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New Submission Operator (Take 2)


Submissions Reviewer
Game Master
Okay! After a bunch of thinking on the matter, here's where we've landed on Operators. I'm putting all this stuff out here so it doesn't sit in my backlog forever and we can start getting more eyes on it.

Operators are now androids! They can do some cool stuff, but their core purpose (to act as a central controller for mechs, fighters, ships, etc) remains unchanged. There's a lot of support for players to RP an Operator as 'basically human, if you ignore the internals' and 'basically a robot in human skin', depending on your character's personality and interest in delving into some of the finer details.

In line with some of the original feedback, Operators are distinctly manufactured products at this point, not a species. I've reviewed these articles with the other FMs and am giving it my stamp of approval. :)


Note: I've got the Crescendo listed as a sub-article here and it is also an active submission thread. Tackle that however feels right, just wanted to call it out.


FM of Neshaten
Game Master
GH stuff is almost always given a go-ahead before the thing hits the NTSE but yes, Whisperman has approval to use GH stuff

Alex Hart

Bumping this, as it'd be really great to get some of the stuff that we've been working on for a good part of the year over and done with so that we can move on.