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RP: ZHS [OVA 14] It's A Long Shot

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FM of Neshaten
Game Master
RP Date
YE 40
RP Location
Zenjinkaze Fighting School
The pool was calm, barely a ripple in the water besides a few gentle waves from the summery breeze that rolled through - you'd be mistaken for thinking that there was nobody in the water if you looked from any angle besides directly above - a yellow figure sat at the bottom of the pool, the tigress' yellow form being broken up by the blues of her one piece swim suit as a few stray bubbles left Gunnhild's mouth and broke the otherwise tranquil surface.

Young miss Grimsdottir was focusing on her breathing rather than slicing that athletic body of hers through the water with the usual levels of measured speed and grace, Keiko had given the younger girl a book to study up on and for once Gunny had actually taken an interest in it - the musings and teachings of a half-SOL marksman, so it was right up the wannabe gunslinger's alley.

A few more bubbles broke the surface as Gunnhild's body strained to extract as much of the oxygen from her lungs as it could, her ocean blue eyes squeezing shut tight from the effort but she tried so hard as the girl's body screamed for her to take a breath regardless of how submerged she was - then when her body couldn't take it anymore there was a shock of strawberry-blonde hair that broke the surface just in time for her to replenish the air in the young woman's system with a gasp and fight off the black spots that threatened to drown her - smiling at the new time she'd set before Gunny went limp and simply let that athletic, somewhat pear-shaped body of hers float in the water, chest rising and falling rapidly as the rising sun glistened against the thin material stretched over her taut and toned, faintly yellowed figure.

Near-drowning aside that smile still clung to her face as the paused timer drifted through the cat-girl's mind, only accentuated by the tiger-like stripes on each cheek - NOW she was awake. Bring it on, weekend!

At that moment, a stick splashed into the water right in front of her, and moments later there was an even larger splash as a small dragon, otherwise known as a "sky puppy", launched itself into the pool and began paddling to retrieve it.

"Hey." Addi called quietly from the edge of the pool, where he sat dressed in jeans, boots, and a flannel. He would have none of that aquatic nonsense, thank you. However, Lightning loved to play fetch, and got antsy if he went too long without some form of stimulation, so the pool served a purpose in that respect.

Gunny's head tilted up towards Addi, offering the male Neko a wave and a mischievous yet warm grin as she remained almost uncharacteristically quiet when compared to the loud and bouncy personality she'd gained a reputation for - the yellow Neko sank back down into the pool's depths and disappeared from sight for a moment before she broke the water and shot up under the adorable black dragon, cradling it in her arms as Gunnhild finally returned the greeting in kind.

"Sup dude, whatchu up to?"

"Getting Lightning some exercise. He wouldn't stop biting me until I got out of bed." the boy replied with a shrug over Lightning's surprised squawks as the creature began struggling in Gunny's grip before realizing that he in fact wasn't being attacked by a sea monster and settled into her. "What about you? Contemplating drowning yourself so you don't have to go back to professor Howard's class again?"

"Breathing exercises so yeah, something like that," she chuckled back, both at Addi's phrasing and Lighting's adorable nature as Gunnhild shook her strawberry-blonde hair side to side to get some of the water out before giving the dragon a quick peck on the head and letting him go back to swimming. "Well if he wants to grow up to be big and strong like me then he'd best get, hah," the girl finished as she began floating up out of the water slowly, using her natural inertial control to seemingly tip toe across the water's surface and stand beside the pool.

Lightning began paddling around like a puppy, and Addaiel took a moment to give Gunny a once-over. Dad had warned him that he'd have to develop insane self-control when he joined the Star Army, on account of the genetically-modified super athlete women running around with little to no clothing. So, while he wasn't necessarily going gaga over Gunny's form, he was at least able to appreciate it.

"What're your plans for today?" he asked. Personally, he was going for a walk. As far from civilization as possible. While he was out in the wilds, he hoped he'd be able to catch a glimpse of that large cat-thing that roamed the eastern grounds. Was it a panther or a tiger? The animal-lover within needed to know. Meanwhile, the part of him he'd inherited from his mother wanted to scope out hiding spots and vantage points. Never knew when those would come in handy.

She was unaware of any eyes on her body as Gunny grabbed a nearby towel and began drying off, starting with her short hair and working her way down to not-quite get fully dry - her messy hair suiting the yellow Neko as well as it usually did while she pondered on an answer for a moment. "Hm, well not really? maybe shoot some shit... or punch something I dunno... you busy?" Gunnhild asked, throwing the towel aside and then a volumetric, oversized hoodie over her body. The holographic article of clothing in question stopped mid-thigh as her gaze went back to watching the sky pupper, a fond smile growing over Gunny's face.

Addaiel scratched the back of his head and cursed internally. His solitary brooding in nature would have to wait until another day. Many people gave him weird looks when he told them his favorite hobby was wandering out into Bum-Fuck-Egypt and tracking animals. Such were the hardships of living in such a high-tech, urban society. So, in order to not look like a weirdo, he'd go along with Gunny's plan.

"Uh... not particularly- actually, screw it, lead the way." he muttered in reply, standing and putting two fingers to his mouth and letting out a shrill whistle. At the call, Lightning's head perked up, and with a few splashes and wingbeats, the dragon was out of the pool and next to his master. Then, the creature stiffened.

"Hey! HEY! Lighting, no! DO NOT-!" Addaiel reprimanded, but it was too late as the reptile shook the water off of itself, sending little droplets fucking everywhere, but mostly onto Addaiel's nice, dry clothes. Then, it flapped upwards and draped itself around Gunny's neck like a scarf. Lightning made it clear whom he preferred to be around. Magnificent. What's more, the little bastard stuck out his tongue at Addaiel from his position of safety.

Gunny winced slightly at the whistle but then let out a rather boisterous string of laughter punctuated by a few snorts as she saw the little bundle of dragon immediately disobey his master before hiding around her neck, it took a moment but the cat-girl slowly calmed down and ignored the fact her body was now slightly damper once more - one hand moving up to scratch Lightning's rebellious chin as her own ocean-blue eyes regarded Addi and his own damp appearance.

"Well I'm very glad to know I have that effect on guys too, but hey sure, wanna bring that big gun of yours along?" she queried, regarding seemingly the only other real gun head on campus with an almost challenging gaze as Gunny's yellow tail slowly flicked from side to side with anticipation, the fuzzy limb in question phasing through the back of that fake hoodie - if she didn't have boring human ears then it would be a safe assumption that the non-existent feline equivalent would be twitching in a similar way due to her need to constantly be moving even in the smallest ways.

Addaiel's demeanor changed almost immediately, and he bared his teeth at Gunny in a competitive grin. His blue eyes flashed, and his own tail began lashing back and forth.

"Why the hell not?!" he chuckled. If Gunny was trying to challenge him, she'd greatly underestimated her opponent. The trophies on his shelf back home were a testament to that.

"Cool, cool, coolcoolcool," she shot back with an equally large grin across her own faintly yellow face, training was good and all... but just having fun with good company while doing so was soooo much more appealing to Gunnhild - and well... GUNS, something she was deeply passionate about, so of course she'd leap at the opportunity.

Gunny looked like she was about to say something else but cut herself off a few times before finally spitting out what she had been contemplating asking, it wasn't anything offensive but was it odd to ask such a thing? "So mr big-shot-dragon-taming-sniper-man, gun range orrrrr one of your secret hidey holes?"

Addaiel stood stiff as a board, red filling his cheeks, before he glared at Gunny and jabbed a finger in her face.

"If you tell ANYONE, I'll have Lightning weld your bedroom door shut! But... gun range." He snapped indignantly.

Gunny heavily considered biting Addi's finger for a moment but in the end just decided to roll her eyes at it before sweeping the accusatory digit aside with the back of her hand, "Calm yer tits, I don't even know where your secret little man-caves are... yet, but sure, whatever, lets go burn through some ammo!"

Gunnhild gave one final nod and turned around to begin walking away with the dragon on her shoulders, the young Neko strutting along with hands in non-existent pockets as her sculpted legs carried her - yellow tail still whipping about excitedly.

Addi just stared... and stared... and stared. Watching the way she strutted off after shutting him down like that. She took his dragon, and his dignity in one fell swoop.

"Meow." He whispered to himself before briskly moving to catch up. He then asked: "Ever handled an ESR before?"

The Emyrs sniper rifle was honestly very overpowered. A novice could comfortably hit anything within two hundred meters. It was when you started getting into Addaiel's ranges, like eight hundred to a thousand, that things got a little dicey. Especially when you were told to straddle a moving platform.

Oblivious to Addiael's gawking Gunny just continued walking, sticking one arm out to the side a little and whistling to coax the adorable bundle of dragon onto her arm - though she had very little idea about animals outside what she had been taught in basic besides knowing that this synthetic one was awesome.

"Not a real one, the sim I used gave it a gross lock time and put a foul taste in my mouth - so I stick to the good ol' purple 12-shooters when I can, kinda wanna buy my own some day," she admitted fondly, a certain shimmer of wonder in the girl's blue eyes as she looked back to her companion.

"Ever fire a SiZi M38 SDR?"

Once, at a competition. Some guy brought his and let us have a go. Most civilians don't use them. It was fun, but kinda unbalanced in my humble opinion." Addi replied, his eyes lighting up as Gunny touched on one of his favorite subjects.

"Oh duuuuuuude I love them so much," Gunny fangirled out for a second as she volumetrically projected a holographic copy of her favourite gun onto one thigh and drew it, fanning the hammer a few times while speaking, "All that plasma flying around, and the heat and and how it almost breaks my arm every time I fire it blam blam blam," she finished before dissipating the pseudo weapon into thin air.

"I'd probably marry one if Tenshi let me," the yellow Neko finished with another snort-filled laugh before she offered Addi a warm smile.

"Different strokes for different folks or whatever the saying is, was that it?"

"Yeah." Addaiel muttered as they fell back into silence. "So what game are we playing today? Farthest shot? Moving targets?"

"Why not both? we've got time, right?" Gunny shot back with a grin before she noticed Addi's sight quietness and drifted across to him, running her hand between his cat ears fondly as she asked him something else, "You okay dude? you're being real weird today, I thought I was the only one that did extreme ups and downs out of nowhere."

"Just thinking. We're off to join the Star Army when we graduate, and I know pretty much all of you guys are going aboard ships. Most people think of sailors when they think of the Star Army. I dunno though... I heard something about this unit called the Rangers. Planet-based light recon. Lots of time outdoors in the fresh air. My moms probably would have wanted me to board a Plumeria and strap into a Mindy, but I just... hate being inside." Addaiel sighed, the tension in his shoulders noticeably relaxing when he was pet. It was sort of awkward, yet comforting. But anyways, he'd recently failed the assignment Mr. Howard- his idol from a young age- had recently given out. He'd been too busy starring out the window at the trees gently swaying in the breeze, at the birds that were migrating south for winter and noting their species.

He used technology as much as the next guy, but his life didn't revolve around it like the majority of their hyper-advanced, space-faring people. He'd spent many weeks camped out in the woods as a child with his adoptive father with only an emergency communicator buried in a duffel, and he didn't feel the least bit worried about being unplugged and isolated for so long. Hell, drop him in the boonies with nothing but a good knife and he could manage for several days.

Gunnhild's expression dropped a little as she listened to what he had to say, the hand that had been atop Addi's head drifting down to give his shoulder a squeeze as she offered the boy a sympathetic smile, "I uh... Tom~ sorry, Keiko is the closest thing I have to a mum so I kinda get that bit... okay not really but bear with me for a second yeah?"

The tigress took a moment to take a breath and then let it roll out her yellow lips before continuing, "I get what you mean with the outdoors bit though dude, like, I'd fucking die of boredom on a ship - the virtual reality deck can go bite my ass because that shit sucks, but I dunno if I fit into any of the more open places like you might because well~" she paused for a second as something that was never before seen happened to Gunny, she quite clearly frowned.

"I'm me... but~ fuck, you've got an idea now so why not go for it? don't recon teams just wear green mindy suits anyway?" Young Miss Grimsdottir finished before she half leapt forward to hug Addi close and hopefully set both their minds at ease, her volumetric hoodie fading away to expose the sleeping dragon around her neck. Gunny was never the greatest with words, but she'd be damned if the yellow girl couldn't give one hell of a hug.

Addi stiffened, but none the less hesitantly returned the hug, a blush darkening his face.

"No Mindys, thank Yui." he mumbled with a small cough as Lightning scurried back across to his shoulder. He let go and stepped into the range, moving to the weapons locker.

As Gunny waited for the weapons racks to clear up a bit she moved over and jumped up onto a nearby table, seemingly fine with the fact she was wearing nothing but a blue one-piece swim suit as the catgirl sat there patiently and swung those swimmer's legs impatiently, "So are you going to go for it then? I'd join you but y'know - I'm not exactly quiet now am I?"

"You'd make a good rabbit for an ambush. Put you out in a field and have you shout and fire your pistols in the air to draw their attention. But... maybe. Need some time to think about it." Addi muttered as he pulled his rifle from the rack, checking it over with expert hands and slapping a magazine into the well. He stepped aside to allow the catgirl access.

"You got time, dude, don't rush it - and I'll take that a compliment, just make sure you're not peeking at me through the scope," Gunny teased as she slid off the table and went out of her way to give him a friendly hip-bump before reaching for the two purple hand cannons she pretended were her own - loading up both cylinders with non-PA rounds before she clunked the barrels together and then held the revolvers at her side.

"So what first?"

"I was just gonna do a warm up round first." Addi shrugged as he began sliding on ear and eye protection. He moved to the firing line and looked downrange through the scope, finding a suitable target at just a little over six hundred yards out. "So... how's Tenshi? Y'all two kiss yet? You know it's like, an official rule in the Star Army that you gotta start dating your cabinmate."

"Why, did you want to join us or something?" Gunnhild asked with a too-serious expression as she finished putting on her own protection, then the facade began to break - a few muffled giggles and then Gunny's tell-tale snorts of laughter, she was finding her own joke way too funny.

Addaiel's face dropped.

"Aw come on! Why you gotta get my hopes up like that!" he pouted before sighing and taking a stance. He really hoped they didn't bang his scope around too much. When he pulled the trigger, the riffle cracked, and he growled in frustration as he watched the projectile impact a solid three inches to the left and four up. "Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Some idiot ruined my sweet little girl! I spent an hour of my life fine tuning this gun to sub minute-of-angle grouping at seven-hundred!"

Gunny was going to say something witty in return when she saw where the shots landed on a nearby screen and instead grimaced, moving to rest one sympathetic hand on the angry cat boy's shoulder - as a fellow gun-nut she understood what it was like to have somebody fuck up what you'd spent so long perfecting, "I'll see if I can get that started for you if you want, like~ I know rifles are your thing and revolvers are mine, but you look like you need to get some of that steam out of you and my guns are here so..." Gunnhild spoke, offering Addi her prized cannons with a lop-sided smile.

Addaiel sighed and set the rifle down afafter clicking on the safety. He moved over and grabbed the hand cannons before shuffling over to another lane.

Gunny may have liked dual wielding these things, but Addaiel was all about control anand precision ratherthan flashy cowboy stuff. He gripped only one pistol in both hands and began firing off slow, controlled shots at a target 25 feet away.

"Thanks for that, Gunny." He sighed.

"Pfft don't sweat it, you're more than welcome catman," Gunnhild mused as she hefted his rifle and moved to park her athletic butt over on a nearby table as she fully inspected it and frowned - yeah it definitely looked like somebody had messed with the optics but she'd at least get a few initial changes out of the way.

Gunny paused for a moment to look around and see if anybody else was nearby before letting out a small sigh, setting her ocean-blue eyes on Addi as she gulped before speaking, "Hey uh, dude? you mind if I ask something a little eh... a little personal?"

"Shoot." Addi replied, switching on the safety and setting the gun down on the bench. He turned to face Gunhild and leaned back on the table.

Gunnhild aimed in the rifle and took one shot, sighing as it slammed into the targed next to where she aimed so the younger girl flicked the safety on and began using one thumbnail to make minute adjustments to the scope as she spoke. "So what made you decide to get... all that? no offense or whatever," the wannabe gunslinger asked, briefly gesturing to Addi's lower body with one hand as she flicked the safety off and aimed in the rifle again.

Addaiel shrugged. It was a common enough question.

"My adoptive father was a guy. He had a bunch of guy friends. He named me after his grandfather. I had a ton of male influence at the beginning of my life. That, and being a girl felt... weird." He replied casually.

"Fair enough reason, dunno what I was expecting if I'm being honest here," Gunnhild offered before breathing out slowly and taking the shot, it was... closer but the sights were still kinda fucked, so the yellow girl cycled out the spent casing and made a few more adjustments with her fingernail.

"Though let it be said, you are a pretty cute guy - and I reckon is suits ya so congrats on finding yourself," Gunny smiled back to him before pushing the bolt forwards and stripping a new round from the magazine, aiming in once more.

"Thanks, Gunny." Addi muttered, his cheeks going a little pink from the compliment. He refocused on fifiring the revolver. It still seemed too unsteady in his hands.

ItIt also didn't help that a small dragon was fidgeting around on the top of his head.

"No worries, my dude," Gunny spoke back with a smile as she made a few more adjustments with her nail when suddenly there was a quiet snapping sound, brief look of confusion on Gunnhild's face and then a sharp cry of pain.

"Fuck! ah~ sonovabitch," the yellow girl hissed as she cradled one paw close to her chest, being careful to put the rifle aside rather than drop it as she let out another small hiss. Addaiel quickly set the revolver down and stared at the catgirl in confusion. What had happened? Was she hurt?

Eventually, Addaiel began snickering, and quickly moved to the first aid kit in the weapons locker.

"Reason number three I didn't like being a girl." He chuckled and flicked open the kit.

Once she got over the initial pain and moreso the surprise Gunny moved to inspect her finger, sure enough the fingernail was snapped in half at almost a perfect 45 degree angle - she could already feel the new keratin rising up from her nailbed to replace it but the damn thing wouldn't stop bleeding hemosynth all over the place.

"I guess that's probably why most people would get it done, I just think if you feel like you need to do something and it doesn't hurt any other nerdlets in the process then go right ahead and do it," Gunnhild mused as she brought up her injured paw for Addi to take care of, a small chuckle at her own misfortune.

"...though... do you like girls?"

Addaiel looked Gunny dead in the eyes asas he loosely wrapped some cloth araround the wound to keep blood from spilling everywhere.

"By Yui, yes. The fact that I spend most of my time surrounded by genetically engineered supermodels does not help. At. All." He replied seriously.

"I getcha there dude, there are some very nice looking people around here," the girl smiled before biting down on her lip a little as her small injury was tended to, Gunny couldn't recall ever having sustained this specific type of wound before but at least now she knew not to use the corner of a thumbnail to adjust a scope.

"Sooooooooooo... anyone in particular? I won't bully you - which lucky girl's got your lusting eyes on her at the moment?"

"No one in particular at the moment, but you did look nice in that swimsuit earlier." Addi replied with a coy smile. In truth, if he had an opportunity to build a harem at this school, he'd take it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, he wasn't the best fighter in hand-to-hand, so he was going to play it safe.

Gunny's eyebrows raised up in surprise as her blue eyes widened and the tigress' mouth formed a little 'o' shape, that was... well she wasn't expecting it and that was rather apparent with the blush sneaking onto her features but Gunnhild shook the thoughts from her mind and gave the best smile of faux calm that she could muster.

"I... thanks dude, though don't forget... I am still wearing it," Gunny finished speaking as she involuntarily dispanded the volumetric hoodie that had been hiding it all to expose the blue material pulled tight over her modest chest, toned core that flared out into wonderfully wide hips and a pair of strong, shapely legs that stuck out the bottom.

"I Uhhhh..." Miss Grimsdottir murmured as her tail whipped around nervously.

Addi gave her the largest, most smug grin he could, obviously proud of how easily he'd taken her words away, and slowly leaned forward, a playful gleam in his sapphire eyes. He backed Gunhild into the bench, reaching forward to place both palms on either side of on the wooden table. Their faces were mere inches apart, their eyes never breaking contact. His own tail flicked back and forth as if he were planning to pounce at any moment.


"Tsk, tsk, tsk. I expected better from you, Gunny." He admonished playfully as he reached behind her back and flicked on the safety of his rifle, which still had a round in the chamber. Then, he promptly turned on his heel, closing up the medkit and moving to store it on the shelf. "We'd have to clean the school for a whole week if any of the instructors saw your blatant disregard for range rules."

Gunnhild let out a sigh of relief before noticing her volumetrics had disengaged, uttering a cuss the catgirl forced that holographic hoodie back into existance and sprung back onto her feet before turning to face Addi. "Pfftt... you couldn't handle me for a whole week," she challenged him while retrieveing her own firearms, though judging by her voice the usually boisterous girl's cage had been rattled a little - she really wasn't used to being called nice looking by anyone despite her occasional boasting on the subject.

"Though uh... try your gun now, nerd."

"Shouldn't be that hard. All I gotta do is tell you you're pretty and you'll melt like putty." Addaiel teased as he leaned down and shouldered the gun. He fired, and the round essentially went where he'd wanted it to. But he was a champion marksman. It was still ever so slightly off. Not that Gunny had done a bad job, but he was very picky about that.

"Dude fuck off, you caught me off guard~" Gunny giggled nervously as she popped one cylinder out to check how much ammo was left before nodding and then deciding to spin both guns around her fingers. The guns, which were cocked and ready to fire, were then thrown up into the air and caught with the opposite hands before the tigress dumped all the energetic round into nearby targets - almost every shot hitting center of mass and even a few in the neck or head before dry clicking signalled that the double-shot cartridges were empty.

" that, is how you use these bad boys."

A low whistle came from next to her.

"Not bad. Buuuut..." Addaiel smirked and shot a mannequin at 400 yards. The impact sent the head flying. In a blur of motion that seemed to flow like water, Addi already had another round chambered. A moment later, the flying head was vaporized. Addaiel set the gun down and casually leaned against the counter, checking his fingernails.

Gunnhild's ocean-blue eyes widened in surprise at the show of marksmanship before narrowing mischeviously as a wicked grin divided her yellow features - "...Pop a head at two hundred when I say go, you're not the only one good with a gun - slick," Gunny challenged as she put a single round in the chamber and turned with her back to the range, pointing the gun over one shoulder as she projected a volumetric mirror infront of herself.

A lil over the shoulder shot to prove she was more than just fast.

"Bring it, tiger." Addaiel chuckled and shouldered his weapon.

There was a long, purposefully drawn out inhale before Gunny spoke, "Send it."

Addi did. A single mannequin head tumbled into the air so gracefully it almost seemed like slow motion.

That lungful was slowly let out as Gunnhild followed the head's reflection, the purple revolver was aimed a little lower than the target as it reached the peak of its arc and she fired - the ball of plasma kicking it back up into the air as Miss Grimsdottir got an idea. She'd hit it the first time sure but Gunny wanted to go a little further as she spun around in the blink of an eye with both hands now stabilizing the shot - though it had bit into her time and the head was rapidly approaching the ground.


Then the head exploded in a cloud of sawdust and plaster as the tigress' grin grew further, she spun the gun around on her finger once and blew away a few motes of smoke before beaming towards Addi.

"Holy shit that actually fucking worked I thought I'd miss AAAAAAAAAAA!"

Excited was an understatement.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" as it turned out, Addi was just as stunned and began clapping like a seal on meth. "Good shit! That was some good shit right there!"

"Yeah, right?!? Though I'll stop being stubborn and say your shot was fucking awesome too! didn't know you could cycle a bolt that quickly without breaking something!" She exclaimed while half-dropping the guns on a nearby table to wrap Addiel up in a strong hug, jumping up and down excitedly with the cat boy held firmly in her embrace.

"AAAAA holy fuck we're awesome," Gunny continued, riding all the adrenalin and endorphins coursing through her system now for all they were worth.

"..." Addaiel was speechless, standing stiff as a board in Gunny's arms. A fierce blush crossed his cheeks as his mind went into overdrive trying to figure out just what the hell was happening.

-->addaiel.exe has stopped working

She jumped up and down a few more times before taking notice of Addi's sudden lack of words, then when she saw his nuclear cheeks a small giggle was let out - only to build into a full-blown roar of laughter as she released him.

"Well~" Gunny began speaking after her laughter had died down a bit, opting to pat Addiel on the head briefly as she spoke, "I guess I just need to hug you in a swimsuit to get back at you for calling me pretty... you okay there, dude?"

"Y-yes." Addaiel stammered, shaking himself out of his daze. His tail stopped standing straight up and returned to a more relaxed posture. "Yes. Fine. Perfectly fine. But also... fuck you."

"You wish~ but also fuck you in return," Gunny returned light heartedly before punching him lightly in the arm ~ "Well, you about ready to blow this joint? don't think shit can get much hyper than what just happened before all the hugging and embarrassment and what not."

"Yeah. Let's go. Same time next week?" Addi sighed as he packed up his weapon in the locker.

"Any time any week my guy, just ping me and I'll either be studying, pinned down by my roomie or free so yeah - just holler at me," Gunny returned as she packed up her own weaponry, beginning to move over towards the exit before casting one look back towards Addi.

"I will ask Tenshi though, you have my word," the tigress spoke with a wink and then a light chuckle.

And that was how Gunhild had nearly made Addaiel faint for the second time in a row.
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