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Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark Alpha​

Port Hope - Evacuation- Alpha General​

Rin's disorientation took off as she would gain consciousness for a moment, then slip back into the same unconscious state she had been in before. The painful separation of the broken vesper throbbed within her head. She felt like someone had kicked her in the head, the world spun when she opened her eyes. She had been taken up by the Elysian Star Army soldier, but she reached for her niece and swiped at the air, "It is happening!" she called out. Of course, they were all now painfully aware of the threat that had just arrived in the system, and yet that was not the issue.

A strange sound, like that of a giant bubble popping, could be heard from the innermost sanctums of Alpha Ark. It was like an explosion, then as if time had been paused for just a moment as pressure changes circulated throughout the Ark. The song of Alpha went softer, then softer, then within the sigh of all sighs, the magnificent living vessel lost its hold upon life. Alpha was no longer alive, the Leviathan and all of its mindhives had perished. It sunk within its position in space on a coreward slow slide, that had just started to be affected by the gravity well of Bothosar.

Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark Beta​


"Beta is alright, Taisho. Worry less about getting us off, and more about what you need to do with your fleet out there," Katara said as she watched Bothosar fill the screen. "There are thirty of us on this bridge and not one of them will leave their stations until all civilians are off this Ark," she put it rather pointedly at the Star Army Fleet Admiral, Akina, or not she was not going to play the victim. "Something is not right with this, entities that big don't cross the barrier without reason, there is something more to this," she lowered herself into the command throne. Within moments there were dozens of projected screens with information scrolling on them in a cloud around her.

"Beta...Kr'narlao...get me more power from those fusion reserves," she whispered quietly, as Beta began to sink in its position towards Alpha deploying a stream of gravitons to grab ahold of its dead sister.

On-Route to Beta Hospital​

Aunaera nodded to Chiasa, "Ready when you are, " she said and took a big sip of the latte and they would disembark the shuttle together. "Hmm," Aunaera looked back towards the blue field, "Something is changing out there, and it is not for the better. We can worry about that after we find the doctor though, " she said. Just as she did there was a loud noise. One of Bothosar's swarm ricocheted off the atmosphere. The membrane outside of the field retracted closed and the Ark shifted. "Let's Go," she said to Chiasa as she began to lead her through the maze of the Leviathan's interior. "Things look like they are in better shape here on Beta, I don't know how much longer Alpha will last," she said unaware of the fact Alpha had just passed.

"I'm sure you're ready for this crazy day to be over?" she asked, curious about her new friend and comrade.

Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark Gamma​

Cargo Area​

The Admiral answered the Captain's call, "Just offload the food into the cargo bay. The MERN can distribute, it looks like you're about to have your hands full," Cheol said as he received updates from Gamma's mindhives on what had developed. Was it really a Devourer? In realspace? He felt an urge of panic, as the first volleys of asune energy fire came from Bothosar's tentacles that whirled through space and hit Gamma it causing the entire Ark to shift. Thankfully the heavy nature of Leviathan Husk was designed to withstand punishment, "Quickly get back to your bridge," he urged, "Just get as much food over as you can, I need to get back to the bridge." he said in a frantic tone.

Cheol didn't give much chance to answer, within moments he and two of the MERN soldiers that had been part of his entourage were headed back towards the bridge.

MERN Aiathogu​


Multitasking was thankfully a strength of Admiral Aphelion, the veteran Fleet Admiral had plenty of experience in battles against those entities from the Asune Dimension. It was unheard of for an entity as old or as large as Bothosar to emerge into real space though. It meant revenge or starvation, and either way this was not going to end well even for the entity. "Remember that thing we said we would not do?" she questioned the tactical officer, "...Well we're going to do it. Cause we're not just going to sit here," she gave a nod towards him.

"I suggest you all hold the fuck onto something," she said, and even still she helped to prepare the team they were still going to send to the MERN Ithond. Hopefully, the Yamataians would respond soon about the infantry team she had previously requested.
"I am dispatching a group of MERN Marines for insertion onto the Ithond, do you have an infantry unit with you? They could use a hand if you do," the Admiral added. ( Opportunity for you @demibear )

The dimensional sensors activated and a rippling effect of distortions moved through space as the Star Army fired, it would collide with some of the aether fire from one of their ships and then ripple back towards the Aiathogu. "Got it!" the tactical officer yelled back at the Admiral. The entire ship shuddered as if it had been hit by something as the new dimensional address for aether was dialed into their systems. Sparks flew, and some of the less isolated consoles on the bridge erupted as plasma surged through the conduits beneath them. The lights flickered on then off, then on and then off again, the third time a loud energizing sound emitted through the entire sphere of the military Titan, as its tap reactors activated for the first time in months. The Star Army would watch as the Aiathogu powered up, turrets emerged from beneath the morphic Levithan husk of its hull, and the massive gulley that formed its equator alit a powerful teal blue color. The gamble had paid off, and the Aiathogu had its teeth back. "Missile systems spinning up, turret systems reporting nominal, engineering reports the conventional power plants are online, the sync with Aiathogu is a little off, but she claims she can adjust. Ma'am, you have full tactical options available," he said. "Another fleet has joined the Star Army, looks like they're joining the flight," he added.

"Ensign Enandra, tell the Star Army we're in the game, the Aiathogu can assist. Explain to them, that it is absolutely important that they focus on the 'eye' structure of that Devourer, if it manages to fire that weapon all that will be left is devastation," she instructed the communications officer. Then turned to Uaeso and Naika, "If you two are planning on joining the Ithond Team, I suggest you get a move on," she said with a slight usher of her hand towards the lift. She felt bad that the ensign had to listen to all that panic over the comms from the other leviathans.

While the Ensign handled the Star Army, the Admiral opened up a channel with the new fleet, " Rear Admiral Lane Maddison, I wish this introduction was under better circumstances but you should immediately go weapons-free. Focus your fire on the eye structure of that thing, we have to disable that weapon." It was the best she could do, for the time being, as there was so much going on.


Uaeso looked at the image of Minjun on the screen and then back to Naika, "I never did much like that guy," he said, then motioned to the lift as the Admiral had, "Think we need to get going, we can keep tabs on this situation," he said, hand still entwined with hers he lightly pulled her towards the lift so they could get down to the launch bay. Meanwhile, in the Sylph holding area, Gothuau and her mate had been released into their own launch hall. The MERN soldiers on duty knew full well if they deployed the batons on those two creatures that there would be hell to pay, so they merely ushered the two beasts forward toward the atmospheric field. IFF beacons had been added to their collars to ensure the Star Army knew not to fire upon the two biologically engineered creatures. Gothuau let out a piercing cry, the raptor-like form of her body lurched forwards and her clawed digits clinked against the polished floor. The manubrial tentacles whirled off her crown of bone and glossy black flesh as the razor-sharp tips made sparks as they collided with the launch bay's frame. The beast's eight black glossy eyes filled with a sense of calm though as Uaeso's mind reached out to her, the soothing nature of her pilot prepared her for launch. Her scorpion-like tail rose up behind her and dipped to the side as if to smudge her mate in a loving manner.


The mighty asune dimensional entity roared through the open bands of hyperspace communications just as the Norian Arks had once filled it with music. The rage planet-sized beast flung its tentacles outwards from itself in wide sweeps of over an entire astronomical unit. They would collide with the shield barriers and hulls of ships, it would reflect off them, and pass through others as their combined field systems envelop them within their pocket universes. It would be strange, the distortions in space would suggest that the rifts it had emerged from had not closed all the way, rather they leaked streams of energy toward the creature. The first volleys of those compressed asune energy shots flew from the spine-like hallows upon the bladed tentacles of the creature as it fired back towards the Izanagi-Class Dreadnaughts that had begun to punish it with their high-powered turrets.

Swarms of the smaller creatures flooded towards the formations of power armors, spine lances wielding forwards to skewer their prey while others let off barrages of asune energy fire.

Some of Bothosar's tentacles would sink into the blazing waves of plasma towards the burning Senti formations that sought to escape his gravity wells. They would melt and come undone as they were vaporized in the powerful cone of energy. Others would be splattered into fields of debris as the Star Army Fleet began to unload its punishment. The cloud of wormholes from the Duskerian Fleet delivered their punishments and made their damage as well. Ripples of explosions gleamed off Bothosar's shimmering surface, while others appeared to do more damage blowing off entire sections of the creature's other shell that would flake away to form debris clouds in space. All things did not go unpunished as the massive entity poured volleys of shots toward the newly arrived ships from more of its tentacles and spines.

For now, it was a stalemate, but it could easily shift either way as the blow-by-blow battle commenced in force. Bothosar had not predicted such a unified or overwhelming response to his presence, not to mention the havoc of being outside of his home dimension had a slow draining effect as well. "AGHOOOOOOOO" the massive creature groaned across the channels, "I will devour you all!" his poorly translated voice boomed over the comms. Some of his own debris, disabled power armors, and other objects began to rush inwards towards his eye structure which continued to brighten as it charged. The massive rift which had begun to strengthen within it fed upon the debris as if it were a buffet. The detonations of weapons strikes would make the massive beast recoil back through space which would cause its gravity well to shift.

Bothosar's power surged, but the mighty planetary-sized beast was being torn asunder by the mere power of the allied ships. It was powerful though, yet not invincible. It had soaked an ungodly amount of fire. It was weakened and damaged. It recoiled back again, like a squid as it sent its tentacle arms that remained to sling forward with return fire. Its swarms had been greatly decreased, and yet they still formed back together into formations to defend or land another strike.

You pest of a Kiri brat! Look at what you've done!
You tricked me! You used my hunger, my revenge to trick me!

The beast said over open, but transuniverseal communications, not at the Star Army or the Norians - but at the entity that sent it.

YSS Resurgence and the Gift​

The sea squirt moved through space rather quickly, as it sent a text-only message to resurgence," Inside? Inside please...I am the gift for Yamatai from Alpha," it declared. The mindhive within it was active as it trailed behind the gunship and its defensive posture.


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The cargo area of Gamma Ark
Lenna nods as she yells back to the crew " I don't care where you put them just get those cargo pallets off my ship and get to battle stations. Fold back up the seat deck and secure it, then get to Battlestations!

Pulling up the com pad she spoke into it "Nikicon, sound battle stations! Sobek prepare for battle full power to the Yu-din-chi turrets and once we are clear of the Ark fire everything we got at the Devourer"

Sobek responds via the compad said "I suggest we aim at the large eye of the beast it must not be able to fire THAT weapon. Also, another fleet was decloaked and they are firing at the Devourer with some sort of weapons I have never seen before."

Lenna turns to look at the retreating form of Cheol " Best of luck to us all!" but she has no clue if she was heard as the Ark was hit and the world under her shifted some. followed by the angry sounds of more laser and Gatling fire from the Sobek as it attempts to disrupt the asune fire coming its way and toward the ark.

Cargo bay on Sobek.
The crew was in a hurry to get the food offloaded some of them started to push the containers out of the ship using small gravity devices to lift and then push them out. As Lenna walked back in nearly half of the cargo was gone. The seat deck was back to being hurriedly tied back down even as some of it was installed. Lenna moves into the main part of the ship and sighs deeply. " why can't it ever be easy??"

Upper bridge of the Sobek
Nikicon moves to the captain's chair after looking at weapons stations, pulling up the commands for Battlestations she speaks " Battlestations, Battlestations This is not a drill! Condition red, weapons crews get to your places and I am preparing to disable automating systems. Nikicon then lowered the outside blast window protections and enters the turbo lift to go to the battle bridge.

Throughout Sobek
Klaxon sounds the alert as Nikicon enables Battlestation mode and the red light bars in the hallways start their looping cycle of slowly turning on and flashing off. The crew ran from the sleeping quarters to the turret wells of the large cannons as with the smaller turrets. The forward launcher room fills with the crew as they ready the second volley of torpedos, this time without the same modifications that Nikicon had done to the already loaded one.

Lenna once inside her ship starts to move faster almost a run as she heads toward the battle bridge deep inside the Sobek. Passing crew as she yells to a few, get your ass in gear don't salute we are not military get your ass to Battlestations or we will be floating home!!!

Battle Bridge of Sobek
Lenna rushes into the battle bridge just as the turbolift doors open and Nikicon walks out startling the poor hare some. Lenna sighs some and moves to take the captain's chair as Nikicon whimpers moving to take the weapons chair.

"Crews are ready in the main turrets I am taking them off automation and back to manual fire control. Cargo crews reporting that they have offloaded nearly 3/4 of the cargo." Nikicon reports as she moves to get aim on the devourer and see how many of the smaller creatures are in the way or moving to attack them or Gamma Ark.

"Tell the cargo crews to move as many cargo pallets to the edge of the cargo bay, We are going to use a gravity push to get them out into the Gamma Arks cargo bay as we undock." Lenna moves to open coms to Gamma Ark. "This is the Sobek we are going to blow out as many of the cargo containers we have left into the cargo area and then take up position to keep as many of those creatures off the hull of your Ark. Sobek can not withstand a hit from the tentacles so I can only hope that we can make it fall back or kill that damn thing!"

Nikicon gasps as the large beast hits a bunch of ships nearly half of them are no more than drifting debris of fire. The Senti formations being torn apart makes even Lenna shiver as she starts to undock. "Cargo crew hold onto something!" Then cycles the cargo bays gravity as the containers of food are shifted about and pushed into the Gamma arks cargo as the gunship leaves the dock. Nearly 90% of the cargo dropped off, and a few just outside the dock adrift, yet able to be recovered.

Cargo bay doors close as Lenna ignites the engines and thrusters to move her gunship away, " FIRE! ALL CREWS FIRE! ! ! Target the large eye of the creature!!" AS Sobek clears the Ark the entire port side of Sobek lights up as eighteen large fireballs erupt from the large turrets on top, bottom, and the port side. Turrets sending massive shells at Bothosar all targeting the eye. The new ammo, some sort of Armor Penetrating High Explosive anti-ship round hopefully working as its seller told them. The two enriched torpedos fire off from the front of the Sobek and start their arc around seeking the eye of Bothosar, followed by normal yield torpedos. Followed by the many tracers of 30mm High Explosive Anti Armor shells mixed with the lasers from the Yu-din-chi laser turrets. Laser turrets fire targeting more of the incoming asune weapons fire, than the smaller craft but if one was to get past the streams of 30mm bullets the laser fire will target them.

Main turrets are tier 10, as with the torpedos that are being fired, the Gatling and Yu-din-chi laser turrets are tier 8, and the Sobek itself has tier 11 Multi-layer Sub-space 4-way shielding system, with reactive particle hardening, and armor. The outermost layer of armor will repair holes blown into it as the cost of thinning out all over the ship, is currently at half-thickness. (12.5cm), under that is another different layer, strong vs kinetic energy, but is weak to thermal energy.
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Delmira fired her beam cannons at the smallest of the targets but she swore to herself. "Shit shit shit." She looked at the message from Nikicon. "Nikicon im kind of busy here." She said to the Sobek however the Sobek would get a target lock at the last second before it fired its weapons pinged from Del. "Res prepare for a full loadout change, dual howitzers and dual railguns and as many missiles as you can load me up on.

Ark Alpha Hospital.

Rakel sighed as she was placed in bed and the sounds of medical equipment going made her try to sit up only to be stopped by a strong arm wrapping around her waist. She laid down and closed her eyes listening to the sounds of the Ark die and the panicking of people around her. "Prioritize yourselves and those that can for sure be saved with the limited resources we have." She said consigning who knows how many Norians to death.

Sobek cargo bay.

Zeck nodded her head. "oh i see." The red skinned alien thought for a moment before walking over to a pot hole and peered into space. "What if used on that." She said pointed at the whatever just appeared. "If bacteria bad maybe it help kill monster thing?"

She looked around and headed for the bridge as the klaxons blared. "Zeck has idea. Bacteria bad for Arks use on monster thing may hurt monster thing." She said looking at Nikicon.

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Brave Star

Designed to deal with the small craft such as fighters commonly used by pirates, the Brave Star's NRM-W4409 Goalkeeper Point Defense turrets filled the space with greenish x-ray pulsed lasers. The ship's multiple Magathiel Mini-Missile Cells spat out their loads to contribute damage to anything the Goalkeepers were failing to collectively deal with. Keeping track of the aberrations and the mass of friendly ships to ensure there was a safe margin to prevent friendly fire was clearly overwhelming the young woman (Ms. Radcliff Ryoko). One of the goalkeepers fired a shot uncomfortably close to a Yamataian ship while targetting an aberration.

"Watch your fire, idiot!!" a rather annoyed Neko voice in Yamataigo came over the bridge's speakers as Captain Richards watched the chaos unfolding around him. For all his years commanding ships, this was the first time he had to deal with swarms like the battles of Yamatai of old. Not that he was panicking, he was way too old to really bother with that emotion.

"Ms Radcliff, focus!! The training never mentioned anything like that but you were chosen for the role due to your adaptability and humor. Use both of them!" Richards said, not bothering to look at the tank since she could hear perfectly fine.

"Yes sir!" the young woman's voice came as she continued the job of the AI most people take for granted. Richards then shifted his comm channel to the evac crew. Compared to the first trip, this one was taking longer than expected.

"Evac Team, Brave Star Actual, status report!"

"Almost at capacity, Timonthy heard children screaming for help and went to investigate with Yilia and Masashi. That was over 10 minutes ago."

"Radio them and report back on what is holding things up. I want to be burning back to Port Orchid in 10 minutes so we can get back here for more." Click

Richards looked at the massive entity displayed on his personal volumetric display. What in Granddady ID-SOL's giant sacs was going on? First that message talking nonsense and now this filling up the hyperspace comms...

Outside Brave Star's Airlock

Before the Crew Chief could even make the call to the trio, he could see them running with a mass of school aged children of various ages like they had discovered Yilia's secret candy cache. The one in the left engine nacelle everyone pretends doesn't exist.

"That's everyone!! Let's blow this joint!!" Masashi said as he arrived first, panting and then ushering in the remaining.

"What took you three so long?" the crew chief asked, needing an answer for the captain.

"I'll explain later."

YSS Tengu
Outside Airlock

"Well it isn't Glimmergold, but it sure feels like it." Mizuki said on the comms as Mikael continued directing the rather thin amount of remaining refugees he could see towards his crewmembers helping them board.

"That was a wild experience I rather not go through again captain." Mikael replied, thinking about the intense action and what he and his Giretsu Century did for the ship she once commanded. How he missed the old Giretsu Century of the 75th Legion, but they were long gone as were the Giretsu.

Within the ship, the most critical were directed towards the ship's medical facilities. But given that the medics onboard had absolutely no idea how to deal with Norian physiology, the best they were able to do was treat what seemed like the obvious injuries they were capable of dealing with.

The rest were being directed to the elevators that led to either the upper Mercy Transport module or the lower Mercy Model. Luck would be on the side of the Norians as the Tengu was being prepped for tests to determine the ship's maximum carrying capacity. Modular 5 men cabins mirrioring those on the ship were installed on all the modules' internal decks.

Though as the modules started to fill and exceed their maximum capacity, refugees started to be sent to the ship's massive cargo hold and occupy every nook and cranny of the ship that wasn't near a restricted area of the ship (guarded by infantry lightly armed).

"That is all we can carry Shosa!!" a pink haired Neko Nito Heisho said.

Looking at those that still were left and seeing no one, he nodded and made his way towards the airlock to leave the dead ark. It was like one knew exactly how much the YSS Tengu was capable of carrying.


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171st CRS

Second Chance - Bungie​

The Combat Information Center erupted into a cacophony of alerts and reports around Bungie. All he could do was stare in slack jawed horror as a display from the Second Chance’s subspace telescopes showed what appeared to be a planet sized entity of cosmic horror pulling itself through a rip in reality.

The ship lurched and more alarms began to blare. A seated science officer clung to their display and read off reports of a massive gravitational anomaly.

“Fuck,” Bungie muttered, pulling himself to his feet giving himself a light punch to the chin.

“Reporting new contacts!” a red paneled ATC specialist said, barely keeping the panic out of her voice.

“How many, Aoyama?” Bungie shot back.

“All of them,” she said before pausing, “Sorry, sir, swarms and swarms, they’re packed tightly and I’m having trouble getting a reliable count.”

The XO’s voice from the bridge broke in, “Condition Fight-Ultraquiet, I repeat, Fight-Ultraquiet, we are beginning evasive maneuvers."

A soldier near an emergency locker opened it and began pulling out pressure suits. The soldier furthest from them called out his size and the suit was bucket chained to him. In a well drilled manner, more soldiers, in turn, called out their sizes and received suits.

“Get on the horn with, High Note, we’re doing one last pickup and getting out of here,” he ordered, pulling up displays of the encroaching battle. The Second Chance was the lovechild of a scout ship and a particularly ornery light freighter; they'd be incredibly out matched in any fleet actions. “Extra-large,” he added before putting a hand out for a suit.

Once the entire CIC crew were suited and back at their stations, they began scanning the oncoming mass of oncoming contacts. With a rather outsized sensor and battlespace management package for a ship of its size, they’d at least be able to provide important data and AWACS functions for the gathered fleet.

“Something’s broadcasting on all freqs,” a comm specialist said moments before the face of an apparently Norain man appeared on screen and began to gloat.

Port Hope - High Note​

High Note had walked off to handle issues more important than a couple of royals when she heard the shout from behind her. She turned to find Hermes, Bravo Flight’s commander, helping that other Norian lift Rin. Cat Scan, the bulky Nepleslian, arrived to help, taking one of her armored arms over his shoulder.

As she moved to help, the Second Chance hailed her, “High Note, Bungie says pack as many people onto the shuttles and get moving, this is the last ride of the night.”

“Got it,” she responded. “Weber, get these civvies boarded, standing room only,” she shouted orders to Alpha Flight’s commander and gestured after Hermes.

As the shuttle doors began closing and crafts began launching, the intel officer found herself pushing down a wave of fear and regret. “Bon voyage,” she said over the comms toward the departing shuttles as they headed towards the aptly named Second Chance.

She surveyed her remaining soldiers, among them were Furball and the pair of Field Controllers who’d disembarked with her. They all wore vacuum rated hard suits. The remaining cluster of Norian civilians however, didn’t.

“Y’all wanna do something stupid, kids?” she asked. “Check your suit seals and start breaking out those vacuum tents and rifles. Get as many space suits together as we brought.”

“You, soldier,”
she said to a distraught looking Norian officer, “If y’all have any space suits nearby, get them and get people suited up. Get everybody else into those tents my girls are setting up. We’re gonna take everything EVA and getting off this dying hulk.”

The woman looked at her like a woman. She probably was, but you didn’t earn your peonies without being at least a little mad.


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Ark Alpha Hospital

The flash boom of teleportation was contained behind a curtain. The Separa'Shan who had transported in held what looked like a dozen coffins all welded together. It was enough, barely, to protect those inside from the forces of Teleportation. For her teleporter, range was sacrificed for the ability to carry a heavier load. However, in a relatively friendly environment, it wasn't a problem. The door opened and a dozen patients were moved as her teleporter recharged. She had a few moments, so she looked around the hospital. She nodded at Rakel, knowing the stress she must be under.

YSS Densetsu

Fletcher knew he couldn't save the alpha ark, but it's death was still a massive loss he felt in his soul. He had fought alongside Norians in Ayenee a long time ago, and so felt personally connected to this rescue. "Remind our commanders that we still have more lives to save elsewhere. Don't endanger more lives with stupid risks. Move assets that can't complete their mission safely to assisting the other arks."

YSS Resurgence and the Gift

Nalini understood what the Gift was, the text nature of the message hiding it's nature from others, but not from the Avatar of a Goddess. She worked the controls of the graviton beam projector. "We welcome you, Seed of Gilliad. We'll be towing you to somewhere safe."
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Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark Beta

Chiasa’s ears twitched upon registering the sudden noise, compelling her to turn around, before catching the sight of something bouncing off of the atmospheric force field. The tiny medic briefly stopped in her tracks, but she didn’t linger. She had a mission to complete and danger was something that she was created to face, not balk away from.

Soon, Aunaera led the way through the maze that was Ark Beta’s interior with Chiasa following close behind, keeping up with the tall Norian’s long strides by floating, rather than walking.

“This does look better.” Chiasa agreed. “Hopefully Alpha is holding on.” She added, but even as the words left her lips, she wasn’t so sure.

“I’ll be ready for the day to be over when I’m finished with what I set out to achieve.” Chiasa resolved as she floated alongside the Norian. “The next day will come when it comes. I only want to focus on maximizing the present.” She added.

Before long, the two women found themselves approaching the hospital, having made good pace in the process of doing so. Once more however, Chiasa could only follow as Aunaera led her inside. For her part, Chiasa focused only on what was ahead. The hospital was beautiful, but she hadn’t come to sightsee.

A part of her sensed that the clock was ticking for the survivors in Ark Alpha’s hospital.


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The first attack against the too close Senti fleets should have been devastating, clouds of debris and atomic, near luminal uranium plasma dispersing the energy of the monstrosity's beams as tug boats used their docking webs to lock on to the monster's tentacles, tens of thousands of gravities pulling the husk material apart to allow more beam fire to penetrate and burn into flesh and blood with fissile plasma, before the tugs spooled and fired their drives, acting as hyperspace anchors to hold the beast in place.

Turassieli tug boats finally reached Shurista, locking onto her hull with their graviton beams as they started burning hard, dragging the lunar mass of Shurista's continent sized bulk away from the front lines.

"Turassiel reporting, we can fire the beam from our reactor tree in three hours. Shurista's reactor is depleted, she will not be able to fire thrusters or fire that mining beam again for three to six hours. Cruisers are engaging, skirmishers are engaging. We're calling for help from Katamura, Sutsura, Kherras, and Natsunati, but we will not be able to know if reinforcements are en route for another hour. Please cover us, we're already towing the Arkelost and any MERN ships that don't have power, yet. Any yamataian and other ships that are currently docked, keep in mind, your vessels are in the docking webs, please adjust course to compensate. Our forward fleet was rendered 30% combat ineffective in that last blast, and we'll get tugboats and rescue craft to them as soon as we can."


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MERN Aiathogu​


Naika's ponytail bobbed nodding in agreement with the Admiral's words. She would have to get her hair up into a more secure style on the way, there was no time to waste. "I knew i should've braided this mess," she thought to herself. It seems Uaeso had not caught on to her having planned to go with him regardless. She had been itching to get out and be able to do something to help. Her steps followed Uaeso's as he lightly tugged her behind him to the lift. She wondered if it would be just the two of them onboard the lift or if someone else would be joining them. In the Sylph holding area Morthau was rather calm compared to his mate Gothuau. Naika had soothed him prior to being released and he was prepared for his pilot to arrive. His scorpionesque tail moved to lovingly nudge his mate who was now next to him.


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Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark Alpha​

Port Hope​

Arina took one side of Rin and held onto it when Cat Scan came to help get them into the shuttle. With the Tal'Cel in such a state, she would ensure that she would not wake up alone.

Though she felt unwell herself, she kept pace all the way into the shuttle with Hermes and Cat Scan. Her aunt had things far worse. Inside, she propped herself against another Norian for support, stroking Rin's hair, "Everything has been done, we have no way of helping the others with you like this. I'm so sorry." If it had been her choice, she knew they would stay until they knew as many could be off, were. The last of them would have to be handled by the professionals working the Ark.

The Volaer (Princess) shuddered wearily, there might be time to rest later, when not staring down oblivion. Once she found her a medic, or hopefully a Norian helping that had advanced knowledge of what had happened to her father's twin.

She looked to their two rescuers and tipped her chin up slightly, no point in showing how terrible she felt, "I am Volaer Arina Caeyara. This is Tal'Cel Rin Caeyara. If we can find any Norian physicians to help her that's preferred but if you can help we'll take anything. Her vesper with Alpha was very strong. I also need to get in touch with the Aestaesys, ah, Emperor. When things settle." Her voice was somber, almost wounded.

Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark Beta​


"Already relaying. The Tokyo Group has expanded our firepower." Akina assured her, though she was still looking very flushed, there were multiple partitions running analytics and relaying orders as needed throughout the command structure of the fleet. Where to direct the firepower of the battle groups became suddenly very important as she hissed, "It's like fighting a giant Mishhu, a ball of tentacles and pure hate!", Well there was always the chance for a little more revenge by proxy.

"So, there was likely another hand in this?" Her eyes strayed from Katara to Mazumi. "Mazumi-hei, stand to this side of me. Keep tabs on the organization inside Beta. We had to pull our fighting ships out. I want to know when or if there's any trouble." Better to take some of her mental load not dealing directly with the battle and let the caretaker help her. She was still a soldier.

Bothosar Engagement AO​

First Expeditionary Fleet

"Tightbeam from Mazu. We've been told where to focus our fire. Calibrate everything to 'the eye' that is not engaged with screening." Akiko ordered, she got the information from Ayano, whom was already working with the rest of the fleet. As the formation of ships widened, it looked at first as if they were in chaos until light began to tear into a three-dimensional area of space occupied by a section of swarms. They had been herded, and baited into a crossfire. Miu and Miyako were on the interior side of one part of the trap, the facing weapons hitting the swarm, while like the others, their main weapons fired at Bothosar.

No munition was spared to stop the massive super weapon from firing, it had been made very clear where to concentrate everything. It was a relief to have arrived when they did, she would have hated herself if they had not shown up when they did, by their action or not.

Senti Fleets - Shurista

With fresh orders from the Taisho, a small contingent of tugs broke from their duties to attach themselves and begin burning with the others already there. There were only 25, but it was 25 more tugs that were basically all engines. Every little bit.

Kurusu Armor Group

Misaki's angry hive of mostly Mindy armor was still in the thick of battling part of the swarm, when the sweeping reach of death wiped a quarter of her unit out, she had survived by providence and hard maneuvering. While she tracked another group and dispatched three from the enemies, their group spread to become more thin to deal with the invaders, but she ordered them to make the engagement wider, so less of them would be caught in the way if a swipe came again. It was like being toyed with by a predator that could just decide to kill you when it was bored.

They would be better prepared, the next time.
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Duskerian Fleet

General purpose alarms sounded as the fleet finally entered normal firing range and the frames and fighters protecting the Duskerian fleet began their battle against Bothosar's swarming spawn. Ground-bound variable tanks swarmed across the hulls of starships, acting as additional makeshift defense turrets, their recoilless gravity cannons firing canisters of sabots which spread and cut swarms of enemies to shreds, but still more remained.

The pilots called out but not in fear, only professionalism and training managed to hold off the terror that might otherwise set in when faced with such a staggering foe. Instead, the Duskerian pilots tasked to defend called out targets. Officers in larger mechs delegated targets to their smaller subordinates while they did their best to block damage to the ships they protected through sheer bulk alone.

"All ships, fire torpedoes, I want half of them blowing a hole open for our fighters!" Was the order of the day given by Rear Admiral Maddison in response to the recommendation given by the Norian Admiral, "Send the other half right into that thing's eye. It doesn't matter if we lose some along the way, that'll just soften the path up for the strike teams all the better! Any ship with a HAVOC, start targeting those tentacles, and don't spare the ammunition! Set a timer on your antimatter charges, let them get deep inside its shell before detonating!"

As he spoke those orders, the fighters and variable frames deployed by the fleet began a daring maneuver. Nearly four thousand fighters, split across several targets, began to cut their way through the foe in an attempt to strike at the creature's eye and at its tentacles. Amongst the normal fighters were mixed strike craft. Starbreakers laden with torpedos and Banshees with their inverse-fold-beams capable of "cutting" anything at all. They plowed through the holes opened in the swarm by the antimatter torpedoes, variable frames transforming partway to fire without changing their direction of flight and safeguard their formation as the group sliced through the enemy horde.

In response to the Rear Admiral's earlier orders, HAVOC cannons began to spit their 170-ton payloads at a more rapid rate, shells now beginning to plunge deep into Bothasar's flesh before detonating their deadly antimatter payloads. All the while, the fleet's other guns did not remain dormant. Secondary cannons on the cruisers and escorts opened up, nuclear shells bathing the void around the Duskerian fleet in the light of all-too-brief artificial suns as chunks of the monstrous swarms simply evaporated, and those that remained found themselves met with streams of slugs and plasma fired by the ships' point defenses.

The defensive cloud of fire was working, but not perfectly. Soon, frames began to find themselves being picked off, their pilots virtually ejecting back to within the safety of their ships as the warmers began to gnaw at ship hulls before being batted away. Still, despite all this, the damage to the fleet was light, with no ships lost so far.

"I think if this keeps up, We'll show that bastard Corrin why we're all in the patrol fleets and he's stuck commanding a desk!" The rear admiral said in encouragement to his crew, "Now to make sure our fighters take their trophies before the cats take all the fun!" If the battle could be ended before his own reinforcements arrived, he knew he could use it as a point of accomplishment and pride over his rivals.


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MERN Aiathogu​


Enandra worked though the radio chatter happening all around, and she pulled a radio call offering assistance to repeal the new threat and she sent it to the admiral’s station before she went about trying to tune into the radio frequency of the pilots. It took her a little while before she gave up and returned her focus to more important things, so she only caught the end of a conversation, but she remained silent and moved on to monitoring everything at once. As she brought her attention back to the mass chatter, she pulled up a request for cover and she listened to it intently before she made a note of the location and who made the call before considering sending back a reply but decided against it because they couldn’t offer help at this time.

Then came the call to hold onto something and she took a deep breath and shifted her footing and went back to paying attention to her console and the radios. She felt the shole shirt shudder and noted the surges on some of the other consoles and she was grateful that communications were more isolated then most of the others around her. She hoped those not on the bridge had braced and were ready for battle because this wasn’t going to be pretty, she knew that as soon as she heard they had full tactical options available. And she hears the comment about the other fleet “I sent a communication to you Admiral from that fleet."

She heard her order and she nods turning back to the coms station and she taps into the communications stations of the star army and she takes a deep breath as she adds a common international emergency channel in the hopes the pilots of the new fleet will hear her. She takes a breath, and she speaks clearly her voice calm and collected as she speaks “This is Ensign Enandra of the MERN Aiathgou passing on the information to focus fire on the eye structure as we need to prevent the weapon it carries from firing as it will cause massive devastation if it fires. We stand beside you in this battle we have full battle capabilities once more” she closes off the communications and begins listen to replies as she moves her hands over her coms station setting it up to monitor the Arks for communications and specific sounds.

She was beginning to get overwhelmed by all she had to do she looked at the coms station her eyes dancing over everything as she listens to the chaos that is the comminutions right now. She pauses for a moment and brings her hands up to trace one of the markings on her cheek that disappears down into her uniform this grounded her, and she shook her head before she stepped back up to the coms station and began putting the computer to work for her filtering out anything the wasn't related to the battle and the arks. once she had the computer helping her the chaos slowed a little and she could hear whole communications not just parts of them.
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The Star Army heard Endandra's message and SAINT personnel rapidly spread the new intelligence info throughout the gathered Yamataian forces as well as the NDC ships, Senti Flotillas and other that had showed up to help. The thousands of ships focused fire on the strange mega-monster's eye, putting out an extremely huge amount of weapons fire of all kinds on it.

YSS Resurgence

Captain Aoba had the Resurgence tow "The Gift" to the YSS Battle of Yamatai, which lowered its rear shields so that the pink creature from Leviathan Alpha could hide it one of its massive starship repair bays. He then continued joining the other gunships, cruisers, and battleships in pummeling the threat that had appeared. He opened a transmission to the away team, "Be advised Pisces is getting full so we're going to use the YSS Battle of Yamatai as an alternate Pisces and escort our rescuees there for immigration processing. Since Ark Alpha is dead you are now authorized to use whatever cutting tools you need to navigate the interiors and get through doors, including using the shuttles Dageki strike modules to make your own working airlocks. There's plenty of help here to so a deep search of the husk so just grab as many people as we can reasonably hold and then return to the ship when we're ready for pickup. Stay in groups and don't get lost."

Leviathan Ark Alpha

"Hang in there," Poppy said, giving Sanda's hand a warm squeeze as she administered the good painkillers with a hypospray, then strapped her snugly but not overly tight on her grav-gurney so she was ready for transport. She shot vec a look of concern, then got on the subspace radio, "Prepare to receive 7-line request…Line one, Ark Alpha, coordinates of this communicator, Line two, one patient. Line three, X-Ray. Line four, Charlie. Line five, sierra. Line six, sierra, Line seven, november. How, copy over?"


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Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark Alpha​

Port Hope​

Most of the MERN soldiers at Port Hope were already in their tactical gear which included their hardsuits, they put on their helmets and then proceeded to help the civilians into the tents that were being set up. For the most part, the evacuation continued to move smoothly, even though Alpha had lost all hope and power. The massive Leviathan trembled though as Beta extended graviton beams to capture it to cease its fall towards Bothosar.

Rin sunk into complete unconsciousness again, the voices around her became faint echoes as her mind worked to overcome the loss of Alpha.


Obviously, the Lieutenant's warning had not reached all of the Yamataian troops, and the Separa'Shan gambled with the exotic particle radiation which was being admitted from the Leviathan to use Mindy's teleportation system. Each and every time they would use it, it would be a gamble on their lives. A chance they would come out the other end of the teleportation a molten mass of goo instead of a person due to the extreme exotic particle radiation. Thankfully with Alpha being dead, those levels had begun to decrease. There was a reason they had been told to wait for the doctor to arrive from Beta.

Endri had drifted asleep next to Rekel, he woke up with a startle as the soldier emerged from teleportation, "Why, uh...hello there," he said as he looked towards what appeared to have the top of a human and the bottom of a snake.

Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark Beta​


Katara observed Akina quietly, it was a mere moment before Beta had extended its graviton projectors to stop Alpha's fall towards the massive space monster. After a few moments when it was confirmed Alpha was in tow, she turned to Akina and said, "There is always another hand in something, be it this or anything else. You just have to open your eyes to see it - you won't find it here though," she said as she adjusted her posture in the throne-like command chair. The message containing the all-clear had already been sent to her, but it was held back due to the battle.

Beta Hospital​

Aunaera was going to comment on what Chiasa had said, but she noticed the person they had come for. Jun was at the nurse's station, which was behind an isolation shield. Aunaera knocked on the transparent alloy and motioned him toward them. "Doctor Caeyara!" she yelled out to get his attention. The blue-eyed Norian with jet-black hair approached the shield and made a motion toward the starboard side of the ship. He then walked towards the doors and input his keycode, and the doors opened.

"Dr. Caeyara, I'm sorry for not calling, comms are down on Alpha. We need you, we need to get into the Hospital on Alpha there are people trapped there," she informed him.

Jun gave a nod, he said to Chiasa, "You must be one of our new friends, come follow me and I will get my gear, and then we can leave," he motioned for them to follow and headed down the corridor towards his office.

The Gift​

The sea-squirt-shaped structure drifted into one of the YSS Battle of Yamatai's repair bays as directed and came to a stop there.

MERN Aiathogu - Bothosar​


"Weapons Free!" Aphelion ordered, and as promised the Leviathan was back in the fight, not that the massive number of ships needed them.

The lines of heavy turrets unleashed, sending bright pulses of the new aether-drawn energy towards the eye structure of Bothosar, joining the thousands of ships from the Star Army, the Sobek, and the punishment directed by the NDC. The spherical shape of the massive Asune Entity began to cave inwards upon itself. "The eye" acted like a vacuum as its parts and pieces were drawn inward upon itself like an implosion as the debris was torn apart and funneled back towards its origin. A bright series of flashes occurred around the eye structure as the very structure of the massive entity broke down. Tentacles being cleaved and shattered, the beast was at its end. In a sudden, almost breath-like motion, the debris went from being sucked in the ward, to being projected outwards but being vaporized as shockwaves rippled across the battlefield. Together the forces of the Kikyo Sector had defeated Bothosar.

The miniature-like copies of the entity fell dark and motionless, they drifted through space now along with a few chunks of their Master that had escaped vaporization.

"Enandra, if you can, thank those ships out there," Admiral Aphelion ordered as she slumped a bit over the Operations Table, tired from standing there for so long.

Sylph Bay - MERN Ithond​

Gothuau zipped forwards, the engines on its harness fired and it propelled the beast out of the blue field with its mate in tow. A few moments later, it was headed toward the Ithond. The two Sylph would be the first onboard, accessing the other Titan through the same bay they had left on Aiathogu. Gothuau would land in the Ithond's Sylph bay a few moments later, a rush of air exited her nostrils as she clicked her tongue against her teeth which echoed into the dark area. She flailed her manubrial tentacles forward in anger though as she was seen on the Sylph from the Ithond dead and in pieces within its containment cell. Uaeos would do his best to calm her, as she let out a sorrowful groan and reared her head back to look at her mate.


Uaeso exited the lift into the shuttle bay and immediately headed over to the alcove where the lockers were to change into his tactical gear. "Still fits," he said with a little bit of amusement as he would of course take advantage of any chance to see his wife naked. The rest of the team headed to the Ithond was already on deck. Hopefully, they could get over, confirm the Masamune strategy had completely cleared the threat, and be back over quickly. "That was quick," he mentioned as he received the Mindhive's update that the battle was already over. "We need to eventually figure out why this was important enough for them to send one of those things into realspace, it just isn't normal - it was a suicide mission by the looks of it, not something a devourer would handle," he said aloud the scenarios he was playing out in his head.

Quantum Communication​

From Yamatai, To all Ships​

"Star Army, NDC, and all ships involved in the defeat of that Devourer. I am Airwin Caeyara, the Aestaesys of Tsenlan. I convey to you my sincerest thank yous. To those who were first responders, the life-saving skills you have undoubtedly deployed have saved countless lives. Those who have fought have saved even more. I am already hearing stories of these valiant efforts from those who have contacted me from Pisces Station. So Thank you. I know today will leave some questions and we will have time to answer them all when the dust settles. May victory soothe your souls, a lot of people get to be with their families in the coming days because of your efforts," Airwin's voice would be broadcast across the fleets. "I will see you all soon, so that we may bury our Empress and start our new life, you are welcome to join us," he finished and communication ended.


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Nearby Gamma Ark
Moving along the docking web the Sobek was moving along and firing broadside after broadside, while the smaller turrets were taking down the smaller craft, and asune weapons fire that was fired in the direction of the Gamma Ark, and the Sobek itself. The space lit up around the Sobek and reflected off the nearby Gamma ark. Then a massive explosion happened in the dorsal number 3 turret on the aft of the Sobek as one of the experimental rounds went off inside the turret, The turret was now a smoking ruin, and smaller explosions happening nearby as the Sobek's engines flash a few times and the upper rows fade and do not flash back on. The lower light up and the Sobek is on the move once more, fire steaming from the destroyed turret, and a few spots along the aft and upper engine bank. The main cannons fall silent however the other turrets and forward launchers keep their fire up.

Sobek battle bridge
Lenna looks up as she says "Woa, one of the arks, no that is one of the smaller living ships just joined the fight, how is the devourer looking...... " At the moment the Sobek is rocked by a blast as Nikicon screams diving for cover under the console, then peeks out afterward. Smaller blasts happen as the power flickers a few times as Lenna, and Nikicon moves to look at the screens.

Nikicon says "shit one of the shells went off in the cannon, We lost the dorsal #3 turret, Lenna!! There are secondary fires and damage mostly limited to the dorsal side, upper drives are damaged and I'm shutting them off. I am telling the crews to change over to another ammo type what shall we use?"

Lenna sighs and then says "Load the ap rounds and get the fires under control move crews from the turrets to fight the fires. We can not let the fire spread! Pull back toward Gamma Ark in case we need help." Lenna opens coms and then says "Gamma Ark, This is The Sobek, We lost a turret I think a round went off in the turret. We are on fire and pulling back from the fight. Half power to the main engines, and taking main cannons offline to fight fires."

As the Sobek fell back, the fight kept on and soon Bothosar broke apart as The Sobek was tossed around some from the loss of thrust. Closing into the hull of the Gamma ark a little too fast for comfort, but had slowed as Airwin's voice came over the coms. Most of the fires on The Sobek were out as it slowed returning to the dock it was at before the devourer Bothosar appeared. The lost turret's fire was still going but was starting to go out.

"Gamma Ark, Sobek moving back to dock where we were before all fires are out except the missing turret as that is mostly oxygen fire now, and will go out soon. " Lenna radio's back over to the Gamma ark as it holds from docking as it nears the docking area once more. "Lenna Fires are out, and the upper engines are out till we can get them repaired but it looks to be a severed power conduct when the turret blew. " Lenna nods some and then says " ok thanks, I am glad it looks to be something small for the engines. Any idea how many injured there were in the explosion?" Nikicon looks at the damage control and shakes her head " no not yet sorry!"
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Shuttle from Port Hope

Hermes performed an eyes and hands check, as his patient slipped in and out of consciousness. He peeled back an eyelid and did his best to check her symptoms without a pen light. Her eyes seemed to be flickering rapidly even though the rest of her body was limp. “I wish we could have met under better circumstances, Caeyara-san,” the Elyssian doctor said as he worked. “A Norian doctor would definitely be helpful in the long run, but for now, let's focus on getting her off the X. Out of harm's way,” he clarified. “Unless somehow restoring this connection will help, it seems like she’s mostly under a lot of physical and mental strain. Your species are generally mammalian are they not? Just run at a lower core temperature?” He affixed a bio monitor to her neck. “Does her armor have any life support functions? If not, let's get her out of it. She seems to be showing shock symptoms.”

As he worked, Cat Scan had already begun clearing a space to potentially lay down the injured Tal’Cel.

Second Chance

The first shuttle passed through the Second Chance’s aft bay doors much to Bungie’s relief. Opening a line to the bridge he said, “Captain, have your people plot us a course to Pisces Station, give me your estimated time till fold.”

“Way ahead of you Bungie,” came Taii Nilsen’s calm voice. “We’ll jump at your order.”

“Good man,” Bungie replied before turning his head back to his screens.

A comm specialist chimed in, “High Note’s Oscar Mike, she says ‘have the grav beam ready to catch her.’”

“The hell?” Bungie muttered using the ship’s subspace telescopes to find his Intel officer.

Port Hope Stragglers

High Note had to give it to these MERN soldiers, they’d gotten the civvies bundled up to go EVA without much trouble. She began dividing her remaining mixed band of soldiers into five groups. “You’re each taking a side of the tent. 1-Left, 2-right, 3-top, 4-bottom, and 5-rear. You two,” she said addressing the pair of Field Air Controllers, “You’re with me up front. We’re gonna keep this cluster fuck aimed at the Second Chance. The rest of you turn off your maneuver pack’s recoil compensator. When I call your number your side shoots directly away from the tent. If you’ve got a maneuver pack, fire that off too. Tape yourself in place if you have to, if somebody falls off, we can’t go back for them.”

She didn’t let her nerves show as the mixed SAoY and MERN soldiers began to take their positions around the tent. Pushing, shoving, and dragging they managed to get the tent to the edge of the containment field.

“Kira,” High Note said to one of the FACs, “Get on the horn with Second Chance, tell them we’re coming in hot and dumb.”

“I resemble that remark,” the FAC said before switching frequencies.

“Everybody ready?” High Note asked. After a chorus of affirmatives, she said, “I’m going to count down, as soon as the door opens, push. Three… two… one… Go go go!” As one they all shoved, tipping the tent and cluster of soldiers out into open space and the waiting space battle. A flicker of primal fear passed through her stomach as the reality of floating through a space battle in a hard suit registered with her. She squashed it down, there’d be time for fear after they’d survived. “Five!” she called over the comms and the team to the rear of the tent began firing using the combined recoil to launch them away from Ark Alpha.


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Naika had just finished slipping off the last bit of the uniform she had worn over when Uaeso arrived. She nodded acknowledging his arrival, the corner of her mouth curling up into a slight smile as she hung the uniform up. "You are somehow surprised by that?" she said with a hint of sass in her voice. She slipped her pony tail out and sighed shaking her hair out running her fingers through it quickly to resolve any tangles. "That it was." she replied suspiciously after receiving the Mindhive's update. Deftly she braided her hair and got into her tactical gear while listening to him talk. Then she walked over quietly and leaned her back against the locker next to him. "So what is the plan now?" she said.


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Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark Beta​


The Kimono dressed caretaker looked from the queen to Akina again, then back before Akina spoke to her directly, and she nodded her head. “Hai, Ma’am!” she said with a salute before immediately moving to the side. She indicated, and turned her focus on the organization inside the Beta leviathan as asked. Also, per Akina’s request, she’d focused to watch out for trouble.

Yss Resurgence area​

Yayoi watched as Sanda was brought out along with the kids which pleased her. She managed to help coralle the kids to the ship, before she returned to see if he could be of help to Sanda or the doctor.

The NDC’s Night Star​

Nyx observed the battle before her, and blasted what needed to be, but thus far, her comrades were able to handle things so all she needed to do was to observe the battle through her ships. She also received thanks from someone of the Norian’s group, causing her to smile. She’d sent a message of her own. Replying simply not a problem, happy to be of help. Though Nyx wished she’d gotten there sooner, that she’d taken her ship for a joy ride sooner.[/HEADING][/HEADING]

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Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark Beta

Chiasa left the doctor’s office with a deep, painful throbbing sensation pounding at her skull, carried in the arms of her new Norian friend.

Nevertheless, the tiny Nekovalkyrja had been given exactly what she had asked for while following the doctor to his office—a full, professional primer of Norian anatomy and physiology and Norian medicine, downloaded into her digital mind via vesper link. The pain of the process not only stemmed from the immense intake of information, but also from the incompatibilities between a Nekovalkyrja’s digital mind and the mindhive vesper link. Even so, once her mind's operating system finished parsing the data and resolving the errors, Chiasa anticipated that soon, she might be the foremost Yamataian expert in Norian medicine, at least for a short while before others did the same as she did.

At the realization of it, Chiasa could only droll and babble senselessly as Aunaera carried her back to the shuttle, which then took off for Ark Alpha.

Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark Alpha

Fortunately, it wasn’t long before Chiasa managed to get back onto her feet in spite of her lingering headache, albeit with no shortage of dizziness as her digital mind worked frantically to parse the data it had received. Nevertheless, the tiny Nekovalkyrja managed to send Vec a transmission confirming her arrival, letting him know that she had succeeded in her mission to locate the Norian medical chief. Before long, Jun and Aunaera had managed to unlock Alpha’s hospital, where the Resurgence’s medical evacuation efforts would quickly commence!


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Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark Alpha​

Evacuation Shuttle in Local Space​

"We..." Arina swallowed thickly, "...she can't. The leviathan is gone." The other Norians in the shuttle fell more quiet, more somber. They all knew the same thing that she did. As if afraid she might slip away, the snow-haired woman clutched her aunt more tightly.

"The armor has to stay on. Less light, colder, and we can take a more lean mix of oxygen." She confirmed with a nod, steeling herself to go on until she was satisfied Rin was being cared for. Everyone was tired, so there was no reason to feel worse.

Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark Beta​


"That much tracks." Agreed the Taisho, she had so many questions, and she expected many of the questions to come with classified intelligence analysis. The horrible aberration coming to feast was not something that could be kept under wraps even if they had a mind to. She was of the opinion threats of that nature warranted an international response, just as their mission had. "Mop-up is underway now. The Mazu is offloading at that station now, and the Tokyo Battlegroup will be able to begin helping once we have a secure perimeter."

Akina sighed, and let her mind wander back to Katara as she gave her a consoling look for a few moments. "It will take some time to move so many, but barring another one of those things showing up, we're getting better and better at it." The causality reports were already beginning to come in. She ordered the fleet staff to compile the losses in ships and material to be added to what they were already sending to logistics for replacement. The message from the Norian Emperor was heartening to hear, even though she felt it was only natural that they helped.

The eyes of the redhead wandered over to Mazumi. "We'll be busy at this until everyone is off." It did not feel right to her just to go without the Queen of the Hive, without even touching the minefield of a subject that was her origins. There was also the matter of her wondering if it would be lonely or not, and just how integrated she was to the massive space faring creature. "I will arrange for us to go to the funeral." Akina promised to both her own soldier, and her...wife? That kept coming back to her mind, since the bulk of the danger had passed.

Around the First Expeditionary Fleet there was no more massive barrage, but the cleanup was underway. They would be doing their part to stay and scrub space clean from the presence of the great corruption. The Tokyo Battlegroup's orders would be reinstated once the refugees were moved, having the help of the Izanagi promised to speed up the evacuation, though she was especially impressed with those outside of Yamatai. Better angels had prevailed.