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  • Current IC Month: 9月 YE 42 (through December 31, 2020)

RP: ZHS [OVA 20] - Introductions


Everything Is Magical
RP Date
Mid YE 41
RP Location
Zenjinkaze Fighting School
Zenjinkaze Fighting School

Keiko and Hoshiko were assembled at the entry to their wing of the school, with Keiko present as the Divine Queen of the dorm and Hoshiko representing faculty. “Shouldn’t be too much longer now Miss Hoshiko, are you looking forward to having another faculty member to assist with classes?”

Hoshiko had her arms crossed under her chest as she waited, an annoyed look on her face as she stared at the entrance to wait and see just who this new teacher would be. "So much so... Another teacher to get along with." The words and tone didn't match as Hoshiko let out a small sigh and just waited.

The two would not have to wait much longer as a taxi can be heard approaching before stopping in front of the main gate of the school. An immaculately dressed Nekovalkyrja wearing a formal cornflower blue paneled Type 35 uniform steps out. Taking out a standard issued duffelbag out of the back of the vehicle, she proceeds to walk towards the two individuals she can only assume were there to greet her. Why else would a black paneled woman be standing around in a school.

"Chui Suzuki Akira, I have been assigned to serve as an instructor at this school. And who might you two be?" She says, keeping her right hand clear for a salute.

”It’s good to meet you miss Suzuki, I am Keiko Surino, I’m the current Divine Queen of the south which is the wing you have been assigned to. I’m a student so I look forward to learning from you.” The red skinned neko gave a short bow before readjusting her glasses, it was obvious she didn’t need them as they were basic glass with no magnifying capacity. “We are here to welcome you and give you a quick tour if you would like, otherwise you can simply head to your room and settle in immediately.”

Hoshiko narrowed her eyes a little at the Chui, but bowed regardless in deference to her rank. "Itto Juni Hisae Hoshiko, Operations and Intelligence teacher." For her part, Hoshiko had worn her normal teacher attire, a smart pencil skirt and blouse, but both were black that matched her division of SAINT. "I am also a SAINT agent, here to teach skills related to them."

"There is one thing I have learned in my experience when dealing with SAINT. You can't live without them, but you also can't trust a word they say to be the whole picture. If one is around, keep your head on a swivel." Akira says after returning the bow to the Itto Juni, there is a bit of a laugh. Her eyes then shifted to Keiko, giving her an informal salute. Despite how long she has served within the Star Army of Yamatai, she never really liked the idea of bowing.

"A tour of this facility would be nice. Though I should drop this off at my quarters first." Akira says to her, smiling a bit.

"Of course, if you would follow me this way we can move off to your room first." Keiko replied, choosing to ignore the jab at the saint operative she knew as her teacher. It wasn't really her place to interfere with these kinds of things, after all she was simply a student and not even a proper fighter like basic trained nekos. "The students sleep in a separate dorm to the teachers but they're close by incase there are any issues."

Akira follows behind. "That makes perfect sense. Students should have a level of independence cultivated." She says in response to the seperate dorms statement.

The SAINT agent in question narrowed her eyes at the woman a little as she followed the two. She bit her tongue as she was in the oresence of a superior officer, but her mind already pictured various bloody scenes in her mind. It was a pleasent distraction for the woman ahead of her.

"This is your assigned room, there is all the required facilities for living included here and easy access to the training grounds as we all live on campus as you can see." Keiko continued as the trio reached the new teacher's dorm, the red neko respectfully waiting outside the door allowing Akira to move in and deposit her things. "When you are ready we can view the student shared dorms and then the training facilities."

*Akira bows her head a tiny bit as thanks. She looks around outside for a brief moment before she she looks inside like a drill instructor looking for the slightest thing wrong. There could be other reasons for it, but her body language wasn't really expressing it. When she is content with her mini-inspection, Akira sets the duffelbag onto her new bed.

"Thankfully I do not need much to complete the mission." Akira says to Keiko, adjusting her uniform in the mirror before putting her headcover back on when she exits the room. "I am ready."

Hoshiko was silent as she followed the two, though that was nothing new for the Neko as she looked ahead. In truth she watched the newer woman like a hawk through her skin vision. It was a old habit of hers to start learning the habits and quirks of anyone new around her, one she enjoyed given her profession.

"What was your assignment before this?" It was a simple question, and one Hoshiko already knew the answer to, but it would help with small talk.

Akira looks over towards the SAINT operative and smiled. She knew damn well that she should have the security clearance and networking to gain access to her publicly and not so public service records. But Keiko didn't.

"Legion 20. Before that I was with the YSS Orochi, a former infantry instructor at Fort Ready, Alpha Training Century; and then Legion I. The list is larger, but that was with the Grand Star Army." Akira says, omitting the time she commanded a ship during its shake down cruise. No one really talks about that either.

"So you have instructed before then Miss Suziki? What class will you be teaching here once you commence your duties." Keiko asked as the new teacher stepped out of her room and they set off towards the student dorm area.

"Aye I have, thus I plan on leverage that past experience as much as this school will alow me. I am waiting to speak with the administrator on the specfics of what I will be teaching. Though considering the nature of this school, I am sure it has to do with infantry tactics and that I am an pankration practitioner. Something I picked up from the Elysians during the 4th war." Akira responded back. There was a sense of nostalgia in her voice as she thinks about how she got started on the path she has been on for 15+ years.

"Pankration? Really...?" Hoshiko raised an eyebrow to the outdated martial art. The infantry tactics class would at least be useful in the long run for some of the students here, though she doubted Keiko would need it, not if she had her way.

Akira eyes Hoshiko for a moment, breaking her train of thought from before. "Yes. It is more of a sport than an effective art, but the Elysians made good use of it in close combat. So I have been fusing it with Sora-Mai and the much more rigid form of Sora-Mai SACQC as well."

"Sora-Mai... Flashy, but what use will a striking martial art have in a power armor?" She asked her contemporary and kept her eye on Akira. She was wary of people when she poked at them a little ever since that night with Skadi, though she highly doubted this would wind up the same.

Akira looks down at the trio of sakura blossoms on her left sleeve for a moment to remind herself of something. "If we are talking about power armor, that is more in the realm of aether katanas and knives." While she is a graduate of the SAIC, she doubted that was the reason she was transfered to a fighting school. Though she could transfer some of the skills to the students via infantry training.

"Honestly, if things ever got to hand to hand it is truely a dire situation or a serious miscalucation by someone."

Keiko looked between the two nervously, though it didn't show on her face. It seemed there was tensions between the two because of occupation and opinion differences. "Well, yes its true hand to hand combat in our line of work often is a dire circumstance, but many of the students here are currently practicing with weapons. Though learning hand to hand combat can still help to train the body and mind." The red neko offered, hoping it might help break the tensions for a time.

Akira looks over at Keiko, forgetting she was there during this tiny spat. She simply nods her head in agreement. There was really nothing more to add to it. There might be potential in this Neko in the realm of leadership.

"Many of my operations required hand to hand combat, and I still say Sora Mai is to flashy." Hoshiko crossed her arms at the statement though looked aside as if to say she was tired of the argument.

Akira decided to ignore Hoshiko for the time being. She had the distinct feeling the two were starting to talk about completely different subjects now. Instead, she opted to look around the campus as they walked. A part of her couldn't help but think of perfect spots for ambushes, observation points, and kill boxes, thinking about the fire team she lead during the Fly phase of the School of Advanced Infantry Combat. And she didn't really know how to turn off the Giretsu mode as of yet.

It was times like these when Keiko wanted to glare at someone but her own mental discipline always held her back. To give in to anger like that could be fatal in a battle after all, keeping calm was the only option. “If you’ll follow me, I can show you the current indoor training facility though most equipment is just protective gear, many students have their own weapons including myself.” The neko said, moving the group

Akira followed the student, keeping the operative within her peripheral vision. Not out of complete mistrust, but more out of just out of habit when around others. 16 weeks at the Giretsu course plus her life experience will do that to a person.

Keiko led the group over to the main training hall, once there she proceeded to explain the training regimes they currently worked with along with the styles practiced by each student. "Well, that's the main facilities done, is there anything else I can help you with Miss?" The red skinned girl asked, looking between her two teachers.

Akira shook her head no. "You were quite complete in your understanding. I will make my own inspection of the place later on." she said in response to the question.

"Very well, thank you for your time, on behalf of the students of this wing we wish you well in settling in and look forward to the addition of your class to our schedule." Keiko said with a low bow to her new teacher. "I will take my leave and return to my duties, please feel free to contact me if there is anything else I can assist you with." The student finished before walking away holding herself in a professional manner as she returned to her room to continue her studies.

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