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SACN [ORDERS] Rohan Sephura


To: Chujo Jinja Emi
From: Shoi Rohan Saphura

Unfortunately, I have not been assigned a team during my time in service, and will need to train one on site, or to select from your handpicked choice of candidates upon my arrival.

As it is, I have recently returned to Garrison from a training assignment and stand ready to relocate with your order. I request two weeks PCS leave to make my way to the site and get settled in, if possible. If absolutely necessary, I can clear, report, and be on duty in as little as 96 hours, however I will not be able to purchase supplies to bring my equipment and uniform to local standard for another week. I apologize for any inconveniences caused by my throroughness.

I look forward to the opportunity to train your units on search and rescue, escape, evasion, and guerilla resistance, and to learn valuable lessons in these fields of expertise.

Regards, Shoi Saphura


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To: Rohan Saphura Shoi
From: Jinja Emi Chujo

My condolences for not having a dedicated team yet. That shall simplify things as I specifically wanted, and still want, you on Planet Himiko. I find the very fact that your reply hasn’t been made from a shuttle to be even more disturbing. As you have shown the favor of simplifying things for me, I likewise shall do the same for you.
  1. Pack a bag.
  2. Seal equipment in shipping crate.
  3. Get on soonest PAINT flight to Himiko.
  4. Teach Rikugun how to jump out of Coronas.
Feel free to send me any questions you have no sooner than once you’ve reached the planet.
I thank you in advance for your cooperation.
-Jinja Emi Chujo

P.S.: And get yourself a coffee dear, you look tired.


From: Choi Rohan Saphura
To: Jinja Emi Chujo

I write you from the passenger cabin of a courier vessel en route to Himiko, with concerns that Rikugan do not already recieve jump training as part of their standard skill set. If they do not, then I am eager to set a training standard that emphasizes Rikugan's ability to rapidly deploy to any planetary locale.

I will require a small fireteam of four, preferably with at least two years of emergency medical training, orbital jump, air assault, and airborne schooling. Ideally, your candidates will also have escape/evasion, and Guerilla warfare training as well, to better locate those who might not know we are friendly. Please also include in their dossiers one vocational school you feel will provide flexibility and creative problem solving ability in the field, and in live combat situations. Whether this is a pilot or someone who knows how to bypass the security of a ground vehicle and tactically acquire transportation.

Thank you for your consideration, invitation, and personal involvement in my team's success.

Choi Saphura, Rohan
Star Army Emergency Services, Search and Rescue, Rikugan Support Division

P.S. I have a cup of tea in the cupholder next to me. I think I will survive my current state of caffeination.
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To: Rohan Saphura Shoi
From: Jinja Emi Chujo

Your dedication to proper procedure is admirable Shoi and will be noted. This is not a mere reassignment, out of all of our grand army PANTHEON has indicated you as the best suitable candidate for the mission I have for you. In the event of an invasion the Kuvexian fleet will attempt to take our civilian population hostage. I want you to train a century of Rikugun in an extremely dangerous maneuver.

I have reassigned a platoon of Rikugun to the YSS Nishitama. As enemy landing ships approach the city they will jump from high orbit and attack those ships from above. Solar flares have been causing a higher than normal amount of interference on all of our sensors in the area and this anomaly will cover their approach but will also render their own sensors blind. Your mission is to train our soldiers to hit a needle in a haystack while blindfolded precisely.

In the event of an invasion your platoon shall follow this procedure:
  1. Deploy in shuttles as enemies enter the atmosphere.
  2. Descend on our city and kill as many invading soldiers as possible.
  3. Reintegrate with standard forces upon arrival.
I’ll leave you to fill in the details. As mission commander you will have full control of equipment requisition. Additionally, we have provided specialists, such as mathematicians, to aid in this maneuver. If any additional specialists are needed they will be provided.

As a last note, this mission and maneuver are classified. If there are indeed infiltrators they will not be in this hand-picked platoon. Your soldiers have already been instructed to remain silent regarding their presence on Nishitama, only command staff and those assigned to your platoon may know of your true assignment. On the books your platoon is assigned to defend Nishitama.

Your SAINT liaison will be Candon Suites Ittô Heisho. He is assigned to track down and apprehend the infiltrators. In the event that he calls for a jump before an invasion follow his command. Our primary goal is to apprehend or eliminate the saboteurs.

Best of luck,
Jinja Emi Chujo
Assistant Director of Star Army Intelligence

P.S.: Don’t ever correct me again.
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From: Shoi Saphura, Rohan
To: Chujo Emi, Junja

Orders are recieved and understood. thank you for this opportunity. while this is not going to be an easy task, I believe it will be in my skillset, and I admire your use of a Rikugan Search and Rescue drop school to disguise this planned action.

I am honored and humbled that you have chosen me to run the school. I will not fail.

Shoi Saphura, Rohan
Star Army Emergency Services, Search and Rescue, Rikugan Support Division

P.S. You know what right looks like, Chujo. Do not require my corrections. Feel free to rest. You sound tired.
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