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RP: ZHS [OVA 6] One Hell Of A Night!

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Edto Xar'Sivaree

Lizard Freak!
Zenjinkaze Fighting School, South Bird Dormitory

Zoia was sure Nenna was already sleeping. The lights to her room were out, and nothing was happening. So, she slowly slid the window open. Looking around the room quickly, nothing seeming out of place, she crawled in, clsoing the window quietly behind her.

"Evening, Zoia," Nenna said, dropping the volumetrics that had kept the Neko out of the Vekimen's sight, wearing her shaggy bedrobe. "Have fun tonight?" she asked, eyebrow raised.

Zoia turned once she finished closing the window. "I didn't think you would still be awake. Seems a little odd for you to ask me if I was having fun. Study is rather boring at this school" She said, no real inflection in her tone to incate emotion. She wasn't lying. "Why do you ask anyway?"

"Mostly because people don't sneak out for a late night study session," the teacher said with a smile.

"I... Usually come through the window?" She asked, tilting her head. "At least when I think you are asleep" The alien responded. "Given you hid... That was what you were hoping for me to believe I take it" She added.

Nenna shrugged. "I was wondering where my teddy bear went, that's all." Standing up, she continued, "If you don't want to talk about it, I get that. However, I would like to think that I've earned some respect from you."

Zoia maintained eye contact for a few long moments, before starting to walk to the bed. "I don't exactly know what you are wanting to talk about. My day was fairly regular. School, food, study, here I am now" She said simply.

"I see," the Neko replied, walking to the door. Before opening it, she stopped and looked over her shoulder and asked, "So, how's Kunio doing?"

"He is doing fine I suppose" Zoia responded before flinching and making a sharp clicking sound.

"Is that all?" The teacher asked, smile returning. "I would think you would know a few more details than that, what with you two hanging out fairly regularly."

"Yes, we have been spending time together. He is doing fine?" She asked arching a brow. "Why do you ask? Is there something I should know?"

Nenna tilted her head in thought. "Mostly depends if any Yamataian germs are infectous to Vekimen, which is very much an open question," she said.

Zoia seemed to freeze. "What would Yamatai germs have anything to do with me for..." She asked, seeming nervous about something.

"Oh," the Neko said, smile turning into a grin, "We've done a pretty good job of getting rid of the more serious diseases, but there are a few diseases that are spread during, hmm, intimacy that haven't been completely wiped out. They have a few symptoms that are pretty obvious though," she continued, walking towards Zoia.

The vekimen looked at Nenna. "Your kind has diseases that are spread through... Mating?" She asked, taking another deep breath. "I didn't read that in my studies. It will be something for me to look up later I suppose" She muttered. "Excuse me..." She added, slipping past Nenna and walking to her washroom, closing the door behind her.

The teacher sighed, walked over to the chair she had brought in, and moved it so she could sit next to the closed door. "Zoia," she said, after a moment of silence, "I'm not going to moralize about this. You can do whatever you want, with whoever you want, so long as you don't break any laws. But, if something comes up, please, know that you can talk to me about it. Despite how much I like to tease you," she continued, shaking her head, "I do want the best for you, however much that impulse is strange to you."

"I am fine!" The lizard snapped, obviously doing something in the washroom. "I just need to fi-" She started before being abruptly cut off but her own screech.

"Zoia?" Nenna asked, getting up from her chair. After trying the locked door, she went through her robe's pockets, and pulled out a nail file. Putting the file into the simple lock, she turned it to open the door.

Zoia snapped her head to look at the door and snarled at the teacher. "Even I know a locked door means don't come in!" She snapped. Her anger could be understood though, as Nenna could see she was bleeding from a rather uncomfortable place.

"Yelling and screaming means invasion of privacy is okay," the teacher replied, taking stock and stepping over the Vekimen to where the first aid kit was, pulling it off of the wall.

"I cut myself! So sorry! I'm not a child!" She added, looking at Nenna walk over her, standing up with a flinch.

"Yes, you aren't a child," the Neko said, rooting through the kit before pulling out a roll of gauze and a tub of petroleum jelly. "Though, I'm wondering why you would cut yourself down there," she asked, looking at the wound.

"Cause it hurts alright!" She snapped, almost leaping away from the teacher. She stormed out of the bathroom, her tail whipping back in forth with a combnation of anger and discomfort. "I'm going to kill him..." She growled. "He should have warned me!"

Probably shouldn't have gone on about the possiblities of STDs, Nenna thought, shaking her head. "Zoia-chan," she said, looking at the student, "Can you please hold still so I can help you? I've got an idea of what it is, but I need to get a closer look at it."

"Good luck. I can't get the muscles to part. Otherwise I would have been able to see what was wrong for myself" She growled. "Thats why I just cut myself. My claw slipped."

"Kind of hard to get a muscle to move if you're agitated," the teacher replied, putting the supplies back and lifting the entire kit. "Please, get on the bed, Zoia."

"You are going to need some hardcore muscle relaxant, or convince me I am about to mate to get them to part" She grumbled, but moved over to the bed regardless. "Which I don't think you are able to do any of that"

Nenna smiled. "You're acting like I didn't spend the last nine years in the Star Army," she said, putting the kit on the bed and walking back to the bathroom, running the water as she gathered the towels and put a couple in the sink once it had cooled down.

"Oh boy, just what I need. Military first aid on my reproductive organs. Can we just go to the infrimary?" She asked, crossing her legs.

Looking over her shoulder, the Neko saw the Vekimen's discomfort, shrugged, and said, "We can do that, yeah." Turning off the sink, she walked towards the door, said, "Wait here for a second," and was back a few moments later, another robe in hand. "Need something to cover the wound," she continued, putting the robe around Zoia's shoulders. "Ready to go?" she asked.

Zoia stood up, keeping her eyes on the floor. "Ready as ever" She muttered, heading for the door. "My kind doesn't have these diseases... I'm going to kill him..." She muttered again, holding the robe tight around her.

"Let's just focus on making you feel better," the teacher said, moving to her student's side, and tentatively putting an arm around her shoulders.

The two continued to walk, leaving out the main door when Zoia seemed to lock onto something in the dark. Walking off the path and out of Nenna's reach, she walked directly to the figure of someone walking towards them, and punched them in the face with all the force her paltry upper body could muster. "You asshole!" She shouted. "Why didn't you tell me your kind had diseases!" She added.

The only words he got out before being sucker punched were, "Hey Zoia, did I leave my..." before being sent off the path onto a bush. He staggered up, wiping blood from his mouth and jaw, "What are you talking about, Zoia? What diseases?" He locked eyes with Zoia before locking eyes with Nenna, speaking telepathically, "What is going on here?"

"Mostly depends on if Zoia's your first," she sent back. "Something happened between you two and we're on our way to the infirmary to figure out exactly what," she said aloud, walking to the students and stepping between them. "Blame can be made there, but let's move. It's almost closing time," she continued, pushing the pair towards the North building.

Edto Xar'Sivaree

Lizard Freak!

Zoia stood in front of one of the nurses getting a scolding for whatever reason while Nenna and Kunio stood out in the waiting room.

"You never answered my question," the teacher said, looking at the student.

He gave a sigh before sounding slightly matter-of-factish, but only just a hint, "Yeah, and you never told me why I got decked coming to look for a book I misplaced?"

"Well," the Neko said, "That's kind of both our fault. You, for whatever you two have been doing together, and me for stupidly stoking Zoia's paranoia." Shrugging, she continued, "I hope you two have been having fun, for what its worth."

His left arm moved slightly on top of his signature weapon of choice, which lay loosely on his hip though being pushed by the chair, "I see the rumors have been rooting around, well it is true. We are together and we did the deed." His hand relaxed back to its normal position, seemingly non-hostile and open.

"Ehh," Nenna said, looking at her nails, "I wouldn't say there were rumors yet. Might have been if we hadn't dealt with this tonight, but I think you're still flying under most people's radar." Looking at Kunio, she smiled and said, "Though my radar is tuned better than others."

Kunio leaned back and raised an eyebrow, "So what happened Miss Radar, Why is Zoia here?" He sounded on the edge of drowsyness, but awake enough.

"She kind of freaked out when I brought up STDs," the teacher replied, looking in the direction of the infirmary. "Though I don't think that's exactly what happened. Probably an infection or something."

"To me, she looked like someone had stabbed her in the..." His face went white for a second, and his eyes widened, "I'm not carrying, and as far as I know all I did was...have an exchange."

The Neko chuckled. "That's a word for it, I guess. Of course, that might be what caused it. From what I remember, there weren't any males on the Heartbreaker."

He blinked but not judgingly, "And here I was expecting a lashing, from either you or Zoia..." He looked over towards the Annex doors, "I hope she's okay." His voice went from content to worried quickly.

"First, she'll be fine," Nenna said. "Second, despite me being a teacher, I'd be pretty hypocritical if I gave you a hard time over having fun. Finally," she continued, turning back to Kunio, "I'm sure Zoia will be venting plenty once she comes out."

Though mentally it helped, he still sounded worried, "Yeah...though I will literally have to sit through it, she doesn't like it when I stand." He gave a smile that broke though his worries.

Zoia finally walked out into the waiting room, paper bag in tow and eyes locked to the floor. Her arms were wrapped around her body in a self hug as she approached the two talking. "That was humiliating..." She grumbled, digging her talons into the linoleum tiles on the floor.

"Sometimes," the teacher said, standing up, "We've got to deal with humiliation to get better."

"It wasn't getting better. It was the half hour lecture" Sh muttered. "A young lady likee you should wait until she is good and married before fooling around with boys" She said, her voice a rather good imitaton of one of the nurses. "Then she realized I was five and just told me to leave. Somthing about uncultured, primitive aliens. I wasn't exactly paying attention at that point"

"Probably for the best," the Neko replied, putting a hand on Zoia's shoulder. "Some people don't take the time to understand others."

Kunio looked at Zoia with a slightly worried look, "I know you are blaming me on this one, and I'll take it." Again he went with his honorifics as a springboard.

"It wasn't you specifically..." Zoia muttered. "My kind just can't absorb your kinds fluids" She added, keeping her eyes to the ground. "So she sent me away with pamphlets on abstinence and antibiotics. Little late for the former, even if it worked with my kind" She grumbled.

Rolling her eyes, Nenna started guiding the Vekimen out of the door. "It'll be fine. Just clean up when you're done. I'm sure your partner would be willing to help," she said, looking at Kunio.

"Quit it.." His mind sounded sarcastic. He stood up and walked beside Zoia, cautiously putting an arm around her, pulling her close. After the teacher had moved away, he whispered, "Love me or hate me, you'll still need warmth."

"I'll get over it..." Zoia muttered, not fighting the boy, but not exactly helping it either.

Awww, the teacher thought, following behind the pair. "Well," she said aloud, walking past the students, making a show of her yawning, "I'm going to bed."

"Aren't I supposed to sleep with you?" She asked, stopping rather suddenly.

Kunio turned red-faced and listened to both, confused on who Zoia was talking to.

Turning around, Nenna replied with a smile, "Your welcome to join me if you want Zoia. Kunio-kun might have other ideas though."

Kunio was still red-faced and stammered, "Uh...Y-Yeah?"

Zoia looked between Nenna and Kunio. "Are you two talking in your minds again? What idea's does Kunio have?" She asked, before turning to Kunio. "What idea's do you have?"

"No, we're not talking mentally. As for his ideas," the Neko said, looking at the Minkan with a grin, "I'll let him explain that."

"I...Either you get a heat lamp and I stay with you or you come with me to West and cuddle the whole night." He sounded slightly confused, almost like his mind was walking the line.

"Would William mind?" She asked, tilting her head slowly.

"I don't know, but either way I'll need another set of clothes unless I want to wear this again." He looked down into her eyes in response.

"Well... If Nenna wouldn't mind losing her teddy bear..." She mumbled, suddenly looking vulnerable. "I wouldn't mind..."

"I'll be fine, Zoia," the teacher replied, patting the Vekimen's head. "It's important to make close relationships with your peers. I should know. Have fun, you two," she said, yawning again as she walked towards the south dormitory. "Just make sure to clean up, okay?" she sent to Kunio, amusement obvious.

He turned even more red and gave a questionable look at Nenna as she walked away. "If I stay over at south, I'll need to go to West to get my clothes. Thankfully I have them set out already. It will take me no time at all once we get there." He gave a smile to hide his humility to what was sent to him.

Zoia shrugged. "Alright... I guess I will meet you then..." She said, walking forwards to leave Kunio to go to his room.

Kunio walked with heavy purpose to the West dorm, seeming very light on his feet as he almost ran. He dissapeared once he reach the door and went through quietly.

Waiting for the Vekimen once she realized the students had separated, Nenna put her arm around Zoia. "Don't worry about it," the teacher said, "It's just something you have to deal with. Doesn't mean its wrong, its just an extra step to keep you healthy."

"I'm not worried about anything really... I just did't enjoy all that..." She mumbled. "I feel kinda bad for punching him now" She added.

"Misunderstandings happen," the Neko replied. "Just make it up to him and I'm sure he'll forgive you," she said, bumping hips with the lizard.

"How should I do that?" She asked, a little confused at the hip bump. "Should I say sorry?" She asked.

"Ahh, to be naive again," Nenna said. "Here's what you do..." she explained, as the pair walked into the dorms.

Kunio practically flew across the courtyard carrying his clothes and stopped at the foot of the South doors a few seconds after the two. He opened the doors quietly and matched pace about ten feet back.

Zoia was wide eyed, her jaws working as if she were trying to speak after getting quite the... Educational lecture from the teacher. She lifted her hand as if about to same something, then dropped it still trying to process. "That... Was informative..." She mumbled turning to see Kunio. If she could, she would have blushed before spining around and looking at the ground.

Kunio raised an eyebrow, completely oblivious to their conversation. Though he did smile once she had turned back around, visibly thinking that she was cute when she did that.

"Good night, you two," the teacher said, patting Zoia's shoulder as she walked to room. Ahh, this has been a great day.

Zoia just walked right back outside, feeling remarkably uncomfortable.

He watched her go past him and walked behind her to catch up. He put a hand around her and pulled her close again and spoke in a soothing tone, "Do you just want to go to my room instead?"

"That would be best... For tonight at least" She muttered, turning curtly to head towards the West building.

Edto Xar'Sivaree

Lizard Freak!
Kunio led Zoia to the West building at her pace, holding her close to keep her warm. He opened the dormitory doors quietly and led her to his room. They stopped outside as he turned to face her, "You might hate this..." He manuevered his arms around to lift her up in his arms, "That way if he's awake he'll hear only my footsteps."

Zoia yelped a little, her feet being lifted off the ground. "I snuck up on a teacher!" She hissed quietly. "What makes you think your sleeping roommate would hear me?" She asked, clutching to the swordsmans body.


On the other side of the door, William was laying down on his bed, however he was not sleeping. He was more meditating then anything. Going over the lessons he had learned with Sensei Rei in his mind. His swords were grasped in either hand as he concentrated. He had heard as Kunio had snuck in earlier, but had ignored him. However with the sound of a new arirval he stired. He sat up. "Kunio, I am trying to concentrate. What ever you are doing, please keep it down..." The quiet Nepleslian said through the closed door.

Zoia glared at Kunio in his grip. "I thought he was sleeping..." She muttered. "Weren't you the one who wanted to keep this private?" She asked.

Kunio blinked, "I swore he was..." He carefully put the Vekimen back onto her feet, "At least he was when I was here." He put a hand behind his neck in thought.

"Go in. I'll sneak around... Maybe he'll be asleep then" She sighed, turning around. "Leave your window open" She added, silently walking down the hallway.

"Okay." He turned and opened the door walking in and tossing his clothes on top of his dresser still folded before slipping into his bedclothes and slipping into bed, "Go to sleep, macho Samurai-guy."

"Shouldn't you be doing the same Kunio-San. It is late..." His stoic roomate replied.

He moved back out of bed, walking over to the window and opening a considerable way. "Let's just say it was a good night for a walk." He walked back to his bed and slipped back in.

William glanced in Kunio's direction. "More like a swim. Why did you need an extra set of close earlier then?" He remarked as he looked out the open window.

He kept quiet, attempting to dodge the question but felt the Nepleslian's curiosity. "Almost decided to change to a cleaner uniform after falling in a bush, tore up the coat a little." He lied straightly.

William chuckled slightly. "So that is how you busted your lip? You still have some blood on your chin, lier."

He whiped the blood from his impacted lip and put his arm back down, "Just go to bed Will...Your brooding worries me."

"Brooding?" William remarked dryly. "Merely observations Kunio-San. You may take them as you see fit." He added.

He audibly sighed and rolled over to where he faced the window as well, but stayed in bed. In his mind he was hoping he would lay back down, and not spot his girlfriend trying to jump through the window.

William rolled his eyes and merely rolled over in bed, closing his eyes and going back to his meditations.

Kunio rolled his head to look at the window and waited for Zoia to find her way around.

Zoia had already found her way to the window, but sat a little ways away from it listening to the conversation and waiting for everything to go quiet. Still, when it did she waited a little longer. If Kunio fell asleep waiting that would be okay, she would probably wake him up when she went in.

When she was sure nothing had happened, she slowly climbed in. A Neko would have a hard time hearing her with how quiet she was, and she easily crawled over the sill and onto the floor.

Kunio quietly moved his arm out and motioned with his hand to come to his bed, then lowered his hand to emphisize slow and quiet.

The alien resisted rolling her eyes at the obvious command, but figured he was nervous. Still, with a casual grace she practically slithered across the floor, slowly starting to crawl up onto the bed, her muzzle held open in what Kunio would see as her smile.

Kunio tucked his arm back in, looking at William closely to watch for movement.

William had heard a faint noise coming from the window. In a flash he rolled out of bed and held his kendo sword to Zoia's neck with the other ready to strike her if she moved. "What are you doing her Zoia... Here to finish your fight perhaps?" He asked tigthening his grip on his weapons.

Zoia blinked, then her expression switched to unamused. "You told me he was asleep... I was out there for twenty minutes of complete silence... Why... Is he still awake..." She growled, clearly unhappy with having weapons pointed at her.

"Put your sticks down, Will." He sounded equally unhappy with how this played out, "He was meditating or something." He looked to Zoia with an apologetic half smile riddled with awkwardness.

William scowled. "Had you told me we could have avoided this. Do not blame me." He said as he sheathed his swords. "So she tears you apart and you become a thing now?"

Zoia rolled her eyes, stading up and proshing her scales off. "I'm just as confused on that part as you are, but next time you could just ask. Pointing weapons at people outside of a fight is rude" She muttered.

Kunio sounded slightly more irate, "Let's leave it at love at first sight, BEFORE she tore into me and all go to bed." This was the first time in a while he had gotten this pitched with his voice, sounding authorative even.

"Oh is that so Zoia... Well if you hadn't literally ate out his stomach, I would be more accomidating..." He turned to Kunio. "And you seriously thought that it was smart to have her sneak into our room. We have no dividers... I am not a fool Kunio." William replied flatly but heatedly."

Kunio gave an annoyed exhale before floating quickly to his Katana, drawing it out quickly and pointing it out to him from about four feet away by the dresser where it was. "This isn't the slums of Nepleslia, this world isn't out to get you. If you have a problem, take your things and head to the room upstairs, if you don't I will."

A flash of pure hatred flashed across his face. In a flash William's sword was out. The one his mother had gotten him a mere few weeks before. For a Nepleslian his movment was seriously fast. He slashed and smacked the sword from his hand. "Do not draw a sword on me unless you are going to use it you arrogant, pompus, fool." William said before quickly striding away and slamming the door so louldly the entire dorm could hear it.

Zoia clutched her skull at the sound, grumbling in annoyance. "Could you please both just-"

Kunio clutched at his wrist, for a second he looked as if to charge him. Instead he bent down and picked up his sword spinning it back into it's sheath. He turned a calm face, "Zoia, if you could meet me in the room exactly upstair from this one, I apologize you had to see this."

He scoffed quietly, "Consider yourself lucky, Mr. President," he picked up the bag he arrived with "I hope your..." he looked to Zoia for a moment considering what to say.

"I didn't think this would be what it would be like to have two males fight over me. Could you both just relax?" She asked, rubbing her muzzle. "It's loud, obnoxious, and rather aggrivating. I've already had a rough night" She grumbled.

William spoke as he walked away. "I am not fighting over you and I honestly don't give a damn anymore. Do it on my bed for all I care. I don't need a bed anyway. Done fine without one..." He said as he walked out the building.

"Well that was just splendid..." The alien sighed.

He dropped the bag and collapsed onto his bed, giving a blank stare at the ceiling. "What is up with tonight...What else can become wrong now?" He sounded defeated, tired, and exasperated. "If you want to return to your dorm, you can."

"That would be a colossal waste of time," She stated flatly, laying down on the bed. "As edearing as all that was, you should probably take some time to apologize for that. It seemed a little overboard to start drawing weapons" She said, curling up.

He leaned down and kissed her on her mane, "I'll be right back." He stood up and slipped on a pair of pants and a shirt and walked to attempt to catch up with the Nepleslian.

He opened the door hard and fast and attempted to look for William, cursing himself quietly under his breath. "William!" He looked around, "I'm sorry about all of this..." he again looked defeated, and visibly looked different than his normal self, slouched and tired.

Kunio didn't hear a reply from William, however he did see movment. It looked like a large mass scaling the wall and disapearing on the other side.

"Damnit," He floated up high above the wall, "You forget I can fly faster than you can run." He flew in the general direction at high speed to catch up to him if he could get a fix. "William, don't do this. I don't want to chase you all over Yamatai! William..." He lost his trace, and quietly floated back to his dorm.

Kunio dropped down through the still open window, stopping to close it. He looked to see Zoia looking rather cold on the bed.

"You know... No heatlamps in this room right?" She asked, seeming a little ticked. "You were gone ad the window was open, and I didn't have a lick of heat to spea about..." She muttered, sitting up.

He undress himself again and slipped back into bed and pulled her close, "He's gone somewhere, Tsubomi is rather large and it will take a while to find him." His voice seemed on the verge of breaking.

"I guess our day is planned for tomorrow then?" Zoia asked, pulling Kunio into her chest. "Your kind has some similarities to mine though. The tone of your voice changes with emotions" She sighed, runing a clawed hand through his hair.

"Don't remind me." His shuffle a tear, a rarity from him, but did his best to have it hidden from Zoia out of what was remaining of his pride. He cleared his throat, "I'll get in contact with Rei, and the Police tomorrow."

"Why involve them? He is an adult no? Or well, he isn't a lost child. Is it illegal for him to leave?" She asked, continuing her attempts to sooth the minkan.

"Well for one, Rei will find out one way or another. William is her adopted son after all. Secondly, the Police can help search multiple areas at once."

"If we cannot deal with it ourselves, then you can tell them. I'll see about finding him. I may be an alien, but I am not stupid. We can do it if we put our minds too it" She reassured. "Let's just go to sleep. We will both be useless in the morning.

"I never really did tell you why I liked you did I?" He made a very late attempt to change the mood. "It's quick I promise."

"Not really. I'm still under the impression you have a fetish for girl who kow what you taste like" She responded, making a poor attempt at a joke.

"You were the outcast, you needed friends. You are not what any of the others say you are. I know you now, your...

Zoia leaned away to look at Kunio. "So... You like me because I was alone? This isn't drive by some odd sense of pity, right?" She asked, blinking.

"No, you seem to have your wits about you, your strong. Both in the body and mind. I'm guessing it is hard to have control over your ferality with such control. I won't leave out your will to fight as well, You went for the kill until you physically couldn't. You are you, and that's why I like you, you are unapologetic in being yourself." He looked into her eyes with a half worried look of 'Please-take-that-the-right-way.'

Zoia held the gaze for an uncomfortable amount of silence, before licking Kunio's face. "You're cute when you're trying to recover" She muttered, pulling him close to her again.

Kunio seemed to relax as he nuzzled back up to her, becoming content in the situation. He would still wish to contact Rei, if she didn't find out before he woke up. He slightly feared for his own safety, but more for William's. He wouldn't sleep easy tonight.

Edto Xar'Sivaree

Lizard Freak!
Tsubomi Ward 5, next day

Zoia and Kunio wandered through the streets of Tsubomi Ward 5, on the lookout for the Nepleslian who had gone AWOL the night previously. They had been out for a few hours now, and still no sight of him.

"You know, we would probably find him faster if we split up, right?" Zoia complained, looking around. "You're only slowed down by me, and we can cover more ground if I am free to do what I do" She added, crossing her arms and mumbling something about being hungry.

Kunio looked at his girlfriend with a raised eyebrow, "You can track better than I can, though you can't get the height advantage to see." He looked down an alleyway they passed before looking back to Zoia, "There is a eatery nearby if your hungry."

"Whatever, let's go" The Vekimen grumbled, taking Kunio's had and dragging him along. "Stop me when you see a place you want to eat, I don't care" She stated flatly.

"Alright." He stepped off going by memory of the street names to a Ramen House that looked very traditional. The board out front said Ramen along with a selection of meats and Sushi. "Does this work?" He spoke while motioning to the board on which the bit of the menu was written.

"Good enough for me!" She said, walking and sitting down on one of the stools and looking the menu over. "So... What is this Ramen stuff? It looks like... Soup?" She asked, looking as if she hoped she used the right word.

"Not exactly, it is wheat or rice dough stretched out into these things called noodles, also known as Ramen. Then you pick what you want on your Ramen and have it served on top. It is usually eaten with chopsticks but forks can be used."

"And already I can't eat it..." She mumbled, seeming to deflate. "Well... I could, but it would upset my stomach" She added, propping her head up on the counter. "What's this Sushi stuff?" She asked, pointing at it.

"In the most simple terms, it is raw fish. It's styled up a lot with weeds and other things."

Zoia perked up at that. "Raw fish? I can eat raw fish!" She said, looking at the sushi. "I wouldn't mind some of that!" She grinned, pointing at it. "I guess I could try eating what comes with it, but so far we have had bad outcomes with the plantmatter we have been given" She said, looking it over.

"Hmm, well if you're up to it." He sat down at one of the outdoor table sets and motioned for her to take the seat across from him with a wink, an attempt to not make it look as much as an authorative move.

Zoia looked at Kunio and shook her head, giggling a little. "Yes sir..." She winked back, trying to tease the student, sitting down as best she could on the chairs provided. They were getting odd looks from people walking buy, and Zoia seemed rather aware of that fact. "It's like they've never seen a Vekimen before..." She muttered, halfway joking.

He gave an equally sarcastic response, "I know right?" He gave a smile before someone came to get their order, the waitress looked Minkan from as far as Zoia could tell. Kunio ordered a seafood ramen platter and looked at the waitress a second before looking back to Zoia.

"Sushi... Just... Sushi I guess? Whatever sushi has the highest meat to everything else ratio" She stated, looking plainly at the menu. "Just... Kunio, can you help me with this?" She asked, pushing the menu at the swordsman.

He looked at the menu pondering what she could eat, he eventually spoke, "She'll have the Tuna Salmon Maki." He pushed the menu out towards the outsdie end of the table by the waitress, who picked it up and walked off.

Zoia reached into a pouch o her belt and pulled out what looked to be a spray bottle, spritsing it into her mouth and promptly shutting it. "So, what is it that you got?" She asked, her muzzle ont opening in the slightest as she spoke.

Kunio cocked his head to the side for a moment, "Noodles with Shrimp, Salmon, and Chicken." He blew off the spray bottle as another one of her things and ignored it.

"I just hope they get the food here soon. I wouldn't have to leave" She said, leaing forward and supporting herself on the table with her elbows. "Can't eat with the nanobots working, and without them I can... Ruin an appitite I supose" She added.

He hushed his tone slightly, "Well, I have seen my stomach as well and been spit on by you before, I'll get over it." He gave a warm smile, seeming evident that he didn't care about the others around him.

"How sweet. You don't find me repulsive" She teased, shaking her head in amusement. "I guess that would be a good ice breaker though" She added, looking at the people walking by on the street. "At least it's open air I suppose. Not consentrated in one area"

He nodded, "It will probably dissipate faster than indoors." A few minutes went by and then the waitress returned with their food, setting them down politely and bowing before leaving them two sets of utensils, silverware and chopsticks for the guests to decide.

Zoia looked at the simple wooden boad the sushi was served on. "Curious... Organic food holder. That must reduce waste by a lot" She commeted, picking it up ad snapping her jaws around it, board and food together.

He blinked as he had picked up a set of chopsticks and froze for a second, "Just don't choke on it." He looked around him and saw very few people, none of the waiting staff or cooks. He grinned as he took what was left of her board and tossed it out towards a nearby alleyway. "When she comes back follow my lead." he winked and gave a smile.

"Did I do something wrong?" She asked, tilting her head. "Why am I following your lead?"

"You ate the plate." He couldn't help but laugh a little. "You're not supposed to eat that." he didn't seem mad in the slightest.

"Oh..." She muttered, blinking. "Well they can't use it anymore... I can feel it start to disolve..." She explained.

"Good, not much evidence left." He winked as she returned and cocked her head to the side.

The waitress spoke up quietly, having walked over. "Did someone get her wooden stand?" She sounded quite confused.

Kunio spoke with an honest sounding lie, "Yes, it was splintered a little once my friend here ate all of her food. Another waiter took it."

The waitress blinked in confusion, "Well, okay." and walked back off inside looking ever more confused.

"Lying? I thought you had an honour code?" Zoia asked, humour coating her voice.

"I give my honor, it is not owed." He winked, "I'm giving you the benefit of the situation, just try not to do it again." It sounded more like a suggestion, and was not hinted with any anger.

"Weird. I understood the ceramic plates and the like, but why would someone make food holders out of something that can be eaten?" She asked,

"We can't really eat wood very well, the holder are designed to mimic ancient Yamataian archetecture." He added, then added once more sarcastically, "Rookie mistake."

Zoia shrugged. "Oh well... I'll give it back if they ask for it. Still, where do you think we would most likely find William? must not be many nepleslians toting swords around here" She explained.

Kunio by then had eaten about half of his meal, he swallowed before speaking, "He knows how to hide, he could have gone for the Mall nearby, or went East into Ward 4 to the Sakura Gardens, I don't know. I lost his trail. If he continued West he could potentially get on a service to Uesureyan Fields, if he went there we've lost him." He looked back down at his meal and picked another shrimp covered in noodles, taking it to his mouth.

Zoia nodded, starting to swallow rythmically. She was silent as she did, ad when she finaly stopped she sighed through her nose. After a few moments, she pulled out a different bottle and sprayed it into her mouth, which stanched the smell rather quickly. "Well, that was... Good I guess? I couldn't really taste it, but I'm sure it was delicious" She said, pulling out her wallet. "How much was what I ate?"

"Let me pay for it, let me have the honor." He pulled out his own wallet and pulled out a some of the money that the school gave them. He flagged over a waitress and handed her the money to pay for their lunch. Once she had walked away Kunio stepped out of his chair and walked over to Zoia, offering a hand to help her out of her chair.

Zoia chuckled as Kunio demanded to pay, letting him do so. She wasn't going to stop him if it was his honour. He seemed fond of it. When he held out his hand for her to take, she did so, putting just enough pressure on it to at least make it seem like he was helping her up. "Well, now that is done, what should we do now? Continue looking for William?" She asked.

Kunio sighed, "I guess so, I don't think he knows these streets well enough to navigate around, all I know is he was at some orphanage before he came to the school but I don't know where that is." He looked into Zoia's eyes, "I've made a mistake and I'm going to make up for it."

Zoia patted Kunio's face. "Why dont you let me ease him down first. He might be a little upset with you still. At least I can handle his anger" She chuckled. "No uncommon for me to have people angry at me"

"Alright, but don't get lost yourself. Though you'd be easier to find." He kissed the side of his muzzle, close to her face.

"When we find him silly. Plus, I know where the school is, and if I get lost I can speak Yamataigo and have started learning trade. I may be considerably younger than you, but I'm not a child" She purred, tracing the tip of her tail along Kunio' jaw as she started to walk away.

"Good luck and Happy Hunting!" He responded before heading back towards the school.


The Ham Lord
Later that day, West Dormitory.

It had really been a good hour since Kunio had returned to the West dorm. He was greeted as normal but ushered everyone out by "presidential order" and had made sure that the whole building was almost empty. As far as he knew, it was. He put his sheathed Katana on it's stand atop his dresser and had sat down on his bed. The whole ordeal the last night had been taking its toll on him and his sleep wasn't very sound. He had emptied the building so no one had to see him, as as soon as he knew everyone was gone he broke down. Tears streaming down his cheeks and minor sobs coming against his bass vibrato. The swordsman was broken.

Zoia watched for a little, sitting on the window sill, contemplating what she should do. Still, she felt she was obligated to do something. Touching down on the floor, her talons clicking sharply, she closed the window. "Kunio... Why are you crying?" She asked, tilting her head in her confusion.

Kunio jumped out of his skin, falling forward onto the floor hardly. "D-Don't, Zoia." His words were uneasy and broken. He definitely wasn't himself. He looked up and his eyes were welled and and swollen. "I might as well have just sent him off to some other world, far from here. Damn it I abandoned and hurt the man I would have no sooner called my brother!"

Zoia crossed her arms when Kunio told her 'Don't' but remained silent while he spoke. "I think you may be over reacting Kunio..." She said, her voice soft but had a monotonous bite. "You got into a fight, emotions ran high. It's not the end of the world" She sighed, shaking her head a little.

"He ran, Zoia. He jumped the fence and ran. He had a purpose and a sense of direction. He..." He broke down again, visibly distressed and shaking on his hands a knees before sliding down to the ground quietly. It was quite evident that this hurt him on a major level.

Zoia didn't quite know how to feel. So, she thought. She thought for a while, before walking over and wrapping her tail around the distressed Minkan. "What makes you think his actions mean he has lost all that? As far as I am aware, people are all different. They have different coping mechanisms" She explained, crouching down. This concerned her on a level. She had an idea as to why Kunio was this way.

Kunio gave an audible sigh before staggering back up onto his bed and away from her tail, "Y-Your right. I...guess his coping is him being alone." He brushed his tears away with his arm.

"Kunio... I think we need to figure out why this has hit you so hard. It is concerning" She said, sitting down on the bed.

"I was his first friend. I opted to room with him so that he had someone to talk to when he needed it. To William, I was a brother and a friend. I believe I have broken both of those bonds." His voice had leveled out, but was slightly hoarse.

"Over... A fight?" She asked, tilting her head at Kunio.

"Not just the fight, the pointing of weapons. I got heated when I shouldn't have. I broke my own honor." He turned his head to look at her.

There is was. "Honour..." She grumbled. "What does this honour do but cause you suffering?" She asked, crossing her arms. "Before it was cute... Now I can see it's just turning into a problem"

"It's all my father left me before he left. He said, 'Protect your honor son, for it's all you have that no one can take.' He never told me how to get this far. He told me to be nice to the women I...he told me to keep my friends close, and my chin up high," He gave a half smile, "And look where it got me, I think I took it too literally."

"You're telling me..." Zoia muttered. "Look, so your dad said treat females kindly, keep your friends close, and hold your chin up high. He didn't say bend over backwards for people. He didn't say don't get into fights. Everyone gets into fights. It's what makes us sentient. The differing of opinions. In my opinion, clothes are stupid and pointless. In the schools opinion, they are required. The school probably doesn't appreciate the degrees to which I will go to win a fight, and probably may students agree. I don't agree. People get into fights, doesn't mean you can't exist with them, and it certainly doesn't mean you can't be friends or family. You should see some of the fights that happen between family members on the station" She explained, laying back.

"Honour is a set of rules, right? Well, I think that is stupid. Honour shouldn't be a set of dictated rules. Honour should be the lengths you will go to, to uphold your own morals. That's it. How you carry yourself, and how you handle criticism of your way of life" She added, looking at the ceiling.

"Your right and I needed to hear this," He straightened his back and cleared his throat, "My father told me to be me, and I took his words verbatim. If he was still around, he would given me the same lecture. My honor isn't my problem, I just made bad decisions and it all boiled over. All Will is doing is putting distance between us to let everything cool down."

"I wouldn't exactly say you made a bad decision over all. Wrong place wrong time more like it. I guess one bad decision you made was not let me handle the issue. I could have

"I made the terrible decision that you couldn't hold your own, which I know you can." He shook his head to himself, "I hope he doesn't hold this against me for too long."

"If he did it would be rather petty of him. I was a little annoyed at being treated like an incompetent, but I'm over it well enough. What you need to do is stop focusing on what other people think, and pay more attention to what you think."

He gave a sigh and nodded, "Right. Thank you Zoia, this means a lot to me." He followed up with a smile.

"I still think your kind is weird" She responded, looking at Kunio. "But it isn't unbearable. Just annoying at times"

"Well you can stay for a bit if you want, but I'm going to try to make up for my lost sleep." He genuinely looked like he was tired.

"Then go to sleep. I still have some things I need to do, but I will probably come back. Don't miss me too much" She said, her muzzle parted in a toothy grin.

"Don't worry about that." He leaned over and kissed her on her mane before leaning back onto his bed, covering himself to get warmed up.
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