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  • Current IC Month: 7月 YE 42 (through October 11, 2020)

RP [OSMAN UNIVERSITY] CH: 4 Music of the Mind

Jack Pine

Staff Member
Game Master
RP Date
2nd month, YE 42
RP Location
Obsidian City, Osman University
It was a cool fall day, the weather getting colder and colder as the seasons changed towards the colder spectrum of the year. Most couldn't forget the night of fear that the attack months ago had induced, but with the dean and staff deeming it was time, re-opened the school. Students of all ages made their way inside on the first day with glee as it was just a normal part of their daily routines to have back. The halls were filled as they made their ways to class, like school had never closed, one particular person sticking out as he had made his way to the dean's office that morning with a solemn look. It always was a terrible feeling when one lost a child, and Amit's friends would sadly feel his absence.

This was far from what a long time student had on her mind however, as Kayla Shiori made her way to her class. The class rep armband on her arm explaining the data pad in her hand, reading the information upon it. Seemed there had been a few changes to the roster of her class, removing one name, and adding of a few more. She sighed as it just meant more personalities she had work around. Oh well, at least the lengthy blank gave her more time to work and rake in additional cash. At this rate she's be able to buy a car soon, and not have to walk everywhere.

The woman walked into the class, instantly taking note of said new faces, and most looked like trouble in her opinion. Not an issue though, as her education came first right now, and would not be part of any mischief. Taking a seat to one of the returning students, she gave a nod to the familiar hooded presence of Hati, as she sat down and prepared for class to begin.

"Crap, crap, crap!" said Roland Winchester, running through the halls of his new school. He had, succumbed to the same malady, many a student had before, oversleeping. This coupled with his lack of familiarity with the school, only took even more of his precious time. It was hard to read a map while dodging and weaving people.

Still, he managed to arrive just in time, sliding to a stop, next to his class's door.

"I made it! Hot damn. Phew." Sighing in relief, the young man took a moment to compose himself and entered. "Mornin' everyone!" He said hoping to build a rapport with the class.

He looked like trouble, Hati did, sitting towards the back of the room with a black non-regulation hoodie beneath his uniform's jacket pulled up to cast shadows over the pale man's features - he had been sitting there waiting for the day to start, twirling a pen between his thumb and fore-finger idly when Kayla greeted him.

Hati had been about to offer a swift nod in return when a group of whispering girls off to the side caught his attention, the hooded hunched-over man hearing his name being muttered decided to just slump a little further forward into his seat with a huff instead, pulling the hood closer to his features to hide them away from the world - why did everyone have to be so loud and energetic? if he had the answer then Hati wouldn't be asking himself.

So he just sat there, mysterious and brooding beneath his hood, red eyes half-hooded by their alabaster lids.

The sounds of clopping announced the arrival of the new student. The clopping came louder and louder with the approach until her long-eared head poked into the room, her eyes moving to the tag that told her that she was in the right place. She moved forward into the room, one arm holding the backpack close, the other on her furry hips as she looked around, She began moving, silently consulting her database of people.

She sat at the back since her ears allowed her to clearly hear back there just as good as front same with her eyes.

Ayla looked around,. Roland seemed nice though, Kayla she knew was the class rep, and the hooded boy, she was sure he was Hati, due to the dossier she had on him.

Andar had been sitting for some time before the class was due to start. Nevarra, his adoptive mother of sorts, had been very specific about proper etiquette when it came to class. He was to arrive early, pay attention, take excellent notes, and sit at the front of the class so that the teacher would be able to answer his questions. She expected him to be excellent - and he had never given her a reason to expect otherwise.

On the other hand, Andar did not enjoy sitting still. The minutes leading up to everyone else's arrival had dragged by interminably. His hands and body itched to do something, anything. Perhaps playing his violin for a bit to pass the time? Its case, carefully secured against his chair, called to him. That wouldn't be appropriate, he knew, and so he held back.

His mind wandered and drifted. Some ten minutes of waiting passed by in this way before he settled into a distant, glossy haze.

The arrival of his classmates brought him back to his senses. His furred ears perked for a moment before all of him began to relax. The thought that class would begin soon was a release. He greeted each newcomer with a warm, welcoming smile and a nod.

Roland got an inviting wave to go with the smile. "Good morning! Just in time, I think."

A few minutes before the class was to start entered the teacher. A limp to her gait still though much less noticeable than before, the one-winged Lorath known as Harmony entered with a few datapads under her arm. What had before been long shaggy forest green hair had changed now to a closely shaved head on one side, while the top and opposite side was still covered in green hair, though the stark white roots had begin to creep out a few inches.

She looked tired to say the least as she let out a small sigh and walked to the podium at the front of the class. Dressed in a comfortable pair of tight jeans and a simple green shirt, Harmony connected her Geist to the network in the room and quickly went about loading up the information she would need for the day. Her eyes scanned back and forth over a seemingly invisible screen in front of herself and began to murmur under her breath before she eventually looked up and around at the others.

She should have more excited for her first day teaching, but something just wouldn't let her. Maybe it was the fact that her legs below her knees still burned with the pain of her nerve rehab from earlier in the morning, or that she still couldn't feel any of the clothing above her knees, but she just felt... Tired.

But she smiled like she always did, a brave face for her new students to hopefully not let her internal screaming at her own issues bring down the mood of the class as she checked the clock to see when they would be starting.

"We will give the others a few more minutes to join, then start the class..." It was noticeable that Harmony looked old enough to be attending these classes, not teaching them.

The class rep slid her phone from her pocket and shot off a few quick text, the whispering girls falling silent as she did, those glancing over receiving a brief glare. The phone still out of sight was returned to her dress coat pocket of her school uniform. Now that the little situation had been dealt with, she continued with the flipping through notes on her pad, pulling up various new reports, papers, and a few other things of study. It was already planned to be a busy day, work straight after school, so it would be a late return home.

As more students came in, Kayla took a moment to take note of those who were new. The Andar fellow, his name according to the roster anyways, was rather twitchy and seemed anxious. She would definitely keep an eye on him, and the Ayla girl seemed normal....ish enough, but this Roland boy. Well suffice it to say, her expression was less then pleased with his ethic, "Mr. Winchester, please do make an actual effort to make it to class promptly on time. A rushed student, is an unfocused student. Unfocused students make bad grades, please remember that."

Roland smiled at Andar, glad to be making a good impression. Sitting himself in a seat, Roland took of his hat, knowing it would be bad manners to wear it in class. He looked at his fellow students. They seemed a nice bunch. Appearances can be deceiving though.

He turned to the blonde woman calling him out. A stickler for rules, eh? He could already see they were gonna have friction. Still, he was supposed to not start trouble in the first day. "Apologies. The city is still new to me. Won't happen again."

'More waiting?' Andar thought, but kept it off his face. What was a few more minutes at this point? The last thing he wanted was to earn himself a reprimand from .. well, whoever that was. So, he sat there with a bored look, wondering idly about the differences between this school setting and the tutors he was accustomed to.

The waiting was certainly a change, as was.. well, whoever that was. A second teacher, maybe? He pondered it, casting his eyes over at Kayla while he considered her role here.

'No, not a teacher,'' he mused. Maybe she was just bossy? He'd seen plenty of those types before, especially if it was the aide of someone important. Andar hadn't heard of teachers having aides, per se, so.. maybe that 'class representative' thing he'd heard of? He shrugged a bit and looked out the window, waiting for things to get started.

The faint buzzing of a silenced phone and the rustling of pockets that hushed the whispered murmurs about him made Hati's hooded head rise up off his forearms, Hati's big red eyes held a glimmer of appreciation for Kayla's actions and it fixed his mood enough for the broody hooded man to sit up straighter in his seat and take note of the others in the room a little more as Hati bit on his thumb's knuckle absentmindedly.

She glanced over towards Andar as she heard him greet the Roland man, which told her that perhaps they were friends, but whether they were drug dealers or drug users she didn’t know, just that they seemed nice, the class rep was certainly a stickler for the rules, which she admired and respected, but finally it was their teacher’s turn to arrive, and she noticed her limp which caused her to frown. She decided to ask her if she was alright after class.

Hati’s movement caught her attention and it was confirmed he was indeed Hati, and thus her primary mission of protection.

Ayla looked around again, noting within her internal memory how patient the teacher seemed to be.

Harmony's fingers scratched at the fresh pink scar that ran from just behind her temple to behind her head idly as she checked over her notes one last time. The undercut hair do looked good on the younger woman as she looked up to those assembled and smiled.

"Alright then. Welcome everyone to Biology. I'm not going to bore you hopefully during the class, though the first week or two will be going over the basics so we all have an understanding before we work into more advanced course work. My name is Councilor Harmony Hulut Llamnel, I am the head of the bio-Tech research department within the NDC, and one of the teachers here at Osman."

Harmony allowed the words to sink in for a moment before she began. "A simple question to start out with, what is Biology? What does it study?"

Raising his hand, Roland answered. "The study of living things, right? Animals, plants and whatnot."

"Living organisms, to be more speficic~" Hati finally piped up from the back of the room, not the deepest of voices but deeper than you may expect from someone with such a lithe build as he seemingly had - with a sigh Hati slowly pulled open the book on the desk infront of him and rested the tip of the pen against the page idly.

Not long after Harmony had introduced herself and questioned the class, another student tiredly walked into the room. Or slithered, rather, as she was a Separa'Shan. The rather tall girl had her pure white hair in its usual style, having it in one long braid down to the side. Her skin was very pale, her tail much the same with its sparkly white colour and texture. She was dressed in her uniform, of course a little different from the other girls due to that long, sparkly white tail that trailed behind her as she stood in the doorway, the size and length pointing out that she was a Pythus Separa. Her ice blue eyes looked tired as she stood there, before speaking, tiredly and unenthusiatically, and with a bit of a sigh. "Sorry that I'm late... I got lost..."

The albino girl then proceeded to slowly and tiredly sliver her way into the room, finding herself a place to settle herself down, placing the guitar case that had been slung over her shoulder down as well, next to her, her bag placed down on the other side, as she began to get her things together for the lesson.

"Not a problem miss Lillian." Harmony gave the girl a smile, but nodded to both Roland and Hati. "That is correct. It is the study of living organisms, but while that is a very broad term there are many other fields in Biology. I myself am in the research, development and fitting of biotechnology for every day use to those that are injured, otherwise know as prosthetics. But Biology has a wide reaching range of use in the science community, like in medicine, chemistry and physics. Biology is an important building block that must be learned if you wish to master most any of the sciences and use them as everything is affected, and effects biology."

She looked around the class to see how many glazed over eyes she could spot before she pulled up the first bit of information which was simply the basic definition of Biology as well as a few colorful little artistic renditions of some of the flora and fauna of the Lorath homeworld Lor. "Biology is broken into different fields of study and specialities, like zoology, xenology and a few others that mainly deal with larger creatures, but Biology can be turned inward as well to our own bodies to study how we are structured and interact with the world around us. We use biology to develop knew drugs based on how the chemistry of these will effect the body. Anyone care to explain as to why it's important to know how medicine will effect the body?"

For the first day Harmony was mostly lobbing the students easy questions to get them into the swing of things.

He had watched as the Separa'Shan entered with interest. His 'parents' had dealt with them a few times for business, but he'd never actually met one. More of interest to him was her guitar case - a fellow music enthusiast?

Once things had settled down and Harmony had a chance to ask her question, Andar spoke up. "Knowing the chemistry behind the medicine helps us to know what the medicine will do to the body. Whether it's helpful or harmful, and at what doses. Lots of medicine is lethal if you take too much of it. Take too little and it may not do anything at all. There's also side effects to be concerned about."

Kayla had thought to answer as well, but was satisfied enough as the correct answers were heard, and had been engrossed in jotting down her notes as the instructor spoke. But she paused as the Separa'Shan entered very late, but held back any comment seeing class had begun already. It was only a minor annoyance, but a thing among her peers she was required to watch as class represenative. The short blonde merely went back to jotting notes, adjusting in her seat as the woman straightened her uniform skirt.

Alright, things seems to be hitting the road so to speak, and she turned her attention to Harmony as she began speaking about Biology, and she had asked questions which two of her classmates. When she spoke of biology a bit more, and mentioned what she did, she looked at the lower half of her body. Her legs were prosthetic, or rather cybernetic but would it have been the research people first who created her legs. Her eyes weren’t glazed over, as she listened to the conversation. Andar, seemed to have some knowledge about medication, was he a drug user, or a manufacturer of them? She’ll have to keep an eye on him. Lillian's arrival had caught her attention, and Ayla couldnt help but notice things about her. She knew she couldnt be Ezriel, the Separa'shan dating Nyx Pine.

"...aditionally, whether or not medication will have an adverse reaction with other substances, alcohol and painkillers, for example~" was what Hati had to add though his answer devolved into somewhat of a grumble towards the end, sure he was surprisingly well-spoken and a little knowledgable for the hooded mess of a man he was - but it was clear there was some spite behind his words.

Lillian would let off a light smile as she was smiled at by Harmony and reassured that her latefulness wasn't a problem, listening to the conversaton and looking at the information that was being displayed, making sure to take note of what was said of the subject, and their teacher's position outside of the uni. She would notice the other student's reactions to her arrival, seeing Kayla's class rep armband, explaining the pause and slight look of annoyance that may have been on the human girl's face towards her, the look of interest Andar was giving her and her guitar case, and the eyes of Ayla, seeing her look her over a little.

She would listen to the other student's answers to the question they were asked, understanding them and agreeing with them, before chiming in with her own answer. "It's also important with people like me, who have... uh... certain traits. As I'm sure people can tell, I'm an albino. Some people who have certain genetic conditions like me can't have certain variants of some medications, or need to seek alternative medications for some illnesses. It's the same with other races, as well. We don't only look different on the outside, we work differently on the inside, too. After all, not of of us have a giant tail for half or more of our body." She chuckled lightly, at the mention of the tails, with her own tail being a perfect example of what she was talking about.

"Exactly. It's important to know how one's biology will work with medication. What is helpful for one race, could be deadly for another, and do nothing with another." Harmony explained as she pulled up a simple formula for something. Anyone with any experience would know it to be alcohol, though very strong. "There are races that can digest this, but for someone like me? It might kill me with just a single cup."

She looked around the room again and stiffled a small yawn before she pondered her next course of action.

"While there won't be many tests or homework assignments, there will be a large group project. Everyone is expected to contribute and to that effect, everyone will individually submit parts of the assignment at random times. There will also be lab work here in class that we will move to another room to perform. For now, the group project, which will be due at the end of the semester, will be fairly simple. Research and report on a specific species within our known universe. They can be sentient or nonsentient, only one group per race, and your assigned groups will be sent to you later."

Harmony figured this would give them plenty of time to do research and start to get into a good groove for the work as they had close to half a year for the assignment.

"There will also be a end of the semester presentation that all members of the group will participate in, along with your finals for the class. I am giving you this information now so you have plenty of time to work through the project. That said, I have an appointment in a bit, so I will cut the class here today. Your group assignments will be sent out by the end of the day, and for homework for the next class, I want you to bring in one example of a medication that works for one race, but does not for another, whether it's deadly or just doesn't work."

She gave the class a small smile and nodded her head.

"You are all dismissed. If you have any questions, or need to talk to me I am available on the days I outlined in your email, and you can always message me."

With little elee, Harmony began to gather her things up, though she waited afterwards to make sure there were no people coming to speak with her before she left.

Grabbing his notebook scribbled with hasty notes, in frankly a terrible handwriting , Roland approached Andar. "Hey there, seems like it's a group project. Never did one before, so wanna partner up?"

With a soft sigh Hati folded his own book shut, tucking it up under his armpit as the other arm reached back to lift his backpack up onto the opposite shoulder - with another sigh Hati began walking up to their teacher at the front of the class, he waited for a mousy Helashio to finish asking Harmony a question about the groups and get her answer before he moved up, hooded features furrowing into a slight frown, "How are you finding things so far, Miss?" the hooded student inquired softly.

Ayla widened her eyes at the thought of group projects, she hadnt done that before technically. She looked to Hati moving to the teacher, before she looked towards Kayla "hey..erm would you mind grouping up?' she asked the other woman.

Harmony smiled and answered the questions for the smaller Helashio though there was a noticeable... Discomfort to Harmony as she did. It seemed the Helashio had picked up on it as well as she made a quick retreat before she looked to the next in line with a smile.

"Hati! Yes I'm fine thanks for asking... Well im tired and my legs feel like they are on fire... But I'm getting better yes. And you? How's the arm? Due for a check up soon?"

"Yeah I was uh~ due for one yesterday and ended up forgetting, glad to hear you are coping though, miss," Hati smiled a little as he tried to not let his eyes drift too much towards Harmony's shaved head, hand playing with the shoulder strap of his backpack.

"Well I should probably let you get back to it... good to see you out and about though~"

While everyone was up and about, socializing until the next instructor came in, Kayla spent her time essentially digitizing her notes. Running a camera with a compiler program as she flipped through the pages one by one. It imaged it and printed the text to a file as it read her diligent work. The mumbling that had persisted over Hati returned, although between fewer people this time, and now aimed at her. A slight glance told her it was the students who had been here the longest, and therefore those who has attended the original school. The woman knew what was being said, she's heard it a thousand times before, it was just less annoying considering no one paid attention when it had happened so far.

She couldn't say she was grateful for that fact, as she simply learned to no longer care about it, people would mutter what they were going to mutter. It didn't effect her much, and Kayla had much more important things to worry about as she finished the transcription of her notes. Stowing the book and the pad that had the camera, Kayla exchanged for a schedule from out of her bag. Idly she had listened to the chatter with the instructor, and lightly shook her head at what Hati said about missing his own appointments.

Ayla turned her head slightly, allowing her long ears and by extension, her hearing pick up the mumbling she had been hearing. It appeared to be about Kayla, and considering her original operation, she thought she should pay more attention to this. Though when it appeared to her to be nonsense, she got up her hoofs clopped onto the floor beneath her. She had heard that Hati had missed an appointment before, so she didn’t appear surprised and reacted in that way. As she passed Kayla her eyes caught glimpse of what she was doing.

Deciding this was far more interesting than some annoying gossip, she turned and looked that looked neat, diligent work, this was someone she should probably stay close by as a student, especially since she was friends with Hati. “I’m impressed,” she told her, hoping not to make her uncomfortable.

Chlorate's loud feet clanked into the school late after class had ended. It was a very unusual occurrence, usually she was exactly on time. Uncannily on time. But this morning she had a mechanical issue- her gears had jammed up and she needed help to fix them. Now that that... embarassing? ...incident was over with, she had made it, but not on time for her first class. This worried the Chlobot, her routine had been broken and she was unable to fulfill her normal schedule. How could she fix this error?

Adria, on the other hand... did not care that she was late. So she had slept in and missed class. Oh well. That was less time in school for her. They probably didn't learn anything important in class anyway.

Adi was much more alarmed. Her older sister didn't wake her up, rather, she stayed asleep and shooed Adi away when she tried to tell her they were missing class. It probably didn't help that Adria wasn't up to help her get ready for school either. She frantically flapped her wings, trying so hard to rush to the classroom door that she literally slammed into the wall next to it, thankfully not hard enough to cause any injury. She fell down and looked up- but it was too late! She wasn't just late for class, she had missed it entirely! The short princess covered her face with her hands. How could she allow such a grievous mistake to happen? This was all her fault. She hugged her tail, she was scared, she would surely be in a lot of trouble for this mess up whether it be through her parents or her teachers.

Hands slowly moved across the keys, years of experience guiding them. If not for the sound dampeners, the sounds of the grand piano would be able to be heard from down the hall. An actual piano, not just a holosimulation. Kolorsha was very plesantly suprised to find the university had one here. Actual pianos are extremly expensive, Kolorsha had checked once out of curiosity. More than a few months of rent, and certianly out of her budget at the moment. But the difference between them is night and day! The sound of the big grand's keys reverberating in and out of the piano's frame just couldn't compare to anything else.
Kolorsha had often found herself here, early in the day before the start of classes, sitting at the bench in front of the piano, just playing whatever came to mind. Music was a form of relaxation to her, even her DJ'ing, which to some could hardly be called relaxing. Reflecting on that fact, Kolorsha realized she'd had far too much time to devote to it in the past few months, as after the attack, the University had suspended classes until today.

A soft knock came at the frame of the door of the music room. Andar had been drawn in by the sound of the piano, following the echoing notes down the halls until he'd found the source. After giving her a moment to either hear - or not hear - the knock, he entered.

"Do you mind if I join you?" he asked, voice warm and smile dazzling. He unslung the violin case from his back and began to go through the motions of prepping the instrument. The notion that he was intruding hadn't really crossed his mind - music was a communal thing to him. The violin, at last, rested across his shoulder and the bow dangled gently in one hand. He looked over to Kolorsha for the confirmation that he could join in.

Having woken up some more now, Lillian, much like Ayla, had widened her eyes on the mention of the group project. Although, for her, it was more being shy to the thought of working in a group than lacking experience in such. The girl looked around the room, as others chatted, and decided to go before she had any attention brought to her. She packed up her gear, and picked up her guitar, before heading out of the room, even if it was hard for her to be missed leaving the room, with her size and tail, as she decided to head to the room she had been waiting to see, that she had made sure she knew where it was before any other room: the music room.

When she got to the room, she came in, not having heard the music from outside, and instantly blushed in embarassment and shyness as she saw the two others, the teacher and the student, in the room. "O-oh, s-s-sorry~!" She said, stuttering a little as she did. "I-I didn't think there was anyone in here... I-I was going to have a l-look at the room..." She smiled, just a little, shyly, stroking her braided hair with a hand, embarassedly, that guitar case on her back easily seen by the others in the room.

"Not at all, feel free, dear" Came the grey mare's reply, flashing the young wolf a smile in response, as she continued playing. She nodded when the wolf indicated he was ready, however before he could start, the room's door opened again, admitting a large snakewoman, the girl seemingly suprised by their presence.
"No harm done, everyone is welcome here. Judging by the case on your back, i'd say your also a fellow musician, correct?"

Lillian nodded lightly and shyly at the question, still blushing a bit, stuttering some more. "Y-y-yes... I-I... write stuff, s-sometimes... a-and play it... e-even do some gigs, h-here and there, t-to pay the bills... I-I sing, and play guitar..." She blushed a bit more, smiling a little still, as she took a breath, and took the case off her back. "M-maybe I could join, t-too~?" She said, as she got out the guitar, slinging the strap around her neck, looking between them both with her eyes, from one to another.

"More the merrier," replied Andar with a broad smile. "I'm just a hobbyist, but I think I'll be able to keep up. Play what you like and I'll accompany."

He rested the bow onto the violin and gave the two women a nod.

As the class awaited for their new instructor, Roland did what any appreciator of fine art would in their free time. He started reading a comic book. Every few pages, the young man would let out a muffled laugh. Clearly he was enjoying his reading.

"Ah,like me then." Kolorsha replied, pleased with the other woman's response. "As he said, the more the merrier indeed." At this Kolorsha stopped playing, turning to the snake woman and giving her an encouraging smile. "Well then, how about you start and we'll follow your lead, dear" the mare finished.

Lillian nodded lightly back, letting out a little smile of thanks to the others in the room, before watching the mare turn to her, her playing stopped, blushing as she asked her to start. "S-s-start~? W-well, I-I can..." She said, absently strumming her guitar, which, after a few moments, began to form into a tune, as something had sparked in the snake woman's mind, looking to the others to join as she continued playing the tune.

Ayla found her way to the lounge where the music was coming from, and silently listened before she went to grab her Flute hoping to join them especially since she was certain that there was a mention of more than merrier. She began playing at the appropriate spot and adding to all of their music.

Andar's ears twitched a few times as he listened, catching the melody and the basic frame of the tune. He began to play an accompaniment, careful to enhance the song she had begun and not overtake it. He let his eyes close as he followed along, wearing a simple, satisfied smile.

Last of all, Kolorsha took up the piano again, after hearing a third instrument join the others. She started with a low background tune, knowing that the grand by its design could easily almost drown out the other three, especially at the lower ranges, so her keys were deliberately chosen midrange, the key here being more to blend in and tie the other three instruments togther.

Lillian would watch as, while she was playing, the others came in, both in Ayla's case of coming into the room and starting to play, and Andar's and Kolorsha's beginning of playing. The tune grew louder, with the extra instruments, and, being led by the Separa, sounded quite nice, causing a smile to come to Lillian's face, seeming less shy and introverted as she produced the leading tune, hearing as the other three instruments would follow her lead, the impromptu composition they were creating working well, with everyone seemingly knowing just how to add thier own part to the music, but not take over, working together to create a larger melody.

As Ayla played, she began thinking if she retired from the ISD she could do this, but she enjoyed music and playing that as well. For now, she continued at the place, doing her part to create a harmonious song for the others who were playing or might be listening. She caught the smiles on their faces which made it all the better for the Faun.

When the first song came to an end, Andar exhaled contentedly.

"That felt great," he began, "anyway I can talk all of you into doing this more often? Not that we have to stop playing now, mind you.."

As the improvised quartet closed out the song, Kolorsha laughed, her maw split by a smile. "Excellent! I can tell you've all been playing a while, following an unknown lead can be quite the challenge, though you three made it seem effortless. Well done!" The horse musician finished, then indicated to the fourth member of the group to join them.

"It certianly did!" Kolorsha replied with a nod to the young violinist. "And being what I am, you'd have a much harder time convincing me not to do this again!"

"Anyway, I suppose some introductions are in order. I am, as you may have guessed, one of Osmond University's new professors, music being primarily my expertise, not just of playing them, but history and theory of them as well. Kolorsha Tasvanni, though Kolorsha is fine, as I don't really stand on formality"

Sonia as usual was with Adi where ever she went, except she had been worried when she wasn't there this morning, so it was a bit more then a hand hold after class ended. "You're sister needs to be more on time, I miss my fiance when she's not here, I get lonely without you.", Sonia playfully whined as she caught up and gave the princess nuzzle. She didn't care if anyone said anything, she was just happ y Adi was here now.

Kayla had finished her typing, giving her fingers a stretch and flex before putting the pad away, giving a quiet sigh as she felt this day was already too long. Guess that's what she got fro cram studying the night before, thankfully she had Stym to keep her going when needed.

Getting up and making her way outside, she noticed most of the class had already disappeared while she was distracted, figuring they were already headed to this period's study hall, and began to make her way there. As she was coming out the door however, a familiar face joined her upon her exit of the class room. Nora gave a wave and a greeting, stepping into pace beside the class prep with ease.

"Thanks for that recipe the other night, it was really helpful, and the formula you suggested has been great for Mia so far. Now that she's switched feeding, i'm so less sore, and I sleep so much better.....well when she lets me of course.", Nora said striking up conversation as they walked with a smile and ending with a small giggle.

Kayla gave a curt nod as they were coming down the hall, approaching the music room door along their path, "It's the least I can do for a friend and class mate. Are you having any difficulties making it to school okay? I haven't bought a car myself yet still, but I doubt that is as much of a problem for you though."

Nora was going to continue and answer, but she stopped as she heard the music coming from the cracked music room door. Waving Kayla over who was only confused at first, they both peeked in through the door to see the impromptu band just as they finished. Nora not thinking of the interruption opened the door and rushed in with an applause, leaving Kayla mid-caution at the open door before she turned and gave an apologetic wave to the group they had barged in on.

Ayla looked over to Nora who had barged in, before she smiled at her and waved. "I'm Ayla, Ayla Knight" she said to them all since they were introducing themselves.

Andar gave them a warm, cheery smile as they came in. Despite all his tutelage, he couldn't quite keep the part of his old dog brain that got excited to see people at bay. His tail, at least, didn't betray him as it wagged side-to-side just the right amount to match the smile on his face.

"Hey you two," he said to Nora and Kayla. "The music teacher, Kolorsha, was just introducing herself." He nodded to the equine musician, careful to keep it informal.

"It turns out we've got a bit of talent in our class," he looked at the others meaningfully. "Maybe we should set out a hat next time?"

Roland idly closed his comicbook only then noticing that everyone had left the classroom. "SHIT!" Quickly packing his belongings and getting his hat, as he was leaving he could see a small gathering. Poking his head inside, he could see everyone around the music room. "Well, it seems I missed a hell of jam session."

The grey mare nodded her large head with a smile toward the new arrivals. "Indeed, there's more than "just a bit" of talent that resides here. I would think setting out your hat might work better in Sanctuary park on a nice day! In fact, many do. Hello again, Nora. How're the children?"

"Where as I say that I must agree, I do want to point out not get too wrapped up in it. This is study period after all, so I do hope none of these students are shirking work needing to be done.", Kayla said sternly, yet slightly concerned, but honestly not trying to be a kill joy. She simply saw it as reminding them that there may be things better spent doing then purely having fun.

"Well you make it sounds like I have more then Mia, but yes she's doing fine, even started learning to walk recently. Also don't mind Kay being a worry wart, you guys did great. She means well as you know, she just doesn't say it right.", Nora said with a giggle as she answered Kolo with the tease to Kayla thrown in. But she nodded to each after that, "Nice to meet you all, I'm Nora, and this is Kayla. Don't worry, she doesn't bite."

"Nice to meet ya all. I'm Roland." said the cowboy, lifting his hat in greeting. "If I'd had know we where having a little medley, I'd have brought my harmonica." Roland made sure to meet the gaze of everyone there in the room, before settling in Nora. Roland couldn't point his finger on it, but he could 'feel' she was dangerous. Not overtly so, but dangerous in a way to reminded him of Rorik, his teacher. He should be worried (he wasn't), probably try to steer clear (he wouldn't) and really shouldn't find that attractive (he most certainly did).

"Fair enough," Andar said, grinning at Kolorsha.

The newcomer's accent wasn't something he could place, but he didn't linger on it. "A harmonica would be a nice addition. Nice to meet you! I'm Andar and these are - "

Once everyone had been introduced and had a chance to say their bit, he looked back to the musicians. "Wanna go another round or start to head to class?"

Ayla waved to the group that had gathered, as the thrill and excitement of what she had just participated in flowed within her. If she hadn’t been the ISD agent she’d have enjoyed this as a career. “I’m Ayla, and that was so fun, thank you all for letting me join in.”

Zach made his way down the hallway heading towards his next class, as he moved his prosthetic tail end made a rhythmic noise as it was dragged along the floor. Hearing music coming from down the hall he stopped and listened until it came to an end, he was temtped to investigate and motioned too but he stopped and shook his head turning the direction of his class. Before he would have gone with confidence to find the source of the music but not anymore, he wondered if it was a class in session or a band practicing either way he wouldn't find out.

Adi rather instantaneously wrapped her arms around Sonia, like a magnet that activated immediately once she was in range. She nuzzled and cuddled Sonia in a cat-like manner, clinging to her as if she were in danger. "I was late," she whimpered.

"I would love to continue, however Kayla does make a point, and you all should work on your studies." Kolorsha started. "But that doesn't mean to concentrate on them to the exclusion of all else. If anyone chooses to stay through the study period, you are all welcome here"