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Nepleslian Orders [Orders] Jack Hamilton


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Cadet Jack Hamilton,

You have been assigned to 4th AASP Fleet, 3rd Scout Flotilla. You are directed to report to the NSS Venus on Nepleslia Prime. You are directed to report for duty to the ship's commanding officer. You are to bring only what personal possessions and sidearms you can carry. All other necessary supplies will be obtained by the ship's officers. Anything deemed of importance that cannot be brought from your previous assignment will either be shipped to 4th Fleet as and when is convenient or placed in storage until such as convenient to be retrieved.


Grand Admiral Dominic Valken
Commanding Officer, 4th AASP Fleet


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To: Grand Admiral Dominic Valken
Commanding Officer, 4th AASP Fleet
or appropriate Aide/Staff

Orders acknowledged, I am departing to meet up with my assignment. I have been instructed to take on and oversee an experiment from an assignment I oversaw in training. Details are certainly easily accessible to you, but he...or it, depending on one's level of thinking, is in stasis and can't be carried.

I am informing you so that it can be decided if this assignment is to be altered or temporarily delayed.


Cadet Recruit Jack Hamilton