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RP: ZHS [OVA 16] Working Hard And Hardly Working

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RP Date
YE 40
RP Location
Tsubomi, Yamatai
Tsubomi, Yamatai
Jax's Apartment
Late YE 40

The rather small, at least by Jax's standards, living space was quiet and dim in the late hours of the evening. The only light source coming from a desk lamp against the wall in Jax's bedroom. With his back to the door, the catboy rubbed his face and took a sip of... tea. Yes, tea! And not even any whiskey mixed in! Jax himself was shocked as well.

Since about five in the evening he'd been grading various assignments he'd been given by his students. The one he was focussed on had been a fun little exercise he'd given on a rather slow day.

It was really rather simple. Each student was given a diagram of a common Kuvexian war vessel and after a day or so of lecturing and instruction, were told to map out how they would go about demolishing it with heavy weapons and explosives. Barring the use of another ship, of course. The point of the exercise was to test basic knowledge of starship systems and construction.

Addaiel's plan, for instance, was dead wrong. While destroying the life support with explosives would make life miserable for the crew, it would not destroy the ship. Jax jotted down these notes on the screen, while adding in his own suggestions, like maybe knocking out the capacitors to knock out the power as well. That way, all electronics, sensors, and other essential equipment would become inoperable. The starship would basically become a giant, useless hunk of steel in space. No targeting, navigation, nada.

Jax sighed, he didn't like giving failing grades, but he had a job to do. He'd watched Addaiel starring out the window the whole lecture, as if he longed to be back in nature. That boy would never make it on a starship.

"Oh, god, Gunny- No. Just... no." he then groaned in exasperation as he came upon the gun-nut's plan. Rip one of the cannons off the starship's hull. Use it to blast into the engine room. Destroy the reactor.

The resulting explosion would be catastrophic and probably take out your entire team with it... but damn it, it would get the job done. He really didn't want to pass it, but Gunny had in fact followed the criteria and demonstrated knowledge of how unstable an aether reactor was. So, she passed.

Next came Tenshi's plan. Jax almost wasn't going to pass it, until he read it again. Aim the ship at the nearest star, set the throttle at full, disable navigation. Technically speaking, you would need hacking or explosives to do that. So, Jax passed her, and jotted down a note praising her for her creativity, and reminding her that sometimes the most effective solutions were the most simple.

Lastly, there was Keiko, the overachiever. The one who seriously needed to chill out and have fun while she was a kid. Jax already expected her work to be thorough and perfect, and he was right once again. It was a straight-forward, no-nonsense op that even the mighty Hanako would have approved of. A small team sneaks aboard and deploys jammers to block comms and confuse the enemy. Explosives are placed on the coolant pipes in the engine room. The absence of coolant causes emergency shutdown of all major systems. The bridge is then secured, and destroyed as well. Quick and clean. Passed.

Feeling his hand cramping from all the notes he'd written, he sighed and let his head thunk down on the hard wood of his desk. He was used to long work hours, but teaching was a whole other animal.

There would be a quiet knock on the study door, the familiar voice of Betty heard a moment later, "Jax, may I come in? You've been in there for quite a while."

"Mmmhmmm..." Came the muffled, exhausted groan.

The door would lazily swung open to reveal the Iroma woman dressed in a black night gown, a pair of glasses in one hand, a bottle in the other. "Seems I've arrived in the knick of time, sounds like you could use a distraction.", She said with a smile as she strode in. Betty perched herself on the corner of the desk as she set the glasses down, the hem of the nightgown only going to mid thigh, threatening to reveal a bit more then just thigh.

Jax yawned and made a small mewing noise, shifting over to lay his head in Betty's lap. His Queen of Darkness never disappointed.

"Please." he begged tiredly, playfully tugging at the hem of the gown. "I heard you're a big movie star now. I was gonna go see it, but the kids have been keeping me busy."

He'd feel her hand begin to stroke his hair, her fingers running through his short locks. "That's okay, I got a copy of it, we can watch it on the couch under a blanket, with some popcorn, maybe a few drinks, just me and you.", Betty said with a quiet giggle.

Stretching, Jax pulled himself to his feet and moved to stand between Betty's legs, gripping her thighs and gently lifting her from the desk.

"I'd love that." He agreed with a smile of contentment before planting a kiss on her temple. He then began walking to the living room, which while small, was cozy. A coffee table made of dark wood, a cushy leather sofa, and a viewscreen that seemed to take up the entirety of the opposite wall.

Betty quickly grabbed the glasses before she was carried off to the living room with a giggle. "Who needs the muscle car when I can have the muscle man. You are such a gentleman.", she said as her arms were wrapped around his neck. As they neared the couch, she took the opportunity to steal a kiss.

Jax made a small noise of pleasure before pulling away.

"I'll go get snacks." he told her. As he walked off to the kitchen, separated only by a bar, Jax's pet drake, Doofus, padded into the room, his little claws clicking on the wood floors. When he came upon the couch, the small, golden creature wiggled a bit before leaping upwards. Unfortunately, the dragon undershot the jump and tumbled right back to the floor, but he managed to get it the second time. Doofus proceeded to curl up in Betty's lap, purring quietly.

"Looks like someone didn't want to feel left out, I swear he is just the sweetest thing.", She gave with a chuckle at the little being, giving Doofus a little scratch at the chin. Betty had grown fond of the pet, enjoying when he laid in her lap like this.

"I was iffy at first, but the little dummy's growing on me." Jax said affectionately from the kitchen as popcorn began detonating in the microwave. Doofus had been the very first drake- a prototype- and as a result his AI had come out very buggy, hence why a simple task like jumping up on a couch took several tries. But, Jax couldn't simply scrap the little thing like any other machine, which told him that the psychological benefits he'd predicted for an artificial creature were stronger than anticipated. If only he could convince the Star Army to let their soldiers take them on ships. Maybe there'd be fewer mentally-disturbed nekos in that case.

After a minute, Jax came back with a bowl of popcorn and sat thigh to thigh with Betty, leaning into her shoulder and draping his arm around her.

"If you would, Ms. Arturious?" he asked with a small smile while gesturing to the TV.

Betty was quick to grab the remote, "For you Jax, anything my dear." The charcoal skinned Iroma woman gave a few brief button presses as she brought the film up from her personal library. The screen darkened, then opening credit clips played, and the menu came up. With one last press of a button, the screen darkened as low music began to play.

As the opening of the movie began to start, Betty snugged herself up against Jax, "I was truly lucky to get the part I did for this, well any part at all."

"Sometimes all the hard work and dedication in the world won't do the job, and you just need a little luck." Jax mused, remembering how he'd gotten his fortune in, of all things, a random giveaway from a salvage company. He was lucky that they hadn't known that they'd had a cargo container full of gold, and he was lucky that Candon had pointed him in the direction of a buyer willing to shell out hundreds of millions of KS to acquire it. From meager Star Army salary to private yacht and space station in the blink of an eye. Speaking of luck, it seemed Addaiel needed some at the moment.

"Hey, you're brother's a Ranger, right? One of those low-tech light recon specialists that spend all their time in the bush?" He asked, brushing his lips across Betty's temple.

"That is what his last letter said, though he made it sound like they had better gear then suggested. Though I don't know anything about military stuff like that. Why do you ask?", She replied nuzzling his chin as the movie continued to play through the opening scenes.

"There's a young boy in my class who's struggling. Poor kid just doesn't seem to absorb any of the info I put out. I don't think he wants to be on a ship, and personally I don't think he'd do well there. He hates being inside," Jax explained. Six months or more in a metal box in space could be hell for some. "But you should see him in his element, Betty. I watched him plug a moving target at one thousand yards while straddling a boulder. He aces every single one of his wilderness survival exercises. He made a fire with two sticks in under five minutes and was the first one to complete the navigation course with map and compass."

Jax paused for a moment to tune in to some possibly crucial dialogue in the film.

"Do you think you could call your brother and... maybe put in a good word for my student? He'd even be welcome to come to the school and observe. I've already spoken to the principal about it." Jax asked.

The request was to put it bluntly, unexpected and a bit of a surprise. She suddenly felt a bit nervous about that, as she hadn't actually seen Lucas in years and she had continued to use her old name in their letters. The charcoal colored woman had once been a chalk white girl of the name of violet.....but that was a different life. She was hesitant to answer, and she hoped it didn't leak into her voice when she did, "Oh I um,...yeah I can call him, but uh...I haven't seen him in person in years."

Jax gave her a long, almost understanding look. He understood family drama. His Nepleslian parents had had a stroke when he'd told them he was moving to Yamatai, then again when he'd dated his first Neko, and probably in the near future when he told them about Betty.

"I can call him myself if you don't want to." He murmured reassuringly in her ear.

"No, it's just that....he hasn't seen me as I am now......or by the name I use now. I never actually told him I got the gene mods, or a name change.", Betty admitted somewhat nervously. "Granted, I knew it would have to happen at some point,...but, I must admit I am rather nervous about it."

"It'll be fine. I'm sure he'll still love you all the same." Jax mumbled and massaged her shoulders. "Not like you two had an epic fight or anything before you left, right?"

"Well no,........It's just strange to almost re-meet him all over again. I'm not exactly the same person I was back then. I know he'll love me, but I'm paranoid he'll feel disappointed that I changed, or......I dunno, guess I'm really just worrying about nothing. For all I know, he could be just as different now. 5 years is a long time, so maybe that's part of it.", she further admitted as she thought on this which she had more then a few times before. Betty looked back to Jax, "Though I'll cross that bridge soon enough. I'll place the call tonight."

"Thanks, Bet's." Jax muttered and kissed her lightly. He returned his attention to the movie and popped a few kernels into his mouth.

Betty cozied back up to her boyfriend as they resumed their viewing of the movie. As it played, it eventually came upon the scene where she sung as part of her role. It was strange seeing herself on screen changed through volumetrics and other special effects to make her look like the gesherin historical character she played. Even with such cosmetic changes, her voice was the one thing that remained true.

"I love your voice. I ever tell you that?" Jax mumbled into her neck sleepily, the singing lulling him after a long day of work. "When I first heard it I stopped what I was doing and just stood in awe. It felt like a soft caress of the finest silk, and I thought 'I gotta know this woman, whoever she is'."

The poetic statement may have seemed a little odd, but lately the Catboy had been texting his new friend Kara, who'd given him a bunch of tips on being romantic. This being one of his few serious relationships, he figured he needed all the help he could get. He didn't want to screw it up.

"By the void, you are over selling this babe. Why does simply just saying we love each other have to be done with such complicated terms, when the three words that say all they need are. I love you. Besides, actions are the only thing that speaks louder.", Betty whispered down in his ear before tilting his head back a little to meet his lips with hers. After a moment she pulled back, "Now that was so much simpler, and much more enjoyable."

"Hey, don't be so grumpy!" Snickered the catboy, who reached up to playfully boop his lady's nose. Some swift maneuvering and Jax was now above Betty, pressing himself up on his forearms. He leaned down and returned her kiss, a little longer, a little deeper.

"I'm trying to be romantic. You could at least humor me..." he mock-pouted as one of his fingers came up to trail down her cheek.

"Oh fine, you have persuaded me. I'd much rather prefer what comes after, but some of your honeyed words couldn't hurt. Also, this is partially compromising position, is there perhaps plans following putting me in such a position?"

"Mmm... maybe? It involved getting you out of this gown, for starters." replied Jax with a tilt of his head as he hooked a finger through the vee of the garment and tugged. "Then I planned to fu-."

Jax stopped mid sentence, eliciting a surprised yelp as Doofus jumped onto his back and clawed at him, unwilling to be left out of the festivities. Jax looked over his shoulder and scowled.

Bettty giggled, "Doofus honey, this is private time between me and Jax. We can snuggle later, but for right now, please let us have some time alone." The little robo-drake's head was patted and his neck scritched for a moment before she adding "Please, this is important to us."

Not waiting to see if he complied, Betty leaned in close to Jax's ear as she pulled the gown down from over her generous perky bust, "I figured that would be the plan sometime tonight, so I came prepared. Two words, "No panties" my dear."

"Good girl." Jax purred and kissed her, long and deep.

His lips were gratefully met, her hands finding purchase on his back to hold the kiss. Tonight was one well waited for, and she was going to live up her word. 3 dates had passed, and 3 dates he had continued to surprise, and now for the reward Jax had well earned.
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