lines for resettlement to Yamatai, Akina, and Virginia got too long. By now, thousands of Star Army of Yamatai shuttles were streaming towards the Norian ships from the various responding fleets, and shuttle bays and landing zones looked like an airport with heavy traffic.

Among the ships of the first fleet was the YSS Resurgence, the long-range expeditionary gunship painted with the colors of the Yamataian flag. After arriving in the system, the gunship moved to dock with the Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark Alpha.

Zanven's big fighter launched, under Aoba's orders to locate and mark docking facilities on a shared map that SAINT was helping build of the gargantuan newcomer spacecraft. As he located a suitable one, the Resurgence moved in very close to the Norian ship and synchronized its relative position to the leviathan.

Deck 2

Pidole Henitot, dressed in a skintight Type 28 AMES spacesuit, stood beyond a barely visible shimmering air containment forcefield at the ship's port-side main airlock on Deck 2, operating the systems on it along with two of her subordinates, Azumi and Tomoko. Pidole grabbed a joystick on a control panel by the door and concentrated. On a view-screen she had a view of the Norian ship's hatch where she watched the Resurgence's flexible docking tube rapidly extended out to meet the other ship, and then engaged a flexible seal reinforced with Molecure solution. Once everything looked right including pressure readings, Azumi and Pidole opened the airlock and entered, then closed the door behind them and went to go inspect the connection. There was another air-forcefield portal on the tube's far side, where Pidole began manually opening the powerless airlock into the other ship. Her beetle buddy, Bidole, sat on her head and supervised. After several minutes of hard work, she and Azumi finally got the hatch open on the Norian side then reported in to the Resurgence. The familiar beep of a secure channel was followed by, "Bridge, Pidole, affirm positive connection with flexible docking adapter, how copy, over." Her heavy breathing in the spacesuit was audible for a moment before the transmission stopped.

Beep. "Pidole, Bridge, good copy, flexible docking connector is connected," Kalena's voice replied. "Thank you and standby for away team, out."

Onboard the ship, Aoba's voice came over the intercom. "This is the captain. Away team report to deck two and assemble. All medical staff are required. Uniform is AMES due to failing enviromental conditions on the other ship."

Poppy arrrived shortly afterward, and looked around the open airlock. Through the hatches she could see the huge alien spacecraft looking like a metal wall, and the blackness of space filled with the twinkle of ships and shuttles racing back and forth on the sides, all visible through the clear walls of the inflated flexible docking tube.
FDS Brave Star

Rather impatient and wanting to do something after getting silence on instructions from the Star Army on what to do, Captain Richards sprung into action. "Better to ask for forgiveness than to permission" was always the motto for the Red Naval Captain anyways. Made his career in the Star Army when he wanted to stay with the action rather short despite his age.

Leading a squadron of 4 Red Hill Class Logistics ships in his new Red Mountain prototype, the squadron tightly aligned their CD Drives and wrapped towards Ark Alpha as the majority of the ships seemed to be heading in that direction. He shifted in the still unbroken-in seat as he looked over towards the empty AI tank, still not use to the idea of someone acting as the ship's AI.

"Cap'n, you should hear this." his XO, a tall athletic beast of a woman in a red and grey uniform turned in her seat to look at him. She then flipped the what she was listening to the bridge's external speakers. The leviathans singing over hyperspace communications filled the room, which attracted a number of near by crew members as the doors were not closed.

Captain Richards had an image of a salty old ship captain to maintain, but the sheer beauty of the it cause even the manliness of men to shed at least one tear as the emotion of it is overwhelming. "Killing ones' enemies is easy and always an option, but these are the true moments that show people what you are truly made of." he said, referencing the ability to save lives instead of taking them.

The music continued as they streamed towards the ark in CD until they started deaccelerating and exited their bubbles. "Let's do this ladies!" he said after clicking a button to speak to the crews of the squadron. "Try not to get in the way of the Nekos, you know how they get when they think you are stealing their thunder." he continued with a level of sarcasm.

Since most of the crew were from Fujiko, the Brave Star was kept unusually cold as everyone save for the bridge crew wore red and grey environmental suits like it was casual wear. They all dawned their helmets to be able to see in the dark however.

Docking Collar Airlock

The Brave Star maneuvered its nose in order towards one of the Arks docking ports. At least it seemed like one since a SAoY ship had just used it. The location of the ship's docking collar, a pair of medics waited in the collar's airlock for some kind of all clear from the ark.
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YSS Resurgence
Deck 2

“Do you hear that, Pink-sama?”

The tiny Nekovalkyrja came up next to the taller, pink-haired Minkan Medical Specialist, with a medical scanner in hand and duffel bag slung over her shoulder with not one, but two different medical kits, in addition to a science kit. While Chiasa wasn’t a Pharmacy Specialist yet, she was the closest thing to one on the Resurgence. As such, much of the task of learning and analyzing the Norians’ physiology as it pertained to how their bodies reacted to conventional medicines and treatments would fall to her. Accordingly, Chiasa anticipated learning a lot over the course of the next few days, but it was a challenge that she was prepared to commit to with every fabric of her being.

With the weight of expectation on her narrow shoulders, Chiasa found that it was easy to get distracted in the moments leading up to the mission, but the strange, alien songs transmitting through the hyperspace and telepathic channels were an undeniable source of comfort, sucking the tension from her muscles with the efficacy of a massage.

“I heard that the Resurgence had a Musician.” Chiasa added, as her body swayed unwittingly to the music. “I can only imagine what she might have been able to tell us about this. I’ve never heard anything like it.”
"Hello...savior," Rin said in a quiet tone to the one identified as Ittô Heisho Sakai, "May I help you hand out these bands?" she questioned, it was a shame that trade flowed with such lack of eloquence. She struggled with it, she struggled with the dying whispers of the Ark. She had been a member of the Imperial Bloc assigned to it since they departed New Noria. She tilted her head softly to the right, and then straightened it as she continued to explore the facial features of those who came from Yamatai. "Most in the hospital have already perished, I have their IDE's within my possession. Tell them what is this place you wish to take us to like?" she asked, paused, and then continued, "I'm sorry I tried to increase the atmosphere, but the mindhives on this Ark have nearly expired, I admire that you took your helmet off to address us, but put it back on - I'd hate for you to catch something," her words were almost musical in their nature, alluring, and only complementary to the assets that were exposed just slightly as more of the armor frame relaxed back into a more docile mode.

"There are containment cells in the depths of this Ark, you must not open them. I will handle what lurks beneath. Alright savior?" she questioned with a smile. The Nekovalkyrja surely had their own questions, they must have had a hunger for knowledge and debate just like they did - how else did they gain their technological expression? Rin questioned, she took a deep breath of stale air. She had been there with the suffering, the starving, and she couldn't help; but make a quiet plea to the one she had chosen to call savior, "Water? Please."

Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark Alpha- Port Hope

Even before the Ensign Alowyn introduced the newcomer, Furball could tell she was supposed to be important. Exhausted refugees wouldn’t have made way for her like that if she was little more than a poser in fancy gear. The woman’s, the queen’s, presence left Furball feeling slightly star struck, not just a little annoyed. She understood it was necessary for morale, but the idea of politicians and nobles turning her work site into a public performance still sat wrong.

“Thank you,“ she said as she pulled her helmet back on, breathing in the blessed oxygen. Sure, SASO were supposed to be unsung heroes who got the job done before fading back into the shadows, but Rescue Jumpers brought hope wherever they deployed. She couldn't just brush this woman off or fob her off on Weber no matter how much she’d like to. She’d play her part as… “Savior”

“I’m sorry to hear about the hospitals, we will still want to send a team to evacuate the few survivors. And don’t worry about the atmosphere, you’ve done enough, Highness,” she spoke with the same sincerity she used with the refugees, she was coming to understand that she was as much speaking to them as the queen. Correspondingly, she slightly cheated her body out towards the audience like she’d learned to do a few years back when the 171st decided to put on a stage play as a morale activity.

She wanted to simply answer the destination question with: better than here. That wouldn’t do. The performance wasn’t over yet, “Pisces station is busy enough on most days, but it’ll be stretched to capacity once your ships begin to arrive. Personnel Command and Logistics Command are quite efficient, though. The most professional crews in the Kikyo Sector will take you to facilities on some of the most beautiful planets in our Empire, vast oceans, green continents, and cities full of welcoming citizens eager to help you begin your new lives.” Truth be told, she’d rarely been down to the surface of any of the planets on the list other than Virginia, her duties often keeping her in the fringes of Yamatai space.

Making sure her external speakers were off, she opened the unit comm, “Cat Scan, grab the lady another bag of wristbands and a scanner. Oh, and a bottle of water. Hey, Weber, we’ve got royals out here.”

“On it boss,” the Nepleslian born RJ, Cat Scan, said, jogging off.

“I was listening in. Passing it up to Bungie,” Weber’s voice came over the comm.

“The big man’ll be busy with coordinating vac side, I think we get to play Diplomatic Corp today,” Furball said over a direct line, thankful her visor hid her rueful grin, “But, we do need to figure out what’s up with those cells. I don’t want to get some kinda flesh eating bacteria or crazy space monsters getting loose.”

“Noted, Furball,” Weber’s voice came back over the private line. Furball was glad to hear the woman sounding more confident.

“I heard that the Resurgence had a Musician.” Chiasa added, as her body swayed unwittingly to the music. “I can only imagine what she might have been able to tell us about this. I’ve never heard anything like it.”

YSS Resurgence
Deck 2

Even with its legs retracted, maneuvering the big VMAC through the Zero-G passages hadn’t been Vec’s most graceful moment, even with its legs retracted. He wasn’t sure if her bloodhound and life saver packages would be much help here, but the thing could at least haul extra gear. A DFMK that he’d modified yet again, another bag full of what they’d best approximate as the Norian safe equivalent of medicines for common ailments, a heater and atmosphere tent if they wanted to establish a rest area and lunches and a thermos of coffee for the team.

He moved up to join the Pink and Ohara at the airlock. “If y’all don’t want to carry something, toss it on, Kōchō, she’s a strong girl. Aren't you Kōchō?” he said gesturing at the 2 meter long utility drone. He couldn’t help but grinning behind his visor. If reports were to believe the 171st were the first on the scene, first on the ship too. It was only proper, but he was proud of his girls and guys. A little jealous, but mostly proud.

Catching what the little Neko had said, the Doctor cocked his head for a moment listening, nothing his human ears could pick up. He cycled through comms frequencies until he heard something. It started faintly until he fiddled with the power output. “Sounds like somebody’s lofi gothic noise synth set, I kinda dig it,” he said, setting the suit to record.
Delmira's mech floated out of the hanger bay, unarmed saved for her melee weapon in case she needed to cut a chunk of the ship away. Her job was to fly around and examine the structural integrity of the ship for the boarding team and to remove any debris blocking entrance's. Data streamed into her mech and she swore. "What the hell do you mean the ships are alive? Does this mean i cant remove debris from them like the original plan called?"

Ark 1

Rakel had lost a lot of blood however it was of her volition. Her arm had a line of scars and three where fresh, she was confused as to why her healing powers didn't work so now she sat in a chair doing a blood transfusion the tried and true way. Did she anger some higher deity that stripped her of her powers? Regardless she worked hard and tirelessly for the past however many days to tend to others who were wounded when they arrived in the new universe. She was using her own rations at an alarming rate and probably would owe a debt later but this was the only way the others could get Rakel to sit down and relax.

It would be a shame if she died now just having arrived to this universe but she dedicated her life to helping others and if she died giving blood the life essence to another, well that was fine. So many perished and she would be another to join them. She opened her eyes to look around the medical bay. A surge of pride filled her to see others tending to the wounded. Accidents happened and people got hurt during the trip others didnt get the rations they needed and suffered injuries as a result.