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  • Current IC Month: 8月 YE 42 (through November 21, 2020)

RP: ZHS [OVA 19] Breakfast Bonding


Everything Is Magical
RP Date
Mid YE 41
RP Location
West Dorms

This was the second time now that Keiko had gone knocking on peoples doors early in the morning although this time it wasn't a teacher, this time Keiko knocked on the dorm door belonging to her friends Gunnhild and Tenshi. It was a school day and Keiko wanted to drop off a book for Gunny to help her study for one of the classes later on, she just hoped she wasn't too late already as she knew the blonde girl liked to be up early for exercise.

"Sorry for the interruption, I'm looking for Gunnhild." The red skinned neko said softly to the closed door, waiting to see if it would open for her, so far she hadn't heard anyone moving around inside which meant they were asleep or out.

Tenshi was the one who answered, opening the door a'd offering a faint smile, listening to her explanation. "Good morning to you too, Keiko-san," she started. "You've just missed her, she took off about fifteen minutes ago for training. I can relay a message or something, though?"

"Ah good morning, I hope I didn't disturb you too much. It's nothing important so don't worry about it." Keiko wasn't smiling although she was giving off her good mood impression, she didn't smile and frown too often as most of her class knew already. However she'd feel rude if she didn't at least extend an invitation to Tenshi instead of just leaving immediately, "Have you had breakfast yet? I was going to drop off a book for Gunnhild and explain what parts of it she would get the most out of, it can wait till later. I don't get many chances to eat with company." The red neko spoke, giving a small bow.

"Eh-... No, not really. You didn't disturb me at all," the ravenette answered with a soft smile. Though it might be the first time in ever Keiko'd see Tenshi's hair as a scruffy, unkempt mess. "I was just doing my hair, but I'd love to accompany you if you have a minute," she added before opening the door fully to invite her classmate in. "Do you want a coffee while you wait?" Tenshi asked as she moved to sit back down in front of the mirror, watching Keiko as she waited.

"Wonderful, and yes I wouldn't mind a small drink." The red neko said as she moved in and closed the door again behind her, taking a seat on one of the beds while trying not to disturb the sheets too much, the wonderful thing about dorm life is that there was never enough chairs. This was Keiko's first time inside another persons room other than their teacher Miss Hoshiko, the older girl was looking around the room a little and taking note of how it differed to her own. It seemed to be a tad messier than her own, with one spot looking even messier again which she guessed may be Gunnhild but she didn't want so say anything incase she was wrong.

"Well, don't mind Gunny's mess," Tenshi added with a shrug as she got to her feet again and moved to the coffee maker. "Actual good stuff or just in it for the caffeine?“ Tenshi asked as she switched the device on.

"If possible I'd prefer a more delectable brew than just pure caffeine, I like to drink teas and coffees for the taste myself." Keiko replied, noting mentally not to let Gunnhild help her tidy up her room without supervision. "Does she not clean up at all? I'm don't mean to pry but I have always been taught to maintain a neat and tidy environment."

"She doesn't," Tenshi answered with a faint shrug, before opening a drawer. "I see you're a woman of culture as well," she added with a faint grin. "Any preferences on which bean, or should I surprise you?" She questioned with a soft smile. "That and she goes through your stuff uninvited," the Neko added with a soft shrug. "She means well, I guess."

"Any bean so long as its good, I shall put my trust in your judgment. And yes I have experienced her tendency to go exploring once before." keiko said slightly uncomfortably, shifting in her seat a little at the memory of when she felt like kicking her through a wall and running away. "I know she doesn't do anything on purpose to annoy me, but I dont want to be rude and tell her."

"Understood," Tenshi answered as she poured several of the dry beans in the machine, letting it do it's thing as she gathered two cups and put them on the tray. She hadn't settled down in front of the mirror again before a rich scent started to pour in from the burned beans. The machine humming as two cups were prepared. "I think it's about ready," Tenshi hummed as she carded a brush through her hair, a small chime of the machine indicating such as she spoke. Though now, using touches of gel and spray to keep it properly modeled, she pushed the so-called Kenseikan in her hair, before getting up and gathering the cups - handing one over to the tomato Neko. "Here you are, Keiko-san, enjoy," she offered with a warm smile, taking a sip herself. "Oh-... Sorry, I usually enjoy it black, but there's milk and sugar in the cupboard below the machine."

"Well I wouldn't want to be rude and refuse your hospitality, I don't mind drinking it strong." Keiko said, taking a small sip herself, she was quite pleasantly surprised at the rich tase, it appeared that Tenshi was in fact quite particular about her beans as well. The red neko hummed in appreciation slightly before clearing her throat a little and putting the cup down. "May I ask what beans you used in this brew?"

Tenshi offered a gentle smile. "Hospitality is one thing, taste is another. I'm not one of those fanatics who shames others for adding sugar or milk," she answered with the same gentle smile. "This is a particular brew of nepleslian brown beans, that's what you taste the strongest, Yamatai Kirin and-... I think Yamatai Kuro," she answered, obviously pondering.

Keiko nodded at each name, she did in fact know of the Kuro but hadn't heard of the others before but it definitely tasted good. "Well I appreciate it all the same, this is a wonderful mix." The girl took another drink of from her cup, continuing to enjoy the taste. "Would you like some assistance washing up Tenshi?"

"Washing up-... Oh, you mean the dishes?" The ravenette asked with a soft frown, before smirking ever so slightly. "Nah, it's fine, I'll get Gunny to do it- you needn't worry, Keiko-san. I'd hate to put guests to work." She answered with a soft chuckle, before shrugging. "So, you wished company for breakfast?"

"I honestly don't mind helping clean up, I feel bad leaving it all for someone who's not even here but it is your room, I shall respect your decision. And yes I was wondering if you'd like to join me, you're not obligated to of course however I would appreciate it and be in your debt."

"It's fine," Tenshi assured with a soft chuckle, before scratching her cheek. "Ehrm-... I'm not in your debt, at all," she answered with a faint smile. "I'd love to just enjoy having breakfast with a friend."

”i see, well then if there is nothing else that needs attending shall we go?” Keiko asked, still not sure why no one ever wanted her to be in their debt these days, it was strange as she had always been this way. If someone does something for you then you should repay them however possible, that was one of her codes. “It’s probably going to be fairly empty as it’s so early, I just hope none of the other wings come in while we’re there.”

"Of course," Tenshi answered with a soft smirk. "Lead the way, Keiko-San," she chirped, leaving her mug on the nearest end tble, before falling in behind the taller Neko, pocketing her hands as she fell into step next to Keiko. "So, what have you been up to this weekend?"

"Nothing out of the ordinary really, I attended my usual training and studying times and managed to get some spair moments to keep reading a new book I was recommended, one of my first fictional books actually." Keiko replied, thinking back on the most recent things she'd been through, the book was definitely a stand out to her as she usually avoided fantasy and made up things however something about the author's ability to communicate so clearly to herself as a reader had her hooked on it. Keiko continued leading them towards the main cafeteria hall at a modest pace, as expected given her usual efficiency based nature.

"And yourself Tenshi?"

"Just training," the Neko answered with a soft shrug. "I've got some new techniques down, the key is now, putting more force behind it," she added with a gentle smile. Pushing the door open to the hall and holding it for Keiko. "I should get a new hobby, though."

Keiko nodded her thanks as the pair entered the building. “Forgive my forwardness, but I don’t believe you have truly mastered these new techniques in just a weekend or two. I don’t mean it as disrespect to your ability but I say it simply because a key teaching I have never forgotten was that it takes a lifetime to truly master anything.” Keiko almost sounded like she was speaking with passion for once despite the fact she was just lecturing again.

”I’m sorry, that was rude wasn’t it. I must apologise deeply, I’m still learning how to hold proper conversation, I suspect it’s why I usually am left to dine alone.”

Tenshi glanced over at Keiko, before shrugging. "I fear he who has practiced one kick a thousand times, rather than he who has practiced thousand kicks once," she answered, before shrugging. "I've never claimed to master them, I've practiced them," she added with a gentle chuckle, before thumping her shoulder against Keiko's. "Apology accepted."

“That is a wise saying indeed, did you study under someone or find knowledge through books?” Keiko asked curiously while they made their way over to the counter to pick put their meals.

"Ehrm-... Mostly self-study and training by myself, which I advice against - it only embeds error," she answered with a shrug. "Books, videos and guides on the net, that kinda stuff."

"I agree, it is important to be careful how you practice alone, I stick to practicing basic movements such as standard lunges and swings as well as some defensive stances and dodging." The red neko replied, it looked like she wasn't the only one who liked to read up about things and practice alone anymore. Picking up a tray she helped herself to a mixture of salad, eggs and some juice.

The ravenette only nodded with a short and chipper; "Mhm," before picking out her own meal - a hearty meal of eggs and bacon, three glasses on her tray. One with juice, a slightly larger with milk and the largest filled with water. "Do you have a favourite spot?" She asked with a faint smile.

"Not really, should I?" Keiko asked a little worriedly, she'd never heard of having a favorite spot before, she sometimes sat in the same spot a few times but nothing regular. "I suppose I often sit on an end table or window seat the most, is that ok for you Tenshi or did you have another position in mind?" The tall girl asked politely, looking over at her ravenette companion, her hair looked very smooth compared to Keiko's own bouncy green mess which seemed to never be straight.

"No, merely asking," Tenshi retorted with an assuring shrug. "I don't mind, I just wanted to know whether you had somewhere in mind, or we could just pick out two seats and settle there," she answered with a smile, moving over to one of the places next to the window, placing her tray down and setting herself down. Politely waiting for her friend.

"Ah I see." Keiko replied and moved over to sit down across from Tenshi, taking a small sip from her cup first before loading up her fork with a small portion of egg and lettuce. "Do you often eat with Gunnhild? Given you share a dormitory I thought I might ask."

"I try to," Tenshi answered with a faint chuckle. "It's not always achievable, but we try to."

"Conflicting schedules I assume?" Keiko asked while continuing to slowly work away at her food, she of all people knew what kind of sporadic time table Gunnhild kept to after her first few encounters and the many times she'd sheltered the fugitive from other wing students, she probably shouldn't be doing that either. Keiko opened her mouth to spout off another lecture about getting the adventurous yellow neko but caught herself mid-action and proceeded to choke on her food.

"Sometimes," Tenshi retorted with a faint smirk. Eating slowly herself, she had no upcoming duties or classes - so the ravenette wasn't in the hurry she always was. Though chewing on a piece of bacon, she mulled on how to continue the conversation and avoid awkward silences like this one. "So," she began, scraping her throat momentarily because her voice cracked up momentarily. "Any hobbies?" She asked with an awkward smirk. "Oh-... You alright?" The Neko then asked, pushing herself up with a look of worry.

After a couple of weezing coughs she managed to dislodge whatever it was and spluttered back to life. “For a moment there I didn’t feel quite so good, but I’m ok now thank you.” Keiko replied still rasping slightly before taking another drink. “As for hobbies I quite enjoy reading as well as going for walks around campus. Occasionally I help out the faculty as well after class, other than that I just study.”

"Sweet empress," Tenshi exhaled with a soft breath, settling down again. "Don't scare me like that again, Keiko," she requested with a faint chuckle, before proceeding to eat. "Oh, reading? What're your favourites?"

"I'm sorry I worried you, just had some food go down the wrong way that's all." Keiko said apologetically. "As for my reading, I've so far completed the manuals for several of the Star Army's warships and every weapon used by the soldiers. I also have a few texts written by past officers and captains about their experiences in the field which are more of a leisure read for me."

"It's fine, not like you did it out of free will," the ravenette chuckled. Before tilting my head. "Oh, that's, well. More serious stuff, I always imagined you'd be someone for fiction and fantasy," she answered with a kind smile.

"If you don't mind, what made you think that was the kind of literature I'd read? I've just never had anyone else say that before." Keiko said with a curious tone, normally people pegged her for reading the serious stuff, considering she rarely ever acted like a princess or spoke without sounding like a prim and proper woman.

"Well, where to start?" Tenshi mulled as she poked her fork at a piece of bacon. "You're quiet, somewhat reserved, but not entirely shy," she started, offering a gentle smile. "Your demeanour is calm, yet somewhat distracted at times, and, well. You were a rearing fan when we went to the wrestling event as well." She added, before offering a gentle shrug. "Seemed to fit you, not that it's a bad thing."

“I see, you’re definitely the first to look at it that way. The conclusion that I would spend my free time getting lost into fantastical worlds isnt so far fetched. But they’ve never really been my kind of read, I find fictional stories lose the element of relatability unlike recounts from real people. But I’m not so dense as to believe they aren’t exaggerating, despite what might float around in rumour.” Keiko explained, she wouldn’t be surprised if Tenshi hadn’t heard such rumours yet, given they started from her last years class but she couldn’t be certain.

”As for the manuals, they’re simply for my benefit. The more knowledge I possess the more effective I can be.”

Tenshi only offered a soft shrug. "It was just an impression I had," she answered with a soft smile. "But, I can understand why you aren't appealed." Cutting up a small piece of egg, she considered the statement. "Hmm... Not everything to us is being effective," she answered with a chuckle. "We can still do things we want to do, just to pass the time or enjoy ourselves." She offered with a gentle smile.

”i, suppose there’s never really been anything I desire or wanted for personal enjoyment. I used to watch the ranger shows for a while as you noticed that I was quite entertained when they made an appearance at the wrestling event.” The red neko trailed off slightly, she had felt something like enjoyment when watching that show, but at the same time her life existed to serve. It wasn’t a choice of if she wanted to, she had to, it was just in her blood.

Tenshi frowned softly as Keiko explained, before exhaling a soft breath. "Nothing you ever wanted to do?" Tenshi asked, scooping a forkful of eggs up. "Like, go to an amusement park, have a VR gaming set, anything?" The ravenette probed with a soft frown.

”not particularly no, if an action or item doesn’t help me to be of more use to the nation and serve my purpose then it’s secondary to my own needs. I’m sure going to parks and on rides is exhilarating and enjoyable, I could classify my trip to the shooting range with Gunnhild as enjoyable although firearms practice is still useful as well.” Keiko took another forkful of her own food and ate quietly, Tenshi didn’t look happy and for all her Knowledge Keiko didn’t know why.

"But," Tenshi took a moment to chew her eggs and swallow. "Forgive me for being frank - why do you fight for Yamatai? Just because you feel the need to?" She shook her head. "That isn't right, is it? You can be of use to the nation by being an upstanding citizen and still enjoy the life given to you, no?"

“I was created by a system to fight the wars of the country. That is the purpose I was given and by removing the need to have fun I can become more efficient when my time comes to fight.” Keiko knew that her views weren’t shared by many, she often wondered if something had gone wrong when she was made though it didn’t matter to her now. “I don’t want to come across as though I want you to feel the same way, I’m glad that you have found your own peace in existence, and I wouldn’t mind going somewhere with everyone someday, just not right now.”

"Well, if you're at peace with it," she murmured, offering a gentle smile. "Then I won't be selfish and try to change you, just," Tenshi exhaled a soft sigh. "Just realize it's allowed to have fun, right? Don't feel bad or guilty for doing so, if you ever choose to." She added, still holding the beaming smile up. "And let me know whenever you wish to do something."

“Of course, from what I’ve been told it’s no fun going out by yourself but I wouldn’t even know where to begin.” Keiko finally put on a smile as she got back to her food, the red neko hadn’t had many chances to really talk to Tenshi before but she didn’t seem as scary as the girl had initially thought. “How’s your breakfast?”

"Well, we're having a good start now, aren't we?" The Ravenette chimed with a soft giggle. Before focussing on her breakfast herself as well. Looking up before raising a finger as she kept chewing, before swallowing. "It's great, I have to admit, the kitchen staff knows how to cook. And I'm in good company, which is a great start to any day."

“Well I’m glad to hear that, I myself don’t always have time for a meal like this every day but, I can safely say this is something I enjoy doing, as a bonus it’s also useful to me.” Keiko said with what could almost be called a sheepish grin, she wasn’t normally known for comedy and her poor attempts were usually the reason.

"Oh, don't get me wrong, I don't either. But it's nice to do when there is time," the smaller Neko remarked, offering a gentle smirk at Keiko's attempt to lighten the mood. "So, what's the deal with Piano, actually? You know something I don't about her? She seems kinda, well, pissed off almost continuously."

Keiko shook her head. “I met her last year during schooling, I know she became the Divine Queen of her dormitory wing by consistently defeating almost all the other students, except for the other Queens. Perhaps she is unsatisfied with being the weakest of the 4?” The red neko suggested, purposely omitting the fact she happened to be one of said Queens.

"Huh, yeah, I heard a bit about that," she pondered, before scraping her throat momentarily. "Could be, I guess," she added with a soft shrug. "Well, Divine Queen isn't something you get lightly, so" she shrugged slowly. "We didn't have one yet, did we?"

Keiko avoided making any suspicious movements at that point, though she’d already told Gunnhild about her secret she probably owed it to the other two as well. Given Tenshi slept with Gunnhild it would come out eventually. “Well, the Queen last year graduated, so no we don’t have her anymore. But, I suppose I shouldn’t hide it forever, I’m the current holder of the title, “White Tiger of the West” and the Divine Queen of our dormitory wing."

"Huh, well," Tenshi frowned, leaning back in her seat, before folding her arms. "I-... I didn't realize." She frowned softly as she mulled it over, before offering a gentle smirk. "Well, I was about to say I'd want to go for that title, but," she scratched the back of her head. "Well, that won't stop me attempting, though." A gentle giggle before she shook her head. "Well, ehm-... Yui, how to put this." She took a deep breath, before giving Keiko a small, yet warm smile. "Even if I succeed or fail, I'd still want to remain friends, y'know."

The red neko in turn beamed at her friend. “The feeling is mutual, but I hope you’re ready to give it your all, I shan’t give up the title so easily.” Keiko grinned and put out her hand. “There is one thing I’ve come to understand through reading, in this situation we can form a sort of pact based on the honour of a warrior. We shall forge a strong bond of friendship and rivalry.” The older girl almost seemed to become embarrassed for a moment as she next spoke. “I mean, it’s just nonsense from a book, but I wouldn’t give up our friendship just because you want to succeed me.”

Tenshi let out a soft chuckle. "I'm more than ready," she answered. Before exhaling a osft breath. "Oh? I'd be glad to," she answered with a soft smile. Clasping her hand into Keiko's. "Maybe it is just nonsense, but it makes sense to me - and it sounds nice. We'll see where it brings us. I'd love to spar with you sometime, without the issue of titles and such. Just to spar."

“I’m happy to oblige, sparring and training is always good for you and we’ll have plenty of tournaments to properly do battle.” Keiko nodded. “Oh I almost forgot to congratulate you on starting your relationship with Gunnhild recently. Not everyone gets the chance with all the competition all the time.”

"I'm glad to hear that," Tenshi said, before going back to her food, finally finishing up her plate. "Huh, oh, I see - yeah, thanks." She answered with a faint chuckle. "Yeah, we talked and some things just clicked, y'know."

“Well I don’t really have much experience with those kinds of emotions but I’m sure it will turn out well for the two of you.” Though she spoke kindly her eyes betrayed her for a moment before the older girl shook her head and stood up, “Let me take your plate for you.”

"I hope it will," Tenshi murmured with a faint smile. "It's a weird thing, love. But I think... We're kinda in love, it's not-... Well it's weird, but there's no other person I'd rather be with," she added. The smile on her face still present as she tought about Gunny, before shaking her head. "Sorry - no offense," she added with a smirk. Before getting up herself. "Oh- Uhm... Thanks?"

“None taken, I could hardly expect anyone to like me before they know me. Considering I’m always in my room or with faculty I’m actually surprised, but very appreciative, that the rest of you can call me friend to be quite honest.” Keiko said with a laugh, taking the two plates over to the kitchen and disappearing behind the doors for a minute. “Alright, thats the dishes taken care of, it’s been lovely to catch up with you. I unfortunately have other matters to attend soon and can’t stay for much longer, do you have plans for the day?”

"Well, we're in the same proverbial boat, so, why not? It's more fun when you have people around you," Tenshi retorted with a soft shrug, leaning against the door post. Glancing up at Keiko again as the tomato-skinned Neko stepped back through the doors. "It was lovely indeed," Tenshi retorted, before frowning. "Just studying, to be honest."

“Give my regards to Gunnhild as well if she’s back when you return, and don’t let her lounge around all day instead of studying. I will see you in classes tomorrow Tenshi, take care of yourself!” Keiko said with a handwave as she headed for the exit. “We should catch up again sometime, even bring the other two if we can find them.”

"Will do," Tenshi answered, offering a short wave herself. "I'll see you tomorrow, take care as well." she added, offering a smile. "Yeah, that sounds nice."

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